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A Date Is Set! The 6th Of May! (I Just Creamed Me Gruds!)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 7, 2010

Well I didn’t see that coming! The next UK General Election will be held on the 6th of May 2010. As you can imagine everyone in the country is excited and can’t contain themselves. A Mrs. Wilson from the North East said:

“It’s the most excited I’ve been since 1972 when me and my hubby last did the horizontal fandango after a Tom Jones Concert! You could canoe down my thighs I’m so excited!”

As you can tell the next UK election has all the excitement and entertainment as a damp smelly rag called Gordon. And I’m sorry to say anyone wanting to canoe down Mrs. Wilson’s thighs will be hard pressed, unless she happens to suffer a bout of incontinence.

That’s right no one cares. I’ve been asking people for a while now who they’re going to vote for and what they think of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and um… the other one and they didn’t even know there was an election due. After looking at me with a look I can only describe as a mixture of fake interest and bemusement they utter the same Immortal Excuse for Laziness line I’ve heard 100′s of times before:

“I’m not voting, they’re all out to feather their own nests anyway. They don’t care about us, our votes mean nothing anyway we can’t make a difference!”

Which is completely true! But you know what else is true? It’s also their (the people’s) fault for not being aware and educated about what’s going on. If you wasn’t so busy with your trivial rubbish then you may actually stand a chance of seeing these spineless political bastards for what they are. They’re corrupt, just like the system they reside in, and they lay on an image, sounds bites and a manifesto they wont possibly keep to. Didn’t you ever think that if you were aware of and wise to their ways then they wouldn’t be that way? They wouldn’t be as corrupt and would fix the system so it isn’t bent? Of course you didn’t, because you don’t get as far as the Immortal Excuse before you feel all smug with yourself at knowing it all and contemplation of other possible causes and solutions to the problems is pointless because you’re obviously right.The Political change has to come from you, and I don’t just mean X by a candidate’s name on the ballot paper. You need to understand and question everything and everyone. The Media, The Politicians and their motives. You need to read between the lines and educate yourself. And can I just stress not educating yourself from the Media alone, especially from just one media source.

Many of the problems we have within the system is caused by the population’s not taking any notice of what is going on. Because of your lack of interest and/or your blind dogmatic adherence to your Party you allow this system of corruption and no accountability to flourish. This leads to the back and forthing to different political parties who do nothing but preserve the status quo, to a degree, for their masters. Their masters are Banks, businessmen, Unions, Private Donars and Corporations. These groups ruin the system and destroy democracy for us all by having themselves and their interests represented before that of the people.


I don’t buy the excuse that the people in those groups should be represented before the people just because they paid money. If they want to be represented then let them vote and not pay scum bags like Steven Byers and other incoming or outgoing MPs for their connections to have the laws changed in their businesses favour. The lobbying of Government happens all the time and it’s just legal corruption at the top-level that makes a mockery of democracy. Government is there to serve the people and act on their behalf, not for themselves or other external groups.

However this corruption happens on a regular basis and it’s something that isn’t and wont be addressed by the three main parties. They will promise change and will bring some change, but not enough change to make a half decent system, they’ll leave some loop holes for them to make some money out of it and for external forces to influence policy and thus undermine democracy again.

It amazes me how many people actually accept the system I explained about above. How can you accept a system that is riddled with so many ways to be corrupt and undermine democracy and the validity of their vote. With the system open to external forces the status quo will nearly always be maintained by the Politicians who are nothing but puppets for the external forces. Why vote in such a system, why validate it with a vote? I vote just so I can complain? Do you know how stupid that sounds? The system is a sham and a vote will just serve to validate and carry on the sham. This is something I don’t think I can do on the 6th of May. To vote would be an endorsement of a corrupt system and everything that goes with it.


Even if I was to vote let’s see what’s on offer…

The Labour Party:

Um, sorry but I don’t think I can’t vote for Gordon Brown or Labour. The biggest mistake they made was deregulating the financial system (In bed with the bankers in the City). Because of that we suffered badly when the recession rolled around. In fact I think the deregulation helped create the dodgy deals that eventually damaged the lives of people and the health of the economy so badly.

The Labour Party also allowed some Muslims to implement elements of Sharia law in the UK. Thank you for that! They also brought in the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act which has made Islam a race and almost impossible to question any Minority religion in the UK. Two pointless wars. Countless spinning of figures from the NHS to School Places. They lied at nearly every turn, then again what Politicians don’t? Uncontrolled Immigration.

Of course Labour did some good while they were in power. Increased NHS spending, the minimum wage, Devolution of the UK (I’d personally put that in the bad pile but so many people see it as a good thing). Let’s just look Labour’s Top 50:

1. Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 60s – (Destroyed by financial deregulation)

2. Low mortgage rates – (Destroyed by financial deregulation)

3. Introduced the National Minimum Wage and raised it to £5.35 – (Not bad)

4. Record police numbers in England, Scotland and Wales – (But more red tape to keep them off the beat and more CCTV cameras to make up for it).

5. Cut overall crime by 35 per cent – (Not sure about that with the fiddling of the figures they do).

6. Record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools – (Again, not sure of that).

7. Best-ever primary school results – (The tests WERE made easier)

8. Funding for every pupil in England to double by 2008 – (Did that ever happen after the bank bail-out?).

9. Employment is at its highest level ever – (Destroyed by financial deregulation)

10. Written off up to 100 per cent of debt owed by poorest countries – (And now we’re in debt ourselves. Think China and Middle-Eastern states will write our debt off?).

11. 85,000 more nurses – (Wonder how many were BORN and trained here?).

12. 32,000 more doctors – (As above).

13. Brought back matrons to hospital wards – (And that helped how?)

14. Devolved power to the Scottish Parliament – (And?)

15. Devolved power to Welsh Assembly – (And?)

16. Dads now get paternity leave of 2 weeks for the first time – (Good?).

17. NHS Direct offering free convenient patient advice – (Fucking useless!).

18. Gift aid was worth £625 million to charities last year – (That’s nice).

19. Restored city-wide government to London – (Centralisation made it easier for London to be run)

20. Record number of students in higher education – (Good).

21. Child benefit up 25 per cent since 1997 – (Good. But the cost of living went up to).

22. Created Sure Start to help children from low income households – (Good. But can’t help but think that programme will suffer when the cuts are made after the election by either party).

23. Introduced the Disability Rights Commission – (Good).

24. £200 winter fuel payment to pensioners & extra £100 for over-80s – (Good).

25. On course to exceed the Kyoto target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2010
– (Would be nice if it meant something).

26. Negotiated the historic Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland – (Good).

27. Over 30,000 more teachers in England schools – (Good, now stop making the work and tests easy).

28. All workers now have a right to 4 weeks’ paid holiday – (Good).

29. A million pensioners lifted out of relative poverty – (Good).

30. 800,000 children lifted out of relative poverty – (Good).

31. Introduced child tax credit giving more money to parents – (Good).

32. Scrapped Section 28 and introduced Civil Partnerships – (Good).

33. Brought over 1 million social homes up to standard – (Good).

34. Free school milk for five, six and seven-year-olds in Wales – (And what about the rest of the UK?).:

35. Banned fox hunting – (It’ll be repealed at some point).

36. Cleanest rivers, beaches, drinking water and air since the industrial revolution – (Maybe that’s because we’re a de-industrialised nation?)

37. Free TV licences for over-75s – (They can’t even see what’s the point?).

38. Banned fur farming and the testing of cosmetics on animals – (Good).

39. Waiting times for operations halved – (I experienced this first hand, it’s true).

40. Free local bus travel for over-60s – (Good?)

41. New Deal – helped over a million people into work – And the recession helped them out. Thank you to both the Tory and Labour party for their deregulation of the financial system).

42. Over 1.5 million child trust funds have been started – (Good).

43. Free eye test for over 60s – (They’re blind anyway!).

44. Five, six and seven year olds in class sizes of 30 or less – (Had that when I was in Primary school anyway).

45. Free entry to national museums and galleries – (I thought they already were?).

46. Overseas aid budget more than doubled – (Aint we in debt?).

47. Cancer death rates down by 12 per cent, saving 43,000 lives – (Good).

48. Cut long-term youth unemployment by 75 per cent – (Not now you can’t).

49. Free nursery places for three and four-year-olds in England, Scotland and Wales – (I always thought they were).

50. Free fruit for all four to six-year-olds at school – (Nice!).

So Not bad, but nearly everything has been, or will be, undone by that little deregulation act back in 1998. There’s also a few other little snags I mentioned. Labour’s plan for the future is hold back the cuts on public spending untill next year (2011) and then start cutting. This will give the economy time recover enough and not create a double dip recession by cutting too soon. The thing is they haven’t really specified what they’re going to cut. The Tory Party haven’t either, neither party wants to say what they’d cut because they don’t want to get on the wrong side the electorate.

Alistar Darling plans to tax the richest 5% in the UK to make up 60% of revenue in new taxes. Well they made money off the economic boom, why shouldn’t they pay more tax in a recession? Fair? Let’s face it the UK public have already suffered for their support and greed and will suffer again when either Labour or the Tories start cutting front line Public services. The Tory party would cut front line public services and have said they wouldn’t reverse the tax increases implemented by Labour. It’s desperate times, and everyone’s going to have to pull their weight to get the country out of the hole it’s in. Whether the taxes and cuts will damage the economy remains to be seen, but I got a feeling they wont help much and the UK will keep losing it’s economic edge regardless of who gets in to Downing Street.

The Conservative Party. Well, they haven’t got much policy, they keep flip-flopping from one thing to another. In honesty the Tories are only slightly worse than Labour at the moment. In fact I think the Tories would hasten a relapse in to recession with their front line cuts sooner rather than later. With their support of Labour’s new Tax and front line cuts, they’re the worse of the three main Parties. But with Gordon Brown, Labour’s recent track record and the high regard MP’s are currently kept in, the Tories may get in via voter apathy.

The Liberal Democrats. Who cares? No, to be serious they talk a good game but would have just as much trouble finding the money for their plans. They’d also have to raise taxes somewhere and cut public services. Their ambitious plan to expand and open old train routes would cost fair amount. Their name as well, Liberal by name wet by nature. The Lib-Dems have little or no spine and are very PC in my opinion. There’s too much PC bollocks going around as it is, we don’t need anymore.

The British National Party

 Currently in turmoil. They’re Nazis anyway.


. Tories who are hardcore Euro-skeptics with no other Policy.

The Green Party

. They’ll never have a full meaningful Manifesto to attract the UK electorate.

They’re the main fringe Parties I can think of. None of the others are worth mentioning. If you’ve read this far then well done to you, I don’t usually write blogs this long anymore because people have short attention spans. I could expound a little bit more on each parties policy but the majority of people will only scan this blog anyway. So I wont bother. If you do want to know more about each party then click the coloured party name.

So yeh, there’s an election coming and I don’t think I can vote in it. True change will only come when at least half of the electorate is politically minded to be able to navigate through the crap they spin. That’s very unlikely though, most of the electorate is waiting for someone else to do it for them. For someone to come out of the shadows and say “Ah, but I have a cunning plan! And you wont have to do nothing but vote for me!” All Parties and Politicians have said that for a long time. I wouldn’t mind these people being manipulated if it didn’t mean I’d be subject to their choice of wanker.

I’ve been told to enter Politics to make the changes I want to see. I can’t see people voting for me while I’m telling them what they don’t want to hear. They want to hear your promises that you can’t possibly keep. They want to hear it’s going to be easy and they wont have to do anything but vote, they want you to be Jesus and make it happen. I’d get no where in Politics because I’m not a liar or just out to feather my own nest.

It seems we’re stuck in a perpetual back and forth game between the two main parties and there’s nothing I can do about it.



98 Responses to “A Date Is Set! The 6th Of May! (I Just Creamed Me Gruds!)”

  1. Prenin said

    Hmmm… Trouble is that there\’s only one good idea in Richard\’s ten commitments on immigration, the rest is reactionary nonesense with a Catholic twist!God knows who we have standing here – I won\’t know if there are any independents until the day!Government promises are not worth the paper they\’re written on…God Bless my friend!Gotta read my bible… :o>Prenin.

  2. Philip said

    @ Prenin: LOL! It must be a piss take? No MPs write hand written letters anymore, then again these are desperate times, they\’re begging for your vote! LOL! Say you\’ll vote for them, but under one condition… that they put in writing that they\’ll NEVER take your benefits away!I\’ve had some leaflets through the door… Labour, Lib-Dems, BNP and a party called English Democrats. They all lie to the back teeth. UKIP nd the Tories didn\’t even bother. I have one bloke standing here who\’s a nut job! Here, see for yourself… http://www.richardcarvath.net/policy.htm H\’d fit in well with the right wing Yanks! haha Have a good evening! 🙂

  3. Prenin said

    Hi Phil!I find this hard to believe, but I got a personally addressed letter off Wera Hobhouse asking for my vote as my area is in a battle between Labour and Lib/Dem – the letter is even handwritten!!!Naturally I\’ve added it to my gathering pile of leaflets – the BNP one even has Churchill next to Nick Griffin – of course, as you know, Churchill was a lifelong member of the BNP- NOT!!!God help us mate…Prenin.

  4. Philip said

    @ Daf: Daffersssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (^^). You\’re always going AWOL! You should be fitted with an electricle neck collor that gives you a shock when you go outa the house. That way you\’ll be reminded to come back! :DI haven\’t read it, mate. I will do soon, I been doing a lot of reading recently, giving me a headache, could do with the manifestos on paper because the monitor fudges up my head.You can hear my player on here? I thought it was broken! I can never hear it. Hmm Maybe because I\’m always in edit mode? lolI\’m not too bad, same ole same ole really, besides a dose of hives last weekend, not sure what caused them or where they went! Hmmm Strange, bit like me! 😀 haha Talk to you soon, Daffers! hugskiiiiiiiii x

  5. Philip said

    @ Prenin: We\’ll find out soon enough mate! No sorry, we wont find out we\’re just waitig to know who we get to fuck us over this time! It really fucking winds me up, makes me wanna go out and bust some fucking heads!

  6. HRH Daf said

    Hey hey Phil!! Well I been AWOL for a while and I see the raging debate is still goin on over here. I was gonna ask you if youd read the Monster Raving Loony manifesto as a bit of light relief, cos its really quite funny (I particularly like having dedicated pogo lanes, and painting arrows on trees so cats can find their way down), but when I got here Public Image was playing and I get easily distracted. Havent heard it for aaaaaages but its a chooon!!Anyway just popping in to say hope your feeling well at the moment, and have a fabbo bank holiday weekend.Big hugs Daf xxx

  7. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)You got it pegged my friend – but the sh*t is going to hit the fan UK wide once the election is over with massive cuts across the board – which NONE of the big three are being honest about because they know the truth will stop ANYONE voting for them!!!I\’m trying to sav as much as I can before then because disability is top of the list of Benefits they are going to cut country wide!!!I guess we\’re screwed, blue\’d and tatooed my fine friend!As for the Gaff?Only Gordon Brown trousers could insult a lifetime Labour supporter and expect that a grovelling apology would put it right…I wonder if it cost him any votes given how many of us voters are concerned by the high levels of immigration – I have two Polish folks, Lisa and Zbic, living next door, but at least they work for a living…God Bless!Prenin.

  8. Philip said

    @ Prenin: I was waiting for that joke haha, I was expecting my Mam to do it, but s didn\’t this time! I aint an alergic reaction, at least I think it aint, I haven\’t ate or been near anything different than usual. I\’m all clear now anyway. :)Yeh, makes you think doesn\’t it? My thoughts are:1) We have to revolt and change it by froce because they\’re not going to give up volountaryaly are they?2) Go in to business for ourselves and tell it like it is and try and get change that way.Problems with 1: We\’d lose hands down, they have the British army at their disposeal and the public will be on their side because the media will influence them.Problem with 2: When they see us coming they\’ll lock the door. And the people don\’t want to hear the truth, they want to hear promises of tax cuts and a bright future.So we\’re stuck and fucked! I just try and some people thinking with my opinions when I\’m on here. Tis all I can do really. Hey… what do you think of Brown\’s gaff? LOL!

  9. Prenin said

    I don\’t have hives Phil – just bees!!! :o)Could it be an allergic reaction?I get skin rashes off my furniture because wood polish was used on it before it was given to me.Just read the link you left and it was a big wow factor – who the F*ck can you vote for when they\’re all at it???So much for parliamentary prudence…God Bless!Prenin.

  10. Philip said

    @ Mags: Really?? Are you stressed? I\’m not particularly stressed, but I read somewhere last night that it can be an auto-immune problem. So I was thinking it\’s maybe caused by our UC? It started early Sat Morning and carried on untill Sunday Morning, then when I got up today it wasn\’t as bad. Still itchy but with the blotches anymore! It is inded very weird, Mags! 😛 What are you using for it?

  11. The Divine Mrs M said

    Ive got hives too. How weird is that? 😮

  12. Philip said

    @ Mags: You\’re welcome, Mags! 🙂 My Sunday has been boring really, I currently have hives! Another strange illness to add to the bunch! :P. I haven\’t watched the debate yet but I will soon, when I do I\’ll post my reply here for you. 🙂

  13. Philip said

    @ Jena: What would a Goth MP\’s policy be? Free dark make-up for every child turning 13 and clothes vouchers worth up to £200 to spend in any Goth clothing shop of their choice? Free fake blood milk in Primamry schools? hahaha

  14. The Divine Mrs M said

    Thanks for the links phil, nice one. I hope you have a good one this Sunday (sooooo nice to see you again ye know? ) xxxJen, I think thats a pretty good idea!!! xxxmags x

  15. jenagoth said

    hi philip no politics for me today maybe we should have a goth in parliament lol have fun xxjen

  16. Philip said

    @ Prenin: A UKIP candidiate is standing in your area. She\’s called Victoria Cecil. I looked her up on line and there\’s not much about her. However, I did come across an article on UKIP Euro MP\’s. Seems they\’re just as partial to the gravy trian as the guys and gals in the main parties are. Check it out:http://www.rochdaleonline.co.uk/news-features/2/community-news/24372/libdem-davies-in-swipe-at-ukipIf they do that there they may well do it in Westminster! Maybe that\’s why they haven\’t got any policy on fixing Parliament? Most of UKIP are former Tories, and we all know how Tories have their backers in the city and the business world? Would make sense not to fix Parliament, eh?… would make their backers very unhappy.It just seems like they\’re offering ear candy and promises they can\’t keep just to achieve their main objective, pulling out of the European Union. Seems they aren\’t taking it seriously and may just be working for their masters. And I agree, it is going to be interesting! I was wrong when I said in the blog no one was interested! hahaha. At the time no one did care, seems that\’s changed! haha Have a good evening, mate!

  17. Prenin said

    UKIP sound a better bet then the Lib/Dems – only a few questionable objectives, but in all quite an acceptable manifesto – I can only hope we actually get a UKIP representitive here in darkest Middleton, Manchester!!!Hard to believe how much crap is out there, but I\’d say this election is going to be rather \’interesting\’ and I can only hope something good comes out of it in the long term…God Bless my excellent friend!Prenin.

  18. Philip said

    @ Pete: Thanks mate! I don\’t write comments in the box here to increase the numbers, it\’s just easier for me and the commenters to follow and debate.My sister wanted to work in Childcare, she was going to get a job in retail if she didn\’t get a job doing what she wanted in the next few months. But she got a job in childcare and she\’s happy with it, only weekends but she can work on her level 3 now and with some luck they may take her on during the week. I\’m glad someone\’s finaly give her the break she needs! From here now, providing this place doesn\’t screw her over, she\’ll do just fine and may open a nursery some time down the line herself, that\’s her hope for the future. But I told her it\’ll take a while and may not turn out the way she plans, such is life.Have a good time in Wales, mate! Getting lost in the Welsh valleys would be a welcome break from Salford! But, I\’ll wait untill summer\’s here and sod off to Hornsea (east UK)! Robin lives there and he\’s always saying I can come and stay.Oh, I never said anything about being Dirty, I said Nasty! hahaha What ya like, Pete? haha Talk soon mate and love to you and yours too!

  19. Philip said

    @ Mags: Thank you Mags! I will watch it soon and I\’ll post you my verdict in the comment box for your consideration. I wondered where the fudge it was, and it turns out it was on Scottish TV? LOLHere\’s the Sky News Debate, it\’s from Youtube, I\’ll post all the links here so you don\’t have to look for them on Youtube.(1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS02JnjMtJE(2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o4HYgvaxAg&feature=related(3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDphZPVjKjk&feature=related(4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPdBHFKHabg&feature=related(5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtjFZarAD3I&feature=related(6) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nu4z6iCPkg(7) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EizSBKUgjAc(8) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFAGjEbxoa8(9) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3E8gSCyrJk(10) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_8SOma6yIgOh, and First has the monopoly in Manchester and the North West ingeneral too! lol

  20. Philip said

    @ Prenin: I just read the UKIP Manifesto and they have a good Policy in my opinion. However, they have no poilcy for the complete reformation of Parliament and the funding of Parties/Candidiates. There\’s also the matter of finding the money to achieve what they want to, the £14Bn saved from coming out of the EU wont cover everything, nither will cutting the quangos. Their pleadge to establish and further what they call "Britishness" worries me a little. They do have a Policy to deal with the Burka problem too. Have a read and tell us what you think.IntroductionUKIP wants Britain to regain three essential freedoms by leaving the EU: Freedom of Action, so we can control our borders and no longer have to grovel to the EU for permission to save our Post Offices, factories, etc.; Freedom of Resources, by keeping the £16.4bn p.a. in cash (£45m a day) currently sent to Brussels and spending that money in the UK; Freedom of the People, with real power returning to British citizens from remote EU bureaucrats. In summary, UKIP will:1 The Economy: Tax, Budget & Regulation· Save up to £120bn a year by leaving the EU. No British jobs or trade will be lost· Take tax off the minimum wage by raising the tax threshold to £11,500· Reduce everyone’s taxes with a 31% flat tax· Abolish the ‘tax on jobs’: phase out employers’ NI contributions over five years· Axe Britain’s gigantic quango mountain and public sector non-jobs to reduce UK national debt· Release businesses from 120,000 EU laws· Replace VAT with a ‘Local Sales Tax’ to help councils and local businesses2 The Economy: Jobs, Enterprise & Skills· Create one million new skilled jobs with public and private investment in a five-point public works programme to provide defence equipment, nuclear power stations, flood and coastal protection, transport infrastructure including high-speed rail lines, and new prisons· Abolish costly EU schemes such as carbon capping, emissions trading, and landfill taxes· Amend the UK Takeover Code to prevent foreign interests from gaining control of strategic British companies3 Immigration & Asylum· End uncontrolled mass immigration· Introduce an immediate five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement· Regain control of Britain’s borders to stop foreign criminals from entering our country· End abuse of the UK asylum system and expel Islamic extremists· Introduce a strict new points-based visa system and time-limited work permits· Triple the number of UK Borders Agency staff engaged in controlling immigration (to 30,000)4 Law & Order/Crime· Enable voters to set policing priorities through locally-elected County Police Boards· Demand zero tolerance on crime and double prison places to assure this· Make sentences mean what they say: life must mean life· Scrap the Human Rights Act that benefits criminals and not their victims. No votes for prisoners· Introduce a ‘Three Strikes and You’re Out’ law to lock up career criminals for good· Abolish the Crown Prosecution Service and return to county police prosecutions5 Defence· Boost the military budget by 40% so our armed forces are properly equipped· Demand one clear achievable mission for Afghanistan or seek a negotiated exit· Keep Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent strong· Look after our service heroes with better pay and conditions· Expand the Army by 25% and double the TA· Provide more RAF helicopters and aircraft· Expand the Royal Navy to its 2001 strength, guaranteeing the future of Plymouth, Portsmouth and Rosyth ports6 Healthcare & the NHS· Keep the NHS free at the point of delivery and make no cuts to frontline services · Replace overlapping tiers of NHS bureaucracy (SHAs/PCTs) with locally-elected County Health Boards· Introduce private sector ‘franchise partnerships’ to run NHS healthcare services better, while assets remain in public hands · Introduce ‘Health Credit Vouchers’ to allow people to opt out of the NHS if they wish· Re-examine community care and support congregate communities for people with learning disabilities · Restore free NHS dental check-ups and eye tests7 Education & Training· Bring back the ‘three Rs’ and teach reading with phonics to provide a proper educational foundation · Encourage the creation of new grammar schools, but make the 11-plus vocational as well as academic· Give parents ‘School Vouchers’ so they can choose between schools – state or private· Raise standards by franchising state schools to private organisations, such as charitable trusts· Re-introduce student grants (‘Student Vouchers’ and ‘Training Vouchers’)· Re-examine the policy of ‘inclusion’ and support special schools for children with learning disabilities8 Pensions· Roll all existing state pensions and benefits into a non means-tested minimum £130pw ‘Citizen’s Pension’ · Reinstate dividend tax credit at 20%· Reduce the annual limit for tax-relievable pension contributions to £10,000, from £255,000· Bring public sector final salary pensions back into line with typical private pension provision· By leaving the EU, avoid having to pay for unfunded EU pensions9 Welfare & Social Security· Reform the ridiculously complicated welfare system (currently more than 70 different benefits)· Help families by rolling childcare benefits and credits into one enhanced benefit· Allow part-time workers to continue claiming ‘Basic Cash Benefit’ until their wages reach £11,500· Introduce council-run ‘Workfare’ projects to improve local communities· Ensure UK benefits are only available to those who have lived here for at least five years10 Foreign Affairs & International Trade· Leave the EU and continue in free trade with the other European countries. No jobs will be lost · Establish a Commonwealth Free Trade Area with the other member countries· Regain Britain’s currently dormant seat at the World Trade Organisation· Promote democracy, genuine human rights and free determination around the world11 Energy & the Environment· Invest in nuclear power and clean coal to avert Britain’s impending energy crisis · Oppose wind farms in general and require them to be funded by the market· Establish a Royal Commission to determine the truth about man-made global warming· Incentivise the reduction of waste and effective methods of recycling and incineration · Encourage use of electric road vehicles and more electrified rail 12 Transport· Invest an extra £3bn p.a. in the UK’s road and railway systems· Introduce three new high-speed rail lines, and re-open some lines closed by Beeching· Shelve plans for the sixth Heathrow terminal and third runway in favour of a Thames Estuary airport· Make foreign lorries pay to use British roads with a ‘Britdisc’ and ban the EU’s ‘superlorries’· Subject parking charges and revenue-raising devices, e.g. speed cameras to greater democratic control13 Housing & Planning· Build more social housing and encourage the use of 800,000 empty homes· Scrap the pointless Home Information Packs (HIPs)· Introduce binding local planning referenda for major developments, except when there is overriding national interest· End undemocratic regional planning in favour of county-based decision making· Introduce conservators to help preserve green belt land14 The Constitution & How We Are Governed· Give the British public a right to binding local and national referenda on major issues · Introduce proportional representation into national and local elections. UKIP favours the Alternative Vote Plus system· Abolish layers of regional government· Give voters a right of recall over corrupt MPs, enabling them to force by-elections15 Culture & Restoring Britishness· End support for multiculturalism and promote one shared British culture for all· Be fair to England by introducing an ‘English Parliament’, ending the discriminatory Barnett Formula and making St George’s Day a national holiday in England· Ban the burka and veiled niqab in public buildings and certain private buildings· Require UK schools to teach Britain’s contribution to the world and celebrate cultures, languages and traditions from around the British Isles· Scrap political correctness in public affairs16 Food, Farming & the Countryside· Support the new supermarket Ombudsman to ensure farmers receive a fair price from supermarket chains· Introduce labelling schemes to support British farmers and high animal welfare standards· Support GM foods research but continue to oppose GM food production and listen to evolving scientific research· Guarantee farmers no sudden loss of CAP payments on leaving the EU· Allow county referenda to reverse the hunting ban at local level· Legalise more producer co-operatives to put food producers on a more equal footing with supermarket buyers17 Fishing· Immediately withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy and take back control of British waters up to 200 nautical miles from the UK · Return £2.5bn p.a. in fish sales to the UK economy· Ban shameful discarding of fish and abandon all EU quotas

  21. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi Phil,Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The scottish live debate wasnt broadcast on Itv, but Stv lol Thats why you couldnt find it! 😀 given that i might be voting for SNP i do sense a certain irony here… hehe!anyhoooohere is a link where you can watch the debate in fullhttp://player.stv.tv/programmes/scotland-debates/2010-04-20-2100/I found it enlightening, I hope you do too. I don\’t have sky so I\’ll have a look for it, or if you\’ve got a link for the sky debate i\’d like to view it. take care you.@ LAIRD GLENCAIRN is that where Arriva went to? First Bus have the monopoly in Scotland, surely that cant be right? the bus fares are extortionate! :smags x

  22. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Yeah that sounds about right – the war of the Niqab and Burkha is just the thing to send politicians in this country scurrying for cover!!!I didn\’t check the date on the link – I only got the email the day before and it lacked a published date!It IS scary though – having suffered severe burns as a child I have a particular hatred for arsonists!!!Trouble is that there\’s a lot of Asians who don\’t want to integrate and we\’re getting ghetto\’s as the council move people into areas according to race, colour and/or creed.This is the United Kingdom and if they don\’t like how we live then they should move elsewhere – oh yeah: We\’re the softest touch just like Denmark used to be.Go Figure…God Bless!Prenin.

  23. Pete said

    Phil, MOuntains of comments and quite rightly….even if you did write a lot yourself!!I\’m not going to pass comment on most of your comment because I have finished work for a week and am off to wales for a few days and want to relax and empty my head of all the crap that is usually floating around it but needless to say, I couldn\’t possibly disagree with anything you say.Glad you sister finally found something. Is she working in retail? I thought she was lokking for something else because if that is what she was looking for they are always recruiting at the Lowry mall….no-one seems to want to work there!!Anyhoo take care and I will be back before I know itLove to you and yours Pete PS Yes a dirty old man but I have to amuse myself somehow!!

  24. Philip said

    @ Laird: Welcome and thank you for sharing your opinion! I come from Manchester and my Primary school was in the inner city and in one of the most run down areas at the time. The class was small and the teachers were great. I\’m 26 now so my schooling there was from the late \’80s to 1995. High School was a little different, there may have been just under 30 in there. I liked my teachers too and they did actually care if you learned something or not because if you didn\’t it reflected bad on them. I can\’t really say the same for modern schooling, I have two sisters who experienced Primary and High school in the last 7 years, and from what they told me the system isn\’t really the same. They\’re not really bothered if you can\’t grasp something, they can always let you catch up in the "Special needs" group. There\’s disruption in class at some point, clear favouritism, the courses and targets etc!Your council privatised you Public transport too? I don\’t mind public transport being managed by Private firms as long as they\’re cheap, clean and on time. But that seldom happens, and your local bus company being sold to a foreign company is nothing new. The UK is ripe for the plucking, everything\’s for sale at the right price, doesn\’t matter if the UK loses GDP, Jobs and a good service, as long as the share holders get their money. I\’ve heard some people on the right claim the reason the UK is being bought up is because the Government keeps raising taxes to support large social programmes (NHS etc), this isn\’t true, it\’s just pure greed and the Government lets and makes it happen. Cadbury for example, not only did the Government let it be bought by Kraft they apporved the lone from RBS for Kraft to buy Cadbury. They did it with the Coal industry, Manufacturing and the shipyards/docks. Then they scratch their heads and wonder why so many people leave the UK and why the Government has to create jobs to keep people in work for six months! It\’s bloody stupid!

  25. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Thanks for the link! I had a read of it and it\’s a little out of date. It was posted on the 8th of June 2005. However, I was watching the BBC News this morning and they had a piece about the Belgians wanting to ban the the full head coverings that Muslim women wear. Have a look: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8636605.stm I agree with this, I don\’t care if they wear a head-scarf or those black robes, we need to see their faces. Besides, it doesn\’t say anything in the Qur\’an about covering your body from head to toe! It just says: "Cover your modesty." But obviously the men of Islam have interprited it their own way to reflect that backward Middle Eastern ways.It pisses me off that there\’s women in the Middle East who are forced to wear those things out of fear they\’d be social outcasts, beaten, raped or even killed! And these stupid Women in the West wear them with pride because they want to? They subjugate themselves and think it\’s what God wants them to do. It has nothing to do with God and everything to do with Middle Eastern tradition and Male domination. And no one will speak out against them out of fear they\’re labeled racists, not even the femenists of Europe talk about the subject because of Cultural and religious sensitivity.I always find it funny when Muslims talk about freedom and personal choice when in Muslims countries there isn\’t alot of it and in their religion it\’s the enemy. Though the same freedoms don\’t apply to anyone who questions or makes fun of Islam. This is another reason I can\’t vote any of the major parties, they\’re completely PC and spinless and wont stand up to this backward religion out of fear of being called racist.

  26. Philip said

    @ Mags: Where was that debate??? I turned on ITV expecting to see it! Can you find me a link to a site where I can watch it on-line, Mags? And I agree, it was obvious the Cons and Labour were gonna try and sink the SNP\’s chances. I\’m a little glad they did because I don\’t want the SNP splitting the Union up, once it\’s undone we\’ll never get it back together again. The SNP taking Scotland from the Union could do more damage to the UK than the Tories did.However I do understand your fear of the Tories! The North of England and Scotland was hit hard by their decission making in the \’80s and \’90s. The industry was taken away which meant lack of jobs, when people had nothing to do the drugs problem came out about, and with the drugs came crime. I remember nearly every night in the late \’80s early \’90s there was a stolen burnt out car in the square! The Chemsit was robbed and numerous other things happend you probably already know of yourself. I don\’t want to go back to bad Tory times but I can\’t validate the corruption and I still think were in for bad times regardless of who gets in.Spaces ate your comment? lol You know that\’s not happend to me for some time now! I know you\’re comment was posted, but do you think you\’re trouble with posting comments on WLS\’s is your PC/Laptop itself? Oh, btw, reminder for ya… On Sky News tonight, the second leadership debate! 🙂 x

  27. LAIRD said

    Oh. great blog. To have had 30 in a class in your primary skool you must have lived in a very small village. We had 40+ ! We did however have respect for the teachers and the rest of society. Teaching was then a vocation and our personal pride and success in the 3 r\’s was shared by them. They did not need annual tests to measure their teaching abilities. I notice that the tory deregulation of our council owned bus services has paid dividends – Arriva has been sold to germany !!

  28. Prenin said

    Just checked the validity of the email I got about the Danish Minister who was attacked by Arsonists.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4074044.stm if you want to read up on it.God Bless!Prenin.

  29. Prenin said

    @Mags.Yeah sweetheart I guess we\’re both in the same boat when it comes to voting, listening to the same tired rhetoric from people more interested in getting into power than in running the country to its best advantage – but preferably for their own!!!Now the papers are slagging Nick Clegg off as they line up behind their favoured choice of party and we see the knives come out for anyone who is a threat – maybe a hung Parliament would be a good idea, but where the heck will we get enough rope???Love and hugs Mags!Prenin.

  30. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Yeah I agree about the Lib/Dems, but I have no idea what choices there will be on the day and, to be honest, I\’m looking at trying to make the best choice out of a lot of bad ones.I agree about the extremists too – The Euro elections saw my area vote in Nick Griffin – but they pander to the very worst in us and, unfortunately, we\’re seeing changes all around us as our small country has become the destination of choice for immigrants of all colours and we\’re not alone in this.According to an email I got yesterday Denmark HAD a liberal policy and now has a small but vocal immigrant population and when one of their MP\’s refused to pay blood money – as is the custom in muslim countries when there is a death – her home was set on fire with her, her hubby and three kids in it as they slept.These days all Danish Ministers have secret homes and bodyguards apparently…True or false?Having visited Denmark and spent two weeks in Copenhagen the only hassle I had was from an English speaking Asian who hurled gratuitous abuse at me while I was in a bus full of Danes who suddenly didn\’t speak English!Seems the whole of the West is in trouble…God Bless!Prenin.

  31. The Divine Mrs M said

    spaces didnt swallow my comment-i apologise \’spaces\’ fair play! lol

  32. The Divine Mrs M said

    fuckin evil spaces swallowed my comment.breatheactually phil, maybe that was a good thing! LOLTo summarise? I\’m definitely not voting tory or labour. for me its between the lib dem and snp.

  33. The Divine Mrs M said

    hi phili watched tuesdays debate online. pretty predicatable stuff from the 3 stoogies PLUS they all ganged up and shot the SNP feller down in flames. Well, they were soo gonna do that anyway, weren\’t they? lol!Ok. Ive made up my mind. I\’m NOT voting tory or labour. this leaves me with lib dem, or snp..or monster raving looney party.. or maybe not bothering my arse, and if loads of people think like me we might end up with the flippin tories running the country again! omfg please no!maybe i should just not bother voting? The Westminster stoogies, already have this election down as a 2 horse race between tory and labour, OR a hung parliament. with no regard for the lib dems or national party candidates.

  34. Philip said

    @ Prenin: First of all I meant to say "You SHOULDN\’T take everything you see as solid truth". Sorry about that mate! :PI agree with you on the IND\’s and your reason to keep them! Yes, it\’s a bad and expensive thing, but it also gurantees our safety from invasion or attack. We also live in a world that is rapidly becoming more Nuclear and where the U.S. will soon lose its dominance to China or some other State or collection of Sates. I\’d rather us be the Rose bush with thorns than the one without. Maybe if we pulled out of the middle east we\’d have some money left to keep the IND and then some? And if it kicks off in the Middle east or Afghanistan we either go in again because we will actually have provication to do it this time, Nuke the place or let China, India and Israel deal with it.I\’m not a fan of the Lib-Dems, they\’re too soft and well… Liberal. They\’re soft and wishy washy and see the best in everything! They do nothing but compromise all the time. I don\’t want a bunch of soft wankers running the country and giving in to every minority who cries racism or cultural insensitivity. There immigration policy is bonkers "Send them where they\’re needed" Where would that job be for an unskilled Afghan? Oh, on a run donw northern councail estate! Their plan to build and improve the rail way isn\’t very good. Where they going to get the money from? Nah, don\’t trust them, they\’re even more spinless than Labour and the Cons, they wont do what needs to be done.What choice is there? We can remind everyone we meet and know to question everything these people do. Not to just view one side of the Politicial fence but look across the spectrum and take the best of all worlds while seeing the flaws in each Party! I.e not being ideological boxed in and to be aware of the Political tricks. When at least 51% of the UK population think this way we will be able to bring change. Failing that it\’ll be rebellion of some sort, because we can\’t go on the way we are, there\’s just going to be more back and forthing of the main parties while they take turns each screwing us over. This will carry on untill some extremets party like the BNP gains power or the country itself starts to disintergrate or becomes part of the EU superstate. Again the future looks far from bright!

  35. Prenin said

    I\’m with Phil on this one Jen – did you know one of their pledges is to scrap our indipendent nuclear deterrent?Nukes are bad – let\’s be honest anything that can wipe out the human race is bad – but without them we\’ll be at risk of rogue states like Iran and North Korea who are trying to develop nukes so they can blackmail the world!Trouble is that the other choices aren\’t much better – Labour who dug the financial hole we\’re in, or the Conservatives who will make us all suffer while their paymasters pull the strings – but what choice is there???God Bless!Prenin.

  36. Philip said

    @ Jena: If you\’re going to vote for the Libs then I\’d advise you to read their Manifesto closely and see if you agree with the majority of the things they\’re proposing. You shouldn\’t vote on the leaders looks or answers alone, you need to look deeper and search for substance and also to see if anything they suggest is actually going to be achieveable.

  37. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Don\’t worry, I will have a go at finding it myself. But you see, you should take everything you see as the solid truth, you already know that. But sometimes we all forgot that little rule. You know what?… maybe they put it in the memory hole? 😉 lol

  38. Prenin said

    Sorry dude – can\’t find it and I\’m going around in circles!!!Either I\’m not using the right search terms or the file has gone to the great hard drive in the sky…God Bless!Prenin.

  39. jenagoth said

    yes il prob vote for clegg just to get gordy out and cameron like mags two faced no i wouldnt wash or even go near gordys face so his duds have no chance lol funny you are phillip love to wring their necks like a chicken lol hey me kinky wouldnt you like to know xxjen

  40. Prenin said

    I\’ve spent the best part of an hour scouring the web and I can\’t find the site it came from because I can\’t remember the search words I used and the Google page is being stubborn!!!All I know is that it was in the comments section of the article I read, but which article???Put me down for alzheimers!!! LoL!!!I\’ll take another shot at it and see if I can find it…God Bless!Prenin.

  41. Philip said

    @ Prenin: I think there\’s far too many immigrants coming in to the UK now. The Government says the numbers are dropping but that\’s only paper and is only the ones they caught comining in or have legally applied to stay by asyllum etc. The true numbers of immigrants coming in to the UK is unknown, but I willing to bet that it\’s high! We have a population increase of 2 million since 2001, the first large increase in 60 years. A quarter of all babies born came from women who were born outside the UK. Yes, that\’s the women, didn\’t say how many babies born to native English or minority communities women born here were fathered by immigrant fathers. The fact of the matter is the UK is changing too fast culturaly and people don\’t like it, especially like in your area where Asians have taken on most of the business. The point of immigration is to intergrate in to the country and community, that isn\’t happening because far too many people are coming here and we have a housing shortage as it is in some places. So they stick them in sub-standard houses or bad estates that will just create an underclass. And as you say it\’s going to make a sistuation worse. I have a question though… why should these people be the UK\’s problem? By the UN law of immigration they should claim asylum in the first safe country they come to, but they don\’t, they litter the coast of France and wait to smuggle themselves in. We\’re in debet and the infastructure of the UK will suffer in the next 10 years and we can\’t afford to look after the world\’s strays as well as our population and the strays already here.£28,000 grand for every person they kick off benefits? Can you find me a link for this, I want to read it myself. I\’m not doubting you, Ian, just the source you got it from. But that just seems stupid, the Govenrment would pay £28,000 grand to a business getting rid of a claimant, that would cost them more on the whole!Stargate I was talking about was the third incarnation, SG: Universe. Atlantis was canceled a few years back. Shame you can\’t Sky, but to be honest you aint missing much, mostly crap and repetes most of the time anyway.

  42. Philip said

    @ Jena: You mean you\’re going to vote for Clegg or you\’d love to wash his duds for him? You Gotic types are relly kinky! 😛 hahaha. I\’m sure you\’d LOVE to ring out Gordy\’s head, Jena, because you LOVE him that much! hahaha

  43. Philip said

    @ Mags: Gordy was wearing a pink tie because he\’s trying to secure the gay vote or he\’s trying to \’out-gay\’ the other candidates. I think Cameron looks the most gay and camp out of the three. hahahaI think the SNP has its dangers too. They want to split the UK up, and they never really give a valid reason why, other than they want independence and some unequal spending. To me it\’s just a bunch of nationalists wanting independence because they don\’t like the English. If Scotland split from the Union it would cripple us, not to mention it would divide us and we\’d never heal that rift. I\’m going to watch the Tuesday debate myself and see what comes of it.Hugs to tha Mags! xx

  44. Prenin said

    Hi Phil!! :o)Just found another comment on my Tuesday entry!I agree that this plan is a disaster because they are targeting numbers on benefits rather than individuals that should be allowed to put their case instead of being faced with a generalised test to see if they can be kicked off benefits with the company making the test being paid £28,000 for every person they exclude!That smells don\’t you think?I watch Star Trek spin-offs because I\’m basically screwed for stuff to watch.Doctor Who and Warehouse 13 are things I look forward to though! :o)I\’m watching it on Virgin because I only have Freeview – I\’m too poor to get satellite!!!Stargate was a great thing to watch and I have a whole series of it stowed on DVD that was sent to me by one of my friends, but have yet to see the new series apart from one Stargate Atlantis DVD I got as a birthday gift off Emily.God Bless!Prenin.

  45. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Yeah it\’s a real stinker because they are running out of minorities to screw.Having already shafted single parents and the unemployed they are now hitting the disabled and are casting an avaricious eye at the elderly!!!I have to say that Clegg is not perfect as a Politician, but what alternatives are left?I may be dismayed at the way local businesses are being taken over by Asians – we no longer have ANY white owned taxi firms here – and the way we\’ve had to have Trading Standards in to stop the Asian shopkeepers selling booze and drugs to the local teenagers in unmarked bags, but that can be dealt with over time and within the law.What I could NOT do is vote BNP because they are using people\’s fear and paranoia to get themselves a few seats so they can masquerade as a legitimate party.I\’m all for inclusion, but we\’re seeing more and more immigrants moving in and there appears to be a determined effort to keep them in ghetto\’s instead of integrating them into our communities which is making a bad situation worse!!!We have some African families moved into my area and they are lovely folks with really colourful clothing styles who were feeling the cold a lot this winter, I have Polish neighbours next door who I get along with really well and we hear of some of the teenagers giving them a rough ride, but then they do that to everybody!All it takes is for the BNP to stir things up and we\’ll have REAL problems!!!God Bless!Prenin.

  46. jenagoth said

    i wouldnt wring out gordys vest and his duds well like his head then empty except for the brown sludge xxjen

  47. jenagoth said

    il go for clegg lol

  48. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi PhilI just came by to read your comments. I did watch some of the debate tonight on TV. why was gordon brown wearing a Pink tie? *i\’m a woman I ask questions like this… why was it not a \’red\’ one? The question became a more pressing issue for me, than the debate, as time ticked by. ….sighI actually stopped watching halfway through. I will be tuning in next Tuesday to see what the SNP have to say for themselves. * Why would I vote SNP? ive not got a clear reason at the moment, other than the fact that i DONT want the tories getting in. nononono…. There? Ive set my stall out on that one. I do not want to see a tory goverment. God help us all if that happens. seriously.If i\’m not impressed with the SNP next week, I dunno what I\’ll do, probably give my vote to the Lib Dems I suppose.* I told my son a while back, that the FIRST party that dropped a leaflet through our door touting for my vote would get it. Today I gets the letter. It was from the SNP… thats one reason for voting for them.. thank GOD it wasnt the BNP…*nooo I wouldn\’t go there… i widnae!!!! (((shiver)))Sooo phil? if you can tell me why Gordy was wearing a PInk tie, I\’d be very grateful cos its really bugging me!!! * takes my mind off of all the various ways i\’m probably gonna be stuffed by whoever gets elected in next! ;pmags x

  49. Philip said

    @ Jena: His wife\’s kinky for skiddy Gruds! Turns her on big time! And I\’m sure there\’s a few Labour supporters who\’d love to clean his gruds! EWWWWWWW lol ;). Cameron wear\’s a Nappy because he\’s always shitting himself! Clegg\’s a man of nature! haha

  50. jenagoth said

    lol we call them duds where i come from lol yes gordys brown i bet hmm pity his wife but then he will be paying for his to be scrubbed or sucked by an admirer hey im still talkin duds here lol xxjen

  51. Philip said

    @ Jena: I bet your mate Gordon Brown wears Underpants! Imagin washing them, all skiddy and all! LOL! EWWWWWWWWWWWW

  52. Philip said

    @ Jena: It\’s Underpants or boxer shorts. LOL! I thought you would\’ve known? I thought it was a known word all over the UK, or am I just thinking slang in the North West applies everywhere? 😛

  53. jenagoth said

    just thought id ask whats gruds lol

  54. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Hey Mate! :). Yeh, I know you showed me before, but I didn\’t think it was as far reaching untill Jena showed me an extract. So I looked it upon line and it\’s amasing! I got to say mate I dont fancy your chances at all! Instead of cutting your money a little I got a feeling they may just kick you off completely!Not sure what you\’re going to do when or if they kick you off. I suppose you\’ll have to go begging to a charity close by? As I said Jena these new laws wont just get rid of the people who can really work they\’re going to get rid of a lot of genuine cases. I\’m not on yours, I\’m on IS with a little extra cos I\’m sick. Not alot at all. They may find me work, but it will be manual labor work and I can\’t do that. I can\’t even sit at my desk long some times because I have to run off to the toilet. And the inconveniance of running to the toilet and back at work, well… you can imagin they wont have me there long, even though it\’d be discrimination to get rid of me. I may have to do what a couple of my friends have suggeted and start writing some political work and send it off to some papers, make some extra that way.

  55. Philip said

    @ Mags: SNP? Wah? You want to break our little family up? You\’re or Scottish independence? I see the likes of the SNP and the Cymru Crag (?) as cutting of their nose to spite the face. What I mean is to spite the England they\’ll leave. Yet they think the EU you look after them? The EU is just going to suck them in to a huge superstate and they\’ll have traded one Union for another, only in this one they\’ll have less power. I can\’t see a Scottish Mafia dominating Brussels. And may I add the Act of Union was Scottish invention, not an English one! No pleaseing you Scots is there? haha 😉 Only joking our Mags! What are your main reasons for supporting the SNP?

  56. Philip said

    @ Mags: Cheers for coming back Mags! :). First of all I did watch the debate and as I thought Nick Clegg come out on top for his honesty and pointing the finger at the Tories and Labour. I think some of the success he gained has to go to the fact no one\’s ever seen him on TV in that capacity and actualy knew who he was. Coming to Clegg\’s time on there though in my opinion he\’s just gaining points for his honesty and berating the other two. His policies are no more guranteed to work than Labour\’s or Tories\’s. Cuts would still have to be made and he\’d still have to find money from other sources to make up. His plans for scrapping Our Nuclear deterent completely are a little bit ill advised. We could cut the numbe rbut I wouldn\’t cut them completely. We only need a handful to do mass devistation.I think Cam\’s and Gordy\’s effort was a joke! Just like in PMQ\’s. Back and forth with the same stuff. Brown just always comes across as disingenuous and fake as he always does. Cam was the same, wooden and no substance but pleanty of shit and finger pointing! Im sick of hearing the same stuff from them, no wonder people are turned off and look at Clegg\’s bit of honesty as a vote winner. But he still isn\’t being completely honest.As for my ideas being doable? Um, it would require half the population of the UK to think like you and I and questiong everything and everyone, not just during an election but after it too. Which I\’m not sure would happen overnight, but I\’m going to keep trying to educate and wake people up. Even if we did manage that we still have the problem of the powers that be not wanting to lose their grip on power and position. So I could see them stop every attempt to bring the change I mentioned about. From local counclis and to the Parliament they\’d stop me and the change every step of the way. The odds are fecking stacked against me and the ideas like a baby of Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy! There may have to be some blood shed to make them let go, of course of that happens we got big problems. However I do think it is doable to educate half the electorate with this way of questioning things and get change from it that way. I may have to go in to Politics to make it happen though.What did you make of the ITV debate? Oh, and don;t worry about the screw boat to China! LOL! Use all the terms you want on here mate, I aint here to be PC or restrict your freedom of speech. That\’s the moderaters job on WLS\’s! haha 😉

  57. Prenin said

    Hi dude! :o)Yeah I found a good few pieces in the media, but very little attention had been paid to them which is disturbing in many ways given how many people are going to be affected.It\’s almost as if it\’s being slipped in while everyone else is looking elsewhere!I found a few more links, but they\’re on my blog if you want to read them – You are right about your UC though: They\’ll have you fertilising fields before admitting you CAN\’T work!!!I\’m OK at home and I\’ve got a set routine because that keeps me going, but how I will handle a job I really don\’t know even though they KNOW I\’m unfit!All I do know is that I need to expect worse case, so I\’m scraping together £50 per month in savings so I can cover my bills when they cut my income by £80 per month.What will I do when the money runs out?Starve and freeze like I did on Income Support when I couldn\’t find a job and was fit and able…God Bless!Prenin.

  58. Philip said

    @ Jena: I just looked it up on-line and it\’s true! Mind boggleing! Thank you for bringing this fully to my attention because it\’s not something I\’ve read about fully, even though Prenin told me about it numerous times! By the standards they set out no one will be able to get on it! They\’re trying really hard to save money here, so hard in fact they\’re going to be hurting genuine cases who actually need the money! It\’s disgusting!Did you watch the Debate on ITV? If so what did you make of it?

  59. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hi RobinAll I can say re: your comment, is that the tories and the labour party, don\’t seem to be too much different from each other these days. Beggar both of them, I\’m in Scotland, so i\’m \’loooking\’ at SNP.. but I dunno yet? although SNP wont be featuring in tonights televised debate, which is a pity.mags xthats Snp folks lolol x

  60. The Divine Mrs M said

    sorry phil,I think i\’m doing my comments back to front. :s I agreed with pretty much everything that you said..just was wondering if it is all \’do-able\’ Cuz you know how fiercely some fat cats hold on to their cushy little \’status quo\’s\’ …. But i liked your solutions. I\’ll probably have more questions for you before very long! ;)mags x

  61. The Divine Mrs M said

    \’imaginary wheelchairs\’? what the fufffitty fuff???I honestly don\’t know wether to laugh or cry at that one… :smags x

  62. The Divine Mrs M said

    re the \’screw boat\’ hahaha phil! noo I didn\’t really mean it literally honest! It probably should have read \’screwed\’ boat to ch… aaah well probably STILL woulda sounded X rated! it probably wasn\’t pc either i\’m really sorry about that..my verrry bad! :s I was VERY tempted to throw in another comment alongside that remark, but I widnae push it, well not on a space which I don\’t own, if ye get my drift? lolanyhooooooooo?there\’s a televised debate on tv tonight among the main 3 stoogie parties, are you going to watch it? Paul Weller is on the Radio at the same time… I canny make up my mind? :/mags x

  63. jenagoth said

    it was sent to me through dwp for dla members group

  64. jenagoth said

    Once again, a bombshell that could cause huge financial hardship to tens of thousands of claimants has been dropped, virtually unnoticed, by a government minister.The shock plans, for ‘simplifying’ the work capability assessment for employment and support allowance (ESA) include docking points from amputees who can lift and carry with their stumps. Claimants with speech problems who can write a sign saying, for example, ‘The office is on fire!’ will score no points for speech and deaf claimants who can read the sign will lose all their points for hearing. Meanwhile, for ‘health and safety reasons’ all points scored for problems with bending and kneeling are to be abolished and claimants who have difficulty walking can be assessed using imaginary wheelchairs. These changes, and many more, have already been approved by the secretary of state for work and pensions but have not yet passed into law. They will affect both ESA claimants and the 1.5 million incapacity benefits claimants waiting to be assessed for ESA. Read more in:Even harsher new ESA medical approved (This article is members

  65. Philip said

    @ Jena: I meant "Substance over image" :o)

  66. Philip said

    @ Jena: Nice to see you back, Jen. :). I don\’t know where you read that but you shouldn\’t believe everything you read. You need to question everything and everyone. That means looking at the same story from other news sources. You\’d be surprised how distorted a news story can become after a news paper or TV station has finished reporting it to their liking.Reagrdless of who gets in the DLA and IB will be reviewd and changed. As I was saying to Prenin it\’s a good idea on the whole to over haul the system to get all the non-genuine cases off their arses\’.And yes, they do need a policy for not ripping off the state. They\’ve supposed to have changed that but the Tories and Labour have been bickering like Children over it in Parliament. So we haven\’t got a flawless system yet.As for Brown. It\’s substance of image. I\’m not dfending him but don\’t fall for a media generated image of any Politician. 🙂

  67. Philip said

    @ Robin: I expected that! LOL! I was also expecting: "Up the Reds!". haha. You know my problem is with the system and the corruption inside of it. I can\’t knowingly vote for ANY current Political party with the system the way it is. To vote would be to validate the rotten system, and I can\’t do that. All the talk of "Change" is an election slogan and doesn\’t mean actual change. I know next year there will be some change, but the change we need.As for being Labour? I do agree with some of their Policy but with their track record (Omitting the recession) I can\’t vote for them. Yeh, there is the lesser of two evils question, but that\’s just my point with this blog, it SHOULDN\’T be that way. And I can\’t go on validating the system, even if it means a Tory win which would affect me personaly.

  68. jenagoth said

    im not happy about boring gordy i read that if you have stumps for hands and can pick things up your dla is gone and if you have slipped discs and cant bend its tough they dont want to know so its discrimination against the sick and yet they brought out a discrimination act its a joke they need a new policy no ripping off the funds for 1000 pounds bags of manure xxjen

  69. Robin said

    why dont you all admit it your all Labourites and you know it makes sense to vote Labour. Better the devil you than the one you dont. You dont want another thatcher in no10 vote labour aqnd keep the buggers out a loyal labour supporter for 43 years

  70. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Hung Parliament? Wont matter either way Mate. They\’re going to cut costs and they\’re going to do it at the expense of the people; as they always do! But I don\’t think they\’ll send you to work, I think it\’s more likely they may cut your money slightly. I have a feeling they may send me to work! Maybe I could work as a mobile crop fertiliser? Just drop me pants when the UC hits and let it flow?

  71. Philip said

    @ Mags: Sorry to hear about your jobs, Mags! There\’s many in the same boat at the moment. And we all know who is to blame."Screw boat to China!"? LOL! That sounds very X-rated, did you mean it in that context? 😉 LOL

  72. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Thanks for dropping back in with those interesting links. I like his writing style, reminds me of someone I know! ;)I agree, all these promises of saving money etc. Surely they would\’ve saved money BEFORE the election to go in it saying: "Look, we\’re actually doing something here!" But no, they leave the saving untill AFTER the election as a incentive (BRIBE) to vote for Labour. The same theme applies to the modernisation of Parliament, it\’s all going to happen AFTER the election. You would\’ve thought they\’d done the changes just after the expenses scandel when Labour had the majority in the House? Just futher proof they aren\’t taking this seriously. They\’re just to be used for Political gain!I aint leaving the Tories out of this! They may not be in power to make the cuts but I\’m sure they would\’ve done the same thing Labour did. They will, if they get in, do what Labour was going to do, just more drastic and let the rich and businesses off the hook. Not sure if that\’s a good thing or bad thing yet. But if they\’re off the hook you do know who\’ll be paying the bill through EPIC VAT then? That\’s right, the people!As for the financial problems we\’re all having, I think the UK has to take its fair share of the blame. It was the UK who fully dregulated in 1998 which lead to the USA doing the same in 1999. I was thinking that maybe if Labour hadn\’t dregulated the system would this recent recession have happend? Something to think about.And again, the Tories aint getting out of it. They\’re the ones who started the deregulation in the mid-80\’s. So they can\’t claim to be on the side of regulaton, especially when a lot of their party is full of MPs who sit on boards in the City!I read the links. Two of them were out of date, but I think that plan is still in place. And you can bet your arse the Tories will carry on with it if they take power. In all it\’s not a bad idea to get some of the people that aren\’t genuine cases off their arses\’ to do work. Though I just know some Genuine cases will end up being thrown in a job the workplace is not equipped for and nither is the person. I\’m not on IB, I get basic IS with a little extra for being sick. Not much at all, and as that man says in his blog the way some people talk about IB and benefits in general; you\’d think we won the lottery!I hope you fair well regardless of who gets in because you have genuine problems!

  73. Philip said

    @ Mags: Thanks for dropping by, love! You can leave comments on my blog okay now? Sweet! :D"So Joe Public joins politics…does he/she just instantly morph into another one of \’them\’? "- MagsIn many cases they probably would because the system around them is corrupt. However, I wasn\’t really talking about having people turn in to Politicians. What I was saying was that people should take more notice, attention and be aware of what\’s going on and being done in their names. They don\’t really need to enter Poltics to question their elected representatives and understand the tricks they use to fool them. Once people are more aware and educated then the Politicians will start to cater to what we want i.e a system that isn\’t corrupt.Which brings me to your other point: "Its all about money at the end of the day… \’mamon\’ It seems to speak louder than any language I know. How are we gonna deal with that wee problem?" – Mags The system is corrupt, and as it\’s corrupt there isn\’t a point in voting in a corrupt system where democracy is undermined by outside influence. So what I propse is this:(1) Accountablity. With REAL political accountablity the people that enter Politics for the money wouldn\’t last long at all. The repocussions for them if they\’re found to be corrupt or not delievering what they said they would do at time of election would be for them to have all money they earned while in government taken off them. Also any earnings used to make more money or buy property etc would also be taken from them. This could be followed with jail time, depending how bad the corruption was.My idea is, that if you make Politics a nice earner for being GOOD and DELIEVERING the best you can then people will deliever the good the best they can, otherwise they lose everything they worked for. Yes, they lose everything, just like the people they\’re supposed to serve lose everything when the Politicans cock-up. Why should they be exempt from loseing everything when they do a bad job?(2) Block ALL funding for parties. It\’s these outside influences (Unions, Bankers Business, leaders etc) that makes a mockery of our democracy because they buy their way in and buy the MP\’s representation. Those outside influences causes are represented before that of the people, even if it\’s detramental to the people.There would be minimal funding for the 3 main parties. Instead of huge election wastage there would be Party Political Broadcasts on TV (Prime Time), Radio (Prime Time) and a leaflet (Manifesto) campaign to keep the costs low.(3) Regulations for the Financial Syetem. This would stop what happened recently (the recession) by stopping bad trading and business pratices before they even start.If you have any questions let us know! 🙂 Hugs to ta Mags! (^^)

  74. Prenin said

    Amen to that Mags!!!Right now I\’m scared right royal sh*tless about what I\’m going to have to do to survive – we\’re talking Mega Political Bullsh*t time as they try to save money any way they can to bribe the electorate!!!Brown trousers was bad enough, but now Comical Cameron is claiming he wants to take 200,000 off disability benefits as an election pledge!Given what Maggie the Grantham Gremlin did and the Grey Major, we\’re talking some seriously bad news here if either Labour OR the Conservatives get in!All we can do is vote for the Lib/Dems and pray for a hung parliament!!!God Bless!Prenin.

  75. The Divine Mrs M said

    well Prenin,my job is going to disappear, its not a matter of \’if\’ its \’when\’ and it could be as early as next year :(soo my friend, I\’d like to join ya in a \’screw boat to china\’ and we aint gonna be on the boat alone either… i hope it doesnt fkn SINK! <ahem> xxx

  76. Prenin said

    Hi Guys!VERY intelligent methinks – Unless we get some miracles from G.O.D (And I\’m not talking Gordon Brown here!) there are just three parties in the running and while Labour have totally F*cked us with the biggest budget deficit since WWII by bailing out the Banks and saving us from a 1930\’s style WORLD depression that they and the greedy b*stards in America started and having to go cap in hand to the IMF like Greece is having to do, I have to say that we are royally screwed and now we know what\’s REALLY happening!!!http://www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/opinion/b1tch/disability_bitch_vs_incapacity_benefit_detractors.shtmlhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/opinion/the_enemy_within.shtmlhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours/transcripts_2006_13_tue_01.shtmlIf you want to know what is REALLY going on please read these three comments – and be amazed that this has NOT reached the front pages of any newspapers…I do not know what will happen to me – I\’m still waiting to be shafted (Sorry \’Assessed\’!) but I am now on twice the medication and have just been through an assessment by a kid straight out of medical School which is why they doubled my meds!May God Have Mercy – after reading these I now know I am seriously screwed!!!Prenin.

  77. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hello Phil the noo! :)I read all of your blog-honest engine! lol. Ive got a lot of mixed feelings about the stuff you had to say. I didn\’t agree with some of the finer points, hey ho, noo tae worry- <wink> I do agree with your summary, although one of the areas I got a bit bogged down with, was when you said, or suggested that the \’electorate\’ should bring about change themselves, instead of doing nothing and then moaning all the time. (that is me roughly paraphrasing I know) and I was set fair to argue the point with you. But I then saw how you elaborated. We do seem to be a Nation, who just \’sit back\’ and let polititians get on with it (for good or bad) and when bad stuff does happen, like hospitals or schools closing down, or Industries being privitised, its all done and dusted before Joe Public gets proper wind of it. So he/she really would be trying to push that waterfall back up Mrs Wilson\’s thighs, -soz- <who IS that woman anyway? :s> if they thought they could change the course of events at such a late stage in the proceedings, So like you said \’awareness\’ is key. Active involvement would be even better, which takes me to the next level I got a bit bogged down on.So Joe Public joins politics…does he/she just instantly morph into another one of \’them\’? I find it all very depressing Phil, but maybe ive missed an important point. It\’s like you said, be aware, fully aware, of whats happening on your own doorstep. and if its wrong for you, for your family for your community, then get right in there, at the very first hurdle…don\’t sit around waiting for the axe to fall/or whatever. It\’s far too friggin late then.when I was at school I had a friend who was passionate about politics. I used to think to myself, \’wtf is she on about?\’ The older I get the more I regret not joining her, after all? it was MY future along with everyone elses that I could have helped to give a better shape to. So education our very young, would be a good plan. It could spawn a few good \’uns who would be able and willing to take up the mantle.So you\’re not voting? I dunno what to do..Actually I think I might be in Hospital on that date…how LUCKY is that??? <ahem>Every time I am tempted not to vote, I keep thinking of those sufragettes, and it makes me feel guilty :sThere was a bit of passion, eh Phil? thats what\’s desperately needed today, and its missing.. we\’re like a bunch of apathetic little sheep. No wonder the country is going down the toilet!Ive managed to write all this and not mention the word \’money\’ once! But I know you did. Its all about money at the end of the day… \’mamon\’ It seems to speak louder than any language I know. How are we gonna deal with that wee problem? – Over to you Phil.. :DI enjoyed the read, thanks for that. looking forward to your next Instalment! heehee! tc pal!mags x

  78. Philip said

    @ Pete: I agree those that are aware of the problem are getting apathetic, and I can\’t say I blame them. Look at the task in front of them. How to change a 300 year old system when the people at the top think they do nothing wrong and the majority of the people themselves are pretty much blind to everything else (Unless it\’s pointed out to them). It\’s a huge task that seems impossible. But the fact remains no one else will get us out of this besides ourselves. Which in itself seems almost impossible.I think the popultion knows we need change but they don\’t know how much or where. I think a party coming along and adovcating change to X, Y and Z will just lead us back to square one. Because the population still isn\’t taking notice and being aware of what\’s going on around them. Yes they have a basic idea that\’s given to them by a certain media outlet, but as you know the media isn\’t always right, has it\’s own agenda and is always biased to a degree. What I\’m sayng is people need to think for themselves outside the box and to question everythting and everyone. Agaian another hard task, people would rather let Politicians do the thinking for them, that\’s where we\’re going wrong.When I said my benefits would get cut I mean if the Tories get in. As you know I have UC and they\’re going to be making cuts left right and center if they come to power. I\’m sure they\’d cut my entitlement. And to be honest I can see Labour doing it to a degree aswell. But as you said, could be hung or a win for either side. If it is a hung then there will be a coalition of Lab/Libs or Libs/Con, I can\’t see a Lab/Con coalition!I\’m not sure about the proportional representation. The same people in charge of this system will be in charge of making the next. They\’d make loop holes and open it to outside influence again and because the people are so fucking lazy and unaware they\’ll get away with it. Square one again. I hope you come back bud, in fact I\’d love to see you blog on Myspace, you\’d have a ready made base of readers from my blog! We could always need some more people with sense on there, for some reason the right-wing dicks seem to have the monopoly on there. And there\’s very view angry Teens on there these days, they all flew to Wastebook! Think about it, mate! 🙂

  79. Pete said

    There is absolutely no doubt people have got lazy Phil but they are also becoming increasingly apathetic towards the whole system. It\’s like how a lot of \’real\’ football fans are turning their back on top flight football because players have completely lost their grip with reality to the point they have completely lost sight of why they wanted to be a footballer in the first place. Same with these clowns who get elected…they lost sight of their calling and the reasons why they wanted to stand for election – because they certainly aint serving anyone other than themselves and their parties.I read the papers every day and do read a little about the election, the promises, the pledges….but it all rings so hollow and untrue….I simply cannot bring myself to vote for anyone.I believe there needs to be change and some fucking big changes too….radical changes enforced to bring the country back into line, to get people working, contributing, being punished for breaking the law and most importantly of all….someone who will listed and act for the great ignored but who is going to do it. They all make nice noises, they all make the kind of sounds they think people want to hear but we are not fools – we know they don\’t care and quite frankly, I can\’t see much change whether Dave, Gord, Nick or even the other Nick get in. And the populus know that.I reckon as we get closer to the election people will start to get a little anxious about viting the tories back into power and either Labour will just squeak back in or there may be a hung parliament which fuck knows what the statute says about that. But I am also sure that the turnout will be ridiculously low – I can\’t see why you benefits should be affected, it\’s not illegal to choose not to vote – with any luck, it may force some change like for xample proportional representation – the fuckers would have to work for their voted then wouldn\’t they!!!!Take care mate and who knows….I might well be back with a bang!!Pete

  80. Philip said

    @ Pete: Forgot this bit: "I have said it before…..there will be anarchy because in the end, the great ignored will simply have had enough."I can see social trouble, but I can\’t see any Political trouble. People are too damn lazy and shit scared of losing their comforts and jobs. They will most likely just wait around for another party to come along and save them. The party in question will be one of the main ones that\’s reinvented itself so appear to represent the people, and the cycle will start all over again. Nothing would change dramaticaly enough to stop the corruption.The change has to come from the people, and I don\’t mean the old style change i.e putting a X on a ballot next to a Party that promises change. I mean mentally in the people, we need a change of mentality, with emphasis on educating yourself and others on how to be aware of the Political tricks and understanding the importance that your job doesn\’t just end when you voted but to question everything your elected representives do.

  81. Philip said

    @ Pete: Cheers Pete. I hope you do get back at it, even if it\’s sporadicaly because you\’re a good blogger and always have somthing interesting to say.I agree with your stance on voting and what you said as a whole. They really are fucking useless and only out to feather their own nest while throwing a bone to the people now and again to keep them sweet. I\’m sure if they hadn\’t deregulated the financial system then we wouldn\’t have been hit as bad with this recession we just had and most the good points they had wouldn\’t have been undone. But because they thought about big business first and the boys in the city they dregulated without a thought of what could happen to the UK as a whole if the boys didn\’t regulate themselves. It\’s like leaving a fat man in a room with a pig and asking it him not to eat it.I agree with you on the system as a whole too. I can\’t bring myself to vote even though I possibly stand to lose some of my benefit money if I don\’t. It has too much space for corruption and outside influence that it\’s like useing a cullonder for a bucket! The fake gestures of change they brought in was not strong enough and only for show in my opinion. They think by showing some change the people will be apeased and soon forget. How wrong they were! Then they say they\’re saving the big changes untill after the election. Bit daft that isn\’t it? There\’s no gurantee they\’ll have a majority to push the bill through. Surely they would\’ve done it when they had a majority if they meant what they said about change? It\’s obviously a Political trick, saving the change untill after the election, a sort of worm on a hook to entice you to vote Labour. Further proof they are not taking the situation seriously at all. After all that\’s happend they\’re still trying to manipulate the people and not taking the anger seriously. They think it will die down, I don\’t think it will, I think this election may see the lowest turn-out in recent times. Even after that they wont take it seirously even though they\’ll say publicy they learned from it, just like last time! Makes me really fucking mad!I still stick to the idea that at least 51% of the population have to be politicaly aware and think for themselves (outside of Political Ideological influence) before we can make the right changes we need to the system as a whole. Which means more writing and explaining for me.Thank you for your thoughts as always Pete! Have a great week ahead, mate! 🙂

  82. Pete said

    Good to have you back and firing on all cylinders….with any luck I will feel the need to let of a little steam soon too!Great blog Phil, as ever well written, thought provoking and intelligent comment about what is after all, an improtant election but I have to say I speak up for the peopl who reallydon\’t give a shit any more, don\’t care and whether you consider it a waste or not, am not bothering to put my x anywhere this year.I have completely lost faith in the democratic system in this country, in the governence of its finances, resources and in particular, the very reasons why I have voted labour since I was 18.There are dozens of reasons why and I don\’t need to tell you what they are but the straw that broke my camels back is the expenses scandal and in particular the attempts to either brush the whole matter under the carpet or use acients laws to try and get away with it. To top it all off, the rulers have done very little about it. I cannot and will not have my faith restored in the system until some radical changes are made to the democratic process and the people who are elected to serve, actually serve the people who voted for them.I have thought about this over and over again and thought about all the pros and cons….am I wasting a vote, does it make a snow ball in hells difference??? But I cannot see past not making an effort. I don\’t believe in what we have, I don\’t believe in the alternatives and basically there is nothing out there that deserves my vote. i don\’t buy into the view that by not voting I don\’t have the right to moan, complain or critisize…I do because I pay tax, I obey the laws and am member of the community who contributes. There have been some positives but overall the last 20 years or so of government has not been about government and the sound management of this country. It has been about self serving, greed, power, corruption, blame, bullet dodging, building personal portfolios, creating a electorate that owes a vote.Remember the promises? Tough on crime and tough on the causes on crime…..the mantra for the last election. British jobs for British workers…..Dave Boy Cameron gets it right – although doesn\’t win my vote – there is a great ignored. White, working class, tax paying, law abding, hard working. We\’re the people who are completely fed up with being taxed to death, persecuted by income generating fines and have to stand back and watch people get away with murder, get money, education, health care yadda yadda….without making the slightest contribution.I know \’ll be better off if I don\’t bother going to work any more and just live off benefits, I could actually do quite well and trust me, sometimes I really feel like just going down that road but I have pride, dignity and conscience………..and I like to be able to look at myself in the mirror without guilt.This country is in a complete and utter mess. 650 MP\’s, a government in power for 13 years, a taxation system that should manage a welfare system that gives people in need everything they want yet somehow, they have ballsed it all up becuse that the privileged 650 has something more important to worry about than the very reason they have the job, themsleves.You make a good point and a good argument but it does not onvince me, I wont vote, I can\’t vote until the country and the system undergoes a radical overhaul which we both know i not going to happen in our lifetimes.I have said it before…..there will be anarchy because in the end, the great ignored will simply have had enough.Take care matePete

  83. Pete said

    Hey mate,Good to hear from you….the blog is just a bit of fun, someone dared me…no prizes for guessing whoA consumer friendly blog, looks good mate and I will give the blog the attention it deserves some time over the weekend. I wouldn\’t say this stuff pisses me off, more it just doesn\’t get me going the way it used to although I had a visit from someone from the labour party the other night….I might just blog about that particular conversation!!?Take care and expect to see my few pennies worth soonPetePS Space looks more people friendly…you getting soft on us?

  84. Philip said

    @ Prenin: I don\’t think I\’ll be voting for my local MP Hazel Blears. As you will remember Squirrel Nutkins was done for flipping her homes to avoid paying tax. Apparently it\’s not corruption and against the law when an MP does it. It\’ll be interesting to see how many people turn out to vote for her. I personally think she\’ll put voters off.You\’re right, it wont be an easy one! I think the Party leaders are just being the same as awlays, out with their wives showing everyone how \’normal\’ they are! Just more proof they aren\’t taking this seriously. It\’s just business a usual, all bullshit and no substance!You\’re right, regardless of who gets in we\’ll be in trouble! I\’m expecting my money to go down.- Phil

  85. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Thanks for the note – I\’ll keep popping in to see how the debate is going!I met our Labour Councillor today while shopping and he suggested I vote for Wera Hobhouse who is Lib/Dem because she\’s like our Councillor Donna Martin who called me a nutter – always one to call a spade a spade – so I love Donna to death! :o)I haven\’t been to Myspace, although I have a Facebook page I visit occasionally, but if it works for you then good luck! :o)This election is not going to be an easy one – the scrapping has started between Brown and Cameron, each slagging the other off in fine style – but all we can do is watch and pray something good comes out of it.If Labour OR the Conservatives win, we disabled are going to be seriously screwed…God Bless my friend!Prenin.

  86. Philip said

    @ Jen: I disagree, Tony Blair was the disingenuous one of the two. Do you remember Blair\’s constant Cheshire cat grin and his inventory of hand gestures? That wasn\’t natural. Gordon Brown is just so plain he looks like he isn\’t being genuine when he smiles because it\’s something he never does. That\’s why he looks in pain when he smiles, but Gordy can look very wooden. Brown just strikes me as more genuine man than Blair, but that doesn\’t mean Brown is 100% genuine by default. As for not liking Brown, well you do know most of the policy Blair brought in was from or with the help from Brown? Brown has the same ideals as Blair he\’s just a different label on the same product.I\’m glad you talked about Politics and taken something away from this. It makes it worth while writing! Thank you. As for Noddy? It\’d probably be an imporvment! Just keep Big Ears outa the picture, he\’s bent! haha Night night!P.S Sorry I called you \’Jengagoth\’ again! (>_<)! I\’ll call you Jen from now on! 🙂

  87. jenagoth said

    i can only remember harold wilson as a nice grandad type of man with a pipe but i know my parents liked him i didnt mind blaireat the beginning but he got too tied up in wars and his wifes opinions mainly domestic ones bt at least he did things in the public eye gordon brown not genuine and not a good leader in my view can you tell i dont like him you know this is the longest i have ever talked about politics sweet dreams im off to noddy land maybe he should run the country xxjen

  88. Philip said

    @ Jengagoth: Harold Wilson. He was the last Labour leader that actually had spine, unfortunately he was also the one to first use the modern image consultants to present and sell himself to the electorate. Not every policy he had was good, but he was such a problem for the powers that be he was forced out of office. I\’m not sure he did good, didn\’t have the chance to. I think Tony Blair and Brown did some good, but they un-did everything by dregulating the financial system in 1998, got involved in two wars that we had no business being in and constant spin doctoring of figuresand events. There\’s also the uncontrolled immigration and the way they sucked up to the rich donars and bankers. They were just yes men and told the public what they want to hear while doing what they said they wouldn\’t.

  89. jenagoth said

    its fine phil i have been called worse lol out of all labours past leaders who do you think was a strong party leader and actually did some good xxjen

  90. Philip said

    @JenaGoth: First of all, sorry I called you "Jenga Goth" in my last reply to you! haha I thought there was something wrong with that. Goths don\’t play Jenga… do they? ;)Thank you for taking what I wrote in to consideration. Let me tell you something about all Parties, they all say they\’re on the side of deceny and are all for fairness and justice etc… They will always say that as long as it gets your vote. The answer to whether they mean it or not lies in reading between the lines in their manifesto (Party promisess), their speeches and their past records in voting of bill (laws) in the House of Parliament and who they\’re friends with.I\’m not sure about the Libs. They talk a good game but they will still be in the same boat as Lab and the Cons regarding finding money for their projects. They are also weak (in my opinion), in fact all three parties are weak, not one of them has a legit straight talking strong man in their ranks.

  91. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Hiya Bud. I remember you telling me about that a while ago. While I haven\’t seen it first hand I wouldn\’t put it past them in the slightest. Just because they hold public office doesn\’t make them immune from their Human nature and the trappings of power. I think a lot of Councillors and MP\’s enter Politics for the wrong reasons, they like the power pure and simple, mostly because they\’ve lusted after it all their life or they were deprived of the opportunity of independence at some point growing up. I will admit some people go in to politics for the right reasons, but either get discouraged fast by the political walls that keep going up in front of them to stop their progress or they get in to the \’Westminster Stream of things\’.I just want a honest person, with a spine who knows their own mind and opinion and doesn\’t flip flop from one issue to another because the Public and media demand it. Someone who will do what\’s right for the people and country as a whole instead of screwing everyone in favour of making money chasing popular policies and the external forces.It look more like there\’s going to be Tory Victory to me. I could be wrong and hope I am but the people are pissed and pessisim is rife! The shit will hit the fan regardless of who wins I think.Hope you\’re ok and doing good! 🙂

  92. jenagoth said

    i will come back and read it phil thats for sure i used to believe as best i could that labour were on the side of decency but at the moment they have some rediculous ideas like these new fit notes instead of sick notes to me they are making everything too complicated and using money for new systems that dont work maybe the libs should have their day xxjen

  93. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Having seen at first hand just how corrupt these bast*rds are (Try having a local Councillor boast to you about his connections to local gangsters!) and have to watch an idealist become Councillor and get off on the power to the point where he thinks he\’s God Almighty and tries to threaten you into silence – Yes, I\’m kind of short on options where candidates are concerned!!! :oSAs for the National Election – Pessimism is a terrible thing, but what else is there?I\’ll probably vote for anyone other than Labour and the Tory\’s bullsh*t excuse for representitives apart from the BNP, but I doubt if we\’ll see a sudden sea-change and all we can hope for is a hung parliament which might force them to switch to proportional representation, but by then pigs will fly because they won\’t do anything to threaten their hold on power!What a sad, sick, disaster our Politics have become where Politicians are Cabs for Hire and can claim they were mis-represented by the BBC recording every word they said as they offered their services to the highest bidder.Bast*rds….God Bless!Prenin.

  94. Philip said

    @ Jenga Goth: I\’m not keen on ole Gordy myself but I can stomach him more than I can stomach Cameron. But I can stomach the Lib-Dem leader more than both of them put together! haha. If I had to choose I\’d have to support Labour, because they\’re not going to be as bad with the axe when it\’s time to cut public spending.You are right, they do it to line their own pockets. But you HAVE to remember WHY and HOW they get away with it. They milk the system because the majority of people DON\’T follow what their MP does closely enough. They/you need to read between the lines enough to understand when they\’re lieing. It\’s called being Politically Minded. It really isn\’t as boreing and difficult as it sounds. In fact it\’s instrumental because everything these Politicians does affects the way we live to how much a tin of Beans will cost. It\’s up to YOU to do your part and understand the world around you the best you can. I\’ll do a blog on this soon. I hope you read it.First for Politics? I\’M GLAD! (^^) My aim on here is to get people thinking about Politics who otherwise wouldn\’t think about them. I hope you continue to come back. And if you don\’t understand anything I say then tell me and I\’ll explain, I wont think you\’re stupid or bite your head off! :)Oh yeh! You\’re all gonna pay a toll to get in here soon! 😉 Have a good day too.

  95. jenagoth said

    im not paying for your spelling either lol xxjen

  96. jenagoth said

    wow you have loads to say i cant stand gordon brown he hides away too much i thought blair was a rogue and two faced but at least he did it in front of us i have no trust in any party they are all out to line their own pockets we need a complete change but who thats the problem lol now this is a first for me politics have a good week philip xxjen

  97. Philip said

    @ Daf: Yeh, leaves me feeling somewhat the same, Mate! Eh? You aint gonna pay me for my spelling mistakes? I should start charging a fee for people to enter my Space. Wait, that just sounded wrong!If I do enter Politics and get where I want to go by lieing then no one will ever trust me again when I about turn and do what I said I wasn\’t. Instead of delievering Wine and garlic bread I delievered Ribena and a Hob-Nob! There\’s not just the people who will notice, my Political enemies will harp on it every chance they get and I have no defence to it other than more lies. There\’s also the little fact of the Party behind me, I\’d have to build a Party platform on the lies, when I turn around and say: "Soz lads, was just doing it to get here." They\’ll kick me out with a vote of no confidence and a new leader picked then maybe a General Election called (Assuming the Party would be that big). There are so many ways it will back fire on me. If I\’m honest from the start they wont want to know, if I lie then I\’ll lose my position quicker than a lady of the night at Piccadilly Station! All this doesn\’t even include finding the right people to join me (Would you join if I made a Party?), the funding, fighting the Media machine and the Local MP\’s and Councillors.Why is women voting a whole other issue? You\’re still validating the corrupt system. You think it would be disrespectful to those that won you that right? I think it\’s more disrespectful to them to have such a system in place where that vote means nothing but the right to complain. I think it\’s more disrespectful to them that women up and down the country don\’t understand the process of Governing (I\’m not saying you\’re one of them women). I think the current system is one great big slap in the face to all who died and fought for our freedom and right to have a Democratic vote.Yeh, Steven Byers said he was lieing and refered himself to some Parliamentary Commity! LOL! He refered himself! hahaha And then no further action was taken. You know why it wasn\’t? Because it would drag Labour and the Tories through another scandel during an election. We should expect an investigation after the election. But what you saw goes on all the time behind the scenes at Westminster and Whitehall and has done for the last 300 years or so. If the people in the past who fought and died for our freedoms and democracy knew what they were up to behind the scenes these greedy bent bastards would\’ve been floored because they wouldn\’t have fought for them, but against them!I am okay-ish at the moment, Thanks for asking Daf! Hugs mate! x

  98. HRH Daf said

    Oh excellent blog Phil! Although it does leave me feeling somewhat depressed cos youre right. (Not paying you to put right your spelling mistakes… times are hard dont you know ;O)So it seems to be what we need is a party leader who is totally honest, but willing to lie to get in in the first place. Which is kinda a paradox. But you know what I mean? Someone who gets that they need to promise the electorate cake for example (cos who doesnt like cake… well I dont but everyone else seems to. I think it would get you in). Then once theyre in actually set about sorting out the financial mess the countrys in, cos lets face it its been mostly about money for soooo long. Then when the time rolls round for the next election, people would be goin \’well there wasnt as much cake as we were promised but actually things are better\’. Trouble is as you say its all about lining their own pockets plus the electorate in general understands so little the election would come round and they wouldnt see the good, just think \’that cake was a lie!\’Excuse the cake analogy but it is lunch time ;O)I will vote, I mean obviously women voting is a whole nother issue so I kinda feel its important we do, but at the same time… I currently have no idea who for. That whole bribery scandel (which apparently wasnt even worth an enquiry) has kinda put the icing on the cake for me. Bunch of corrupt bastards the lot of em. Anyway hope youre feeling well at the moment. Hugs Daf xxx

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