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Because of You!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 31, 2010

There’s no ‘Wankers of The Week’, this week. The reason for this is I can’t bring myself to watch the news or read the papers much anymore. It’s not so much the media in the UK, for the most part the TV media in the UK is fairly unbiased with its reporting, though they do have bias in some areas. But what TV news network doesn’t? It could be a hell of a lot worse, it could be like the Chinese controlled state TV or even paranoid, ideologically and corp influenced U.S. TV.The news papers in the UK are complete shite! The tabloids are as bad as you hear! The only thing they’re good for is tramps bedding and toilet roll, in fact British tabloid paper ‘The Sun’ has been voted Number 1 paper for bog roll and bedding the last 20 years in a row by popular tramps magazine ‘The Big Issue’. I was talking to my friend Pete about the news paper ‘The Daily Mirror’ after my media comment in my last blog, he found the same problem with it I did, it’s slipped along way down from what it used to be. I’m not saying it was 100% biased, far from it, but now it’s almost a perfect copy of The Sun! It’s only missing the tits on page three! Oh wait… they do have tits on page three, usually some soap, pop or pointless celeb stars! Katie and Mr. Andre anyone? (US readers think Pam Anderson and Justin Timbergimp, Married!, one’s famous for having tits the other’s famous for being a talentless tit!).

Anyway, I’m going off topic a little, the reason is I just can’t bring myself to read or watch is because the content winds me up so much. If it isn’t complete, biased, made-up rubbish then it’s usually reported the wrong way or done just right but not aired as such again. Either way it always pisses me off, because I’m sat there not being able to do anything because the rest of my countrymen are bone-idle and fucking lazy to do anything about it! Mostly because when the news is reported they either fixate on what ever celeb scandal is unfolding at the time or they’re waiting for the sport round-up. It just really gets on my nerves I’m one of a handful of people who would put their life on the line for change. I could do this and lose everything in the process and my fellow countrymen would just shrug and say: “Stupid cunt, should know you can’t change anything. I didn’t ask Him to do it anyway“.

Well… the reason things wont change is because of you! That attitude of: “We can’t change anything anyway, it’s pointless.” is why we’re in the hole we are! You’re exact reason for not doing anything is what’s causing the problem! While you sit there and tut at the news or ignore it completely because you’re reading heat magazine while scratching your arse, is the reason for the problem. You don’t take notice long enough or you do and you think you’re in the know because you get your info from The Gordian or some other news source? You’re dead wrong! Even when you do notice a problem, how long will you think about it for? What will you consider doing? The answer is 10 minutes and fuck all because you’re shit scared of putting your neck on the line to make a positive change and get rid of the problems that continually blight us. Yet you’d be happy for someone else to go out and do it for you. Or vote for someone to do it for you! Get off your arses you lazy bastards and do it yourself! Casting a vote doesn’t mean your involvement in Politics is over, you have to watch and scrutinise all sides of every party, story and decision instead of letting someone else do it for you.

Read and educate yourself, not with one source, but with several! The Library, the interest, the media, blogs, history and many more! The sources are many, your will to find and take in what they offer is a big fat zero! Why? Because you’re too busy being distracted by trivial rubbish, shoes, mobile phones, celeb shite, drugs, booze and many other things, the same things you’re afraid to lose if you do try to make a change. Well it’s either you can sit and consume like a sheep untill all your rights but to consume have been taken away. Or you can stand up pay attention and make a change by just being aware of what’s going on around you! It isn’t hard to do, you just have to read, and again… I have to state don’t just read one source, don’t just look at one side of the story or choose one ideology (Political side) because you was brought up with that, your family and friends support the same Political Party or because you’re thinking purely of your own self-interests. Look at things from every angle and read as much as you can comfortably take in.

Understanding Politics and the world around you IS NOT BEYOND YOU! That’s what all the Politicians and the powers that be want you to think! That way you’re easier to control and manipulate. If you’re not ignorant of the world around you, they’re powerless! I mean all Politicians all along the political spectrum, Socialist, Communist, Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative etc… They want you to think what they want you to think! You need to question everything and everyone! That includes all your news sources, don’t take anything they say as 100% truth or not biased, because they all are to some degree!

Yes, reading and watching the media pisses me off too, but you know what?… I still do it, I still watch and read when I aint winding myself up with it. Even though I’m not watching I’m still aware, I’m still trying to inspire people to educate and think for themselves. I want the rest of Humanity to pull their head’s out of their arses and change things with me. This change doesn’t have to be physical, just mental. The alternative of not changing our ways and attitudes is not an option. Just a back and forth of political parties doing nothing but preserving the status quo. If you don’t change, well… you’re going to wake-up one day with your freedoms taken away right under your nose because you was too busy watching TV, reading shite celeb mags and just generally being ignorant, and you’ll be in a Fascist state! Don’t think for a minute that it can’t happen, because it can! It can happen all to easy.



3 Responses to “Because of You!”

  1. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)It\’s over ten years since the feeding frenzy, but I\’m still not over it and never will be as long as I am dependent on medication!Basically my downstairs neighbour (a paid informer who sold his \’information\’ to anyone who would pay him) had the flat below mine and stuffed a microphone up the kitchen pipe duct into my kitchen so he could spy on me and record any conversations etc.At first he went around saying I was a drug addict, but then a neighbour collapsed with a stroke and I broke his door down to get to him because the Police Wanker that showed up didn\’t want to damage the door!We (my neighbours and I) looked after him until the Ambulance carted him off and then a week later I was told that Bob C*ck Sucker was going around claiming I was a burglar.At this time I was helping my God daughter Becky and her sister Emily with homework – so guess what he called me then???Needless to say, such a meaty story had the Police, Press and Media salivating – but how to get the evidence?I had a clean record and had looked after 42 children so they went into my past and interviewed every child (now adult) that I\’d looked after and found nothing, so they used tricks, traps and set-ups over the following year to get me to say or do something they could use.This destroyed my business, my contact group and my mind, driving me to a nervous breakdown, insanity and, after being offered £52,000 by Rick \’On The behalf of a local drug dealer\’, £60,000 compensation from two women representing the Press and Media etc. to suicide because by this time they were digging into my childhood and found a story of more than passing interest: The gangsters they were using to get to me were in fact the same family my father tried to prostitute me to when I was a toddler.As a consequence of their persecution I took an overdose after a visit to a psychiatrist resulted in a bottle of antidepressents and which was a perfect opportunity for them to harass me and screw with my already broken mind.I was found by my mate Joe who had refused to have any part in my persecution, he got Lillian and Margaret and they dressed me before getting me into the Ambulance and off to ICU.I was two days on the critical list, but on the second day when they knew I would live, Bob kicked my door down and searched my home before fixing the door and making a duplicate key so he and my tormentors could get in whenever they wanted.On the night of day 2 I was transferred to the Psychiatric unit and spent the next six weeks dosed to the eyeballs with Chlorpromazine with two of my tormentors on the staff to watch me.Once I was taking the medication they started screwing with my head again, but this time I had the help and support of some of the patients who saw what was going on and actively helped me, including a Chinese lady whose family tried me out to make sure I wasn\’t taking advantage of her, the drug addict who approached them with his \’information\’ having to leave abruptly as these people didn\’t like being made fools of.In six weeks I made a lot of friends and I was sorry to leave, but I had to go and return to my shattered life.I had a CPN who visited every two weeks and every time he visited Bob would record the conversations and pass them on to my tormentors.After six months they started going into my home every time I left to go to the shop – I was too ill to make it into town – to mess with my stuff, taint my food and drinks etc.This culminated in them putting a dot of some white substance on my glasses to prove how close they had been while I slept my drugged sleep.Enough was enough: For the first time I went into town and bought a new lock, then swapped the locks on my door – so they smashed my window and when the glazier came to fix it they sent in one of their lads with him who made it clear that they could get to me whenever they wanted.Finally, when they had nothing more they could do they poisoned my water supply with a fungus used by the Triad to mark victims for assassination by turning their skin yellow.I phoned my mum for help, but she and my step-father were deeply involved (He\’s a retired Police Officer) and she ordered me to walk to hospital.I made it to Victoria station by train after walking down the rail line – they had to stop the trains – and a taxi driver took pity on me and drove me to hospital, but the Psychiatric unit had been warned not to admit me and I was repeatedly told to go to A&E until they got through the fog.When I got there they were waiting for me along with my stepfather in a wig.I was stripped, searched for weapons, physically examined and the doctor then passed his results to them confirming my injuries from when I was raped at the age of eleven – my greatest and deepest shame laid bare to those I\’d spent a lifetime keeping it from.I was screwed around with some more before I was allowed home when the apologies came from all concerned via my so-called friends who also brought a message from Bob that it was nothing personal he just needed the money…Now you see why I was seriously insane for seven years and why the T&RA ladies went to so much effort to help me recover.All for a story…One final note is that I learned a few years back that they were so desperate to find something they could use that they tried to tie me to four child murders in Denmark because I visited my penfriend Hanne there one Christmas and pornography made by a Scot because I once told a joke in a scottish accent.Talk about desperate!!!Now I am CRB checked and have proof of a clean record, but it took three years of voluntary work to get it…God Bless.Prenin.

  2. Lee said

    Well said mate !! Everyone is too interested in Katie Price and Peter Andre !, they have been on everyones coffee tables AND bedroom walls for YEARS !!! What a joke !, The fact is Katie Price AKA Jordan is a PR stunt expert, it\’s true she\’s good at being a total cunt !! (Hope she dies next) But it\’s something to fill the Beano and Dandy with (The sun and the Mirror) For Christ sake, their more important than polititians these days !, even more popular than Gordon brown ? The Prime Minister that has to suck a sweet all the time to stop his mouth drying up due to being nervous (Hense the Silly throat movement thing) And he should be fucking nervous ! Do you remember when we at least trusted our MPs ? well apart from when Thatcher took away our Free milk at school, Yea i\’m 35 and was there !! I reakon thats when it all went tits up, dont get me wrong i aint no expert on Politics, but i do know when we\’re being screwed ! It wont be long before we have to pay for our AIR….Oh WAIT !!!! we fecking do dont we ?……..Anyway, got to go and get ready to go out, btw Phil, Great Vid mate ! Love ya and leave ya…..

  3. Prenin said

    Hi Phil – yeah, too damned true mate – I tried to make a difference and got shafted by the Police, press and media only for the truth to come out and make wankers of \’em all!!!I guess they never thought I\’d figure it out, nuts as they made me, but I did and now I know WHY they drove me to a nervous breakdown, insanity and suicide – because the people they were paying (small town gangster family) to get the story turned out to be the ones the story was REALLY about!Bet they felt a right bunch of tossers when they figured THAT one out!!! :o>Even despite this I got involved with the local T&RA and made a difference again, but this time nobody was pointing fingers and I helped my community for three years, culminating in my passing the advanced CRB check so I now have a certificate which shows my criminal record to be ZERO. Nada. Nothing.Bet you\’re glad of the happy ending – I am…God Bless!Prenin.

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