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There’s A Chipmunk In My House!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 20, 2009

First of all I never said who won the first caption comp (thanks for reminding me Pete), it was Pete’s offering that made me laugh the most. So as promised, I’m gonna ‘big up’ Pete’s space, go see it here. Winner of the second round was Prenin, you can see his space here. If you wanna see what their offerings were then go back and have a look as they didn’t post a picture. But thanks to Daf and Mags for taking part with pictures, your offerings were funny too.

The title isn’t a joke, there really was a chipmunk in my house! On Tuesday evening our cats were chasing something up the drive followed by a group of local kids giddy to see what the cats would’ve done had they caught it. My Mam went out to see what all the commotion was about and walked around the neighbour’s side of the drive fence, as she did the cheeky little sod ran in the house followed by the cats who cornered it in the Kitchen. At first I thought it was a baby Squirrel because of it’s size and looks, but I never seen a Squirrel with that kind of colour, that’s when my sister said it was chipmunk!

For those who don’t know chipmunks are not native to the UK or Western Europe, in fact most of Europe doesn’t have them except for some escaped populations. They are native to East Asia and North America. It looked gray with black stripes dow its back, but when you see it in full sunlight it’s a light brown. It’s about the size of a Hamster with a Squirrel’s head and tail.

After chasing it around the kitchen trying to catch it, something I later learned was impossible with hands and gloves, it ran under the kitchen unit and made its way up the pipes in the wall to the loft where it stayed all night. However muggins here didn’t know that the pipes beyond the kitchen unit lead up to the loft so I was on the floor for three quarters of an hour stretching my hand around trying to grab something that wasn’t there! I eventually had the brian storm of using my sisters mobile camera to take a pic in there with a torch on, and then I noticed it lead up to the freaking loft! Wish I’d known that earlier because while I was on the floor I pulled a muscle in my back! I’m now sitting here with pain in my back, hips, groin and knees with only Co-Hydromol for pain relief! I’ve had this back pain before though, it should go in a few days.

The morning came and I could hear it running in the loft, so I rang the RSPCA and they were a little flummoxed that I was calling them to catch a chipmunk! haha The three people I spoke to all said: “Are you sure it’s a chipmunk?”. They said they’d send a trapper out to catch it, however during the afternoon it decided the loft wasn’t the place to be, so it ran in bold as brass and started walking and running around the living room and dining room! haha. We caught it twice with an old fish tank turned up side down because we just could not get close to it with our hands at all. It escaped twice, it was my fault it did because I tried to lift the fish tank up and slip the lid underneath to put the lid on. We eventually came up with the idea of using a hamster cage to trap it and it worked! Mischief the Hamster wasn’t happy about being woken up and her cage being used to accommodate a stranger, so much so she bit my sister twice!  haha.

The RSPCA came and I helped put it in the cage without it escaping for the third time, so I slipped a flat bord under the cage then lifted the cage upside down and slipped it in the RSPCA’s cage. Job done and it was away! She did tell me before she left that they have trouble rehoming chipmunks because they’re rare for a start and difficult to look after. However she rang 3 hours after she left and told us it was rehomed in Cheshire! I would’ve loved to have kept it and tamed it, but I just don’t have the money or the space to keep it. They need a large area to roam free and exercise, a normal Hamster cage isn’t any good for it as you will see in the following videos. NOTE: Sorry for the bad audio and vid quality, it’s from a mobile camera.


The last video gives a better view of it, and shows just what a beautiful little creature it is! Yeh, sounds daft because it’s only a rodent, but I still think it’s lovely.   


6 Responses to “There’s A Chipmunk In My House!”

  1. Prenin said

    Hi dude! :o)Hope your back gets better soon – I\’m prone to pulled muscles too after several years of hard labour as a stores manager in the rag trade with a boss who was total shite.I had them for industrial injury comp, but they kept it stringing along until they closed the firm.I won the case, but in the end I got nothing… :o(Take care my friend and be well!!!Prenin.

  2. Amanda said

    LOL thank goodness your auntie rang….that first vid was going on and on, on and on and on ARISTON !!!Fair play, how exciting you caught a chipmunk. How did Lynn know that ?? She\’s a clever girl you know xxLoved this blog phil, for a change not religious or political.And by the way, i am deeply jealous i didnt win the first caption……i think you must have teachers pets already !!! Miss you about on msn, i trust all is well. Robin tells me all i need to know, which is that your still alive and kicking, lol.Take care punk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Pete said

    I had a feeling that was the winning caption – when I thought of that caption I had a feeling you would \’get it\’To be honest I am probably ignored most days and as you quite rightly say, I don\’t really don\’t give a fuck – particularly at work – but it was the first time i realised how anonymous we can be sometimes.On the plus side, no one nagged me all day!!Have a good weekend and next time you find a chipmonk – make sure you catch. £40 is £40!!Pete

  4. Prenin said

    Nice to see you have a good heart my friend!Rick had chipmonks in a six foot by eight foot cage and the little sods were zipping around it like they were on speed!!! :o)I can\’t help but wonder if he still has them because they are VERY hard to keep and need a lot of space!!!Thanks for the mention my friend – long may you prosper!!! :o)Prenin.

  5. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil,awwwwwww I was HOPING you would shoot a little footage of the expression on your cats face! it must have been a picture! LOLSomebody what lost him in first place, must be hunting for that little critter right now, I\’m not surprised it escaped, it looks like a right feisty little beggar, but it was also good to see how it had calmed down a lot in the second video. I believe that animals know when humans don\’t mean them any harm. It was lovely to watch him enjoying his \’treat\’He\’s a lucky little thing that he landed on your doorstep Phil, that\’s all I can say. I really enjoyed reading this entry Phil, take care you. (((phil)))mags xhttp://masloan.spaces.live.com/

  6. Pete said

    Takes a bow – thanks for the big \’up\’ I assume that is my prize?!?!? Look forward to your next caption comp. By the way, which one won? I think I suggested a couple. So you are having chipmonk problems.Seems strange to find one of the little critters in deepest darkest Salford but strange things like that keep happening – are we blaming climate change for messing up its migrational patterns or did it just jump ship undetected?Sounds like you had fun with it anyway….Take care and thanks againpete

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