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Caption Competition! (Muslim Stonkers!)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 5, 2009

Thought I’d try something new on my space, though my usual blogs are serious I think they lack a little humour. Back when I first started blogging my work had some jokes and satire in them. Most of you remember ‘Wanker of the week‘, well I’m going to start doing those again and making my work a little more ‘human’ in nature, instead of being cold and serious. I’m going to add a new category call ‘Caption Competition’, the basic idea of this format is I post a picture each week, or when ever I feel up to it, with speech bubbles in it and anyone wanting to take part can write a caption in it. Can be anything you want in it! Then you either post it on your blog or up-load it to your photobucket account and post the link in my comment section. It would be nice if the comment section on WLS’s was HTML active, but sadly it aint so the above will have to do. 

Now, I’m assuming most of you have some kind of photo-editing programme to write text over pictures? If you have any kind of modern Microsoft Operating System you will have Microsoft Paint, or by its other names  “Paint” or “mspaint” in “All programs”. If not there’s a nice little programme here. Avance Paint is a free programme that’s easy to use and perfect for writing text over pictures. Remember, only download and use this if you can’t use or don’t have MS Paint. Alternatively you could use Photobucket‘s tools to edit and write on the picture.

Anyway, here’s this weeks Caption picture. My picture’s first and the blank one is second!

Muslim Stonkers!

Shana is a cyber friend I know from MySpace and “Christian Jihad” is her name for her war on Islam, yes that’s right, someone who hates religion as much as me! This is more of a private joke than a caption, but next weeks will be different.

Caption comp 1

NOTE: I will post a list of entrants here with links back to the Spaces of the people who took part to show their entries. If they don’t post them on their blogs but up-load them to Photobucket I will post a link to Photobucket and to their Windows Live Space.

Have fun mates!


6 Responses to “Caption Competition! (Muslim Stonkers!)”

  1. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hello PhilNice work doin a Caption Contest. :)I\’m really sorry if Ive flooded your \’stats\’ But for some reason I can\’t read all of Pete\’s comment below…I can think of one idea for those balloons, but it\’s along the lines of a rather cheap sick and cruel joke, so maybe i best not! LOL but you might just get a message from me one day, or perhaps on your next competition.I hope that you are well Lovely, I\’m just back from Holiday-Devon and then on to Windermere. tc You (HUGS)mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  2. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Yep: 2000, London Airport, a bunch of \’Asylum seekers\’ hijacked a plane and threatened to blow it up if their demands were not met.When they got off the plane a whole bunch of other passengers suddenly decided they would ALSO claim Asylum and joined the hijackers!!!!Odd how so many turned out to be relatives…We have an Arndale in Middleton which is the one I use.I can\’t go into Manchester without an escort because I\’d be a danger to myself, so I haven\’t been there in some years!Yep: The older bastard druggies threw lit material through the window above the door and set fire to the loose rubbish on the floor.Asswipes!!! :o(We can always tell when we have a new dealer on the Close because the druggies light up anywhere they can find shelter.The main reason all the blocks have security gates and double magnetic locks.Thanks for the good wishes mate – she may have sold me out when I was put through the shredder, but she\’s still my mum… :o)God Bless and be well my friend!Prenin.

  3. Prenin said

    Bubble 1 – Give us Asylum or we\’ll blow you up!!!Bubble 2 – Sod it we\’ll blow you up anyway!!!

  4. Amanda said

    Hello shitface !Ain\’t got a clue about ms paint etc, so i\’m gonna opt to do same as Pete Judge……Bubble 1 ……Fuck you, i told you it was pig flu, you swine !!Bubble 2 …… Here, here, i can smell the bacon too !!Not a great caption, but pig flu is on my mind at the moment, with Woody having it i think. His sister and Nephew both have same, and his sister been told its swine flu, so Woody must have it cos we were all together at the weekend, plus woody\’s boss and a work colleague have it. Will let you know how things go.Hope your all ok, much love to youMandy xx

  5. HRH Daf said

    Consider yourself emailed!Hugs Daf xx

  6. Pete said

    Phil,As I do this spaces srtuff mainly at work I am restricted in what I can and can\’t do – damn that firewall!So I\’ll be making a couple of suggestions and well, if you think mine are worthy winners it will probably be easier for you to stick them in the bubbles so……Bubble 1……………It is the fault of the infadel Katie they break upBubble 2……………No you muslim dog, it is Peter\’s fault.orBubble 1…………Can i have two pints of lager, a bud and two packets of pork scratchingsBubble 2…………Oi pal, my turn nextor finallyBubble 1……………What did he say innit?Bubble 2…………….Dunno innit, something about 40 virgins and a back pack.Oh well, not bad for this time in the morningTake carePete

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