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What Went Wrong?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 20, 2009

“We’re breeding a nation of morons!” Were the words of Manchester radio talk-show host ‘James Stannage’ some thirty years ago. Though you may not know who James Stannage is, you will be familiar with the reality of his words if you live in any major city in the UK. Of course I’m referring to the “Scallies”, “Chavs” and any unthinking Scrote-bag that has no respect for people or their property. You know the type, the ones that stand on street corners spitting, drinking beer and smoking weed, smashing bus stops, beating people up in huge gangs if they look at the wrong way, the ones that cause nothing but trouble on the estates up and down the country.

Here’s a definition and a picture to show non-UK readers or random middle class wankers who live in the countryside.                                        



Inner-city teens and adults, usually white but come in all colours. Have no respect for anyone except the local Gangsters and Hip-Hop/Pop stars, who they love to emulate and idoloise. Some act like American black rappers. They try to avoid school/work at all costs and get violent with the teachers or anyone who”disrespects” or looks at them the wrong way. To give themselves social status they wear cheap or fake jewellery, brand name sports clothes, some times jeans and beat up random people or intimidate old people or passers-by. The male scally has habit of walking around with his hands in the front of his pants fiddling with his dick (true) and shave their heads and wear caps. Scallies haven’t a shred of individuality and rarely use their brains.



More inner-city teens and adults who are basically the same as Scally’s but the clothing style is somewhat different. The emphasis is on Burberry and more up-market clothing, usually fake. These people usually act black too.

What I want to talk about is the reason for them being this way. Some of these people would beat people up and leave them for dead then go laugh and boast about it in the pub. They kick-off over the most trivial things, that’s when they’re not drunk, when they’ve had a drink they’re even worse. Every Friday and Saturday night in town centers they cause a fight, they actively go out to provoke fights. Why? Do they have such low self-esteem they have to prove themselves to the local slags they’re sniffing around? New Years Eve just gone I was I was going to the local shop, I was drunk, and I was threatened with being “Stabbed in the eye!”, my crime? Just being there and wearing glasses. Obviously these three people, maybe late teens early twenties, were drunk or on drugs and said they’d stab me from the safety of the other side of the road. What would’ve happened if I was on the same side? What would’ve happened if my mam’s friend’s Boyfriend hadn’t been there? I am a large man, 6ft3 and 22st, but I don’t think I could fight all three of them, I know a Karate teacher and he said he couldn’t fight more than five at once.

Most of you will know by reading the papers, watching TV news or even witnessing it first hand that people have been killed by gangs of these idiots. What’s more is they get away with murder and are out of prison in ten or even eight years. Is it because the repercussions of committing a crime are so weak – this could go for any crime by the way – that they do it then come out with a badge of honour? Are they on drugs or alcohol when they commit these crimes? Are things actually as bad as they seem? Is the modern media machine just trying to sell a story? Is it really worse than it was 30, 40 or 50 years ago?

I asked my mother and a few other people have said it wasn’t like it is now. My mother used to walk back from Broughton (60’s 70’s) in the early hours of a weekend to where her friend lived (an hours walk) to stay over night. She did this every week and was never once bothered. These days you can’t do that. She said there used to be fights in the street between gangs, but it rarely ended up with a fatality, they also wouldn’t jump on people for the fun of it. Drugs and alcohol was around then and it wasn’t as bad as it is now, could it be that back then drugs hadn’t filtered down to the teens and the general population? Could it be that the drugs problems of the late 70’s 80’s and 90’s have bred these people from parents that were or are addicts? They’ve seen their parents devalue their lives the children’s lives and others?

Is it the degeneration of the UK economy, especially in the North? The less jobs the less direction and substance there is in their lives? No one has good things so when someone does manage to get a few good things, others smash them up out of envy and jealously? When others see these acts growing  up do they copy the behaviour? Don’t respect the good things anyone has because it makes them look lesser and lower down the social ladder? They can’t gain respect by normal means so they get it through acts of violence and by taking drugs? because they were brought up with no order in their lives they will always give abuse to people who tell them off or challenge them? Is their social standing in a group so important they’ll beat a person up or to death when they challenge them?

Is it the benefit system? Because there’s always going to be money from somewhere people don’t even try to get educated and so their children become thick too? Are stupid people breeding too fast and out numbering the intelligent people? Is society getting worse because we’re saving the stupid people?

My personal opinion is I don’t fully know! Other parts of the world have suffered with economic degeneration and drug abuse, and they’re nothing like the UK. look at France, Germany and the low countries, they don’t have half the trouble the UK does. Or they do and we just don’t hear about it? I’d love to say this is a minority of people but it isn’t, where I live they’re the majority, I should imagine they are in every UK city. Is it really as simple as blaming the parents for bringing them up the wrong way and lack of job prospects? I don’t know but I hope someone fixes it before we reach the point of no return and I have to go out there and bring down the numbers by hand – or failing that I have to move to a different country!
Sorry I aint blogged or visited you lot, but I’ve had zero motivation recently. But thank you ALL for your thoughts on the last blog! I’ll be around to yours again soon!



9 Responses to “What Went Wrong?”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    “but come in all colours” – I love the way you write, Phil. It’s just so casual.

    Daniel has mentioned Chavs in that I’ve heard him saying to friends at our place how xx thinks he’s a Chav etc. It’s such a risk, when young men look up to these morons and aspire to even LOOK like. I loathe, loathe violence that comes out of nowhere – like a bashing in a park or something. It is horrifying.

    The pictures were helpful – thanks. And SERIOUSLY walking along playing with his dick (which is what you call a wanker, isn’t it)??!

    It’s regrettable, and I wish very much for change. Thing is, I don’t know how to make that happen.

    Ha ha – you apologised for not visiting at the end! Touche 🙂

    • I know, a few people like the way I write! lol But I’m going to be writing more indepth and serious pieces soon with lots of links and evidence to back up my post. Will be less of an opinion piece and more factual.

      Being a Chav is NOT something anyone should aspire to be! Even Chavs don’t like being called Chav’s anymore, the novelty wore off a while ago! A genuine chav doesn’t even know they’re a chav because they don’t have the intelligence to realise it! Anyone who goes around acting like a Chav should, in my professional opinion, be shot on sight! Those type of people cannot be allowed to breed! lol

      A ‘Wanker’ is a general term for someone who’s stupid and does stupid things, however ‘wanking’ does mean masterbating in the UK lol. So yeh, you’re sort of right. But I kid you not, they do walk around with their hands in their shorts, they like cunts and I don’t know whether to hit them or laugh at them! lol

      Change would be a prison system that actually reforms priosners and makes life ‘inside’ more regemented and puts people OFF going back instead of just seeing it as an occupational hazard when out being criminals or general dickheads. But that aint going to happen as there’s the OTT human rights groups who would start legal proceedings against the government if they ever did that. And the government would lose! It’s all fucking wrong and backwards! Depressing really.

      I did apologise, I was dissapearing on and off then, too! lol 😉

  2. Pete said

    Oh hello, your fondness for the oriental finds its way on your space – excellent.My so called mate is far from ignorant nor lacking in understanding in what i have been through and will always go through since the birth of my daughter. I hoped his words were a few ill chosen ones that were quickly followed by an apology – which in turn, would be just as quickly forgiven and forgotten but several weeks later, no word.He is by nature very stubborn and if he is being stubborn on this occasion, then he is being a complete fool and throwing away 30 years of friendship. Annoying that he is hardly a perfect specimin but with your mates, your real mates – you take the good and the bad don\’t you?Anyhoo have a good weekend and I daresay you are right, I would rather be walking through hyde at night than Salford. I had this curious thought the other day. We will only let one of them in (Africans, Indians, Pakistanis etc.) If we can send one of ours to them. Might actually solve two problems at once. What do you thinkTake carePete

  3. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)The problems seem to be in specific parts of the country, London being the centre for the worst of it, but Manchester didn\’t get called \’Gunchester\’ for nothing!!!!Funnily enough, since the imprisonment of the Gooch gang in Moss side, gun crime has really dropped off and because we stood up to the teenagers and actually gave them places to go and removed the places they used to sit to get drunk and have sex – plenty of broken bottles and used condoms – as well as taking out the shops that were selling the kids booze and cigarettes in unmarked bags, we\’ve made a definite change in the problems our community faces and now we\’ve got the PCSO\’s (kiddie police) who patrol the area and an increased willingness to report antisocial behaviour (many were terrified of the reprecussions of reporting crime) the result is that things have vastly improved!It was a heck of a battle though and now I\’m reaping the rewards in total peace and quiet – after years of stress I feel a bit bored to be honest!!! :o>The Co-Op have put a video camera outside the shop so the teens no longer queue up to rob the store, but they\’ve had staff quit because of the harassment and threats from these teenage thieves who have no fear of the law because it is so weak and ineffectual while the Police only show interest if we give them all the evidence they need to make a conviction and look good in the crime figures!!!!The locals got so fed up with the Police not doing anything about the local burglar family that when they were broken into they\’d just go round to their house, beat the sh1t out of all three of them and get their stuff back!I\’ve lost track of the number of times our teenagers have screamed \’Child abuse\’ when adults have intervened!One guy had to go to court on the grounds he used threatening language to a lad who went into his home and stole a large amount of money!!!These assholes that spout this politically correct bullshit should try living with the consequences…God Bless!!!Prenin.

  4. Terence said

    Well Phil, since politicians have their snouts buried so deeply in the trough, I doubt if they\’ll ever come up for air long enough to see the results of their "progressive" legislation. In the late sixties we still lived with elitist attitudes and the idea of advancement by merit was extremely appealing. It seemed as if we were on the brink of revolution set to redress the balance in favour of justice and common sense. How naieve. Unfortunatly, it seems that those of my peers with greater ambition have decided that the fabric of society doesn\’t really matter at all [as long as they don\’t have to live with it]. Since we live in a totally secular society,there can obviously be no fear of eternal damnation, which has always been a handy tool with which to control the masses. Fear is now dispensed in terms of global warming, pandemics, health related obsessions and of course the global recession. Industry in this country has been systematically obliterated in order to boost the profits of shareholders everywhere and all that remains are "service industries". My advice to anybody seeking gainful employment is to go to India or China.So is it any wonder we have such a yob culture? In the sixties there was talk of free, universal education and as an aim it can\’t be faulted. Yet our politicians teach students about debt management and to hell with curiculum. Parents authority has likewse been undermined and a smack will result in a court appearance; something surely lacking when dealing with the mongrel offspring.Sad fact is though that nothing ever changes; the Romans kept the mob happy with bread and circuses and in Hogarth\’s day they swilled Gin whilst the rich swaggered through town clutching a nosegay. The vermin has always been around throughout history but perhaps this is the first time there has been legislation to protect and encourage them. Look out for a film called "Idiocracy". Chin up, T

  5. Prenin said

    Pete has it right Phil – Over the past 23 years I have lived at ground zero for most of the antisocial behaviour that this town has ever seen!It started with gangs gathering for self protection because gangs from Chadderton, New Moston and Failsworth were coming here by train to fight on the streets every day, but especially on weekends.In my area alone we saw seven adults murdered by teenage gangs and innocent victims routinely attacked by mobs of teenagers to the point I was unable to leave my home at night and we as a community ended up grabbing these thugs and handing them over to the Police because the local Police wouldn\’t persue them if they ran into Chadderton and Chadderton Police wouldn\’t persue them if they ran into Middleton.I still fondly remember handing out some instant justice to a teenager twice my size when I caught him trying to kick my neighbours door in and being threatened by him with the law because he was going to prosecute ME for assault!!!We had NO help from the Council because they said putting locks on the entrance door and balcony doors was a fire hazard so we did it ourselves.We kept the tossers out for eight years, then blow me if they didn\’t start moving druggy car thieves, dealers, granny muggers and God Knows What into a block of flats containing elderly residents!!!Why?They were required BY LAW to house criminals coming out of jail.Our estate became the drop-off point for every evicted antisocial family in the town and we suffered decades of harassment until we managed to get the Youth Inclusion Project started to educate the teenagers who were thrown out of School, our first youth club had to be closed because a lad tried to set fire to the School\’s Secretaries office, but a few years back we finally got action and a new youth club which the kids tried to destroy because they couldn\’t be physically touched by the workers!!!The do-gooders have f*cked up this country and left us at the mercy of feral kids who think it\’s clever to run around with knives and guns – I was held at knife point a few years back and told the kid to put it away or I\’d make him eat it – and when the local drug dealer\’s runner held me at gunpoint I called him a tosser and ignored him, so his wanker mate Simon put my window through for not showing \’respect\’.These days they don\’t come around here because we weren\’t willing to back down so things are now quiet, but you won\’t find ME on the street after dark…God Bless dude!!!Prenin.

  6. Pete said

    I agree with much of what you say and in hindsight, whilst I was pontificating about some of the radical steps needed to make a difference, I completely forgot that someone has to have the power to take some of these steps and bugger me, its not as if the government don\’t already abuse what power they have.I like to go walking. Sometimes when i go early in the morning I plug myself into my i-pod and walk to my hearts content. in the evening I don\’t plug in and am always on high alert. I worry about these things too. I wont stand for any bull shit and I certainly wont have one of these little bastards giving me any shit – i worry about ending up doing time too. I doubt I could contain myself at all if I ever found one in my home or ever hurt my daughter but its a fact that the victim sometimes ends up being the accused!There was a point that these things were bothering me to the point of illness but I had to learn to try and kerb it a little as I cannot allow them to trouble my quality of life. I can imagine the situation is far worse in your area than it is mine but as you quite rightly say, it exists no matter where you are.Unfortunately the only solutions are drastic, radical and costly, it will simply never happen and this is something we will all have to live with. When you think the government are actually thinking about changing the law to accept drink and drugs as mitigating circumstances for crimes – you know there will never be a victory for decency.But keep strong mate – it is after all a minorityPete

  7. Pete said

    Good to hear from you again – and back to your biting best.I have written many times about my hatred for this culture of yob and yob behaviour and i often wonder to myself why this has happened because as you rightly point out, other countries have drug and drink problems and certainly the scope of anti-social behaviour problems that we have to suffer.I know we have had many discussions about it and despite noises from Whitehall, the problem only seems to be getting worse.We could spend the next six months discussing the matter without reaching any solid conclusions but fundementally I believe there are a few main causes.The welfare system was set up to help those in need. Churchill himself said it should be there to help people through difficult times and not there as a choice. No doubt he will be spinning in his grave at what the welfare system has become. As a country we make lives easy for people. We give them homes, free services and benefit upon benefit. There are people who genuinely need those benefits, cannot work or are in need. But there a damn sight more that abuse it and use it as a lifestyle choice rather than do something useful with their lives. We simply make it too easy for people to walk into a Job Centre and get a boat load of benefits for doing absolutely nothing. It has become a way of life and frankly just about all some kids aspire to as they bunk of schoolThe broken family is also to blame and I daresay goes hand in hand with the above. You once siad you believe that everyone should be steralised at birth and to be honest I was against that at first trust me, I am very much an advocate of that notion now. If you were to round up 100 chavs, scally, knobheads – whatever you want to call them, I would argue that no matter what part of the country you did it, more than 90% of them would come from a single parent environment. It is simply too easy to have kids and again, a lifestyle choice for some. It is such a drain on resources, NHS, social services, education and eventually the judicial system when we have provide free legal support for the little bastards – why can\’t we insist that everyone is steralised at birth and only those who can prove they can emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually have children, have a reversal procedure. Having a child is just about the easiest thing anyone can do – but unfortunately there are a growing number who believe that is just about where the responsibility stops.The human rights act – and its many predossessors – has acreated a society that simply wont accept responsibility for their actions. In the 60\’s the tree huggers did away with the death penalty, in the 70\’s corporal punishment and in the eighties we started asking why people did what they di rather than just punishing them for it now. In the 00\’s a breed has evolved who blame everyone else and because a warped legal system that makes the culprit somehow the victims, they don\’t worry about the consequences of their actions because they can blame something else.You must have read about the school teacher who tried to kill one of his students recently – I don\’t know about you but aren\’t you surprised it does not happen more often?IT makes me laugh uncontrollably when when i hear these dickheads bang on about \’respect\’. They drink on our streets, fights, damage, insult, abuse, attack, hurt and often kill – and they demand respect!! I once went to my local shop and I passed an incident where a friend of mine was being accosted by a couple of hoodies – apparently one of the hoodies felt he wasn\’t being shown respect – my friend was in the middle of making abundantly clear – why the fuck should he show the little scumbag scrote any kind of respect whatsover!!With my arrival it even the numbers up slightly and as a consequence the hoodies began to back down, naturally once they were 50 yards down the road they shouted more abuse and threats – scary – but my mate, who normally wouldn\’t say boo to anything , was visibly rattled by the very notion that a little shit like that somehow demanded respect.If they knew anything respect is earned and there are far more respectful ways to earn respect. Anyone who respects a numpty for carrying a knife or for stamping on someones head is just as much a low life as the perpetrator.James Stannage was absolutely right when he said that. I remember listening to him and how much he abhorred what this country was becoming. He invited single mums on his show, yobs, tree huggers, liberals, defence lawyers – they all got a fair crack of the whip but not one of them ever came up with a sensible and realistic arguement to justify any part of their being and behaviour.Unfortunately unless the government inroduce a radical set of measures things are only going to get worse. We need to start making life tough for people againSteralise everyone at birth – let people prove they can bring up a child that wont become a burden to the systemRe-introduce corporal and capital punishment and abolish legal aid for habitual criminalsLonger sentances, no parole, no tagging, no ASBO\’sAt 16 – College full time, a job or conscription for two years – no excuses.Hoodies are banned and burned whether the chavs are wearing them or not!Any licensed premises found selling to the under aged have their licenses taken off themAny one found buying booze for the underaged gets an automatic 3 yearsCarrying a knife an automatic 5 years, a gun 20 yearsCivil liberties and human rights abolished and fairer guidelines that actually favour victimsIntroduce a law that states an individual in the act of commiting a crime also loses his rightsMake a mans home his castle – enter at your own risk.Make education and exams toughI could go on a lot longer and you know I could but just by reading that list – it\’s all a non-starter isn\’t it?Regards and love to the familyPeteBy the way – why the fuck do they walk round playing with their todgers!?!

  8. The Divine Mrs M said

    I\’m afraid I don\’t have any magic answers Phil.I will always maintain, that a good and proper upbringing begins at home. Why doesn\’t the government do more to fund \’parenting classes\’? Our society is crying out for any initiative, that promotes positive assistance help and guidance for \’the family\’Then of course there are our schools. It was an interesting thought that you raised "Is society getting worse because we\’re saving the stupid people?" Well it\’ certainly not helping, that (everthing) is getting \’dumbed down\’ in our schools. I (think?) that there are proposals afoot, to do away with the routine, of academicly assessing 7year olds in schools. We mustn\’t make the little one\’s anxious over sitting a test paper. And School Sports Days, (the proper ones that I remember) are becoming a thing of the past.. Why? because, heaven forend that our little darlings should have to suffer the ignomy of coming \’last\’ on the leaderboard. Heaven forfend if you should even LOOK at them the wrong way. Our Judicial system seems to be geared up in the favour of the offender rather than the victim of crime. No wonder this country is in such a mess. The elderly are fast becoming the majority group (numerically speaking) in our country…I can only hope that in the next ten years, …if we should all live so long…..that we begin to see the pendulum swing back the other way.No wonder I fear for my son. 😦 I\’m sorry to hear about the really bad experience that you had in the street Phil, that is awful. Youve raised an interesting topic for discussion, I will watch this space with interest.Take care of your self buddy, it\’s always really nice to see you around…<BIG hugs>mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

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