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Archive for August, 2009

Mondern Capitalism, Consumerism And The Quality Of A Product

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 28, 2009

I aint been around for five or six days, you probably didn’t notice because I’m always disappearing for months on end! haha. I’ve been letting my back rest while the router/modem at our place decided it was faulty. So my back is feeling much better after a rest and now the net is back I can blog a little!

My Vlogging idea hasn’t got off the ground yet because my PC cam’s quality has degraded so much! You want quality you have to pay through the nose for it! It’s obvious these Companies could mass produce a quality camera that will last a long time for a reasonable price. But no, the law of modern Capitalism says otherwise, especially where electronics are concerned. You buy a modern electronic device and it’s out of date in six months, the same can be said for operating systems for Personal Computers too.

When you buy expensive PC Cams they usually degrade or break after two years or so and also will most likely not work on any new Windows or Mac Operating Systems because they don’t support the hardware or software anymore. Yes the manufactures of the cams do updates but eventually they want it to stop working so you go out and buy a new one! So eventually they stop supporting it, this little rule of business applies to Operating Systems too. For example, Windows XP, it’s Microsoft’s best OS for some time and people like it, when Microsoft brought out Windows Vista people’s reactions to the new OS was luke warm at best. So what do Microsoft do?… they stop supporting XP so you’ll have to up-grade to some kind of Vista OS.

I know these companies have to stay in business and want people to buy their new devices and offerings, but not at the expense of the publics pockets. These companies not only want you to buy their goods but are telling you what you want by forcing this stuff on you! I thought market forces decided what we get, not the producers who supply us? We want X, Y and Z but they supply A, B and C because they think it’s what we want, and when we don’t want it they force it on us. In a Computer software industry where there’s only one user-friendly Operating System with the rest a little complicated it leaves you a little strapped for choice so you have to choose what Microsoft offer. The same can be said for the hardware and other electronic devices, they make it built not to last because it’s the nature of the business and make you pay through the nose for it when it aint quality!

You could say it’s the nature of the electronic industry, but I’ve observed the same kind of trend in the clothing, furniture and even housing industries! Clothes for example, you can have the same pants made in the same place, some then have a designer label sewn on them, the others don’t. One person pays £30 quid for a pair with the label on, the other pays £5 quid for a pair with no label on it. They’re both the same article and wear-out at the same time if worn the same amount of times. Another instance, a bed, my grandmother bought a light-weight Iron bed back in 1930s for a good price, maybe earlier, and it lasted ’till 1996! It was her Brother’s while he was at home, then was used for one of her own sons then her grandchildren! How many beds these days last that long? How much furniture at all last over 5 years these days?

The idea of you get what you pay for is very seldom the case these days, nothing is built or made to last because you don’t make more money that way, it would put some businesses out of business and lose profits for some, and God forbid that should happen! Ever since the end of World War Two the principle you get what you pay for has melted away and been replaced by ‘CONSUME! CONSUME! CONSUME!’ of shoddy rubbish under the pretence that it’s quality to increase profits.

So it looks like I’ll be making audio of my blogs instead of videos, I’ll have to put some pictures on there to illustrate what I’m saying. Should be good!

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There’s A Chipmunk In My House!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 20, 2009

First of all I never said who won the first caption comp (thanks for reminding me Pete), it was Pete’s offering that made me laugh the most. So as promised, I’m gonna ‘big up’ Pete’s space, go see it here. Winner of the second round was Prenin, you can see his space here. If you wanna see what their offerings were then go back and have a look as they didn’t post a picture. But thanks to Daf and Mags for taking part with pictures, your offerings were funny too.

The title isn’t a joke, there really was a chipmunk in my house! On Tuesday evening our cats were chasing something up the drive followed by a group of local kids giddy to see what the cats would’ve done had they caught it. My Mam went out to see what all the commotion was about and walked around the neighbour’s side of the drive fence, as she did the cheeky little sod ran in the house followed by the cats who cornered it in the Kitchen. At first I thought it was a baby Squirrel because of it’s size and looks, but I never seen a Squirrel with that kind of colour, that’s when my sister said it was chipmunk!

For those who don’t know chipmunks are not native to the UK or Western Europe, in fact most of Europe doesn’t have them except for some escaped populations. They are native to East Asia and North America. It looked gray with black stripes dow its back, but when you see it in full sunlight it’s a light brown. It’s about the size of a Hamster with a Squirrel’s head and tail.

After chasing it around the kitchen trying to catch it, something I later learned was impossible with hands and gloves, it ran under the kitchen unit and made its way up the pipes in the wall to the loft where it stayed all night. However muggins here didn’t know that the pipes beyond the kitchen unit lead up to the loft so I was on the floor for three quarters of an hour stretching my hand around trying to grab something that wasn’t there! I eventually had the brian storm of using my sisters mobile camera to take a pic in there with a torch on, and then I noticed it lead up to the freaking loft! Wish I’d known that earlier because while I was on the floor I pulled a muscle in my back! I’m now sitting here with pain in my back, hips, groin and knees with only Co-Hydromol for pain relief! I’ve had this back pain before though, it should go in a few days.

The morning came and I could hear it running in the loft, so I rang the RSPCA and they were a little flummoxed that I was calling them to catch a chipmunk! haha The three people I spoke to all said: “Are you sure it’s a chipmunk?”. They said they’d send a trapper out to catch it, however during the afternoon it decided the loft wasn’t the place to be, so it ran in bold as brass and started walking and running around the living room and dining room! haha. We caught it twice with an old fish tank turned up side down because we just could not get close to it with our hands at all. It escaped twice, it was my fault it did because I tried to lift the fish tank up and slip the lid underneath to put the lid on. We eventually came up with the idea of using a hamster cage to trap it and it worked! Mischief the Hamster wasn’t happy about being woken up and her cage being used to accommodate a stranger, so much so she bit my sister twice!  haha.

The RSPCA came and I helped put it in the cage without it escaping for the third time, so I slipped a flat bord under the cage then lifted the cage upside down and slipped it in the RSPCA’s cage. Job done and it was away! She did tell me before she left that they have trouble rehoming chipmunks because they’re rare for a start and difficult to look after. However she rang 3 hours after she left and told us it was rehomed in Cheshire! I would’ve loved to have kept it and tamed it, but I just don’t have the money or the space to keep it. They need a large area to roam free and exercise, a normal Hamster cage isn’t any good for it as you will see in the following videos. NOTE: Sorry for the bad audio and vid quality, it’s from a mobile camera.


The last video gives a better view of it, and shows just what a beautiful little creature it is! Yeh, sounds daft because it’s only a rodent, but I still think it’s lovely.   

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Camption Competition: The Japanese PM

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 14, 2009

Yes, this time it’s the Japanese Prime Minister ‘Taro Aso’, the gaff prone PM has been likened to G.W. Bush for saying things he shouldn’t or getting it completely wrong! The Leader of the Japanese version of the Liberal Democrats would be more at home in the right-wing Cons because of one or two of his out-bursts. He once was supposed have said: ” We are not going to let someone from the ‘Buraku’ (a minority people in Japan) be Prime Minister are we?”. Hmm?

The Japanese PM HAS to stop drinking!


Here’s you’re copy IF you wanna do the picture!

Cap comp2

Have fun! 🙂

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Video Logging?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 10, 2009

I’ve been thinking about making a Video Log (Vlogging/Vlog) for the last few months. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘Vlog’ is, it is what it says, a Video Blog or Log – of your life, interests or something else. I was thinking of reaching out to people on YouTube with one of my Blogs either shortened or summarised to fit in to a 7  to 10 minute video of spoken words. I think it’d reach a greater audience as average people are more likely to listen and watch than take the time to read because they’re to bone idle lazy. I know that sounds arrogant and insulting but I think it’s true, most people wont read anything these days unless it involves celebrities or some kind of scandal.

My only problem with Vlogging is I want to keep my identity secret! With my opinion on blogs it’s okay, I do get threats made against me now and again by the odd brainless gimp! However, on YouTube they see your face, hear your accent and there’s a good chance someone from where you live may recognise you. There’s a chance people where I live may have seen my face on MySpace, but they may have only saw my face but not what I write about and how I insult them! With a video they’ll hear what I have to say and what I think of them, with some knowing where I live it aint a good idea. There’s also the Nazis and religious nut jobs, so yeh, I may wear a mask or just not show my face completely!

I need a little help though. I need to know if I can distort my voice with a tool in Windows or maybe with the Cam and Mic I have? I haven’t checked it yet and to be honest I have no idea what I’m looking at or doing other than pressing record and changing the screen colours. Another thing I need is videos I can use to put together a video so I can explain something while I talk, does anyone know of a free on-line video library where I can download vids so I can edit them in Movie Maker? I have looked on-line for free vid Libraries but I’m not sure which are safe to download from.

It seems one or two people got a little confused with my last post about the Portuguese PM? I’d just like to say it was made up and a work of fiction. So, because I don’t want people getting confused between my Political Fiction and Political Satire I’ve made a new blog Category called ‘Politcial Fiction’. So whenever you see this as the blog subject it means it isn’t true, okay a certain friend of mine? hahaha. Oh By the way, the Portuguese PM really IS corrupt!  Also anything in blue is a LINK, they are safe to click, well they were at the time when I visited them.

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The Prime Minister of Portugal Refutes Claims he Likes To Soddomise Young Men.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 7, 2009


The Prime Minister of Portugal refutes claims he likes to soddomise young Thai men with dildos! While on an official visit to Thailand he was spotted by a UK film crew who were filming a documentary about the Thai sex trade when they caught sight of him and a group of Thai Police officers arresting a group of young men. While approaching the PM and the group of Police officers the PM could be heard saying: “Ohhhh get that one, he’s got some nice cheeks!”.

When asked by the UK film crew what he was doing with a shitty used dildo and that it looked like he was about to rape them, he replied: “Uh, um I’m here on official business on behalf of Portugal! Just because I’m in a poor prostitution district of Bangkok with a used dildo helping these Police officers, as I was walking passed I may add, doesn’t mean I’m soddomising them. The dildo in my hand got stuck there by accident because I had an accident with a tube of super glue while on tour of a dildo factory earlier today! So while I was helping arrest these violent criminals I slipped and my dildo entered one of the apprehended criminals.

When the Portuguese Government was contacted about this incident a offical had this to say: “This is disgusting and scandalous! There was no official business in Thailand at all, the fact the PM has used public money in such a way and gone without us has deeply sadend everyone! I mean, com’on! the Thai trip was set for next week! Couldn’t he wait?”. This official was later found dead floating face down in a pond.

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Caption Competition! (Muslim Stonkers!)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 5, 2009

Thought I’d try something new on my space, though my usual blogs are serious I think they lack a little humour. Back when I first started blogging my work had some jokes and satire in them. Most of you remember ‘Wanker of the week‘, well I’m going to start doing those again and making my work a little more ‘human’ in nature, instead of being cold and serious. I’m going to add a new category call ‘Caption Competition’, the basic idea of this format is I post a picture each week, or when ever I feel up to it, with speech bubbles in it and anyone wanting to take part can write a caption in it. Can be anything you want in it! Then you either post it on your blog or up-load it to your photobucket account and post the link in my comment section. It would be nice if the comment section on WLS’s was HTML active, but sadly it aint so the above will have to do. 

Now, I’m assuming most of you have some kind of photo-editing programme to write text over pictures? If you have any kind of modern Microsoft Operating System you will have Microsoft Paint, or by its other names  “Paint” or “mspaint” in “All programs”. If not there’s a nice little programme here. Avance Paint is a free programme that’s easy to use and perfect for writing text over pictures. Remember, only download and use this if you can’t use or don’t have MS Paint. Alternatively you could use Photobucket‘s tools to edit and write on the picture.

Anyway, here’s this weeks Caption picture. My picture’s first and the blank one is second!

Muslim Stonkers!

Shana is a cyber friend I know from MySpace and “Christian Jihad” is her name for her war on Islam, yes that’s right, someone who hates religion as much as me! This is more of a private joke than a caption, but next weeks will be different.

Caption comp 1

NOTE: I will post a list of entrants here with links back to the Spaces of the people who took part to show their entries. If they don’t post them on their blogs but up-load them to Photobucket I will post a link to Photobucket and to their Windows Live Space.

Have fun mates!

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A Cure For UC?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 3, 2009

Chuck DEMANDS a cure!

With the man and the myth Chuck Norris on the case we’ll soon have a cure for Ulcerative Colitis! I think he already has a cure for it but wants mankind to find it on their own! So he’s going to kick the shit out of every Doctor in the Western world untill they come up with a cure!

Long live the man, the myth and the beard!

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