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Archive for November, 2009

Future And Change

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 3, 2009

I’m not optimistic about change or the future, for the simple reason that people will not do anything to bring that change about because they’re too bone idle and lazy. If you took away their distractions and comfort then they’d stand at your side and demand their freedom back along with their mobile phone so they can text in their vote for the Big Brother eviction!

Most people don’t even think beyond their work, weekenders, hit and TV schedule, such is society these days, let alone four or forty years ahead. We have forty years left of Oil field, once that reaches near the bottom then the shit will hit the fan, because Oil is the lubricant for the western economy and society. Fighting will break out over what remains of it and other resources. Of course there’s alternative fuels but I can’t see the many international corps giving up their monopolies for easily grown and processed Hemp. 

While that time counts down there’s no telling how many concessions the West will make to Islamic theocratic states in the mean time for its Oil. For example, the US lets Saudi-Arabia export Wahhabism around the world and funds Anti-American/Western propaganda TV/Radio/Net networks in return for its Oil. Human rights abuses and the possible installation of Islamic human rights instead of Universal Human rights in the Middle East. There’s also the corruption of the Arms industry and our Government along with it. Let’s not even mention the rising corrupt powers of China and Russia the West will be giving concessions to.

Of course people don’t and wont see this coming because sadly 90% of the world’s population is completely fucking stupid and will follow what the powers that be say. They’re too busy sat on their arse watching some reality TV crap or soap while listening to some talentless tosser sing/rap about how much bling he’s got/who they’re in love with/how many bitches they fucked/how rebellious they are, while texting gibberish on a mobile phone to an equally brain-dead mate!

Society in the West has got to such a state that we have no culture, anything native is frowned upon that people begin to look for substance else where, which is Pop-Culture! Which is complete crap. So when time comes to defend it they WONT defend it because it will become the definition of Paris Hilton… HOLLOW, FAKE CRAP! By then freedom would’ve gone so there’s no need to defend it! And the sheep will roll over for their remaining and new masters on the way to slaughter!

I have no idea why I still bother to try and explain to people the need to understand politics and the way the world works, why I keep writing about religion and social wrongs! Everyone says I shouldn’t take the world on my shoulders and it’s not my fight! Who’s fucking fight is it then? Hardly anyone does anything! Those that do actually do something like Bob ‘Give me a fiver!’ Spunkoff don’t do enough and don’t address the core problems! Charity doesn’t work, it never heals the wound and NEVER WILL!

I really wish we could look to the future and hope for better things, but 90% of Humanity wont and don’t want to change! So when they go down, they’ll drag us all with them.

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