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Archive for January, 2010

Because of You!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 31, 2010

There’s no ‘Wankers of The Week’, this week. The reason for this is I can’t bring myself to watch the news or read the papers much anymore. It’s not so much the media in the UK, for the most part the TV media in the UK is fairly unbiased with its reporting, though they do have bias in some areas. But what TV news network doesn’t? It could be a hell of a lot worse, it could be like the Chinese controlled state TV or even paranoid, ideologically and corp influenced U.S. TV.The news papers in the UK are complete shite! The tabloids are as bad as you hear! The only thing they’re good for is tramps bedding and toilet roll, in fact British tabloid paper ‘The Sun’ has been voted Number 1 paper for bog roll and bedding the last 20 years in a row by popular tramps magazine ‘The Big Issue’. I was talking to my friend Pete about the news paper ‘The Daily Mirror’ after my media comment in my last blog, he found the same problem with it I did, it’s slipped along way down from what it used to be. I’m not saying it was 100% biased, far from it, but now it’s almost a perfect copy of The Sun! It’s only missing the tits on page three! Oh wait… they do have tits on page three, usually some soap, pop or pointless celeb stars! Katie and Mr. Andre anyone? (US readers think Pam Anderson and Justin Timbergimp, Married!, one’s famous for having tits the other’s famous for being a talentless tit!).

Anyway, I’m going off topic a little, the reason is I just can’t bring myself to read or watch is because the content winds me up so much. If it isn’t complete, biased, made-up rubbish then it’s usually reported the wrong way or done just right but not aired as such again. Either way it always pisses me off, because I’m sat there not being able to do anything because the rest of my countrymen are bone-idle and fucking lazy to do anything about it! Mostly because when the news is reported they either fixate on what ever celeb scandal is unfolding at the time or they’re waiting for the sport round-up. It just really gets on my nerves I’m one of a handful of people who would put their life on the line for change. I could do this and lose everything in the process and my fellow countrymen would just shrug and say: “Stupid cunt, should know you can’t change anything. I didn’t ask Him to do it anyway“.

Well… the reason things wont change is because of you! That attitude of: “We can’t change anything anyway, it’s pointless.” is why we’re in the hole we are! You’re exact reason for not doing anything is what’s causing the problem! While you sit there and tut at the news or ignore it completely because you’re reading heat magazine while scratching your arse, is the reason for the problem. You don’t take notice long enough or you do and you think you’re in the know because you get your info from The Gordian or some other news source? You’re dead wrong! Even when you do notice a problem, how long will you think about it for? What will you consider doing? The answer is 10 minutes and fuck all because you’re shit scared of putting your neck on the line to make a positive change and get rid of the problems that continually blight us. Yet you’d be happy for someone else to go out and do it for you. Or vote for someone to do it for you! Get off your arses you lazy bastards and do it yourself! Casting a vote doesn’t mean your involvement in Politics is over, you have to watch and scrutinise all sides of every party, story and decision instead of letting someone else do it for you.

Read and educate yourself, not with one source, but with several! The Library, the interest, the media, blogs, history and many more! The sources are many, your will to find and take in what they offer is a big fat zero! Why? Because you’re too busy being distracted by trivial rubbish, shoes, mobile phones, celeb shite, drugs, booze and many other things, the same things you’re afraid to lose if you do try to make a change. Well it’s either you can sit and consume like a sheep untill all your rights but to consume have been taken away. Or you can stand up pay attention and make a change by just being aware of what’s going on around you! It isn’t hard to do, you just have to read, and again… I have to state don’t just read one source, don’t just look at one side of the story or choose one ideology (Political side) because you was brought up with that, your family and friends support the same Political Party or because you’re thinking purely of your own self-interests. Look at things from every angle and read as much as you can comfortably take in.

Understanding Politics and the world around you IS NOT BEYOND YOU! That’s what all the Politicians and the powers that be want you to think! That way you’re easier to control and manipulate. If you’re not ignorant of the world around you, they’re powerless! I mean all Politicians all along the political spectrum, Socialist, Communist, Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative etc… They want you to think what they want you to think! You need to question everything and everyone! That includes all your news sources, don’t take anything they say as 100% truth or not biased, because they all are to some degree!

Yes, reading and watching the media pisses me off too, but you know what?… I still do it, I still watch and read when I aint winding myself up with it. Even though I’m not watching I’m still aware, I’m still trying to inspire people to educate and think for themselves. I want the rest of Humanity to pull their head’s out of their arses and change things with me. This change doesn’t have to be physical, just mental. The alternative of not changing our ways and attitudes is not an option. Just a back and forth of political parties doing nothing but preserving the status quo. If you don’t change, well… you’re going to wake-up one day with your freedoms taken away right under your nose because you was too busy watching TV, reading shite celeb mags and just generally being ignorant, and you’ll be in a Fascist state! Don’t think for a minute that it can’t happen, because it can! It can happen all to easy.


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Wankers of The Week:

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 24, 2010

First and foremost, the tossers at Cadbury for allowing an iconic British brand worth billions, to be sold it to a company known for making crap processed cheese! Instead of thinking about UK jobs and UK GDP they only thought of their own bank accounts. Not only that we’re going to have to put up with shit U.S. chocolate now! Well done, you’re a credit to Wankers everwhere!The Government of the UK! Purely for allowing companies like Kraft to buy up firms like Cadbury and shooting ourself in the foot economically. It’s not as if they were powerless to stop the takeover, they lent them the money via Royal Bank of Scotland (Majority owned by the tax payer)! You really are a useless lot of bastards! Then again what else should I expect when the electorate are a useless lot of bastards too?

The UK electorate. A useless lot of bastards. 

David Cameron. The chinless wonder of the Tory party in the UK! I’m sick of seeing his mug on the TV trying to act all ‘common man/average Joe’ when he’s anything but! He’s a fucking dirty, stinking liar, born, raised and educated Oxford boy. He aint Mr. Average nor is he a common man! He’s a wanker, plain and simple! Just stop acting like you are average, you’re not. You aint got any serious policies, you just need to fuck off and stop hanging around Parliament like a fly on shit! The only chance you have of winning the election is outa of apathy, and you damn well know it! You opportunist twat! You and your party are so shite that Gordon Brown’s Labour are catching up to you in the popularity polls after numerous serious set-backs for them! scandal, expenses, leadership challenges and to top it all old Gordy’s a boring twat! And you still can’t pull out a victory! Sad donkey!

Hazel Blears. My local Member of Parliament. Stop hanging around like a lingering fart and fuck off! You’re bent and no one likes you anymore, well… anyone with no serious mental disorders.

Osama Bin Laden. Aint you dead yet? Hurry up and die, I’m waiting for this Political Islam bollocks to run its course like Communism did! It can’t start untill you snuff it, so hurry up!

Womens’ chat shows. Why????? Are all women this boring when they get together without the aid of alcohol?

People who make Adobe Flash tutorials. There’s always something you miss out, you over look it completely then expect me to follow it? And you got the balls to call it “easy step by step”? Kiss me whip!

Haiti. Is everyone else sick of it this now? How many other people are in-need of help?, some in our own nations. Yet the media only focuses on these people because it’s new! “Huge Earthquake, 100’000 dead? I smell an emmy!”.

British Papers. You really a load of talentless Knobheads! There is other more important news in the world other than celebs and pointless models who’s only contribution to man kind will be the amount of stupid people not born because the thick men were too busy beating one out over them! Page 3 of The Sunday Mirror featured a footballers wife and the different shoes she’s been wearing!

That’s enough now, I could go on but I’ll be here all night! Sorry, no pictures this week, I couldn’t be arsed! 😛

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Kraft Buys Cadbury

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 22, 2010

Another British brand and another foreign company! The British are just not able to see the worth and potential in their own home-grown brands for the money being waved at them by foreign companies!

“Tradition, Jobs, the product? Sod it, do as you want, just give me MY money!”

For the last 50 years Britain has been selling off its most well-known national brands, and what for? Money. With no consideration for UK Jobs, UK customers or the product. Kraft didn’t give many assurances the jobs would be saved, but rolled out the same old “We respect the brand and history” etc! Kraft bought the Yorkshire based Terry’s chocolate company back in the early ’90s promising to keep the York based factory running and the jobs there. It ceased production in 2005 and sent the jobs to Poland, Sweden and Slovakia.

A promise in the business world means nothing! At least when a company is tied to its nation of origin it has more loyalty to its workers! Unless you’re British of course, in which case they’d sell you and the company if someone offered an extra billion to the price tag!

Why don’t we just sell the nation and everyone in it? I’m sure we’d get a good price for it! Oh wait! We can’t… we’re already owned financially by America and some Middle Eastern States! Oh well, lets invade Ireland again and then sell that and its assets off to a Saudi Prince!

This just pisses me off because it’s yet another example of British greed which will lead to British job losses. Nearly every other nation in the Westernised world protects it’s home-grown businesses to a degree, in the UK the Government supports it! In fact it is supporting the takeover of Cadbury because Kraft’s getting the 7 billion loan from Royal Bank of Scotland, which is a Nationalised bank! Yeh Gordon Brown and Defender of the Rear, Lord Mandelson, gave a weak, pointless warning to Kraft. If that was a physical attack Kraft would’ve been gummed badly by Brown and Mandy! The fact is the UK Government doesn’t care, as long as the price is right then all is fair, fuck UK Jobs, fuck the UK population. After all, fucking the people over in the British Isles is a hard habit to break when you’ve been doing it for the last 1000 years or so!

I didn’t make this table, nor do I claim any rights to it. The above table I found on-line, it’s a list of the top 50 British  brands, yes, most are still British, but for how long? This table is from last year (2009).

Cadbury’s share in emerging markets is 20% higher than that of craft and is expected to grow more. This is the reason for Kraft buying it up. Obviously the owners of Cadbury can’t wait for the company to grow, they want money and they want it now! As long as they get that money British jobs and the product can go to hell. Nice to see the ‘Loads-a-money!’ Generation still at it.


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Wankers Of The Week: Muslim Wanker And More!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 8, 2010

Yeh, I been gone again, sorry, been ill, tired and all that Jazz! Happy Belated Christmas and New Year to all! This is regular thing I used to do on here, I was recently reminded about it by a MySpace friend some time last week. So here it goes!

Anjem Choudry


I don’t like to give publicity to dickheads like this so I’ll only say His name once and refer to him as a Pointless Muslim Wanker from now on. The pointless Muslim Wanker is a British Born Muslim, he grew up in a country where he wanted for nothing. He even made like the natives and drank, smoke and fucked his way through Uni. The above picture is not a Photoshop, besides the words. This man is like many Muslims in the West, he enjoys what the West has to offer untill a combination of his restrictive backward religion, family, tradition and religious leaders kick in and makes him guilt ridden at what he’s done. Then He turns on the West for corrupting him, then wants to apply his stone age man-made rubbish to everyone else!


I just noticed too, I spelled Infidel wrong! Don’t start picking at it as a valid argument because everyone knows nit-picking about spelling in a debate is the last resort of someone with NO argument!

This Muslim Tommy Tanker is planning to carry empty coffins through the English village of Wootton Basset, the same Village dead British servicemen drive through on their way to their burials else where in the country. Obviously this is to create mass hatred of all Muslims to kick off some kind of social war in the UK. But he say’s it’s a legit protest against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan perpetrated by the oppressive West (can someone show me a Muslim part of the world that ISN’T oppressive?) and the Muslims who’ve died there. I take it that the non-Muslim Iraqis and such don’t matter?

Everyone is tits up and arse backwards over this idea! It shouldn’t happen and is going to be stopped and all that shit. Fact is this idiot hasn’t even applied for permission to hold the march! Again the reaction to this by the British population and the media is understandable, but, should not be blown out of all proportion and splashed all over the news like the BNP (Nazis) where when they were on Question Time last year. It will only work in this vile little bastard’s advantage and garnish attention for any causes he’s connected to. These people never learn!

I think he should be allowed to protest like everyone else, even if his motives are twisted. After all if you deny him his right to protest are we not just like the Human scum he is and who currently run the middle east? With a bit of luck a riot will ensue and this sad wanker and his mates will get their arses kicked. Bring on the social war, sooner rather than later I say!

Hoon And Hewitt’s Failed Coup 


What a pair of idiots! When I heard about this I was shocked, then I laughed! I laughed because what they did was completely pointless and stupid, why try to oust the Prime Minster when you’re rising in the opinion polls and people were forgetting what a boring bastard Gordon Brown actually is?

I think they weren’t acting alone, unless they were acting out of spite because both Hoon and Hewitt were over looked for EU jobs? They don’t have the balls to act alone, they’re both failed Minsters. Then today David Miliband, The Secretary of State, was implicated in the plot, which would make sense! He’s tried three times to be PM and this could be his last chance. When asked about the coup he didn’t really state any support for anyone! LOL! What a turnip!


Whether he did it or not doesn’t matter now because he dithered on placing his support which means he’s out of favour with Brown. Not only that, Brown will kick him out of the Cabinet if he wins the next election. Epic Wankers, all of them, for putting their personal positions and petty revenge ahead of running the country like they were elected to do! Just further proof these people don’t give a shit about the people because they have just damaged their Party’s chance of wining the next election. And if the Tories win, well… watch the shit hit the fan because they aint got a clue or solid policy on anything!

More Celebrity TV Bollocks.

I aint posting pictures nor am I naming this programme! I don’t want give it any publicity. If you live in the UK you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you don’t then the name of the Programme is the same as the non-existent character in 1984 that’s watching everywhere Just another group of sad tossers craving attention, low on money or publicising something! They’re such an embarrassment to the Human race and themselves! I’m glad this shows died in the UK now because less than 2 million watch it on average these days! I say crash a plane full of celebs on the place and kill them all at once!

Shite Music.

I’ve no idea who this stupid women is, she sounds like she’s about 16. The first line of her song involves waking up like P-Diddy, I assume she means Black and an ostentatious wanker, and then brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels? I heard this song on the TV a few times because my sisters are at the age for Pop music! The song is just complete and utter rubbish! She sings about hedonistic shite, she sounds like such a wannabe rock star like the rest of the teen stars being sold to children as good music and fun! That way of life aint that great, take a look at a lot of the former Rock stars alive and dead! They aint looking so good. There’s more to music and life than getting pissed and waking up the next day not knowing what you did and who you fucked or who fucked you!

I’ll have to a full blog on Music soon!

U.S. Pop Star and Shite British Comedian get engaged. I don’t care! Why is that even news? Who buys these papers based on the fact they’re in it? If you do you’re a fucking idiot and deserve to lose your oxygen privileges!

I can’t think of anymore because I usually avoid shite when it comes on the TV or I turn the page in the news paper. I may have to start reading more shit!

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