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Where’s Your Spine and Fairness England?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 3, 2010

I was reading my local news Paper over the weekend, it isn’t something I normally do because every time I read it I wind myself up with the general crap and problems in there I can’t do much about. I decided I’d take a chance on it this time as the alternative of boredom wasn’t an option. While making my way through the usual promises of regeneration from Local Government, crime articles and Hazel ‘Squirrel Nutkins’ Blears smiling like a cock-end I came across this interesting story: Atheist who mocked Jesus and the Pope hit with Asbo. Under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, shouldn’t all religion be banned and all those people that try to push their religion whether it be by attempted direct conversion, leaflets or notes have an ASBO smacked on them too as well as prison time?

Mr. Harry Taylor had been leaving leaflets and posters in a Liverpool airport poking fun at the Christian and Muslim faiths. He’d done this on three occasions. The kind of thing depicted on the works were a smiling crucified Christ next to a bottle of ‘no nails’ glue, two Islamic suicide bombers in Heaven being told “There’s no more virgins left” (I heard that before somewhere) and a picture of the Pope with a Condom on his finger. Mr. Taylor said he left the leaflets there as he was: “merely trying to convert them to atheism”. Simple enough, eh? Obviously someone got their feelings hurt, I’m not sure if it was someone actually religious or some random Politically Correct tosser who actively searches out material like this and then gets offended on someone else’s behalf because they’re sad PC knob-ends with nothing else worth while to do in their lives.

It doesn’t really matter who reported it, what matters is he was charged with three counts of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress. He was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work and pay £250 costs. I find it amazing he could be charged with that when the Bible, and more so the Qur’an, are full of Verses and Surrahs that preach hate, rape and murder. By that Judge and Jury’s standards and the Law’s standards many religions should be a banned ideology and anyone advocating it should be locked up.

Wait, it gets better… I was watching TV and came across this story: Muslim daubs war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’  This man wrote: “‘Islam will dominate the world  –  Osama is on his way” and “Kill Gordon Brown” and it’s considered Political? The use of the word ISLAM doesn’t denote anything to do with religion at all? And the kill Gordon Brown bit isn’t incitement to commit murder? It also isn’t religious motivated if Islam was in the previous sentence? So this Muslim man does this and he gets a two year conditional discharge and told to pay the council £500 compensation? Yet the Atheist didn’t say anything about killing anyone, didn’t harbour any grand plans for an Atheist world order and just poked fun at religion, yet he got a harsher sentence?

I think it’s obvious this is just another case of the UK having no spine and lots of double standards. The Jury didn’t find Mr. Shah (The Muslim) guilty because they were simply scared of being called racist or upsetting the Muslim community, well the hard-line nut case elements of the Muslim Community. Can someone remind me why that part of the Muslim community actually counts anyway? It’s a complete joke, the Atheist shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place and the Muslm should’ve been find more and then locked up because he was obviously talking about killing people brought about by his religious beliefs.

Where’s the spine of the country? Where’s the fairness? We have a system of Political correctness that ties our hands when the matters of religion or race come up, which leads to people like Mr. Shah getting off lightly while Mr. Taylor got a harsher sentence when he shouldn’t have even been to court. The Politicians wonder why the people have no faith in them, the Judicial system or the Police force? And also why national pride is almost non-existent? It’s about time this rubbish PC and Religious hatred law bollocks was dropped, it’s obvious now it isn’t working, never has and never will, in fact it’s having the opposite effect of what it was intended.

If you don’t want your religion questioning then I suggest you grow a thicker skin. If you don’t like living here then I suggest you move to a country that shares you religious, social and moral values.

26 Responses to “Where’s Your Spine and Fairness England?”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Buggar. Tried your link because I have no idea what an ASBO is, but only got a lot of Salford News. I just couldn’t spot it. But the farmer growing kiwi from seeds bought 20 years ago is amazing! Doesn’t that say a lot of what a seed is. That’s pretty amazing.

    An astonishing, ASTONISHING lot of punishment dealt out. Nowadays, the ‘no virgins left’ joke is all over the place. Pretty damn crazy.

    • Hi Noeleen!

      An ASBO is a Anti-Social Behaviour Order. It’s placed on people who’ve been involved with violence, intmidation or crime in general. It’s usually used to restrict the individuals movements to stop them re-offending. They don’t work because the dickheads that wear them see them as a badge of honour.

      The Man’s been growing those Kikiw for years, not from seeds 20 years old. Still good though.

      I’m not sure about the virgins joke! 😛 lol

      Have a good weekend, Noeleen! 🙂

  2. Philip said

    @ Prenin, Pete, G-Man and Daf: Thanks for your comments, sorry I took ages to get backto you, I\’m gonna put a line under this blog for the time being and start a new one soon. Looking forward to hearing fro you all then. 🙂

  3. HRH Daf said

    Jeeeeeeezus H Christ… Im so ashamed. I said \’I\’ll have you no\’. Kill me now and put me out of my bad grammar misery ;O) xx

  4. HRH Daf said

    Hey heeeeeey and WOOT WOOT! Im back in business, and Ill have you no without the aid of a single techie, of which Im very proud! Shame about your garden vids. You having any luck getting your XP pute fixed or are you sticking with your Vista? I got a comment after the one you left saying your problem might be something to do with upgrades or something. Personally I know naaaathink about it, as I think Vista runs like a bag of hammers anyway. Wouldnt mind giving the new windows a go, although that means spending my hard earned cash on something sensible and Im not quite sure Im ready to do that just yet. Anywhoo hope your garden is thriving in the sunshine!Oh and theres not much point on my adding my thoughts on this blog cos theyre very simple – think your dead right!Hope your in decent health at the moment (cos I know your fighting an uphill battle so just decent would be a good start!)Moocho love Daf xxx

  5. The G Man said

    Mr. E.Good to see you\’re still fighting your corner mate. :-)Hope you\’re in the best of health (that you can be).Take care.

  6. Pete said

    Hey Phil,I think my apathy towards government, democracy and the whole bloody system is reflected in the voting numbers and some of the news coming out of the No.10 in the early days of of the marriage is alarming to say the least. One of my friends said yesterday he voted conservative but now regrets it….it seems my prediction that us poor taxpayers….I think Dave called us \’The Great Ignored\’ is about to become a reality.Just a note mate…I know i am critical of people who sponge of the state and life a benefit lifestyle – I hope you never think that is remotely aimed in your direction. The system was set up to help people who need help which is your case – not people who can\’t be fucking arsed working – but I am sure you knew that!!Take carePete

  7. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)Yeah I think the same photographs from the same march are being repeated over and over to stir up trouble, but how do you separate the truth from the bull???Now all our taxi firms are Asian owned the white drivers I used to know so well are being forced out because they hire out more radio systems than the business can provide trade for, so the drivers have to work longer hours to make up the loss in business and so have to either get licenced as Hackney cabs and go independent, or go to a different town with fewer Private Hire cars and firms.It doesn\’t help that we have them pulling the aforementioned stunts like sharing licences etc. However they are now rarely displaying their licence – which they have to by law – and the turnover of drivers means you can\’t get a clear idea of who is doing what!All I can do is stick with two firms I know are reasonably Kosher, apart from the aforementioned licence tricks, and hope I don\’t end up in a car wreck with a stoned, unlicenced, driver…As for your comment!!! :o)I tried a double dose of Zopiclone and was unable to get to sleep for some hours, then overslept.The second time I took one pill early, the second at 10pm and got up at about 10am – 11am in time to go get the milk and get back safely.Now I may be up until 7am to go get my milk and then sleep until 3pm – without taking the pills.At least I have the Alpha course done for another week and had a great time with three lovely ladies!Hope your sleeping pattern doesn\’t mess up, but it\’s something we both have in common…Yeah the newlyweds are trying to make out all is wonderful, but when the crap hits the fan we\’ll soon see just how cosy they really are!Already Cameron is changing the rules so he can\’t be ousted unless 55% of the MP\’s vote against him and he doesn\’t have to go to the country if a no confidence vote is against him – I think!!!Basically he\’s covering his own ass!!!I agree about the whips – this is NOT a marriage made in heaven – but this is the first taste of power the Lib/Dems have had I can remember since the 70\’s, so I guess they\’ll be making lots of \’Adjustments\’ to their manifesto.Lord help us…Prenin.

  8. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Hiya Prenin! :)I remember you told me before about the Asian taxi drivers. Although I\’ve got witnessed it first hand it wouldn\’t surprise me. I\’d like to see an investigation in to the whole benefits system and who\’s on what, when, where and why. As for them driving withot a licence, you should shop them!The e-mails you get sound like typical anti-Islamic stuff, there may be no truth in it.. Like the figures saying native English people were being put behind immigrants for housing. I recenly found out quite a lot of flats and houses in Salford and Manchester are lieing empty. I seen them pictures on the net and the news. Not seen many recently though, as I said they may be part of an anti-Islamic campaing. I am sure that some people in the Country are doing it to turn us against Muslims, not all Muslims are like the nut jobs we see on the news, but their default setting does seem to be conservative and they never really seem to form groups to counter the extremests. Which makes me wonder who they actually support. I always try to think tha not all Muslims are bad, which they\’re not, but the evidence sometimes just points to the fact even if they\’re not extremests they get offended very easily and get away with a lot.You can bet your arse if you walked in the UK with "Down with Islam" you\’d not even be allowed to get the permit to protest or hold the march. Even if you do it without the permits the Police would have you in cuffs before you could say Allah.I don\’t think there has to be another 7/11, with stories like the above and others we\’ll be seeing more unrest anyway. Just psses me off they give prference to them because they do;t want to upset them or their community. But an Atheist is fair game? It\’s just stupid and going to cause trouble at some point. The Government shouldn\’t be bendig over backwards and giving preference to a group of people who don;t deserve it, they shoud be treated like everyone else with no bias or preference. And if they don\’t like it they can lump it like the rest of us.I just hope that in the future the Asian popultion do what the Christians have done and only give lip servce to their religion and embrace life here in the UK like the rest of us do.Good night, Prenin!- Phil

  9. Prenin said

    Hi Phil!Thanks for the explanation – there may be a lot of truth in it given that many Asian taxi drivers are working AND claiming benefits while driving without their own licence which is illegal, but the Police do nothing.I keep getting emails talking about the amount of money paid to Islamist \’refugees\’ who turn up expecting to be given the golden child treatment in relation to the pittance given to pensioners, but I can\’t confirm the figures and they seem to be out of date given the points system they use these days.I also get them with a dozen or so photographs of posters demanding the beheading of anyone who insults Islam etc. etc. etc. from an Islamist protest march which I think was a couple of years back.I wonder what would happen if a bunch of Christians held a march in downtown Baghdad with Christian versions of those same banners?No points for this one – it\’s a no brainer!!!Mind you: IF I tried to organise a march with banners saying \’Death to Islam\’ in the UK I wouldn\’t get ten feet – these folks, many of them masked, had a Police escort… :oSIf we get one more 7/11 though I think people will be a lot less restrained when it comes to Islamophobia!Hard to believe terrorists in Pakistan can organise a bombing in the USA, but it\’s happened twice now and it was sheer luck that the Times Square bomb was spotted in time!Given the steady rise in the Asian population I can see Civil Unrest throughout the developed world in my tea leaves…Have a great week! :o)Prenin.

  10. Philip said

    @ Pete: Hiya Pete! As I explaned to Prenin below you were just pointing out that most Muslim extremests seem to be soaking up benefits like a sponge. So it could be likely he was doing it, if he was it wouldn\’t surprise me at all, regardless, your comment was perfectly valid and based on fact.I was watching the News when I saw Him come out! It aint as simple as it seems mate! He may be standing down as the PM but he plans on remaining the PM untill September! I think that\’s even if they choose a new leader, I\’m not sure that\’s allowable by what little of a constitution we have. I can see, come Sep, we\’ll be having another election with David Miliband as the Labour leader. If they win depends on how good he is, and I don\’t think he\’s good enough. He\’s a copy of Tony Blair, so expect more of the same from Labour.I think the Lib-dems gave the Tories he first shot at a coalition to put the ind up Brown. As I thought Brown IS stepping down but not untill Sep, if the Lib-Dems will accept that is debateable. If they side with the Tories they will be fucked over because they wont compromise, that\’s why they\’re called Conservatives. Even if there is a Lib-Con pact it wont last long, and we\’ll have another election months after.As for public spending, yeh, Greece is a prime exaple, but in the UK it wasn\’t the Public spending that put us in this debt, it was mostly the banks\’ bail outs and two protracted wars we weren\’t even supposed to be in. I wont lie and say Public spending didn\’t contribute, because it did to a degree, but not to a degree that most of the right/Libertarian papers have been saying.I agree with you on immigrants and the benefits system being abused by non-natives and native alike! It\’s just a complete pisstake. Though immigration to the UK isn\’t the highest in the EU (Debateable?) we still have a problem of abuse of the asylum, immigration and benefits system by non-natives in the UK. As for crime? I agree, needs to be tackled too! We\’ve bene over this before with the excessive Human Rights rubbish. I think if they commint a crime they lose the mjority of those rights and they go to prison to be PUNISHED and CORRECTED like they\’re supposed to, not to learn the tricks of the trade, lounge around and make connections!The likelyhood of this happning Pete is very unlikely, especiay if a Lib-Lab coalition take sus futher in the Europe, we\’ll have 100% of UK laws coming from the EU instead o 80%. Me and you should start thinking about forming a party maybe?Hey, don\’t worry about not having the time, it\’s all good mate. I\’ll talk soon hope your week has got off to a good start! :)- Phil

  11. Pete said

    Hey Phil,I\’m not entirely sure if the muslim fellah was on benefits it\’s just an assumption based on the fact that a lot of the extremist Islamics who live in this country and incite violence, murder and the occasional outpouring of racism, are usually quite happy to take the money from the western infadel!!You are also probably just getting wind of the news Gordon is finally stepping down. The right thing yes and possibly just about the last hope to form some kind of coalition with the Libs – as the commentators are now beginning to believe what will happen. LIke I said in my earlier comment – the tories couldn\’t win with a majority against a poor government and unpopular leader – now even the Libs are looking to side with Labour. In this uncertainty I am more positive than ever that not voting was the right thing to do – in amongts all discussion I still do not hear what I feel is important…clear and decisive action to combat immigration, crime and the abuse of the benefits system in this country – they all go hand in hand and if the government would like to have a little look at Greece and see what happens if the state pays out more than it is getting in, that might be a good indication that something needs to happen and quick!!Have a good evening mate and will chat sometime soon – just not getting as much time as I would like at the momentPete

  12. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Pete was just talking aout the likelyhood that this Man may have been on the Dole while preaching the death of a system that supports Him. They do do this a lot, Abu Hamaz being one of the most well known cases. In fact he works art time in His Father\’s garage business, so I\’m not sure if he\’s on the dole or not. His Dad isn\’t poor so maybe he aint on the Dole, not sure really.I\’m not sure Proportional Representation (PR) will be any better than the present system. In fact it would mean more hung Parliaments and more coalition and compromise. Sure, more parties will get a fairer deal in the PR system but it will lead to deadlocak like in Europe where these kinds of Governmets are the norm.Lose faith? Um, I have a few times, I hold on to the hope that something will change eventually, but that light hoe of hope is fading!Have a good week, Prenin! :)- Phil

  13. Philip said

    @ Pete: Hiya Pete :). The Muslim man wrote: "Islam will dominate the world – Osama is on his way" and "Kill Gordon Brown". I wouldn\’t really count that as racist, more incitment to muder and religious extremism. I\’m not sure he\’s on the dole, but I know he works for his Dad in his garage, His parents are not poor. So we now we know he could be a bored little boy dabbling in Extreme Islam.Regardless of why he did it the fact is he got off lighter than an Atheist, and the Muslim was inciting Murder. You\’re right they let him off because he was a Muslim, they were scared of causing trouble in the community. I don\’t understand the Jury and Judge\’s logic, if he was an extremest then why would sentancing Him cause trouble in the Muslim comminity? Surely the Muslim community would say: "Good! Send Him down!"? It begs the question is the Judge scared of the Muslim community because the media presents them as all supporting extremests to a point? Do most Muslim\’s support what this Man says? I only heard the Muslim Council of Britain condem Him, but they didn\’t call for Him to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Maybe if the Muslim Council DID say "He should be done for it!" then the Judge and Jury would\’ve delivered a tougher sentance? These are the questions that need to be asked, because obviously he got off lightly while an Atheist was done for less, and he wasn\’t even calling for an Atheist world order or the death of Gordon Brown. This fear of upsetting, not just minorities, but anyone that\’s deemed to be a \’Sensitve Case\’, has to be stopped. There should be one law or all and not exceptions for certain people.That was one of the reasons I didn\’t vote, I just don\’t trust them it\’s so obvious they\’re weak, spinless and bent! The whole system needs an overhaul or maybe even a new system alltogther with accountablity at the center of it! That\’s the one thing that is lacking and the one thing none of the Parties today even talk about. They only talk about recall of an MP, what good is that if it doesn\’t stop corruption at source and doesn\’t stop the outside forces from getting in? Basicaly we\’re only removing the MP, we\’re not removing the problem that created the Corrupt MP or the forces that guided Him/Her.Talk when ever ya free, Pete! We can talk about it anytime, in fact I may write a detailed manifesto of my own soon, I will be asking for yours and some others opinions on it. Talk soon mate and have a good week!- Phil

  14. Prenin said

    You and Pete are BOTH right Phil – this was a farce although I don\’t now about the Muslim mentioned in Pete\’s Comment – could you elucidate???I voted, but because this is a traditional Labour seat Jim Dobbin still got in, but at least I got a chance to vote – maybe when the system is rehashed we\’ll get something better.I have to believe that or lose the will to live…God Bless my friend!Prenin.

  15. Pete said

    HeyYou see my friend…this is exactly the reason why I did not vote – because I am sick to fucking death of this pathetic government running scared from muslims and its double standards. I read about this too and I was incensed. I can\’t remeber what the racist bastard wrote – yes he is a racist bastard – but it was a typical statement from a \’extreme radical\’ muslim. Once he had done it he no doubt went off to the dole office to get his benefits and then back to his state sponsored house. Makes me absolutely sick to the stomach and I am sick of readin about things like this. This is why I stopped the social commentary blogs too…it was seriously making me a deeply unhappy and depressed person…..life is way too short.I think I called the election right and now it all descends into chaos as Gord wont leave and Call Me Dave faces up the FACT that he could not get a majority over the most unpopular government in living memory. I think I mentioned my main motivation for mot voting was my complete lak of trust of the democratic process in this country….what happens next will be a true testement of my belief that it needs a radical workover.Anyhoo…I\’ll discuss this with you another time, I need to be somewhere else…take carePete

  16. Philip said

    @ Woody: The voting was a fiasco! We had observers from foreign countries to showthem how it\’s done, the UK being the birth place of modern Parliamentary democracy and all, and even the people from thrid world countries said they do it better! It was a joke because the people at the stations knew that more people were projected to come out and vote but they didn\’t prepair for it! Now they\’re all blaming each other! Next time it will be different, expect the polling stations to stay open longer next time.I didn\’t vote because the system is open to corruption and outside influences and not one party was talking of accountabilty. They only spoke of recall (Removed and then voted out in their town) of an MP if they\’re found to be corrupt. That doesn\’t punish the corrupt MP or remove the outside influence. Putting my [X] in that box would validate the system and send a messge to the Politicians to continue running the country in the interests of their backers (outside influences i.e Banks/Bankers, Corps, Unions, Businesses other Governments etc…) and not the interests of the people they\’re supposed to serve. he vote in the current system is a illusion of control to make the people think they have a say in who runs the country, when in reality we don\’t and the outside influences will always be represnted first and first most. That\’s why things always stay the same and nothing changes drastically.Talk soon mate! 🙂

  17. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Jim Dobbin is Labour/Co-Op? Who was the other Labour candidate standing? Or was you talking about Jim \’£99 grand\’ Dobbin? haha. Yeh he had very clean hands didn\’t he? That\’s a reason I couldn\’t vote, why should I have to vote for a man, who if he wasn\’t an MP, would\’ve been locked up? I didn\’t vote at all, as I said wouldn\’t in my last blog and in the comment box, I just couldn\’t bring myself to do so. And yes, it\’s nice to see Nick Clegg prove he\’s just like the rest of the pack! Last week he said : "I wont do a deal with a Conserative Government.." – and look what he\’s doing! Spent all that time sayng he wasn\’t like the old parties and all theat guff, now he\’s in bed with Cameron sucking him off in an effort to get some electoral reform! Way to hold on to what you believe in Mr. Clegg! What I thought when I first heard him say he was giving the Tories the first go at a coalition was he was making Labour sweat and to mobilise the people within Labour to give Brown the boot.. And the first person today seems to have come out of the shadows to stab Ceaser in the back!Aye! The hives went ages ago, they went 24hrs after they appeared, not got a clue what caused it, thoug I think it could have someting to do with my UC. You have a good weekend too, mate, get outside it\’s nice for a change! haha 🙂

  18. Lee said

    Ok, Short and simple, So many thousands of people have been denied to vote because they queued up all day and night, and by the time it came to Ten O\’clock it was to late, so. . . . .Why didn\’t YOU vote ?. . . . . Cant wait to read your reply ! . . . .(My guess is that it\’s going to be more than 500 words) LOL !

  19. Prenin said

    Hi Phil! :o)I\’m glad the hives have gone – I voted for a Labour Councillor (clean hands from the expenses scandal) and Lib/Dem for the MP, but Jim Dobbin got in anyway – again…Hope you have a great weekend my friend – I\’m watching the politicians compromise their principles to get a taste of power…God Bless!Prenin.

  20. Philip said

    @ Mags: Thank you for the Links Mags! I\’m not sure if it is the one, doesn\’t matter now anyway, it\’s all over, eh? And I didn\’t vote, I couldn\’t bring myself to do it, it goes against what I believe, I can\’t validate that system, besides, no one on offer was saying what I wanted done. Keep the Tories out by voting Lib-Dems? Who\’s currently in talks with the Tories for a coalition? haha You see, they\’ll soon drop their morals and what they believe in if a bit of power is waved in front of them. Said he wouldn\’t work with a Tory government, now he is, Clegg likes tosay he\’s different from all the other Parties, he ait, he\’s proved he\’s just the same.I\’m recovered from the Hives, they only last 24 hours! Not sure what it was but the UC could be a valid cause as many other things could. Hugs to maggy Moo! 🙂 xxx

  21. The Divine Mrs M said

    Hello Phil,I\’m just dropping this link here in case you miss it.I scoured the net but to the best of my knowledge there was only One televised debate in scotland.This is a debate featuring William Hague, Paddy Ashdown and David Blunkett, there is a live link to Alex Salmond! It\’s Interesting enough viewing…http://player.stv.tv/programmes/campaign-2010-with-jonathan-dimbleby/2010-04-15-2235/2010-04-15-22-35/I thought that my outbreak of Hives was allergy related to be honest! But now following what you have said, I\’m not soo sure? :s I am recovered now, I hope you are too sweety! ARE YOU VOTING TOMORROW? lol I am not changing my mind-welllll, erm? Someone has told me that SNP is a wasted vote, in the attempt to keep the tories out. So now i\’m not soo sure again – probably \’lib dem\’ it is then? :smags x

  22. Philip said

    @ Prenin: It\’s true, it\’s just pure PC! It\’s ridiculous! You know what, on Myspace a blogger friend of mine who\’s a U.S. Libertarian reckons that we\’re so PC and have the problem we do is because of the Socialist policies we have. I agree to a point with that, PC policy was an invention of the Left, but they\’ve taken it to an extreme where people are even scared to criticise anyone who aint white, and in this case correctly govern a legit case.

  23. Prenin said

    I\’m with you on this one Phil – one law for them, another for the rest of us.I\’m sure the next suicide bomber will take with him a large number of ordinary folks who will be happy to be blown to bits as long as it\’s PC to do so…God Bless!Prenin.

  24. Philip said

    @ Robin: Anyone who mocks religion is worthy of an ASBO? How can you say that? Where\’s my freedom of speech and expression? This freedom of speech only works one way then, right? In the favour of the religious people who get their nickers in a twist whenever their stone age backwardness is questioned? What about the real life example I gave? Why did the Muslim man get a lighter sentance when the Atheist got more?… and the Atheist wasn\’t advocating killing anyone. It\’s unfair and backward for a country in the 21st century that calls itself a free and fair democracy to penalise one man for his free speach that wasn\’t advocating violence but let another walk free advocating Murder of the PM just because he\’s a Muslim?

  25. Robin said

    I believe any person who mocks religion is worthy of an ASBO. Nothing wrong in being a Christian and other faiths, if others by way of leaflets, megaphones can be construed to be inciting tension be it race or religion deserve to be punished.Why should we tolerate being criticised for our beliefs by those who choose to be Atheists and or other religious beliefs. We all have the same rights in fairness why be critical in the first place. To me it has nothing to do with being political correct.

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