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Camption Competition: The Japanese PM

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 14, 2009

Yes, this time it’s the Japanese Prime Minister ‘Taro Aso’, the gaff prone PM has been likened to G.W. Bush for saying things he shouldn’t or getting it completely wrong! The Leader of the Japanese version of the Liberal Democrats would be more at home in the right-wing Cons because of one or two of his out-bursts. He once was supposed have said: ” We are not going to let someone from the ‘Buraku’ (a minority people in Japan) be Prime Minister are we?”. Hmm?

The Japanese PM HAS to stop drinking!


Here’s you’re copy IF you wanna do the picture!

Cap comp2

Have fun! 🙂


5 Responses to “Camption Competition: The Japanese PM”

  1. The Divine Mrs M said

    hello philI gave this a LOT of thought, as you will see….. LMAO!!!http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/4/28/1024442/taro_aso.jpg mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  2. Prenin said

    Hmmm…. Trust me to choose a Buraku Sumo wrestling competition to open my mouth!!!!

  3. Prenin said

    Lotsa luck dude – just as long as you make sure it can\’t be traced back!!! ROFL!!!God Bless!Prenin.

  4. Pete said

    "Altogether now……..you put your left leg in"orThe japanese premier introduces his new cabinetWho won the last caption comp any way??Posting anything on the web is always going to be a risk. A cousin of a friend of mine came across a clip of his girlfriend giving some \’oral attention\’ to a male stripper on a hen night in Prague. He didn\’t even know she was in prague, never mind blowing a stripper!But with all the websites with this kind of stuff on and the fact he happen to find it – more chance of winning the lottery.I think if it is going to stress you out a lot you will have to disguise yourself but face facts – millions of people are posting on the web and chances of someone you know finding you will always be outside at best and as for the content – well you have to accept that if you want to be honest and forthright in your views, you will upset someone!!Todays music is ripped off from yesterdays and the yesterdays is ripped off from the day before that!There are a couple of bands around at the moment – can\’t think of their names – who are clearly influenced by the likes of Oasis, Oasis in turn were heavily influenced by The Jam and The Jam paid a great deal of homage to The Beatles. Very little is completely original and if you strip down all these heavily produced songs back down to their basis elements, there is very little difference. Hence why image and attitude is so important.For me all rap songs sound the same – irritating crap!Take care and have a good weekendPete

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