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Don’t Vote BNP To Punish The Three Major Parties, Unless You’re A Nazi

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 2, 2009

With the MPs’ expenses scandal still going on the anger at the three major parties is still very much intense! Rightly so too! They deserve a good hiding and many deserve to lose their jobs for what they did! However, not much change in the system has occurred since the whole situation broke out, the reason for that is because the three major parties are saving the change as their trump card after the local elections or closer to a General election. You see, even with a situation like this one they still take the piss and use it as a tactic to win votes! They don’t take you or the situation seriously! Now they know the problem isn’t going to go away they’ll draw the situation out as long as they can so they can then apply a new coat of paint to rotten system, which is NOT what we want or deserve! We want the whole frame-work taken away and a new one put it place, not just a lick of paint! So when the changes are made I’ll blog about them and tell you if it’s REAL change or just MPs’ version of real change.

Now, with the three major parties biting each others asses like a pack of feral dogs fighting for a scrap of food (your vote, heart and mind), most people are looking else where for change and honesty. Everyone keeps on harping on about th British National Party. Now, they DO have some good policy, I think a lot of people agree on that! That policy is shutting our borders because of excessive immigration, getting rid of political correctness and putting British people on the waiting list for housing etc (please note no British born Black, east Asian or other White Europeans will be on the waiting list for a house or anything else!). They harp on about British Culture being lost and want to bring it back? As I’ve discussed before the old idea of British culture was media and upper class invention of a way of life and national stereotype that never fully existed. So don’t be drawn in by that. The only thing the British National Party have is that! They have NOTHING else, because the rest of their policy evolves only helping the white people who were born here. They say “help”, it’ll be help at the expense of others, anyone who aint white, straight and a Christian will lose their jobs, even British born east Asians, African and mixed race people. How will they do this? They will demonise the population of the country who aint white and British and get you on-side and supporting what they do! Of course, all the above would only happen IF they got a significant majority in Parliament, which isn’t likely because pretty much the rest of the country has rejected them, so they’re heading for the North West to try to squeeze out a seat or two.

So let me spell this out for you, the British National Party are NAZIS, pure and simple, the only reason they have “NATIONAL” in the title is because National Socialism (Nazism) is a banned political party/ideology in the UK! The whole leadership is made up, or comes from, extreme right-wing organisations like the National Front and Neo-Nazi groups, if you don’t believe me then google: “History of the BNP” If you don’t trust that source then look it in to it yourself. They’re Nazis parading as patriotic, freedom loving civilised people, they are not civilised, they claim they are but in reality the atrocities they’d commit would be just as bad as in WW2 when the Nazis butchered anyone that didn’t fit their political or ethnic mould! To do what the BNP wants to do they would have to breach the rights of numerous English people who were born here and even people who have a white english ancestor. Not a lot of freedom for them people is there? Also, the fact the BNP has some idiot black and asian people working for them doesn’t mean a damn thing! It’s a publicity campaign, they’re trying to make themselves look like they aint Nazis or racists, but in fact they would sack and deport those minorities that work for them in a heartbeat if they ever got full power. How these black and asian people support them beggars belief, maybe they’re paid to or they’re that stupid they believe they’d be able to stay and live comfortably here? The BNP says they’ll pay minorities to return home to their countries or their acnestors’ country of origin. Do they really think they’ll go back to some hell hole in Africa, India or South East Asia??? Why would they want to live in a third or second world country?… when they have a first world one right here? They haven’t even thought this through, or have they? If minorities wouldn’t go home by means of a cash incentive, how would the BNP get them to move? I think you all know the answer to that.

Ultimately the BNP would do nothing good for the country, in fact they’d most likely cripple it! Though some of their policies look good the fact is they’re just doing what every political party does and that is pick the issues that are relevant at the present time and says they’ll d something about it. If you remember the BNP back in the early 90s they were against Blacks and Jews, that’s been dropped now because most Blacks and Jews have mostly integrated in to our society! So they pick a new target which is currently Muslims and numerous new immigrants and touts them as bringers of terrorism, diseases and destroyers of our way of life because they refuse to integrate. Though failure to integrate in to our society is a very serious problem, I don’t think the BNP will solve it with cash incentives to move on and the restoration of a tired sham British culture that never really existed. They’ll make the problem worse, because what we need is debate and rationality about the place in British society for Islam and many other foreign cultures/systems that clash with our own. And the British Nazi Party is not know for its debating and being rational, their ultimate aim is a Britain that is white through and through and Government that is fascist in nature. The fascist says it all really, it’s counter pretty much everything they make themselves out to be! They’re Nazi hypocrites.

So if you want to punish the three major parties, then vote for the Green Party or UKIP, don’t give the BNP any credibility, because that’s what they would likely get. They would want to be seen to be doing right, so that’s what they’d do so more people would vote for them. By the time they get in full power, they’d change their ways like true National Socialists do and then you’d never get them out again, unless you shed lost of blood!


17 Responses to “Don’t Vote BNP To Punish The Three Major Parties, Unless You’re A Nazi”

  1. ... Twisted said

    Morning mate :)Gah, bright colours lol, I\’ll get my sun glasses, or better yet a few hours kip.Ah well, blame the Beeb, they said three the other day, mind they\’ve changed that now. I saw a video on their web site this morning of Nich Grffin trying to hold a press conference and being egged and chased off by a bunch of anti fashists. Ah well something to cheer me up after a rotten night\’s sleep at any rate.At least if they\’re busy over there they can\’t do as much damage here. I can\’t see them getting along too well with the other members anyway.Why not Iran anyway? They\’d probably shoot the pillocks the moment they set foot for being infadels and wanting to remove Islaam from Britain.True, calling a general election won\’t change what needs fixing in Parliament, but it\’ll at least clear the rotten lot who are in power at the moment clean out, and whoever does get in will have a more unified government than we have now who can devote most of their time into fixing things (live and hope lol) rather than this pointless inn fighting and bickering we have right now that\’s switching everyone off.I suppose I just want this lot out now as soon as possible, well without resorting to mass murder at any rate.Well some sort of organisation needs to be set up that\’s out of Parliament\’s reach so they can keep an eye on them and stop all this BS hapening again.Right, i\’m going to either get some coffee or getr my head down for a while.have a good day mate.x X x Twisted x X x

  2. Prenin said

    Hi dude! :o)Nope: Definitely a protest vote I\’m afraid – With the big three having it sewn up and ALL of them dodgy as F@CK when it come to the expenses scandals it was either the Greens (I\’m all for saving the planet!) or UKIP and, given they came second in the UK, I wasn\’t alone it seems…God Bless mate – and have a good week!!!Prenin. (Middleton).

  3. Pete said

    Well if nothing else happens today – at least I made someone laugh! Me be naughty?Maybeit is because there are so many channels to fill and so many movie millions to make but there is definitely a resistance to moving from the tried and tested formulas of film and TV but given the sucees of Slumdog Millionaire, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and even to the point The Wrestler, you would have thought others would realise that even something new, fresh and different – can be a success.I quite like Primevil too but like you say – somewhat full of holes. Ever seen Supernatural? Typically the Americans do it better.I firmly believe a general election in the future will result in a hung parliament. Locally people will vote Tory, Green or otherwise but running the country? I rather doubt it.People dont want Brown – or even Labour, but they are less likely to want Tory. A hung parliament with the lowest ever recorded turn out for a general election unless Labour reforms quickly, gets to the heart of what affects people most and deals with it – no promises, just action.Interstingly talk amongst some of the BNP rank and file is that last week was an opportunity lost – maybe they read our blogs?Have a good dayPete

  4. The Divine Mrs M said

    03:45hello phil,see that timestamp above? Insomnia has bitten me.me and my hubby were talking about the european election, and we both agreed, it\’s one thing being radical with our votes, but to vote B.N.P. is a bridge (several bridges) too far.I did vote on thursday but definitely not for the B.N.P.I was delighted to see you, and more than a little intrigued by your comment about \’graeme wotsisface?\’so i hotfooted it over to pete\’s and i nearly fell off of my seat laughing…it nearly made this insomia worth the while! ( I think that) Pete was being a bit naughty there….LMAO!!! i was not requesting a piccy of graeme garden, i\’m still laughing at that one, noooo phil. Do you listen to talksport? G.G. is my favourite politician, and he\’s scotish too…. ;ptell me? has my \’funkiness\’ factor gone up any? LOLtc mate….hugs an allmags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  5. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, yeah i know what you mean, maybe i should be interested.but when it comes to politics, i just dont understand it all.maybe if i had spent more time in school then i might have understood it.but i hated school, and i spent more time running from the hooky chap lmao.hugs xxx sheila.

  6. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, well im not into politics, so i will just leave you a pic haha.hope you have a good week, hugs xxx sheila."http://i606.photobucket.com/albums/tt146/shebashaven/oie_oie_twinkles-33.gif"

  7. Prenin said

    I\’m with you on that one!!!The BNP got two seats – one in the North West where I am – and the media gave them more attention than UKIP who came second!!!I voted Green Party – nobody said a word about them….Have a good one mate!!!!Prenin.

  8. Pete said

    HeyAnd after all the fuss and negative media, they only won two seats. Two seats too many some might say but it does give an indication of what the country is thinking – it has definitely has had enough! UKIP outstripping labour – how far they have dropped, no way back for Gord now methinks.One interesting resignation at the back end of last week was James Purnell. He is the Dept of Work and pensions minister and funnily enough my local MP too. He is one of those professional MP\’s that dropped in when our MP for over 25 years retired. He wasn\’t a local lad but he was labour. Most see him as a future Prime Minister and I see this resignation as a statement of his intent and nothing to do with dubious expense claiming and poor performance at the polls – watch this space.We\’re agreed – I think – that the BNP would be served well by ridding themselves of high ranking personnel with neo naza/facist links and sticking to some of the strong principles that people believe in and want. Some of their policies definitely reflect the mood of the nation tired of being the doss house of the world and if any good is to come from these election results is that the respective parties realise just how much they have lost touch with the common man and how much harder they need to work at understanding what the electorate want and the country needs. Only candidates actually born and bred in the area they represent would be a good start.My statement was a bit flippant if it would be worse voting for Nazi\’s than what we already have but there is an element of truth in there – I mean, the people who are running this country, do they really care about us, me and you, do they even know use, me and you exist? Obviously I would not want all the racial hatred that would come with a facist form of government but still, could it really be any worse?Anyhoo, Have a mighty fine dayPete

  9. ... Twisted said

    Morning mate :)Well, we\’ve got three BNP memebers into the European parliament, including their leader.I wonder if we can burn their passports after shipping them out there so they aren\’t our problem any more?Well I suppose the upshot of the Europeal elections is that it might finally scare the big wigs into actually changing things now. BNP aside for the moment, UKIP done well, the Greens are gaining ground, and Labour in our area anyway got hammered down to fifth place in the polls, behind both of those fringe parties. Maybe now things will really kick off and they\’ll have to call a general Election so we can boot these idiots out of office.Live and hope I suppose.Seriously though, it makes me wish the Queen use the most of what little power she has left and dissolve parliament for us. Maybe even give back a few powers to the Monarchy, just as a counterweight. Parliament have had absolute power in running things for far too long now and we all know where that leads.Yup, 65 years and the ungrateful bastards didn\’t give the Queen an invite, but they gave Tom hanks one. Maybe they got their history from Hollywood. I\’ll remember that the next day a dog and two spoons try and over run their country and they come crying for our help again.Well, I\’m rambling because i can\’t seem to think of anything ccoherent so I\’ll stop now.We had a great night out saturday. Leonie loved having the family there, and Niquitta loved having me and Scott chase her around the play ground all night hehe.Well I\’d better get going before work, so I hope you have a good week mate *hugs* take carex X x Twisted x X x

  10. The G Man said

    Hey Mr E.I\’m just back in after voting…This is spot on…Every now and then you read a Blog and think, I couldn\’t have said it better myself (even if I tried) and this is one of those occassions.I think apathy steps in and most people simply don\’t bother, and it\’s that apathy from the general masses, especially the 18-25 year olds, which causes governments and parties to get away with the rubbish they have been.The main parties both Red & Blue know that this works in their favour as the voters who do bother tend to only vote for them, thinking it wont make a difference if they vote for anyone else.If the British people and by that, I mean people who have legitimate citizenship, born and living in this country, irrespective of whether they are White, Black, Brown or tanned…If they would get of their behinds and go and vote, things would have to change.There are so many people who moan and complain but never make a step to go and do something to help make the changes.I do agree with some of the policies the BNP claim to propose but I could not (in my right mind) vote for any party which would not accept me as a legitimate British citizen…That would almost be suicidal in my books.I recently saw a BBC news article and subsequent BNP link which confirmed and justified my concerns.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8011878.stmhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/in_depth/programmes/2001/bnp_special/default.stmI think that if the majority of caring, intelligent people knew a bit more about the BNP the thought of voting for them wouldn\’t even cross their minds.There are other alternatives, all people need to do is use their vote and vote for them….both today and especially in the next general election.Great Blog mate.

  11. Robin said

    not going to give a long reply just to stuff the BNP and all they stand for

  12. Pete said

    Phil,As ever a very interesting and well written blog.As I have implied in my little entry today, when you consider what the tax paying working classes have had to endure from conventional politics, is voting for the perceived nazi\’s really going to be any worse?We had some good debate about this topic some time ago and I recall saying at the time that if the BNP got rid of the far right members, the convicted racists and those members at the top with facist backgrounds and then refine their policies and pricniples to focus on the factors that are important to the populas and the economy, they might well pose a serious threat in the future.I doubt they the BNP will make any serious headway into politics today simply because the current leadership and main players of the party can be linked to racism and facism and the media have made sure eveyone knows that. People will have second thoughts although I believe the media have failed to focus on the BNP\’s actual politics and more on who they hang out with. The BNP will finally realise after these elections that their leadership needs a radical shake up because for a well run party with good sound politics, the current climate would have been an ideal opportunity to break into the 3 party system and give the establishment something to think about. But the truth is as long as the likes of Nick Griffin are in the party hierarchy, thei appearacne in the poliics arena will be merel token.It has interested me that the media have been very heavy on getting people not to vote for the BNP and I believe you hit on the reasons for that – the voters will vote BNP to pnish the main parties and they see that as a serious threat (To their expense account?)There is no place for a party in politics like the BNP but there is a place for a party that want to control immigration, deal with crime, straighten out the economy, get public services adequately funded, make the welfare state or those who NEED it, make the judicial system actually punish crime and make the people who serve their constituants actually serve them and not treat the job a s a four year junkett and are professional politicians.No doubt you will be rejoicing today that Blears has resigned and standing down at the next election. Take care and have a good onePete

  13. Pete said

    This is a blog that deserves much more than the fly by I am doing at the moment – I will be back for this one.I had a brief meeting at 3pm yesterday and then I was free for a few days, almost as soon as I walked away from the meeting, it clouded over.I knew the weather forecast wasn\’t giving me the sunshine everyone else in the country has enjoyed over the last few days – but at least it will be dry.I am going ouyt for the day with my daughter but I\’ll drop by with a cup of tea on handHave a good dayPete

  14. penny said

    That was an interesting read, Phil. It would be laugh if we all voted Green Party…….can you imagine?

  15. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, thanks for your comment. sorry about that, i only sent the pic by message cause im not sure how to send them by blog, but i will give it a go haha.all ive done at the weekend is sit in the sun chilling.yeah i know the rain is on the way awwwwww, hugs xxx sheila.http://i606.photobucket.com/albums/tt146/shebashaven/oie_oie_twinkles-24.gif

  16. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Yeah I\’m sorry to say you\’re right: They take worries of the here and now and try to turn them into votes so they can gain a foothold and Lord help us if they EVER get into power!!!I am strongly opposed to having open borders – too many people are coming here as economic migrants and I know from personal experience how the current system is NOT trying to integrate people from outside the UK, but is sticking them in ghetto estates while British families are being housed in some pretty grim estates where they are feeling like second class citizens as they see outsiders getting a far better deal, like new housing and perks, while they are expected to get by in older housing which needs replacing, with better homes and areas where rampant unemployment and crime is perceived as being ignored.In my own area we have had a big problem with Asian shop owners selling booze and drugs to our local kids, giving them their booze in unmarked bags so that they would not lead back to their shops.Eventually (and it took a long time) Trading standards shut down these shops and others were warned about their actions (they have to offend twice before they are shut down), but without the kiddie trade they went out of business in a matter of weeks.Because they seem to think they are above the law we\’ve had young Asian taxi drivers ripping off their passengers, but thankfully the company owners (themselves Asian) took immediate action and kicked them out when they were alerted by OTHER ASIAN DRIVERS to the situation.When my local taxi company was taken over by a guy called Khan who is a shrewd businessman most of the white drivers left because they expected to be discriminated against in favour of all the Asian drivers he was bringing in.Half of the old drivers have returned and things have become pretty good, but they now make less money and have to work harder, which is not unexpected given that Khan updated the car radio systems and added a computer controlled multi-plot system.The previous owners were loath to spend money on new hardware, preferring to maximise their profit.Needles to say there were drivers who tried to cheat the system, but ended up cheating themselves and now that things have settled down I know I am safe when I get in one of Khan\’s cars because the drivers are not drunk, stoned, or a rip-off merchants.THAT is how integration really works, but there is the dark side as we\’ve had an influx of Eastern European gangsters and criminals so we\’ve had problems with fights between the local heavies and the new blood over territory, we\’ve had Cannabis Factories shut down at the rate of five a month and rumours of forced prostitution which is no less than white slavery.Needless to say I have a leaflet from the BNP next to me and another from the Lib-Dems which slags down Labour, so it looks like both will have candidates standing locallyI also have a letter addressed to me by name from Gordon Brown apologising for the mess with the MP\’s expenses claims.So who will I vote for in the up and coming European elections???Either the Greens or UKIP – I haven\’t decided yet.At least THEY weren\’t caught with their hands in the till…God Bless!Prenin.

  17. ... Twisted said

    Heya mate :)Oh these lunatics again. I\’ve got something that\’ll get you all fired up: The Royal mail were posting the BNP\’s leaflets the other week. I couldn\’t believe it, and to really rub it in I remember them using a pic of a Spitfire somewhere as well. In fact I got so angry I icked it of of my flor, marched to the oven and burned it. And to put that into perspecive, all the junk we get from all the other parties merely get\’s given to the parrot to chew up in her own time.\’Tis a crying shame the Raving Monster looney party fizzled out after Screamning Lord Such died. I\’d have voted them in in an instant if they were around still.Something else that was headline grabbing/scaremongering today. Apparently one of those polls they do to keep tabs on how well the political parties are doing against each other. Out of the three main parties, only the Conservatives hit 30% and they were damn near over taken by 30% that all the other little parties make up. Scarily, as they never elaborated just which parties made up that number, it could theoretically read that the BNP are well on their way already.As for wednesday…well I\’ve got an easy solution. Sod the pencil. I\’ll use a blindfold and a dart.Sounds like you and i are having the same sort of fun then.Blah, who invented moods and stuff anyway?Oh, the builders turned up yesterday and done a fine job on the fence we needed doing. I\’m just cheesed that they fobbed us off by coming round on the friday and waste our time rather than be up front and tell us they could do it monday.Well, I might well add a few tweaks to the Gunpowder plot if things don\’t calm down soon lol (I wish)take it easy mate.love to the familyx X x Twisted x X x

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