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The Prime Minister of Portugal Refutes Claims he Likes To Soddomise Young Men.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 7, 2009


The Prime Minister of Portugal refutes claims he likes to soddomise young Thai men with dildos! While on an official visit to Thailand he was spotted by a UK film crew who were filming a documentary about the Thai sex trade when they caught sight of him and a group of Thai Police officers arresting a group of young men. While approaching the PM and the group of Police officers the PM could be heard saying: “Ohhhh get that one, he’s got some nice cheeks!”.

When asked by the UK film crew what he was doing with a shitty used dildo and that it looked like he was about to rape them, he replied: “Uh, um I’m here on official business on behalf of Portugal! Just because I’m in a poor prostitution district of Bangkok with a used dildo helping these Police officers, as I was walking passed I may add, doesn’t mean I’m soddomising them. The dildo in my hand got stuck there by accident because I had an accident with a tube of super glue while on tour of a dildo factory earlier today! So while I was helping arrest these violent criminals I slipped and my dildo entered one of the apprehended criminals.

When the Portuguese Government was contacted about this incident a offical had this to say: “This is disgusting and scandalous! There was no official business in Thailand at all, the fact the PM has used public money in such a way and gone without us has deeply sadend everyone! I mean, com’on! the Thai trip was set for next week! Couldn’t he wait?”. This official was later found dead floating face down in a pond.


6 Responses to “The Prime Minister of Portugal Refutes Claims he Likes To Soddomise Young Men.”

  1. Amanda said

    Just remembered, i found a few funny pics you might like to use for your captions…… i will send em over in e-mail or something, soon as ok.Hugs again, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Amanda said

    LOL, i have to agree with Pete………..i jus wet me knickers laughing !! come to think of it, i ain\’t got any on !!!!! anyway, was a real giggle this one Phil.Hugs matey xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Pete said

    Have you changed your medication or something – what a bizarre entry and somewhat amusing too……..Of course I was in bands for the music! Unfortunately other things start to get in the way. You have to remember that the time i was writing about was my late teens, I was starting to grow up a little and well – do what boys like to do. I know for sure that if I ever got my chance again, armed with the knowledge I had now – no silly little bitch would have got in my way.There are still a couple of chapters to written for this story – you might find it entertaining.Take care and have a good weekPete

  4. Prenin said

    Wouldn\’t surprise me one bit!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!Best wishes dude!Prenin.

  5. Prenin said

    Hmmm… superglue in a dildo factory – was he looking for more British MP\’s???Well, it IS the summer holidays!!!! LoL!!!God Bless!Prenin.

  6. HRH Daf said

    Awwww man…. my son just said something to me then went \’whats the matter\’ cos I ignored him. \’Just read something that left me stunned\’ says I. ROFL. Hes just jumping on the foreign politician bandwagon, where apparently the naughtier you are the more infamous but popular you get. You feeling alright amigo? ;O)Hope your having a great Saturday!Hugs Daf xx

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