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Video Logging?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 10, 2009

I’ve been thinking about making a Video Log (Vlogging/Vlog) for the last few months. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘Vlog’ is, it is what it says, a Video Blog or Log – of your life, interests or something else. I was thinking of reaching out to people on YouTube with one of my Blogs either shortened or summarised to fit in to a 7  to 10 minute video of spoken words. I think it’d reach a greater audience as average people are more likely to listen and watch than take the time to read because they’re to bone idle lazy. I know that sounds arrogant and insulting but I think it’s true, most people wont read anything these days unless it involves celebrities or some kind of scandal.

My only problem with Vlogging is I want to keep my identity secret! With my opinion on blogs it’s okay, I do get threats made against me now and again by the odd brainless gimp! However, on YouTube they see your face, hear your accent and there’s a good chance someone from where you live may recognise you. There’s a chance people where I live may have seen my face on MySpace, but they may have only saw my face but not what I write about and how I insult them! With a video they’ll hear what I have to say and what I think of them, with some knowing where I live it aint a good idea. There’s also the Nazis and religious nut jobs, so yeh, I may wear a mask or just not show my face completely!

I need a little help though. I need to know if I can distort my voice with a tool in Windows or maybe with the Cam and Mic I have? I haven’t checked it yet and to be honest I have no idea what I’m looking at or doing other than pressing record and changing the screen colours. Another thing I need is videos I can use to put together a video so I can explain something while I talk, does anyone know of a free on-line video library where I can download vids so I can edit them in Movie Maker? I have looked on-line for free vid Libraries but I’m not sure which are safe to download from.

It seems one or two people got a little confused with my last post about the Portuguese PM? I’d just like to say it was made up and a work of fiction. So, because I don’t want people getting confused between my Political Fiction and Political Satire I’ve made a new blog Category called ‘Politcial Fiction’. So whenever you see this as the blog subject it means it isn’t true, okay a certain friend of mine? hahaha. Oh By the way, the Portuguese PM really IS corrupt!  Also anything in blue is a LINK, they are safe to click, well they were at the time when I visited them.


5 Responses to “Video Logging?”

  1. Prenin said

    Hmmmm…OK: You need a vocoder or something similar? Try looking at the voice changer options listed on Play.com as there are a few amusing ones which might also help with the disguise problem!!!!There\’s plenty of stuff out there from serious toys to be found in electronics buff sites to Play\’s offerings, but cost and time are the big problems – have fun!!! :o)God Bless mate!!!Prenin.

  2. Pete said

    E-bay!! I really meant You Tube……….what the fuck is up with me today!!!!!!!!

  3. Pete said

    I got the impression the blog about the Portugese premier was a bit of political satie in the extreme but I clearly wasn\’t paying attention. It is a very interesting take that has a lot of potential, if libel action. Certainly will raise a few eyebrows – something worth persuing to to see how far you can push the boundaries of common decency.The Vlog sounds like a good idea but in reality, how many people that you know personally are likely to see it and of those people, they would know about your political beliefs anyway. I think if you went on e-bay you could get voice distorters and I am sure that there is software than can easily be obtained that you could use on your computer – perhaps you could get some basic animation software and create a character that does the talking for you>There are many options but when you think there are websites where people post themselves doing far worse than expressing a few political opinions – and no one they know ever finds them.Might be worrth taking a punt but then thinking about – you might well piss a few people off!!Thanks for dropping by. Sorry i can\’t help you out financially. It has been a long hard struggle for us and to be honest, I\’m just gonna look after myself now but trust me,. if it becomes a real problem don\’t hope it will go away….I mentioned the ski chalet – when updating the situation with my ex-mate – because it is something he is proud of, and fair enough. But him being judgemebntal about my views on being happy rather than having a ski chalet were not…..nuff said as they sayTake carePete

  4. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hello Phil.How are you cherub? <grin>Ive left you a comment in one of your old blogs (one of the caption comps) Nice Idea that.I\’m really sorry i can\’t help you with your vlog (another neat idea) My digi camera doesn\’t have a microphone…. 😦 So any ideas I had a couple of years ago about publishing \’vlogs\’ was a no goer.anyway good luck with it, I would love to see (or hear) you in your own video entry. hugs (((phil)))mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  5. penny said

    Hiya Phil. The idea of a "vlog" is very interesting. Sorry, I cannot help with any advice but I wish you good luck with it.

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