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Pro-Democracy Groups Deny Free Speech And Pelt BNP Leader With Eggs

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 10, 2009

Though it’s nice to see a Nazi like Nick Griffin get egged purely for the fun of it and look on his face, I think it’s wrong for the group that egged him, ‘Unite Against Fascism’, to do that and stop him from having his right to free speech, even if he secretly wants to do away with it. Just because Unite Against Fascism doesn’t like what he says doesn’t mean they have to right to stop him from saying it full stop, I mean, where do we live?… Nazi Germany? Of course not, but who do you think is in charge of UAF? It aint just left-wingers like usual (though it is mostly left-wing), it’s right wingers too! In fact the whole organisation was helped to form by Unions, other anti-Nazi organisations, Muslim council of Great Britain and the three major political parties to stop the BNP’s rise up the political ladder.

The Chairman of UAF is ex-London Mayor Ken Livingston, there’s also numerous other political figures from other parties and Anti-Nazi orgs. The people in and followers of these anti-Nazi organisations would have you believe they support free speech and democracy, though the evidence you see is to the contrary. They would argue that Mr. Griffin of the BNP would only spout rubbish, propaganda and he doesn’t really support free speech anyway so they pelted him with eggs and shouted him down with anti-Nazi/fascist chants. Right, so to defend Democracy and free speech the UAF and other anti-Nazi groups are going to be un-democratic and limit the free speech of a man because they don’t agree with what he says? How is that any different to what the Nazi’s and other fascist groups have done? The answer is it isn’t.

You’ve probably seen these left-winger Groups like the Anti-Nazi League and others protest in your town centres, they carry banners with all sorts of political causes on them, mostly left though, and some even idolise the likes of Joseph Stalin and carry posters of him on marches! I don’t have any problem with protesting against the BNP and people like them, but stopping their free speech? Who do these people think they are? I have no doubt they’d shout me down and deny me my right to free speech, even though I’m in no way right-wing or a Nazi/Fascist. These mostly left-wing mobs will shout down what you say and cast you as a Fascist or Nazi if you don’t agree with them! I know Nazi groups are even worse for it, but these people are left-wing, they’re supposed to be the ‘good guys’ and support free speech.

The fact is its people like these that have led to the culture of living in fear of opening your mouth and having a opinion on anything that concerns a person who aint white or a situation where minorities are involved, in case you’re deemed a racist. They’ve even kiboshed Christmas in places in the UK, in case it ‘offends’ some immigrants/minorities who aint Christians but at the same time they tell us to celebrate minorities religious days and culture while dismissing our own! I’m not a fan of the Christian religion or our old British culture because I think some of it is nonsense, but if people want to celebrate it then they should have the right to do so! If you want to put a flag up on St. Georges day then do it, if you want to celebrate a historical event like Bonfire Night and other things then do it without feeling you’ve offending someone, because you’re not! The only people you’re offending are these left-wing ass holes who still cling to their multicultural dream land where everyone lives in peace.

Have you noticed how the BNP’s and you’re right to free speech has been curtailed but the rights of extremist Muslims hasn’t? How many left-wing groups do you see at a Mosque where these extremists worship and hold meetings? How many left-wing anti-Nazi/Fascist groups confront these extremists when they publicly hold meetings and call for the deaths of all non-Muslims? Where were they when moderate Muslims threatened to storm the House Of Lords for showing and debating a Dutch politician’s movie that was anti-Islam? They were at home or in University discussing what a great multicultural society we live in! Did I get it wrong or are extreme Muslims worse than the BNP? Let’s see, the extremest Muslims want all non-Muslims to convert or be killed, want our Democracy replaced with a Muslim Theocracy (ruled by Islamic law), wants women to have little or no rights to anything, no free speech and wants wicked, stone age punishments brought in to force! The left-wing gob shites are nowhere to be seen because they’re shit-bag ass holes with an ideological blind spot that doesn’t allow them to see or question the actions of non-white Fascists, Nationalists or Racists! They’d probably make some excuse like: ‘But they don’t feel they fit in, we have to help them’ Of course they don’t fit in, they want to erase everything you stand for!

I can’t help but think that if these Muslims were white the anti-Nazi/Fascist groups would jump all over them for even saying anything remotely fascist. I can’t also help but think that if the BNP threatened to storm the House Of Lords (like moderate Muslims threatened to do) because there was a film about them being shown, these left-wing gob shite, shit bag, Uni student, age-old hippy bastards would fly there while coming in their pants on the way and expect a fight. I’d also like to know what all the left-wing protectors of freedom are doing about Sharia Courts operating in the UK? Oh wait I’ll just guess. Fuck all!

So all you left-wing Anti-Nazi/Fascist groups, if you’re going to protest and deny Nick Griffin and other BNP members their right to free speech, then make sure you get down to your local extremest Mosque and do the same to them!


15 Responses to “Pro-Democracy Groups Deny Free Speech And Pelt BNP Leader With Eggs”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Interesting indeed, Phil. And I didn’t know there is sharia courts in the UK. Surely, SURELY not?? That is horrific. Leave such mentality where it came from, I say.

    I didn’t know half the names you mentioned so you’ve given me a political lesson! Love reading your stuff. It’s always strong and sure, and open.

    • Hiya Noeleen! 🙂

      Yeh, we do. They allowed it under 1996 arbitration act. They try to make out it’s just a volountary arbitration type of thing, that is, they volountary agree to be bound by the end result of the people deciding what’s best for both parties. The problem with this is these people deliberating and making judgments are religious dickheads applying their religious laws.

      The other issue is that some Muslims are forced into these courts instead of the mainstream UK court system because of their religious beliefs and the family and community that pressure them. And inside of these courts women and children are discriminated against, as per the Islamic tradition.

      They have limited power, they can’t send people to prison or sentance someone to be stoned to death. But they can abritrate on matters of family law, divorce and legal disputes (wills, wages and such).

      Here’s an organistion that’s fighting it and I support, it’s run by ex-muslims and secularists who know how the system works and are trying to stop it: http://www.onelawforall.org.uk/ Have a read and sign the petition if you believe in the cause.

      And yes, we have a huge problem in the UK with the mainstream parties and groups not doing enough to question and counter Islamist groups and question Islam itself! It’s a no-go area for anyone, because when you question it you’re automatically a bigot and a ‘racist’. Which is ridiculous, I’ve been called a Nazi and zenophobic because of it and I’m nothing of the sort.

      Do you have much of an issue in Australia with these subjects?

      – Phil 🙂

      • WordsFallFromMyEyes said

        Hi Phil. Bizarrely, I don’t even remember seeing this reply. I’m glad you reminded me of it because I’m very interested in signing that petition, when I get to read it in a minute.

        No. 1 – Every country has the right to make its laws of the land. England has done that. Therefore, so SIMPLY (to my mind) its citizens – all – need to follow that law.

        What you identified – that it appears (without me having studied Islam) commonplace thought that women & children are less valued human beings and therefore, exactly what you said, will suffer discrimination in the courts. It’s a SHAM to bring a divorce or domestic abuse/other proceeding to a court when you know the judge (which would be a man, right? no female judges?) favour male rights because “the male is of more value”. You are spot on that is the great sham and shame of this.

        I find it incomprehensible, really, that England would allow a foreign country to apply its laws to its English citizens – why is Islamic law allowed, only Islamic law allowed to be asserted in England? I just really don’t understand. Got to get me to that link, understand more.

        In Australia, I think deep in the Outback Aboriginal law is given consideration. I’m not positive, but from what I’ve read generally – news – I think they are allowed to apply their own laws.

        This is so alarming to me, what you’ve highlighted here. I just sort of can’t believe it – I mean, a COUNTRY with its own legal system – the monarchy no less – allowing a foreign country to apply its laws there, which laws happen to disadvantage women and children, mostly. Really, really, this is disturbing to know.

        • Hi Noeleen!

          Don’t worry about it, I overlook things myself!

          I also advise you NOT to take my word for it. Visit the site I linked to and study a little bit of Islam, though be careful, some English written translated versions of it are missing quite a lot of the bad parts that are in the orginal copy. Don’t let them try and pass that off as the orginal Islam as they’ve tried to do with me and countless others. You should be able to get a copy from your library if you’re inerested (Alternatively read on-line here: http://quran.com/ ). There’s also different demoniational versions of the Qur’an, their holy book, which can complicate things further.

          It’s not a foreign country applying their law here as Islam is not a country, it’s a religion. But your point still stands, it should be UK law that is the law of the land, and there should be nothing running parrllel to it for different cultures. The Jews in the UK have a similar thing called Beth Din courts which I disagree with too.

          Yes, you’re right to be shocked by this, it’s disgusting and what annoys me the most is the supposed ‘moderate’ Muslims here haven’t protested about such a move. Even the Muslim Council Of Britian, a ‘moderate’ group of muslims in the UK, support it but try to make out it is a not a parrllel legal system, but at the same time they also don’t go in to how women are discriminated against. And anyone who shows evidence otherwise is dismissed as ‘Biased’.

          – Phil

  2. HRH Daf said

    Hey hey Phil, just hopping over to see if theres anything new over here and tail mud onto your bloggy carpet cos I forgot to wipe my feet… sorry about that ;O)Hope your having a good week!Hugs Daf xxx

  3. ... Twisted said

    Heya mate :)Well I\’ve tried three times to marshall up some sort of coherent thought on this but I can\’t :/Having free speech is one thing but it gives no one the right to deliberately persecute or be abusive to someone for their lifestyle, beliefs, etc. simply because they don\’t like it.It doesn\’t wash for the commoner on the street andit definitely doesn\’t wash for those in or seeking a position of power and responsiblility in our country. How\’s everything else treating you now anyway?I\’ve been fairly busy battling the twin tides of stupidity regarding this flu out break and the galactically moronic road scheme our Council\’s hell bent on hoisting on us.Oh, and wrtiting a fan fic elsewhere lol.Keeps me busy and my mind quiet though.Hope you and the family are well matex X x Twisted x X x

  4. Terence said

    Well said Phillip! I\’ve read quite a lot of your stuff courtesy of the fragrant Penny and I must say I\’m in full accord. In the Best of all Possible Worlds we are suffering a bout of social engineering that would make the Nazis blush and turns 1984 into a nursery tale. What on earth gives any semi literate moron the right to dictate our thoughts and actions? It,s obviously better for all concerned that we should be kept in the dark and fed scare stories about our health,economics,,unhealthy attitudes and the ever present possibility of Armageddon. Meanwhile we can sit back and watch inane game shows,re-runs of ancient sitcoms and masturbate on our cellular telephones. It,s a brave new world!

  5. HRH Daf said

    I meant to say feel free to disagree – LMAO – I think I may have just blown myself out the water ((HUG)) xxx

  6. HRH Daf said

    See I cant wholly agree with this blog, I think I should have the freedom to pelt anyone with eggs that I think is a complete twat. Its not that I think he shouldnt have been, its just that I think more people should be ;O) I think all complete idiots should be regularly pelted with eggs, all things nasty and the stuff out of the bottom of my hamster cage. If people with sense actually went WTF to people without any the world would be a better place. The PC world we live in has made people too scared to actually say what they think.Feel free to agree but my hamster needs a clean ;O)Hope your well at the moment and getting some kip!Hugs Daf xxx

  7. Prenin said

    Sadly you\’re right Phil – the whole thing is two-faced and denies peoples rights if they disagree that they expect for themselves.I have yet to have a member of the BNP threaten to blow me up, or kill me for not converting to their cause, which I find abhorrent, but then I also have no love of a bunch of left wing nutters who deny the freedom of speech of anyone who does not agree with them! :o(The very fact that these bully boys and girls are supported by our so-called Major Political parties in an effort to put down what they see as a threat to their position as our political leaders (some think Masters) is scary in its own right!!!WHAT ARE THEY SO AFRAID OF???Or is it a case of a five knuckle shuffle as they prove THEIR power?Whatever reason, it is clear who the real threat is and all they\’ve done is garner more support for the BNP.Let\’s see what happens the next time Islamist suicide bombers blow the shit out of a major metropolitan area…God Bless!Prenin.

  8. The Divine Mrs M said

    a fair point, well made dear phil.*im in \’gavin&stacey\’ jargon speak at the moment, but nonetheLess sincere… <ahem> phil are you gonna sign up for my guest book signing event featuring \’pin-ups\’? have a look at my latest blog and let me know if your interested? cheers! I hope youre well mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  9. Pete said

    ON the subject of weight we are actually quite similar.I was about 18 stone when I gave up smoking. Had a bit of a belly but I am quite heavy set as they say. But since my belly – and backside – and grown and grown and grown. So I have put on at least 4 stone in two years and that is the first step of the campaign.I know because I am a grand old 41 years it will be harder and life style and complete aversion to gyms limits my options but one thing I learned through packing in the fags is patience and also the importance of finding a way to do this – that suits me.I have a plan which is not too demanding and not putting too much pressure on myself – oh, and my wii-fit board is getting some hammer as well.Take care – my first weigh in tonight!!Pete

  10. Pete said

    The BNP were voted into power in a democratic process therefore it reflects exactly what the voters wanted in that area wanted. Now unfortunately everyone has to accept that they have their right to freedom of speech and as long as it stays within the realms of moral and decent views – they are quite entitled to do so. To deny them this without hearing what they ahve to say – is no better than what many people believe the BNP stand for. Hypocrisy in politics? Interesting.I am afraid that people have to listen to what they have to say. If it is overtly racist – and racist in the discriminating against someone because of their race, beliefs, colour and creed way and not because they are attempting to undo some back bending political correctness – then it needs to be dealt with by the porper authorities. We need to remember that the subject of race in the 21st century is widely sensitive and a simple viewpoint like \’there are too many Bangladeshi immigrants in this country living on welfare benefits\’ could be percieved by many as a racist statement although factually it could be proven.Have those years of political correctness, integration and embracing diversity soften people up that much that we can\’t even say what we think any more?Intersting and well written blog as usual…..OK, point taken about my blog but there were a few kings and princes in days gone by who led from the front – even if their intentions were purely selfish. This lot need an armed guard to go for a piss.It sickens me to see the likes of Charlie boy covered in gongs – what the hell were they for because I would put money on them NOT being for anything that remotely resembled a gallant and brave act for their country – although I might let him keep one for marrying a hag as ugly as Camilla!!Time for a republic methinks….have a good dayPete

  11. Robin said

    Free speech is fine however the BNP are nothing but raciest thugs. How can anyone defend their right to to peddle their vile policy\’s on the British public, How many heard Nick Griffith complain on radio 4 about the BBC program Robin Hood because it had a black friar tuck. and they say there not raciest. They are evil. To give a platform to any extremist groups who incite racial abuse needs to be gagged .The anti Nazi group league was set up to appose the national front. There are many trade unionist and labour party MP\’s that support this movement, and I hope they will continue to hound the BNP wherever they go.

  12. ·.♥.· Sheba's Haven ·.♥.· said

    hi phil, thanks for your comment.well im glad im not the only one who as ran from the hooky chap lmao.maybe one day i will think about politics.ya never know miracles do happen hehe.take care hugs xxx sheila.

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