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Three Things That Worry Me

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 8, 2010

As usual I’m sat here with at least three good topics for a blog, these subjects have been going around my head for a while, but became more prevalent this week. I know I should space my blogs out a little because sometimes they can be too much to take in for the average person. When I say that I’m not insinuating the vast majority of the population are stupid, I wouldn’t be so mean – in fact I just think you’re lazy. So I’m to going to write about three subjects in the same post, if that’s ok with you? If it’s too much for you then read a bit at a time, if reading this far is too much for you I suggest you give up all hope of finishing this blog, walking, talking and wiping your own arse and concentrate what brain power you do have on your breathing to stay alive. As it’s obvious you have the attention span of a Gnat and are about as intelligent as Slug about to fall in to beer trap full of it’s dead brethren. Now I’m calling you stupid. 

I’m going of topic so let’s get back to it. These subjects are ones that niggle at me and really make me worry for the future of the country and the people in it. Why should I, You, or Anyone else care you’re probably thinking? Well it’s the future of the nation and our culture that is at stake. You should care about that to some degree, if you don’t then you fucking well should you selfish, lazy arsed wankers. If your gut reaction to that sentence was one of anger and annoyance at the fact I just called you selfish and lazy for not caring about the world when you have a life to lead, then you’re the person(s) who need to pay more attention and care about what happens to the country. I know people are different and worry about different things in their lives, but worrying about the state of the country in general is important as it will – at some point – affect your life. I’ve always thought about the world around me from a young age, it’s just the way I am, I’m not saying you have to be like that all the time but the state of the nation must cross your mind at some point. So you must get as pissed off as me sometimes? Regardless of my reasons I do care, so if you don’t then fuck off and do something else, I’m sure there’s a million and one things you could be doing right now other than being lectured at by a Cunt like me. So go on… off you fuck to the million and one anesthetics that stop you from thinking about reality.

Anyway, on to my first subject. My Generation, what a waste of time and effort! What do they actually do? They all truly are the product of imported ’80s U.S. Capitalism and Culture, or the ‘Greed is Good’ Culture. They don’t care about anything else but how they look, are perceived, what you have and pissing their money up the wall on a weekend. They’re so vain, arrogant, hollow, selfish and materialistic. What kind of basis is that for a Society? It just really winds me up because the majority of them just don’t seem to give a shit about anything but themselves, they go out and get drunk or drugged out of their skulls on a weekend, it’s their salvation and only means of letting off steam. How sad is that? They’re incapable of relaxing any other way, what’s more is they have to drink to absolute destruction. Why? Why get so drunk you wake up the next day and don’t remember how you got home? Then they go and brag to their mates how pissed they were and post the pictures on Facebook or one of the other Social Networking sites. Why? What’s so wrong in their lives they have to do this? If you don’t go out and get completely wasted you’re some how boring or missing out? I think it’s the opposite, some people are so boring or bored in their every day life that they have to hide behind the alcohol to function in a social situation or to numb out the reality of their lives. Surely the novelty wears off eventually and people can’t hide from their reality anymore? Who can live in a perpetual world of drunkenness? It must be horrible!

Another thing about my Generation is they want everything NOW! NOW! NOW! They’re not prepaird to work for anything unless it pays well, they want the car, the money, the house and everything else their parents had or were promised by modern society. Obviously it doesn’t work like that, with the U.S. Capitalism came job losses, back in the 80’s under a Tory Government a lot of UK Jobs, industries and companies went overseas and they’ve continued to go overseas under a Labour Government. Why? Because all that matters is profit, and this future of riches and a population having a say and stake in Private business never really materialised for the majority of the population, mostly because many of the population were poor in the first place and couldn’t buy shares in anything, without a job they had no chance. Now a whole Generation are scraping by wondering what the fuck happened and where their Jobs are. Those that do have jobs spend their wages on useless over-priced crap they don’t even need because they HAVE to have it because the box in the corner, the posters Ads and the Jones’ tell them they need it. In reality they don’t need it, they just have it so they can show off how successful they are and to compete with other people.

It’s this type of mindless consumption and selfish hollow materialism that worries me. People are so caught up in trivial rubbish and themselves that they don’t notice their country is being run in to the ground by successive Governments backed by outside forces who don’t give a shit if they do anything wrong or not, both Government and outside forces are set for life when they leave office. There’s not only that but the type of society we’re creating, if my generation is anything to go by the up and comers are going to be Prima Donnas. They grew up on reality TV, celebrities and a society where you must have the most expensive things to be a ‘Someone’ and do pretty much nothing to get it. It’s a society that fosters fakery over Substance of character of the person. You don’t need to be intelligent, you don’t need to study hard, you don’t need to work hard, you just have to get on TV, get a record contract, signed up to a Premier League football team, sell drugs or live on benefits while you wait for someone to realise your obvious greatness and give you a job where they pay you £20 quid an hour. My generation’s society is already here, the next one I can see just coming in to view and I don’t like it.


The second thing that worries me is the changing face of the UK’s culture and society in general. I’m aiming this specifically at the religion of Islam. In the late 1970s we had 100,000 Muslims in the UK, just over thirty years later and there is now over two million. What’s more is the UK’s native and non-Muslim population’s birth rate is falling. People are having fewer children in modern times because of the advent of the female contraceptive and women also choosing to have a career first and have children later in life. As you will know Muslims don’t believe in contraception, though I’m sure some crafty ones do use it, the majority don’t, which is why the Islamic birth rate in the UK is higher than the natives and non-Muslim Brits already here. To sustain a culture you need a certain amount of people to carry on that culture, and as you know the native UK population has been dropping and the original culture, however you want to define it, has been replaced with multiculturalism, which pretty much leaves us without a solid base culture or identity. So you have a bunch of native white people scratching their heads wondering what they are with several minorities with their clearly defined cultures, you can pretty much see it’s a cultural vacuume ready to be filled. It’s just a matter of who’s going to fill it first.

In the EU Muslim immigration has been in large numbers since the late 1980s, with even more immigration to the EU, especially to the UK because we have no control of our borders, regardless of what the government says, the Muslim population will increase. So we have more immigrant Muslims as well as the ones already here.

Why worry about this? They’re just another minority, right? Well if in 30 years they can increase from 100,000 to over two million, just think how long it will take before they’re at least half of the population. What bothers me about Muslims is their backward religion, if you look at many Muslim majority countries you’ll see what a mess they are, even the rich ones like Saudi-Arabia. The reason for this is the religion and it’s law system, it’s stone age, it was wrote in the 7th century. In fact we have some Government sanctioned Sharia Law courts already operating in the UK, they only deal with marriage, disputes and inheritance, but even in them arms of Sharia law they discriminate against women as they’re seen as lesser than men. Thus the odds are always set against them, whereas in British law they would be seen as equals to men and thus be treated the same.

To cut a long story short I don’t want to live in a Muslim country under Sharia law. Nor do I want the UK to become a Muslim nation. Yes, you may think it’s impossible, but if you look at the birth rates in the UK and the Immigration numbers you’ll see it isn’t so impossible. Islam, like all religion is fascist in nature, even more so than Christianity and Judaism, and it’s the fascism within a supposed ‘Religion of Peace’ that I fear. Islam doesn’t like the idea of the individual, everyone has to fall in line, everyone has to be under God, they consider everyone under God even if you don’t believe in their God. The individual doesn’t matter in Islam and never will, only God matters. They think the Islamic law extends outside the Muslim world. It’s this arrogance and insistence that the world is God’s and I’m under It’s rule by default that scares me, what scares me even more is the amount of passages in the Qur’an (Islamic Bible) that advocates killing non-believers, Homosexuals, Lesbians and Blasphemers. There’s no tolerance in Islam, unless it’s for Islam. Non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens in Muslim countries, you only get full citizen status if you’re Muslim, unless you’re a Muslim woman in which case you don’t have many rights. That’s another thing about Islam, it’s so male dominated and women are treated like we’re back in the stone age!

There’s no freedom within Islam, unless it’s the freedom to worship their God. Like most religions Islam is Conservative by default, and in recent years it’s been getting even more Conservative due to a revival within Islam that started in the 1970s. The current trend seems to be leaning towards Ultra-Conservatism, this type of Conservatism has been spreading across the world, just look at Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, The Sudan, Iran and Afghanistan. In fact Saudi-Arabia has been funding this spread across the world with their Oil profits, from London to Indonesia, they’re spreading their interpretation of Islam. And the West will not say thing about it because they’re close bed fellows with the Saudis and OPEC. What’s sick about it is their version of Islam is the right one! It’s not like it doesn’t say don’t beat you wife, or don’t kill the non-believers in the Qur’an, because it does. Their religion does say that, and any Muslim that says it doesn’t is a liar. The Qur’an is just as much a book of hate as a BNP leaflet is. Yet it’s allowed to spread and exist in the UK as a registered “Religion of Peace”. Which is a complete joke because Islam is far from a religion of peace and what’s worse is it has a Political arm. Political Islam does exist and will try to gain a foot hold in the UK at some point. As the Muslim population increases there will be a growing call for them to be represented by Muslims, from here we’ll have Islamic Political Parties, in fact we already do have some they’re just not main stream. From there legislation will start to change to reflect the wishes of the Conservative Muslim Population. That is when the UK will start to go backward Politically, socially and culturally and the discrimination of the non-Muslims will begin.

Islam is fascist, arrogant, hateful, bigoted and dominating, lets not forget not crazy about free speech! That’s why I want no part of it in Europe and why it deserves no respect at all, because as ideologies go… it’s in the same category as Nazism.


The State of the Union. I said to someone back in 2006/7 that within 10 or so years the United Kingdom will dissolve itself, after 300 years of other nations trying to dissolve it for us. The people doing the dissolving are Nationalists in Scotland and Wales, let’s not forget the Politicians in Westminster who give the said countries a bad deal when it’s tax and budget time. The state most likely to leave the Union first will be Scotland, they have a national vote on independence next year (2011), and if the majority say yes, it’s the end of a 300+ year partnership that saw all members of the Union benefit. All that time we stood shoulder to shoulder during good and bad times. I’ll admit the English parter in this Union was arrogant and unfair when it come to taxes and distribution of the kitty money. But isn’t that a problem that can, and has been to a degree, fixed?

Why Independence? From what I’ve read of the Scottish Nationalist policy they’d join the EU? Isn’t that just exchanging one Union for another Union? In fact it’ll be worse with the new EU laws coming in to place, Scotland or Wales will just be another part of the European Union, generating taxes and having them taken off them and given to parts of the EU they didn’t want the money going to. How’s that any different from the British Union? The answer is it isn’t, it’s just a group of Nationalist who haven’t thought this through and would cut of their nose to spite their own face i.e the UK being the face and Scotland being the nose (no insult to the Scots intended). It just seems to me the Scottish Nationalists don’t like the English, they resent the fact the English have led the Union since the Scottish lost influence, they were represented, but mostly the English led Britain. However there’s also the legitimate problem of unequal taxing and allocation of funds done by the central UK Government for decades.

We can’t fix what happened in the past, we can’t fix the arrogance and unfairness that the English heaped on the Scots, Welsh and Irish, but we can fix it now, in the present! I’m sure we could come up with a tax and new Political system to have everyone represented equally while having Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and even England independent to a degree. But somehow, with the economic problems and the UK losing it’s powers to the EU we’re pretty much done. It’s just so sad such a great country which such a rich history will be sucked in to a EU super state, run by the French and Germans, two countries that have fought against the UK since we joined.


So the population are becoming arrogant vain morons, industry is down the toilet, society is on the wane and Islamification seems to be on the way, and to top it all off the country’s out of puff and about to be sucked in to an EU superstate and the Scot’s are after leaving at our weakest point. Things can only get better.


33 Responses to “Three Things That Worry Me”

  1. Philip said

    @ Pete: I agree with you on most of what you said, I hope it can be changed at some point because if it can\’t we\’re not going to have much of a future. I never knew the hospital was colour coded, are you being serious? You\’ll have to explain a little more to us. I\’ll drop you an e-mail. Untill then take care bud! – Phil

  2. Pete said

    Right!! This stop start commenting is getting annoying – have good day mate, hope all is well and enjoy the England game today……..;-)

  3. Pete said

    The public sector is in such a mess because too many people take and the balance is not right – I know, it\’s an intrinsic problem too but letting people into the country to join in the fun, does not exactly help.

  4. Pete said

    You know how I feel about Muslim immigration to this country and not so much the political and religious problems – the drain on our resources….in the new manchester childrens hospital every department is colour coded…it took a while but I figured out why!!

  5. Pete said

    Interestingly I did my management diploma project on the decline of British industry and summarised management is poor, ownership is greedy and workforce are lazy….simple really.

  6. Pete said

    In all your points I think as a nation it has all gone too far now for any realistic chance or reversing the trends. Any real action is far too radical and blimey, we wouldn\’t want to be offending anyone would we!?!

  7. Pete said

    Society has changed for the worse, much worse – hence my recent sense of apathy about the serious problems I used to write about so much – gets you down, makes you feel sick……it will never change

  8. Pete said

    This short order comment style doesn\’t make commenting on blogs easy – kind of sums up your first point…lazy, short attention span, me, now……..Big Brother, X Factor and BGT have a lot to answer for!!

  9. Philip said


  10. Philip said


  11. Philip said

    @ Daf: I agree with everything you say mate, I thought you may agree with the majority of it, you usualy do, cos we think alike, init? haha. To be honest I can\’t se emuch of a future for the UK or the people in it unless it\’s a carbon copy of the U.S.! Sorry for the short comment but this is really off putting. Talk soon mate and have a greta weekend! Mucho love-ski!

  12. Philip said

    @ Daf: Seriously, this is pissing me off! When I write I like to write a reply that isn\’t restricted, we are NOT the numbskulls on Twitter for Christ sake! We have more to say than what we ate for tea or which hand we wiped our arse with! Urgh!

  13. Philip said

    I could put up with the bad navigation but thelimited comment space? For fucksake this ISN\’T Twitter or WASTEBOOK! It\’s a good job the peopleat WLS\’s are backed by Microfsoft otherwise they woulda gone under with the bad decissions theymade!Have a good weekend, Prenin! 🙂

  14. Philip said

    @ Prenin: It\’s a complete fucking joke aint it? I haven\’t navigated out of my Space yet, now you toldme that I\’m not sure I want to! It\’ll wind me up big time! I never liked navigating WLS before, if it\’sgoing to get worse not sure I\’ll be using this much.

  15. HRH Daf said

    Anyway Ill leave it there for now cos it looks like Ive typed masses and Im sure its just a normal comment for me.Hope your having a great week!Hugs Daf xx

  16. HRH Daf said

    Although obviously theres more to it than that, and I dont really see what the solution is when there are so many second generation people in the country now. I do apologise if this is sounding like gibberish but this new comment thing is a tad distracting.

  17. HRH Daf said

    And I think your right about the identity of the English becoming confused, I think thats what the uninformed find appealing about the BNP. But I do think people are starting to get a bit stroppy about it, I think thats one of the reasons the moment they have an excuse to fly an England flag (world cup at the moment) then they do.

  18. HRH Daf said

    So anyway, your blog! Yeah I have to say I agree with you about people buying loads of crap they dont actually need but think they do. Dylan Moran does this great sketch where hes goin on about people not being able to find a pen in the house but can find a furry cube that they just had to have.

  19. HRH Daf said

    Well ok I think its a complete pain in the arse, but Ill be damned if Im gonna let em tell me how much I can say. Only problem is it doesnt appear to tell you when youve reached your limit so I just keep rattling and rattling and then it tells me I cant post it.

  20. HRH Daf said

    As you can quite clearly see.

  21. HRH Daf said

    I can just keep posting and adding and posting and adding.

  22. HRH Daf said

    As theyre posted in the right order

  23. HRH Daf said


  24. HRH Daf said

    Quite honestly Im not finding this whole short comments thing too much of a problem

  25. HRH Daf said

    Good evening Phil,

  26. Prenin said

    I can\’t access some of my friends blogs, others I can access, but not post a comment because they time out – talk about frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!God Bless!Prenin.

  27. Philip said


  28. Philip said

    Btw it wasn\’t aimed at you, as you will know, as we\’ve had these talks before.I know they take much notice, people don\’t, and it leaves me feeling Isolated and trapped in their fucking worldthat I didn\’t create. Leaves you feeling powerless and stuck, like you\’re on a Bus being driven by idiots and it\’sheading towards a cliff!Come back when and iff you want to, no rush or obligation, Mate. Talk soon and take care, Pete.- Phil

  29. Philip said

    @ Pete: I know, I Know. I\’m just pissed off with the shit we\’re in and all people can do is scratch their heads\’and blame someone else for it while they knock another pint back. I don\’t know about you but I feel isoloated from it all, like I\’m the only peson living in reality.

  30. Philip said

    @ Prenin: Yeh, that\’s only a local Taxi businesses, just think if they ran the country? I know Turkey is a Cecular Democracy but it\’s still got elemants of Islamic control. Some Muslims say that Turkey is a GoodMuslim state, if that\’s the case then why is it scores of Turks are leaving there for Western Europe? And yeh, PC bollocks wins again. It\’s a fucking joke, no wonder parties like the BNP and NF exist! Urgh…Take care, Prenin.- Phil

  31. Pete said

    Blimey….what a welcome, did you get out of the wrong side of bed today – you should no by now no many people really pay attention to what you are saying!!Anyhoo, I am on a flyby now because I have some pressing stuff to do and your blogs always deserve a little more than a flyby and a quick tells me you aint holding back. So i\’ll come back in a day or so when i am not fielding so many e-mails……that will teach me to do some work wont it!?!Take care matePete

  32. Prenin said

    P.S: When all the white drivers and two Asian drivers were called in for smoking in the cars, one of the white drivers pointed out it was that Asians who were doing it.The company owner did his nut and accused the white driver of racism – even though it was the truth.One law for them etc…

  33. Prenin said

    All true Phil! :o(The Asians now own all the local taxi firms, the charges have gone up and their systems are over subscribed, a driver friend having counted 86 vehicles when the company claims they only have 68!Greed rules it seems and the turnover in drivers is so high you don\’t know who you\’re getting in the cab with…God Bless!Prenin.

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