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Wankers Of The Week: Muslim Wanker And More!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 8, 2010

Yeh, I been gone again, sorry, been ill, tired and all that Jazz! Happy Belated Christmas and New Year to all! This is regular thing I used to do on here, I was recently reminded about it by a MySpace friend some time last week. So here it goes!

Anjem Choudry


I don’t like to give publicity to dickheads like this so I’ll only say His name once and refer to him as a Pointless Muslim Wanker from now on. The pointless Muslim Wanker is a British Born Muslim, he grew up in a country where he wanted for nothing. He even made like the natives and drank, smoke and fucked his way through Uni. The above picture is not a Photoshop, besides the words. This man is like many Muslims in the West, he enjoys what the West has to offer untill a combination of his restrictive backward religion, family, tradition and religious leaders kick in and makes him guilt ridden at what he’s done. Then He turns on the West for corrupting him, then wants to apply his stone age man-made rubbish to everyone else!


I just noticed too, I spelled Infidel wrong! Don’t start picking at it as a valid argument because everyone knows nit-picking about spelling in a debate is the last resort of someone with NO argument!

This Muslim Tommy Tanker is planning to carry empty coffins through the English village of Wootton Basset, the same Village dead British servicemen drive through on their way to their burials else where in the country. Obviously this is to create mass hatred of all Muslims to kick off some kind of social war in the UK. But he say’s it’s a legit protest against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan perpetrated by the oppressive West (can someone show me a Muslim part of the world that ISN’T oppressive?) and the Muslims who’ve died there. I take it that the non-Muslim Iraqis and such don’t matter?

Everyone is tits up and arse backwards over this idea! It shouldn’t happen and is going to be stopped and all that shit. Fact is this idiot hasn’t even applied for permission to hold the march! Again the reaction to this by the British population and the media is understandable, but, should not be blown out of all proportion and splashed all over the news like the BNP (Nazis) where when they were on Question Time last year. It will only work in this vile little bastard’s advantage and garnish attention for any causes he’s connected to. These people never learn!

I think he should be allowed to protest like everyone else, even if his motives are twisted. After all if you deny him his right to protest are we not just like the Human scum he is and who currently run the middle east? With a bit of luck a riot will ensue and this sad wanker and his mates will get their arses kicked. Bring on the social war, sooner rather than later I say!

Hoon And Hewitt’s Failed Coup 


What a pair of idiots! When I heard about this I was shocked, then I laughed! I laughed because what they did was completely pointless and stupid, why try to oust the Prime Minster when you’re rising in the opinion polls and people were forgetting what a boring bastard Gordon Brown actually is?

I think they weren’t acting alone, unless they were acting out of spite because both Hoon and Hewitt were over looked for EU jobs? They don’t have the balls to act alone, they’re both failed Minsters. Then today David Miliband, The Secretary of State, was implicated in the plot, which would make sense! He’s tried three times to be PM and this could be his last chance. When asked about the coup he didn’t really state any support for anyone! LOL! What a turnip!


Whether he did it or not doesn’t matter now because he dithered on placing his support which means he’s out of favour with Brown. Not only that, Brown will kick him out of the Cabinet if he wins the next election. Epic Wankers, all of them, for putting their personal positions and petty revenge ahead of running the country like they were elected to do! Just further proof these people don’t give a shit about the people because they have just damaged their Party’s chance of wining the next election. And if the Tories win, well… watch the shit hit the fan because they aint got a clue or solid policy on anything!

More Celebrity TV Bollocks.

I aint posting pictures nor am I naming this programme! I don’t want give it any publicity. If you live in the UK you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you don’t then the name of the Programme is the same as the non-existent character in 1984 that’s watching everywhere Just another group of sad tossers craving attention, low on money or publicising something! They’re such an embarrassment to the Human race and themselves! I’m glad this shows died in the UK now because less than 2 million watch it on average these days! I say crash a plane full of celebs on the place and kill them all at once!

Shite Music.

I’ve no idea who this stupid women is, she sounds like she’s about 16. The first line of her song involves waking up like P-Diddy, I assume she means Black and an ostentatious wanker, and then brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels? I heard this song on the TV a few times because my sisters are at the age for Pop music! The song is just complete and utter rubbish! She sings about hedonistic shite, she sounds like such a wannabe rock star like the rest of the teen stars being sold to children as good music and fun! That way of life aint that great, take a look at a lot of the former Rock stars alive and dead! They aint looking so good. There’s more to music and life than getting pissed and waking up the next day not knowing what you did and who you fucked or who fucked you!

I’ll have to a full blog on Music soon!

U.S. Pop Star and Shite British Comedian get engaged. I don’t care! Why is that even news? Who buys these papers based on the fact they’re in it? If you do you’re a fucking idiot and deserve to lose your oxygen privileges!

I can’t think of anymore because I usually avoid shite when it comes on the TV or I turn the page in the news paper. I may have to start reading more shit!


9 Responses to “Wankers Of The Week: Muslim Wanker And More!”

  1. Pete said

    Hello mateThanls for the kind words. Buff eh? I wouldn\’t quite put it like that but thanks. I have lost just over 6 stone and still working to plan to perhaps lose another stone. It was never a diet, more of lifestyle change, balanced meals, more fruit and veg, regular exercise but all things that I will keep doing rather than just for the duration of weight loss. It is hard at times but the reulsts speak for themselves and I feel loads better.I am intruiged as to who you may think I look like…..Your right, I did once say I wouldn\’t be posting photos but over the last few months I have lightened up a bit, I was getting miserable with all the ills in the world tht bother me when the only thing that matters is in the photo…..there are problems, there are isues in the world and whilst I care and think about them – only one thing really matters. Then I also thought that the truth is very few people actually read my blog so why worry about posting a few photo\’s……..who\’d have thought it, me doing a bit of social networking on a social network site……I\’ll be on facebook next!!BY the way I did say i am the one without the glasses…….I think everything that you or I can say about the muslim situation in this country is this……..Refering back to the group of muslims in court recently for their behaviour at the place where the fallen troops processions take place – forgotten the name.1. They were excused for not standing in court because they claim they only stand for god – not true, they should stand for figures of authority, it is part of their culture and always practiced2 They got off with it3 They are all on benefitsFrankly each and everyone of them should be deported….they don\’t like our rules, protocol or how we treat our dead…..they should fuck off home!Says it all really and and i don\’t care what anyone says – they are trying to take this country over and if the government doesn\’t stand up to them soon, there will be civil war…….Anyhoo, sorry to hear xmas wasn\’t so great but enjoy them while they last eh?Take care – I might have taken the foot off but keep on keeping on mate, you will always have support from meRegardsPete

  2. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Thanks for the correction – trouble is there\’s a LOT of stuff out there that\’s pure lal-la land so it\’s the worrying stuff that tends to stick! :oSAnd as a programmer I\’m lousy at maths!!! :o>With the invasion of our local businesses by Asian folks from Rochdale and the way they are pushing out local taxi drivers by bumping up costs and reducing income by taking on far more drivers than they can keep busy, not to mention the various crooked games they play on white clients it\’s getting seriously weird here!At least Khan is doing his best for his customers and actually boots out trouble drivers regardless of race, colour or creed, so I feel safer than I did, but these guys don\’t speak good English, my last driver was stoned and you have to wonder how it is they are driving when their face doesn\’t always match with the one on the licence…As for the shopkeepers?Things are getting better here after a bunch of new Asian businessmen were hauled over the coals for selling alcohol and drugs in unmarked bags to the local kids and since half shut up shop and the other half straightened out things round here with trouble teens simply isn\’t happening any more.We also managed to get a Youth Club for the local teens which was set to run twice a week when we quit the T&RA, the Multi Use Games Area has been completed (albeit somewhat smaller than advertised) after several years of struggling with a reluctant Council, so the kids now have things to do and some pretty good role models – two of our Youth Inclusion Project staff were fired for drug trafficking, so they weren\’t all perfect, but things are settling down now… :o)Hope you\’re feeling better dude – you are missed!God Bless!Prenin.

  3. Planet Nicola said

    Hi, (Sorry, you don\’t me…we haven\’t met before) I followed the duck underneath, hehe) : )Well, I can\’t give an educated comment on Mr Choudry The J Arthur Rank -er… (it\’s before teatime) although I am laughing my socks off at "Black and ostentatious wanker" Now you\’ve brought it to myattention that this song is pure shite, I\’ll never tap my toes to it again this week! Myself? I never wake up feeling like P-diddy… but maybe if that entails waking up undeservedly mega stinkin\’ rich while having people serve me my chucky eggs on a silver plate and being somewhere where it several degrees warmer than the south pole – and after writing shite songs about hoes and ghettos…then maybe it wouldn\’t hurt to fantasize : ) Cool blog btw! (…even though it was missing.. wanking-celebrity-chef: -Gordon Ramsey!)

  4. HRH Daf said

    Hey Phil!Yeah Im champion ta, but sorry to hear your having a flare up. Hope it settles down soon for you.Your right about airplay being controlled. Gets me quite narky that you can hear someone really good and they peg away at it and never really get anywhere cos theyre not what the powers that be wanna spoon feed us. However I still think it can only happen cos the general populace are willing to go along with it. You sure the drunken hits of Daffers aint a good idea? Just shoooot me down in flames why dont ya ;O)Anyway hope youre feeling a bit better!Hugs Daf xxx

  5. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)I saw a You Tube video on demographics that says that Muslims will be running the country by 2026 because they\’ll just out-breed us!!!Europe is apparently going to go the same way….God Bless!Prenin.

  6. elizabeth said

    welcome back. always good to read u tellin it how it is.stay warm and well. hugs, xxx

  7. HRH Daf said

    Hey Phil! Nice to see you back for a bit. Hope your feeling well again.When you said wanker of the week apparently you meant wankers, unless you want a vote on who is the biggest of the lot, although that would be a toughy. I would have to go for either of the top two, cos to be fair medeocre music and bad telly is the fault of the general public for watching/listening in the first place. Supply and demand. I myself would be quite happy to bring out a bippy boppy poppy record if there were enough drones out there to hum along and made me rich. I would be interested to read a full on blog about music though, cos I reckon we\’d end up in heated debate which is always fun ;O)Oh and thank you for posting something that didnt mention the weather once! Huzzah!Hugs Daf xx

  8. Prenin said

    Nice to see you\’re back with us!!!! :o)My mate Darrell (now deceased) amused me one fine evening by telling me he was once driven by a muslim who was reading the Koran while driving through heavy traffic – the good news is that the taxi firm (Asian owned) fired him for it.My last taxi journey was with a young Asian driver.The car stank of cannabis and air freshener while the driver was playing gangsta rap and driving like he owned the road!!!I wonder how he got his licence???God Bless!Prenin.

  9. Pete said

    I have started reading about this Choudry character before but to be honest after a few lines I begin to feel physically sick at his hypocrisy and then at this country for being too week to throw the bastard out if he doesn\’t like us so much any more. Same goes for those muslims who refused to stand for the judge….she let it go, it\’s fucking contempt of court for anyone else. If they don\’t want to follow rules and protocol then they should be sent home as well.To be honest mate, one of the reasons I don\’t do blogs about these kind of people, yob culture, reality tv etc. etc is simply because I am weary of it, it tires me out thinking about it all and I am completely fed up of it getting me down – life is too short and there are far more important things for me to worry about than the state of this country getting worse and worse and worse!!!But I will always read yours mate.Hope all is well – the season was OK for you and life in general is all rightTake carePete

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