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The Left Gives More Votes and Attention To the Far-Right. Again!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 22, 2009

Yet again Anti-Fascist groups make complete hypocritical wankers of themselves and manage to deliver a very large audience in to the Hands Of the BNP!

The leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin will take his place on a BBC political discussion show ‘Question Time’ today! As you would expect from the Anti-fascist left, the protectors of free speech, they think the BNP should not have the right to say what they want.

So today they’re all outside the main BBC studio in London trying to smash the gates open. In fact they’ve been bleating on about Nick Griffin going on the show since it was announced a week or so ago. All of this gathered media attention and thus attention from the public!

With the situation in the UK financially, socially and politically the Anti-fascism groups have most likely handed the BNP a now even more watched spot on stage and spotlight to rake in some votes. As soon as Nick Griffin starts bleating half-truths and exploiting the mess the three main parties have made i.e Foreign wars, Financial crisis, political corruption and social problems etc, the BNP are bound to win some votes to go in to future elections with the 1 million that voted for them in the EU local elections.

So not only have the protectors of democracy and freedom made hypocrites of themselves by wanting to deny a person the right to free speech but they’ve delivered a spectacular home goal by garnishing attention for one of the biggest bigots in sheep’s clothing in British history a chance to win votes!

Well done! Just like the three main parties you’ve made the problem worse, again! If the Anti-fascist left and right had left their mouths shut the BNP wouldn’t have gotten as much attention.

To relieve myself of the annoyance I found a video, it’s full of the same people who are currently down by the BBC center protesting and calling for the BNP to be killed, getting their arses beat! I wonder if they’re aware of the irony that the song now applies to them?


6 Responses to “The Left Gives More Votes and Attention To the Far-Right. Again!”

  1. The Divine Mrs M said

    *i just read my own comment back. I\’m not scared to Print anything. It\’s just my thoughts are really jumbled up in my head. I know what i \’think\’ But i\’m not sure if i could articulate them properly…not at the moment anyhoo x

  2. The Divine Mrs M said

    PHIL! c\’mere!!! <<<<hugggs!>>>>quite a lot i wanted to say on this blog..but maybe not on print. youve had some quality comments .,,that\’s for sure. Sorry i\’m not throwing my twopence worth in this time lol!I hope youre well mate… <mwAh!> mags x

  3. Prenin said

    Couldn\’t agree with you more Phil, but we\’re seeing a politician – he\’s even more slippery than the current crop of liars and fraudsters – who has now got the platform he wanted and that isn\’t good.Next election we\’ll see if he really DID gain 3,000 new supporters – and if we\’re facing a new crop of brown shirts…Never in my lifetime have we seen such a mess – and it isn\’t going to get better the longer the far left keep paying them such aggressive attention, giving Griffin the position of bullied Underdog…As for the people that take advantage?I used to call some of them friends and did so much for them, but the moment they had an opportunity to make money out of me I got shafted!!!Ten years on I\’m still doing the white knight bit and my reputation is solid – I\’m even CRB checked – but my God daughter\’s family are still trying to shake the money tree.I\’ve decided to walk away after Christmas – no sense in wasting the work I put into the DVD\’s I made for them – so I know they\’ll miss me!!!35 years is a big investment in the lives of others, it\’s just a pity they don\’t share my ethical code…God Bless!Prenin.

  4. HRH Daf said

    Hey heeeeey Phil,Very interesting point you raise here. First I would say that for all Im in favour of freedom of speach, I agree with Pete that it must be within the realms of what is legal. However, in this case I think it was a very wise idea to put Nick Griffin under the spotlight in this way. As you may remember me saying a while back, my ditzy mother voted BNP simply because she has no political sense at all and she believed the pretty leaflet without truly understanding the vile policies of this party. I think its really important that when it comes to politics people make an informed decision and the only way to do that is to lay the various parties and their policies open to debate and scrutiny. I am a great believer in education and keeping things in the dark only leads to confusion and misconception. Whilst the airing of this programme will probably win the BNP a few more votes, I think it will lose them alot more. Oh and as for me being drunk???? Never ;O)Hugs Daf xx

  5. Prenin said

    Sorry to say I didn\’t watch the show – too busy living in the real world rather than listen to that crap!!!The Left has created the Bogyman of the BNP and by violating the very rights they claim the BNP is against they have given them more air time and newspaper coverage then they could have ever dreamed of!!!Yes, the BNP are an illegal party that panders to the worst in people in an effort to get votes, BUT the behaviour of the far left have proven themselves equally unsuitable and no doubt the Tory\’s will get in at the next election as a result and it\’ll be eight years of famine as they dismantle the welfare state to pay for their tax cut bribes now that there\’s nothing left of all the businesses that this country owned, only the poor, the ill, the elderly and the vulnerable who they have already promised to strip of support.God help us, but it\’s no wonder the BNP are getting votes…Prenin.

  6. Robin said

    hi PhilFirst of all no political party has a right to a platform that are illegal, they have been found guilty of not complying to electoral law. Griffin has to convince his members to accept the very people into the party that they despise. I would agree the media attention that BNP have had this last week has brought this vile party to the attention of the electorate, however I would still deny their right to have equal time on British television.Any one with any political nonce can read wh and what the BNP are. The fact they got almost 1 million votes at the European election was due to the poor standings of the Labour party and when the General election takes place they will be back amongst the also runs and will lose lost deposits in seats galore.Many fought against the fascist in ww2 and it is our duty that the millions who gave their lives should be remembered for the sacrifice. That such movements have no place in British politics and we should NEVER allow them to voice their evil tirade upon us.

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