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Kraft Buys Cadbury

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 22, 2010

Another British brand and another foreign company! The British are just not able to see the worth and potential in their own home-grown brands for the money being waved at them by foreign companies!

“Tradition, Jobs, the product? Sod it, do as you want, just give me MY money!”

For the last 50 years Britain has been selling off its most well-known national brands, and what for? Money. With no consideration for UK Jobs, UK customers or the product. Kraft didn’t give many assurances the jobs would be saved, but rolled out the same old “We respect the brand and history” etc! Kraft bought the Yorkshire based Terry’s chocolate company back in the early ’90s promising to keep the York based factory running and the jobs there. It ceased production in 2005 and sent the jobs to Poland, Sweden and Slovakia.

A promise in the business world means nothing! At least when a company is tied to its nation of origin it has more loyalty to its workers! Unless you’re British of course, in which case they’d sell you and the company if someone offered an extra billion to the price tag!

Why don’t we just sell the nation and everyone in it? I’m sure we’d get a good price for it! Oh wait! We can’t… we’re already owned financially by America and some Middle Eastern States! Oh well, lets invade Ireland again and then sell that and its assets off to a Saudi Prince!

This just pisses me off because it’s yet another example of British greed which will lead to British job losses. Nearly every other nation in the Westernised world protects it’s home-grown businesses to a degree, in the UK the Government supports it! In fact it is supporting the takeover of Cadbury because Kraft’s getting the 7 billion loan from Royal Bank of Scotland, which is a Nationalised bank! Yeh Gordon Brown and Defender of the Rear, Lord Mandelson, gave a weak, pointless warning to Kraft. If that was a physical attack Kraft would’ve been gummed badly by Brown and Mandy! The fact is the UK Government doesn’t care, as long as the price is right then all is fair, fuck UK Jobs, fuck the UK population. After all, fucking the people over in the British Isles is a hard habit to break when you’ve been doing it for the last 1000 years or so!

I didn’t make this table, nor do I claim any rights to it. The above table I found on-line, it’s a list of the top 50 British  brands, yes, most are still British, but for how long? This table is from last year (2009).

Cadbury’s share in emerging markets is 20% higher than that of craft and is expected to grow more. This is the reason for Kraft buying it up. Obviously the owners of Cadbury can’t wait for the company to grow, they want money and they want it now! As long as they get that money British jobs and the product can go to hell. Nice to see the ‘Loads-a-money!’ Generation still at it.



3 Responses to “Kraft Buys Cadbury”

  1. Prenin said

    It just shows where the system breaks down: Kraft buy the brand and make useless promises to quiet the Unions, then move to a country where the staff get paid less and have no protection.Result: Unemployment and GDP go down, making it that much harder to keep the British employed, not just in the firms we lose, but in the companies that supported them and now lack customers for their business.Lord Help Us…Prenin.

  2. Pete said

    This has been going on for sometime and no matter how much people protest, it will happen. British brands are valuable commodities in the business community and the foreigners buy the brand. generations to build the namke and a few billion to make someone else make money out of it.Sad, destroys communities, puts thousands out of work and diverts money away from this country – sadly a fact of lifeCatch up soon mateTake carePete

  3. penny said

    I was very disappointed when I heard about the Cadbury\’s take over. This country is losing its identity more and mor each day!

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