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Wankers of The Week:

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 24, 2010

First and foremost, the tossers at Cadbury for allowing an iconic British brand worth billions, to be sold it to a company known for making crap processed cheese! Instead of thinking about UK jobs and UK GDP they only thought of their own bank accounts. Not only that we’re going to have to put up with shit U.S. chocolate now! Well done, you’re a credit to Wankers everwhere!The Government of the UK! Purely for allowing companies like Kraft to buy up firms like Cadbury and shooting ourself in the foot economically. It’s not as if they were powerless to stop the takeover, they lent them the money via Royal Bank of Scotland (Majority owned by the tax payer)! You really are a useless lot of bastards! Then again what else should I expect when the electorate are a useless lot of bastards too?

The UK electorate. A useless lot of bastards. 

David Cameron. The chinless wonder of the Tory party in the UK! I’m sick of seeing his mug on the TV trying to act all ‘common man/average Joe’ when he’s anything but! He’s a fucking dirty, stinking liar, born, raised and educated Oxford boy. He aint Mr. Average nor is he a common man! He’s a wanker, plain and simple! Just stop acting like you are average, you’re not. You aint got any serious policies, you just need to fuck off and stop hanging around Parliament like a fly on shit! The only chance you have of winning the election is outa of apathy, and you damn well know it! You opportunist twat! You and your party are so shite that Gordon Brown’s Labour are catching up to you in the popularity polls after numerous serious set-backs for them! scandal, expenses, leadership challenges and to top it all old Gordy’s a boring twat! And you still can’t pull out a victory! Sad donkey!

Hazel Blears. My local Member of Parliament. Stop hanging around like a lingering fart and fuck off! You’re bent and no one likes you anymore, well… anyone with no serious mental disorders.

Osama Bin Laden. Aint you dead yet? Hurry up and die, I’m waiting for this Political Islam bollocks to run its course like Communism did! It can’t start untill you snuff it, so hurry up!

Womens’ chat shows. Why????? Are all women this boring when they get together without the aid of alcohol?

People who make Adobe Flash tutorials. There’s always something you miss out, you over look it completely then expect me to follow it? And you got the balls to call it “easy step by step”? Kiss me whip!

Haiti. Is everyone else sick of it this now? How many other people are in-need of help?, some in our own nations. Yet the media only focuses on these people because it’s new! “Huge Earthquake, 100’000 dead? I smell an emmy!”.

British Papers. You really a load of talentless Knobheads! There is other more important news in the world other than celebs and pointless models who’s only contribution to man kind will be the amount of stupid people not born because the thick men were too busy beating one out over them! Page 3 of The Sunday Mirror featured a footballers wife and the different shoes she’s been wearing!

That’s enough now, I could go on but I’ll be here all night! Sorry, no pictures this week, I couldn’t be arsed! 😛


7 Responses to “Wankers of The Week:”

  1. Androgoth said

    I enjoyed reading this one Phil,
    especially regarding that Gorpy
    Twat Cameron… lol Excellent


    • Glad you liked it Andro. I need to do more of these in the future, I don’t do them enough. Thing is it gets depressing when you’re writing about them and their exploits.

      Oh, and how right was I about Cam and the Tories winning by apathy? ;O)

  2. HRH Daf said

    CADBURYS!!!!!!! Aw man, I dont really eat chocolate, but I cant imagine a world without Curlywurlys in it. They eased my pain in times of deep stress brought about by maths homework. I mean seriously they got me through many a dark hour of algebra. The reason I bring this up is cos they\’re saying that some of the less popular things will be the first to get the chop. Bloody shame. Might as well sell the whole of Britain and be done with it! As for the rest – its kinda same shit different day isnt it? Id be interested to know what you make of Blair getting questioned today though. And your not interested in what shoes a footballers wife wears? How can you be so uncaring?? ;O) She spends hours wandering round posh shops being pandered to, just to find the perfect ones so you think shes great. Well thats if she gets off her lazy liposucked ass and doesnt just get a personal shopper to do it for her. Seriously I couldnt give a rats ass about celebs. Havent bought a paper in about 20 years and the day I buy one of those stupid over priced celeb mags, you have my total permission to put me out of my misery. Anyhoops, hope your having a good week and are feeling a bit better!Love n hugs Daf xx

  3. Prenin said

    Thanks for the visit Philip – the world is changing and newspapers are a dying breed and after having my life screwed over a decade ago by the press and media looking for ANY story in the end to excuse their crimes against me I\’ll not look at a newspaper ever again!God Bless!Prenin.

  4. Pete said

    Hello mate,Yousend your comments in early don\’t you!Yes the mate returns as expected but being the bigger man and all that, I have been civil and curtrous, accepted his kind invitation to go to the match but my view is if he thiks taking me to Old Traford makes things right, he has another think coming. We will have a conversation and he will hear what i have to say and if then he wants to make amends then we can put it behind us. I didn\’t do anything wrong so it is not up to me to put things right but bein the man I am, I will give him a fair chance.People should really pay attention to Cameron before they vote for him – sitting in the heart of the mining community the tories destroyed and claiming britain is broken is supreme idiocy and proof if ever needed that spin is still King……I despair.The mail is Ok, don\’t read the politics really – just focus on the articles, stories, features and of course sport – in that respect it is goodHave a good day and good to hear you feeling wellRegardsPete

  5. Prenin said

    A very good roundup for the week Phil – I don\’t read newspapers as I can get my news off the web for free!!!At least the BBC news website doesn\’t need a page three air brushed dolly to attract the punters!Have a good week dude!!!Prenin.

  6. Pete said

    Hello mate,Hope all is well.On the driving blog honestly you wouldn\’t believe just how bad some people drive, how selfish, inconsiderate and down right some people are when they take to the roads. I must admit I was a bit taken aback when that stupid wench said i should get out of her way – beyond ignorant.I have seen some sights in my years of motoring and if it was practical, I would never get behind the wheel of a car again – seriously, hope your sister stays safe.A good collection of wankers this week but no real surprises. I particularly agree withyou summary of the british press. i have been a mirror reader for many years but a few months ago I decided I\’d had enough of reading about cheryl cole\’s dress or britney\’s latest break down. It used to be a good read, interesting articles, good journalism but now it is just as bad as the other red tops. I am trying a couple of weeks with all the other papers, this week it\’s been the mail which doesn\’t focus so much on celebrity and reports the world events with some intelligence and the football coverage is not so bad either – looks promising.Cameron makes my skin crawl and with the almost inevitable thought he will be the country\’s next prime minister makes me sick. The tories are making all the right noises at the moment about immigration, crime, welfare etc…. But we both know the true worth of these promises, they want to be in the promised land, on the other side of the house and they will say whatever it takes wont they. The whole democratic process in this country needs to change. MP\’s born and bred in their constituancies, annual evaluations on perfoirmance which if they fail, can be booted out. These fuckwits need to be made more accountable to the people they allegedly serve……listen to them, act on their concerns. Cases like those brothers in Doncaster who mutilated, sexually abused, and tortured those two other boys – have you read about their family? But for me, the government have created this, shaped our society as it is today and need to answer for it.Take care mate and hope you are feeling well – you certainly sound in good form even if you can\’t be arsed!!Pete

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