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A Cure For UC?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 3, 2009

Chuck DEMANDS a cure!

With the man and the myth Chuck Norris on the case we’ll soon have a cure for Ulcerative Colitis! I think he already has a cure for it but wants mankind to find it on their own! So he’s going to kick the shit out of every Doctor in the Western world untill they come up with a cure!

Long live the man, the myth and the beard!


6 Responses to “A Cure For UC?”

  1. Pete said

    Note sure about your octoplets theory although it might exlpain a few things – but I am sure my old fella would have cashed in on it – I know I certianly would.I think part of the thing that pisses me off about people coming up to me in shops is because they are too lazy to look round for someone who actually works there – granted some shop assistants are numbnuts but it is no excuse to go up to a complete stranger in the shop and hope for the best.It beggars belief how much publicity big tit and big tits are getting, but then I shouldn\’t really be too surprised in this day and age – am I meant to take sides and feel sorry for one of them. That\’s it, no more blogs about celebs unless it is funny!!What a surprise – a hollywood actir with bizarre religious beliefs!! Just when you saw a little white light, oh well, could have been worse – you\’re spokesperson for the condition could have beenTom Cruise!Take carePete

  2. Prenin said

    Glad to see you\’ve still got your sense of humour dude! :o)The local teens are avoiding our block for some bizarre reason – not that I\’m complaining!!!!! :o)There\’s been no trouble since I chucked out one who tried to break in and got trapped (dickhead that he was) and we\’ve had a broken window that got replaced today, but nothing since.For some reason our tossers seem afraid of our block, but why I honestly couldn\’t tell you!Take care of yourself my friend!!!Prenin.

  3. Prenin said

    I\’m with Pete on this one mate – I hope you\’re feeling a bit better!!!Please note: Do Not Eat Squirrel!!!According to the packaging: \’May contain nuts!\’ :o)God Bless and be well my friend!!!Prenin.

  4. Pete said

    Last time I saw Chuck Norris he looked like he could barely stand up!But to be honest, you always find once a well known name starts to get behind these things – awareness will be raised and brough into the conciousness. At worst, people will understand more about UCGood luck chuck….Take carePete

  5. penny said

    Hiya Phil. I remember Chuck Norris. My son was a great fan of his. Hope all is well with you, Pen.

  6. The Divine Mrs M said

    hello darling (hUgs)phil norris (who IS he???) has a cure for U.C. -but he aint sharing???) ?awwwwwww that\’s not Sportive Chuck?Ive had one bad bout since we last chatted Phil and a MILE long lecture from my sis about me going for the ol\’ camera probe(don\’t) watch this space :s hrrrmmags xOH (((((hugs)))))http://masloan.spaces.live.com/

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