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Atheist Or Agnostic?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on September 4, 2009

Just been on Harsh’s blog talking about the answer to religion, though I don’t think there’s any answer to religion except for maybe a good education Harsh left me thinking about being Agnostic or Atheist.

Ever since I was in my early teens I’ve thought I was Agnostic, here’s why: I can prove the world’s religions and Gods were invented and written by Humans. It’s so obvious, the contradictions for a start, what God contradicts itself? It’s flawless yet it contradicts itself, religious believers and followers cite the fact that imperfect humans wrote the religious books, therefore that’s why the texts are not perfect.

Well, a lot of deaths have resulted from these ‘imperfect’ words, why did God allow Humans to write it when it knew Humans are flawed and would leave too much space for interpretation, which thus lead to fractionating of the religion and many innocent deaths. God is all-powerful, why not magic up a biro and pair of hands to write the book itself or endow the writer or all Humans with the knowledge? It leaves no room for interpretation that way, no one suffers and everyone believes!
I’ll tell you why, because it was written by Humans! No God would leave room for interpretation, especially the flawless kind in the Middle Eastern Religions. Of course the religious believers try to get around this by saying God wanted Humanity to have freedom of choice instead of being endowed with the knowledge and word of God. That’s complete shite! It’s how they compensate for the way it was written, everyone has to submit to God by themselves. What kind of God creates a planet full of Humans and gives them free will to submit to it if it already had the power to make them submit anyway? Sounds like a God with low self-esteem and a touch of megalomania.

It wasn’t God it was a Human, a Human with a thirst for power and control. How else could you explain the above and the way the books were written? Why would a God not take in to account the way language would change over millennia? It must’ve knew some words and meanings would be lost in translation? Again, it’s Humans who didn’t take that in to account. Which explains why so much of the religious texts of the world were written in the language and style of the time and why it’s a reflection of the social climate of the time, i.e extremely male dominated society, slavery was okay and God said so, so was rape, murder and anything else, as long as they were unbelievers (Even though it says “Thou shalt not kill!”).

God knows all, and sees all that is to come? So pretty much everyones’ mind has been made up whether they believe in a God or not, that concept of freedom of choice is null and void then? So trying to save people is pointless, not only that but all Wars there ever was or ever will be have been pre-planned by God and so was the suffering. So the rape of Children, burning alive, 9’11 and every other bad thing you can imagine was pre-planned by God. What kind of creature would do that?… and what for? Entertainment? Of course it aint God it’s Humans again, nothing is set in stone and we make all our own choices.

I could go on with examples but you get the idea. However, just because the religions of the world and Gods in them were an invention by man as  tool of control doesn’t leave the concept of a God Null and void. I can disprove the Gods in the religions of the world but not that there may be something, somewhere that could constitute a God type entity that may have had a hand in creating the Universe. I can’t say either way, and neither can anyone else. Which is why I call myself Agnostic.

Is that pretty straight forward? Well have a read of these and tell me what you think.

(1) Because I can point out and prove the world’s religions and God/s were invented and written by men does it mean I’m an Atheist?

(2) And if it does can I not be Agnostic about the existence of a ‘God’ like thing, being or entity that may or may not exist outside the world’s religions?

(3) If this God does exist does that make the world’s religions are right?


17 Responses to “Atheist Or Agnostic?”

  1. Pete said

    Phil,I have written a comment for this blog twice and my computer keeps crashing before i can post it – I will do it from another computer later….fuckin pile of shit!!!Pete

  2. Pete said

    Fleetwood Mac – Blimey…Thanks for dropping by. I will be back later to comment on your blog – bit meaty for this time in the morning…..Had a great holiday thanks. Only went to south wales but we were ion a great little town and the weather was good and I do not believe it has rained since I came back – has it?None of the bands ever carried on without me so I don\’t believe it has anything to do with getting rid of me – I just think now I should have broadened my horizons and worked with different people. But you are right though, I do seem to have been around people who with one little smell, think they are rock stars. The one I refer too, the awful bass player who didn\’t think he needed to practice, is indicative of the everything I wasn\’t and I suppose in the end I just felt it was far too much trouble .I\’ll stick with \’rockband\’, can\’t wait to try the new Beatles one out!! But you never know, maybe one day i will get another chance but I am definitely not buying new drums…..Take care and catch up laterPete

  3. J W said

    I respect you for responding. I respect you as a person and an intellectual. You should know that my faith was never inflicted on me by others…circumstances of life lead me to believe in a Divine Creator. You make many valid points and are obviously a good man, so can we agree to disagree? Nothing wrong with division of issues, and certainly not a reason to discount a possibility of friendship. I would never force my beliefs on others; including you of course. Sending an invitation of friendship so you can access my space. Have to believe we have something in common; humanity without a doubt. Once again, I thank you and perfectly willing to accept your hand in friendship.J.W.L.

  4. ✿Livvy said

    Oh, feel free to ask me when you\’re ready to upgrade to a new DC. Glad to help you out!^^

  5. ✿Livvy said

    Hey Phil! How r u doing?! Lately I\’ve been too busy to stop by. I know it sounds like I\’m trying to make up the excuses…:) Anyway, hope everthing goes well! I guess the picture of Brooklyn Bridge is too dark and gloomy for my buddy, haha! That\’s part of the feel the architecture itself delivers, a sense of time and history maybe…and the dark clouds above it even accentuate that effect! You\’re absolutley right! Fall here in New England is very picturesque, and I won\’t let the lovely and colorful season passing by without taking a handful of pictures! :))

  6. HRH Daf said

    They already made dark matter. Dont worry about it. Its so crappy compared to matter it lasts about a wee bit. Which may sound slightly unscientific but then Im really pissed know thats right and just got offered a job as a DJ so woohoo!!! You worry too much buddy!Git big hugs Daf xxxx

  7. Philip said

    Hello J W.I went to your profile to leave a comment there but your communication preferences don\’t permit me to leave profile comments or send you a private message, so I\’ll leave it here in case you come back.I do think faith (religion) is "forced down one\’s throat", most people aquire a religion because they were brought up with it from being a child, so they had no say in whether they wanted that faith or not. That human being didn\’t decide what was right for it, someone else did. These people, family, parents and religious teachers force it upon them while thinking they\’re doing the right thing by God, when in reality they\’re doing nothing but forcing belief on to a child that looks to adults for learning and guidence and will then accept everything as truth, when in reality it is no truer than Thor and his laws. I wont even go in to the Catholic, Presbytarian religions, and also the Born again Christians that knock on my door now and again.I can\’t respect your beliefs JW, nor anyone else\’s I find to be complete rubbish, mentaly and socialy restricting or other that I disagree with. I respect your RIGHT to have a faith and believe what you do, but I don\’t have to respect your faith and what it stands for. If I had to respect everyone\’s faith or belief then I\’d have to respect a Nazi\’s belief that anyone that isn\’t White North European is sub-human. You see my point?Even though you\’ve admited the Bible\’s flawed you still believe in some of it? Those "morals" you talk of existed before Christianity, they\’re commonsense for the most part, which is why they were added, and which is why when people refer to the \’Good parts\’ of the Bible it\’s the commonsense parts.The other morals from the Old Testament, the original morals, don\’t stand up to much, they\’re enothing but stoneage rambling from stoneage men, so even the morals you believe in now were mostly added after the OT.Thanks for commenting, J W. :)- Phil

  8. J W said

    Faith can not be seen or forced down one\’s throat. You have every right to believe what you desire, but I do hope you respect those of us without doubts as to a Divine Creator. Yes, the Holy Bible may be flawed over hundreds of years of translations, but the basic morals it teaches never waiver. Yep, I\’m a true believer.J.W.L.

  9. Prenin said

    I\’m with you on that one dude – thing is that the Imams preaching hate right now are doing so because they want to turn the entire Middle East into a Caliphate and make the entire world subordinate to their will – and the apologists and boot lickers are helping them do it!!!I heard one twat say that the Islamists must love death as much as the Christians love life – but you don\’t see THEM driving cars full of explosives into Markets full of women and kids!!!I guess they must get car sick…God Bless!!! LoL!!!Prenin.

  10. HRH Daf said

    Oh and I dont always wear wigs for fancy dress but its intrinsic to the outfit this year. Ill get some pics on the day and then youll see what I mean. ;O)Hugs xx

  11. HRH Daf said

    Heeeeey Phil, Yeah I have heard of em, but in all honesty unlike black holes which are known to exist (and in fact we have a big one pretty close to us in universal terms) strangelets are still theoretical and the chances of the hydron collider creating one to my mind is pretty much zilch. I know that thing got an awful lot of coverage but it was all media hype and the reality of the situation is your in much more danger from the nuclear reactors we already have in this country than you are from a bit of scientific experimentation. Theres a different collider been running for years and its never caused any bother at all.Even in theory strangelets are thought to be incredibley stable, and quite honestly there are an awful lot of theoretical particles that I would take with a pinch of salt unless there was a whole lot more evidence to back it all up.Anyway sorry for rambling but I dont often get to talk about this stuff.Have a great weekend and talk soon!Hugs Daf xxx

  12. HRH Daf said

    Heeeey Phil,Who said religion was the opiate for the masses? Cos I do see their point. Although it would seem were getting more Godless and coming off the drugs. Dont think society\’s any better for it mind.Can I just say I believe in Santa and leave it at that?By the way, had to watch the chipmonk again… so cute!Hugs Daf xxx

  13. Prenin said

    Hi Dude!!! :o)Very in-depth blog and very much in line with my own research into the matter.People now condemn the Imams of Islam for preaching hatred and killing using the words of a guy who died hundreds of years ago totally out of context, but remember the Catholic Church held back Science for centuries because it ran contrary to the writings of a book that was edited by a MONK called Jerome who had to edit it according to the precepts of the Catholic Church to prevent himself ending up in the hands of the HOLY Order of the Inquisition as a Heretic!!!Please Note!The Holy Order of the Inquisition were LAY Brothers, so could do horrendous things in the name of the church and if a subject of their attentions died then they were punished by being put on bread and water in penitance.These days we have the Islamists promoting Islam as a religeon of peace when anyone who has read the Koran (or Qu\’ran if you want to be pedantic) will realise that it is FAR from peaceful and those who advocate holy war and a free trip to heaven for their holy warriors, including 72 of their relatives as well as promising him 72 virgins do so by quoting the words of its author OUT OF CONTEXT.These same tricks were used by the Hashishim who drugged their warrors with Hashish, gave them a riotous time in a harem, then when they recovered told them that they had, had a taste of heaven and would spend eternity there if they killed in the name of Allah and died as a result.We have a name for them.We called them Assassins – and they were very good at it.Today we have young men too poor to afford the bride price driving cars into tanks, buildings, checkpoints and blowing themselves up with suicide vests in crowds of other muslims because they have been promised Heaven and their due reward as Holy Warriors.If a trick works, then it is bound to be repeated and the Catholic Church has been equally guilty of inciting Holy Wars many times in its history too so what we see today with the muslims is history being repeated in all of its evil.Remember: They are BOTH praying to the same God – and both violate his word according to their own interpretation of their Holy Book…Ironic, yes?Prenin.

  14. Robin said

    I believe religion is a individual decision. It\’s true the scriptures were written my humans and I don\’t think any one has questioned this what is questionable by some is do you believe what is written. That comes down to each one\’s convictions in my opinion, how ever the subject is a very emotive and not many people like to open up Myself I don\’t mind admitting my faith and beliefs. Religion was introduced for a reason maybe to help us when the time comes to pass to the other side.

  15. penny said

    Hiya Phil. In my opinion, nobody can know such things but merely hold a belief. Have a great weekend, Pen.

  16. Lee said

    Na seriously pal, a most enjoying but "In ya face" blog, It leaves me not knowing what catogory i fall into, Cant wait to see what people say…..Speak soon, and thanks for the space change ! so long Phil.

  17. Lee said

    Well mate there is only ONE God !……..Chuck Norris !! lol

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