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Mondern Capitalism, Consumerism And The Quality Of A Product

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 28, 2009

I aint been around for five or six days, you probably didn’t notice because I’m always disappearing for months on end! haha. I’ve been letting my back rest while the router/modem at our place decided it was faulty. So my back is feeling much better after a rest and now the net is back I can blog a little!

My Vlogging idea hasn’t got off the ground yet because my PC cam’s quality has degraded so much! You want quality you have to pay through the nose for it! It’s obvious these Companies could mass produce a quality camera that will last a long time for a reasonable price. But no, the law of modern Capitalism says otherwise, especially where electronics are concerned. You buy a modern electronic device and it’s out of date in six months, the same can be said for operating systems for Personal Computers too.

When you buy expensive PC Cams they usually degrade or break after two years or so and also will most likely not work on any new Windows or Mac Operating Systems because they don’t support the hardware or software anymore. Yes the manufactures of the cams do updates but eventually they want it to stop working so you go out and buy a new one! So eventually they stop supporting it, this little rule of business applies to Operating Systems too. For example, Windows XP, it’s Microsoft’s best OS for some time and people like it, when Microsoft brought out Windows Vista people’s reactions to the new OS was luke warm at best. So what do Microsoft do?… they stop supporting XP so you’ll have to up-grade to some kind of Vista OS.

I know these companies have to stay in business and want people to buy their new devices and offerings, but not at the expense of the publics pockets. These companies not only want you to buy their goods but are telling you what you want by forcing this stuff on you! I thought market forces decided what we get, not the producers who supply us? We want X, Y and Z but they supply A, B and C because they think it’s what we want, and when we don’t want it they force it on us. In a Computer software industry where there’s only one user-friendly Operating System with the rest a little complicated it leaves you a little strapped for choice so you have to choose what Microsoft offer. The same can be said for the hardware and other electronic devices, they make it built not to last because it’s the nature of the business and make you pay through the nose for it when it aint quality!

You could say it’s the nature of the electronic industry, but I’ve observed the same kind of trend in the clothing, furniture and even housing industries! Clothes for example, you can have the same pants made in the same place, some then have a designer label sewn on them, the others don’t. One person pays £30 quid for a pair with the label on, the other pays £5 quid for a pair with no label on it. They’re both the same article and wear-out at the same time if worn the same amount of times. Another instance, a bed, my grandmother bought a light-weight Iron bed back in 1930s for a good price, maybe earlier, and it lasted ’till 1996! It was her Brother’s while he was at home, then was used for one of her own sons then her grandchildren! How many beds these days last that long? How much furniture at all last over 5 years these days?

The idea of you get what you pay for is very seldom the case these days, nothing is built or made to last because you don’t make more money that way, it would put some businesses out of business and lose profits for some, and God forbid that should happen! Ever since the end of World War Two the principle you get what you pay for has melted away and been replaced by ‘CONSUME! CONSUME! CONSUME!’ of shoddy rubbish under the pretence that it’s quality to increase profits.

So it looks like I’ll be making audio of my blogs instead of videos, I’ll have to put some pictures on there to illustrate what I’m saying. Should be good!


4 Responses to “Mondern Capitalism, Consumerism And The Quality Of A Product”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Oh, so you’ve had vlogging ideas? DO. I’d love to see it. I’d love to see the people behind the words – accents, look in the eyes, tone, humour. Would love it 🙂

  2. Terence said

    Hello Phil, perhaps for "consumer" read "blithering idiot". It\’s quite obvious that we are all far too moronic to see past cunning marketing ploys. Manipulation is the name of the game and let\’s face it , nothing is easier. Since we really don\’t know what\’s good for us, we may as well sit back and be told! In the immortal words of Aldo Zilli " Isn\’t it nice to be told what you can eat ". Of course, not all advertising is quite so scientific, ads for mobile phones and price comparison sites are not only aimed at five year olds, they\’re probably devised in nursery school. Pseudo scientific and technological jargon rules our conscious existence and should you wish to stop smoking you\’ll find it too confusing unless the N.H.S. guides you with a free DVD. What has all this to do with shoddy goods? Well. in the world of BOGOFF nothing\’s worth a tinkers toss. Furniture is made of cardboard, food tastes of cardboard and pretty soon they\’ll be making hard drives of the stuff. The product isn\’t important, it\’s the concept and profit margin and ya can\’t beat Mammon. Gotta go now, time to smear on some anti-ageing cream, brush-up with some " Pro Enamel" and turn off a few everlasting light bulbs. All the best, T

  3. shelly said

    Hi Hansom, I hope your back has rested all the hard work you have been doing in the garden no wonder you need to rest lol.Sorry about the other day on msn but i wasnt on i was having it cleard out of all the four years of rubbish id put on haha no!!! i don\’t meen you hahah. Hope to take soon love hugs Buttercup xxxx

  4. Pete said

    Very acutely observed but come on Phil, if manufacturers made quality goods that lasted, where\’s the money in it? Whilst some prodcuts appear to be grossly over priced they manufacturers know there is a limit to what people will pay – well normal people anyway – so there is a ceiling price for everything and as long as people are prepared to pay it – it will remain, regardless of quality.But all good have a life expectancy – designer label or not – and for me, 2 years is not enough for a web cam for a PC. I took a PC back to PC World that I\’d had for over 18 months, it was out of warrantee but the hard drive had failed. I argued it was not fit for purpose if they seemed it was acceptable for a hard drive to pack in after 18 months and also added that they could easily see how much of a user I was. After a bit of haggling and threats to go to trading standards – I walked away with a new computer and a free mouse mat for my troubles. Ironically, PC world have just been voted worst for customer services and technical knowledge – for a PC store, that is pretty poor really.We only see the end result of consumerism but I know people who work in marketing and advertising and it is more of an precise science than we give it credit for but the maxim is, it will sell if people will pay for it and like fools, we do!You would have thought that given I was with 2 like minded people. Musical tastes, beliefs, attiudes and we had been down the road many times before, you would have thought our last veture would be a little more successful but same old story, squabbling, arguing and the like.No wonder I hung up my sticks.For me it was never about creative control, money or the women – i just wanted to enjoy playing music and being part of something. That\’s what makes it all the more disappointingHave a good weekend and don\’t blame this weather on me!! I go on holiday next week – expect rain then!Pete

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