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Football Patriotism

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 20, 2010

There’s been a lot of talk in the media and the UK in general in the last two decades of how the English are apparently shamed in to – or told by the powers that be – to not showing any patriotic feeling as it offends minorities in England. The usual given example of this is how the English aren’t allowed to celebrate their national day and display the flag of Saint George. That’s strange, because most English people don’t even know when England’s national day is. Anyway, let’s just carry on under the assumption that they are shamed in to and told not to display the flag because it offends certain people. If that is true why do most English display the flag when the national football team play in the World Cup or European Cup?

Surely if they are so shamed they wouldn’t show any kind of patriotism on a sports day if they wont show any on a national day? Well… it turns out they do. I haven’t got much idea why the English only get patriotic when it’s football or sports time, but the flags come out and are hung from nearly every available space and the patriotic feeling rises and a togetherness, almost carnival, atmosphere develops. It’s what I like to call ‘Football Patriotism’, the only time the English seem to celebrate being English and break out the flag of Saint George. It is nice to see but some of the people who display these flags are the same type that are always talking England down and saying they’re going to migrate to Spain or some other European destination while retaining their English identity as soon as they can. Of course they cite the sate of the country and the influx of immigrants as the cause of them leaving, well aren’t they doing the same thing when they move abroad? 

I’m going off topic, so back to it, why do the English feel they can only celebrate this way? Do people really feel they can’t celebrate any other aspect of being English other than when our national team plays it’s national sport that the English invented? Have they been shamed and told so many times in the last twenty years that being English doesn’t matter anymore and that there’s nothing to be proud of that they only show their patriotic side using the only thing that’s English that hasn’t been demonised and branded “racist”?

What do you think about it? Is it just a simple out pouring of Patriotism during the World Cup or is there more to it?


19 Responses to “Football Patriotism”

  1. celticblog01 said

    Hello Phil

    I like this theme very much and I would like to give my opinion

    Probably there are lots of people in England that have and english feeling and feel english themeselves but they don´t feel identified with a symbol wich though it represents the english unity,it doesn´t connect with the actual english society,because,first of all, that symbol its religious one, in this case Saint George.

    Saint George is a religious symbol wich it is given by the Christian religion,that in one hand, in the other hand to celebrate a day called “National day” as the tradicional concept of Nation in this new society it is very complex,because the new societies inside a territory we call Nation or country ,are very complex, most of all in Europe.

    Societies today are made of mixed cultures and I believe is very difficult to feel identified with the concept of Nation.

    If you have a look on the books you´ll see they describe the word “Nation” like this:

    “The group of people who have in common, a language a culture,traditions and way of life ,a history and the most important-A will of a life together-”

    Do you think that nowdays it is posible to keep that concept a live? I don´t think so.

    I think that people in this new societies need a new guide ,a new symbol that make them identify with “unit”

    So, that´s why, probably the sport( football) is a way for the people of feeling identified with that “unit”.Football it hasn´t anything to do with religion or races,not even their individual cultures.

    Sport, and in this case football can be included in the global culture. We live in a globalized world and it is true that is manipulated by the media ,using the sport (football) as a way to manipulated masses and making a busissnes of it.

    Take care mate.

    -Phil Jordan-

    • Good to see you here, Phil! I’m glad you’re still reading, you going to make the move over here to WordPress?

      Oh no, they love the St. Geroge cross! They have it tattoed on themselves, you must’ve seen those fat English in Spain walking around sunburnt with them on their arms and backs? Most English wont even know St. George’s cross is a religious thing, nor will they know he was an Arab.

      It wasn’t really the symbol I was getting at, it was the out-pouring of patriotic feeling whenever England plays football or some other popular sport. We have a national day set aside for national feelings and no one celebrates, well… not like they do when there’s a match on.

      I agree with you regarding Multiculturalism, in modern times it isn’t possible to have a culture and indentity where people feel part of it, not while there’s segmants of the population who can’t or refuse to intergrate. There’s a degree a person would have to intergrate to if they were to be considered British or English. This is the problem in the UK, we’re told not to be proud of being English and not to celebrate our history and culture, because it’s some how ‘racist’ or offensive to others who aren’t from England naturally.

      So I do agree with you for the most part, Multiculturalism and Globalisation hinders national pride and stops the outpouring of national spirit and feeling. Which can lead people to feeling alianated and pressured in to letting their primal feelings come out when football is played. However, I think Mutliculturalism can work if the cultures coming to the UK are similar in their basic beliefs and are willing to intergrate.

      I hope you’re OK and things are not too bad where you are. Take care, Mate! 🙂

  2. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Good to have the man back!!! LoL!!!

    I must admit it was a wake-up call as I’ve NEVER had anything worse than food poisoning and now I’m developing a sensitivity to Cashews too despite eating them for most of my life!

    Yeah Jen and Andro are still with us and going strong!

    Hopefully if she comments on my blogs – she usually does – you can get reaquainted!!!

    I agree about the sleeping pills.

    If I’m lucky they don’t make me sleep longer than I have to, but they don’t help get me to sleep and that’s my problem…

    I’m a bit wary of Warez sites – VERY bad wake-up call that cost me £200 for two new HDD’s after I got a virus – but I guess I’ll be able to get them on DVD.

    Yes the taxi driver problem is difficult, but without proof there’s nothing I can do without being labelled racist and barred from using the taxis which I depend on so much.

    The only way this mess can be cleaned up is if the Legal system cracks down, but they are unlikely to do so unless there is an accident or – God Forbid – a fatality.

    I agree about the illegal immigrants who are STILL getting into the country, but the Government moves slow and unevenly so we will have this problem for some time!

    I still remember the Koran business – both Darrell and I have experienced it along with talking on a mobile while driving and even TEXTING while driving!!!

    Good job the traffic was so heavy they were unlikely to have a serious crash!!!

    The church thing is more social than religious at the moment – testing the water so to speak – and is quite interesting!

    The good news is that I’m meeting lots of good people – I’ve known too many of the bad sort I’m afraid – but because I’m CRB checked they are trying to persuade me to do yet more charity work!!!

    Still: It gets me out of the flat for a couple of hours and it’s good fun, but I don’t get back until after dark so I get a bit wary given our local teen troubles!

    Hope you have a great weekend my friend – I need an early night…

    God Bless!!!

    Prenin the Cleric… 🙂

    • Hello Prenin! 😀 <—– Is it just me or do the smilies on here look a little evil?

      I like Penuts and Penut butter, I've eaten them all my life and even when I first had UC, after a while I had to stop! Our bodies are just strange and react in different ways. Some say it's caused by modern day cleaning fluids, antibiotics and lack of parasites in our digestive systems for the immune system to attack. I think it's probably a combination of the three.

      I'll check out Jen out later when she turns up, I don't know androgoth so I'll leave him for the time being!

      Warez is fine, really. The biggest mistakes people make is NOT scanning the downloaded files with their Antivirus programme. They also don't read the comments on any given Download, have a good read of them and that'll give you an idea of whether it's legit or not. Some times I DL files with no comments, I just scan it with my Antivirus and most turn out OK. I did one time and I picked up a load of crap in there! I haven't got anything from Warez since I started DL-ing from there. But if you want to air on the side of caution then it's all good! 🙂

      I don't think they will crack down, they don't really want to waste money on keeping immigrants out when they provide a source of cheap Labour to the country in many areas of industry. I don't mind immigration but the matter of the fact is we have no idea who's coming in and what they were doing in their own countries. There's also the little fact the rate of cultural change is happening far too fast for the natives to adapt to, people are feeling over run and isolated in their own country, which isn't a good thing! That's something the BNP and groups like them make gains off, and we DON'T them kind of people making gains! So in effect successive Governments have made a rod for their own backs by allowing so much immigration and then surpressing the native culture in favour of multiculturalism. This will come back to bite the country in the arse at some point! And I dread that day!

      As for the Taxis, I'd tell the local MP and Councilers, they should launch and investigation in to it. I'm sure they'd only fine the firms and also warn them to adhere to the laws or face shutting down. I'm sure they'd change after that, and if they don't, report them again. Them people shouldn't be on the road doing what they're doing.

      As long as they're the REAL Christians then it's all good, I can't stand the Presbs, Evangelicals and staunch Catholics and Anglicans! You know, the ones that don't try to force their beliefs and morals on you. Also, you should remember the book of Matthew is the only book in both the old and new Testiment that matters. Pretty much everything else is garbage. However, I'd still advocate people thinking for themselves and do good deeds and charity without being tricked in to doing it because they think heaven awaits after they die. All in all though, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      You have a great weekend too, mate!

      – Phil

      • prenin said

        Hmmm… Evil Smileys – now there’s a niche market!!! LOL!!!

        I’m OK with peanuts and peanut butter so far, but after that little bit of mayhem with the Cashews I’m waiting to see if last night’s crunchy peanut butter and Sour Cherry preserve has had a negative effect!!!

        So far so good… 🙂

        Jen and Andro are a nice couple: Jen’s writing some interesting poetry and Andro writes Gothic horror and gore stories, which is not good if you fancy sweet dreams! LoL!!!

        Yeah I guess I got badly burned last time.

        Eight of us got infected with a virus that rewrote the FAT’s and made access to our HDD’s impossible, so we bought new HDD’s, set up the contaminated HDD’s as D drives and recovered them using a good antivirus from Pandasoft, ever since which I’ve had a main drive and a data drive as well as an external HDD for archived files.

        I agree about the immigrations problems – we have Albanian gangbangers here where I live and there’s been stories in the press about Eastern European rapists and murderers being jailed and only after they were found guilty were the Police able to request information from their homeland and get a run-down on their criminal records there!!!

        That plus the steady flow of illegal immigrants is providing fuel for the BNP and having seen how many Asians we are getting here in Middleton who live in Rochdale and commute to Middleton to work who have serious problems speaking English and the worries over dodgy drivers are making the arrival of white drivers to pick me up something of a relief!!!

        Thing is that the third generation drivers are great blokes and we get on fine, but the dodgy ones are souring the milk and I feel anxious when they send me a driver who can’t speak the language as they are required to speak good English as part of the test to get a Private Hire licence which also includes a CRB check to make sure they are fit to drive, so God Knows what you are driving with!

        Trouble is that if you complain, then they start screaming Racist at you and I need taxis badly so I can only pray they won’t have a bump, although to be honest the traffic is too heavy to allow us to go over 30mph so an accident would be relatively minor and I ALWAYS wear a seatbelt!!!

        Trouble is that we as a Nation are a soft touch so we are a main destination for people from across the planet.

        I have no problems with colour, race or creed, but I must admit that many Muslims are a problem as they refuse to integrate and this has been pandered to so we now have ghettos forming where before the communities were multicultural.

        Oldham had major race-related problems between the African originated lads and the Muslim lads for some time and gangs would battle for control of the town centre on a daily basis.

        I don’t know if it still goes on, but there’s been nothing said in the press – not that, that is any surprise as we’ve had murders where nothing was mentioned…

        I agree about the church – this one is Baptist and they are a decent bunch, although the fact I am CRB checked has had them try to persuade me to help with the homeless at Centrepoint – Given I have Demophobia (Fear of Crowds) and drunk men in particular I have a good excuse not to!

        They are a lovely bunch of folks though and most are grey haired (Mum calls her church Gods waiting room), but there are a lot of young families involved including a lovely African lady called Esther and her brood who are wonderful kids!

        Keeping track of everyone’s names is something of a problem, but I’m getting there!!! 🙂

        I got an email off Bill the Parson today who was checking that I was OK as I missed last week’s services.

        He’s a sweet bloke with a wife and kids, so I’ve got a lot of time for him!

        Now all I have to do is eat – chicken BBQ pizza – so I’ll end here!

        Have a great weekend my friend – I plan to!!! 🙂

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    I ate a whole packet of Cashews last week and spent 12 hours with my bowels ablaze, so no more Cashews for me!!!

    Now I know what UC feels like I can understand why you are cutting so many things out of your diet!!!

    Warning: Bread cutting machines are lubricated with peanut oil!!! 😦

    Most of the regulars have made the crossing: Androgoth, Jenagoth, Sue Mac Arthur etc. were first across and now our blogs have been deleted from Spaces.

    Lena Sunhappiness and I ended up linked together and I became temporary custodian of her blog until Support could untangle us!!! 🙂

    WordPress works OK and I’m running it via my email as it works better given the huge number of comments!

    The excuses WLS have come up with for the change have been amusing – better to hand us to WP so we can get all the goodies we wanted on Spaces and no mention of how useless Spaces Support was when we had our blogs invaded by the deviants!

    I think that WLS simply gave up and dumped us wholesale onto WP, but now I’ve had a chance to play with it I must admit I like it and the Support is much better!

    Glad you showed up Phil – I miss your forthright comments and the way you make me think!!! 🙂

    I tried the sleeping pills, but they don’t really work any more and my sleep pattern is a nightmare!

    I have a dental appointment next Thursday and no telling if I’ll be fit for it.

    Needless to say it is 3.32am and I woke about an hour ago feeling hungry and thirsty after chaotic dreams, so I have to go back to sleep soon!

    I have a couple of Godzilla movies on tape and four out ‘on loan’ which won’t be coming back (remember Mechagodzilla and Godzilla V. King Ghidora the three headed Astro Monster???) but I’m going to do a lot of buying of DVD’s once my finances are cleared up – probably January!!!

    I’m glad your insides are feeling better though – my bout with the Cashew nuts was no fun and stopped after 12 hours – and I hope you finally narrow it down to whatever it is that’s behind it!!!

    Also: I agree about patriotism – the Politically Correct Brigade are a useless bunch of bullsh*tters who create rules to feel important and destroy everything that makes me proud to be British so they can grab votes from the ethnic minorities who are slowly taking over and making us the silent majority for fear of being accused of being racist for standing up for our country and the values that led them to cross continents to get here!!!

    They are now getting a handle on immigration so only the brightest and best can move here, but I am getting sick of ending up with taxi drivers who ‘sort of’ look like the guy on the licence – when they display a licence – and speak such poor English that it is clear THEY didn’t pass the test and are most likely uninsured, untrained and have no CRB check certificate!!!

    I’m all for people owning businesses, but now all five of our local taxi firms are Asian owned, over-subscribed so the drivers struggle to make ends meet, and have a steady flow of Rochdale Asian drivers who get their licence in Rochdale, then come down to Middleton and work here instead where there are fewer checks…

    OK: Rant over!!! LoL!!!

    Hope you have a great week dude – these days I go to Church on a Sunday when I’m awake!!!

    God Bless and Be Well my friend!


    • hahaha I read that blog, mate! I found ya a site a few days ago, saw it on my MSN page when I went to read my e-mails. Yeh, feeling bloated and gassing yourself out aint that good is it? lol. It can be funny, but can piss you off big time. Luckily though It’s not as bad at the moment because I’m cutting some foods out, though it still hasn’t stopped the UC 100%. So yeh, stay away from cashew nuts! Check all ya foods and cakes, cos as you point out, some bread making machines use nut based lubricants!

      I’ll have to find Jenagoth via your blogs, that’s if she’s planning to hang around, I can see some people giving it up too soon because of the user interface. Here’s a link for you if you haven’t already seen it: http://learn.wordpress.com/ Helped me a lot! You’re running your site via E-mails? So you’re not using the interface? Never mind, you work how you need to work! :). I agree with you, WLS just dropped us because they couldn’t be arsed anymore, if they’d listened to the user base they wouldn’t be doing this right now!

      If the sleeping pills don’t work you’re better off without them mate, no need to bother if they’re inefective. I had to stop taking some of my UC meds because they stopped working.

      I thought I remembered all the Godzilla films untill I went on Wearz, and there’s so many of them! They carried on making the Japanese versions of it up untill 2004. Here’s the link, have a look: http://www.warez-bb.org/viewtopic.php?t=1253496&highlight= I got pretty much all of them! Good stuff! The three headed space monster is King Ghidorah, and it kicks bottom, even though it always gets killed in every film! haha There’s a few plot inconsistanceis in the new films, they don;t follow what happend before. ’54 to ’78 is one series, ’84 to ’95 is another and everything 1999 onwards seems to be stand alone films. A little confusing really, but still enjoyable! 😀

      I do think PCism has something to do with the current situation in the UK these days, but as I said below to someone else, I’m not sure about it fully. As for immigration, don’t be fooled by the ConDem figures, they only count the numbers coming in legally, not illegally. You can still be assured there will be lots of unregistered immigrants coming in to the country. As for the Asians, you should report them, they could easily crash and kill you and others! If they don’t know the code and are reading the Koran at the same time as driving they aint got no business driving.

      You’re going to Church? Is this research or for real? I’m okay with you going there, but knowking what you know about religion, why do you bother? You know the score about religion. Is it a comfort of social thing? Obviously you don’t have to answer any of that, I’m just curious, as you know! haha 😉

      Anyway, you have a good day too! All the best and talk soon! 🙂

      – Phil

  4. justrobins said

    Well we have the same problem in our country, if you can call it a problem. Personally I do not see any reason to celebrate a national day. Maybe I am to much of a traveler to really find myself bounded to a country. For some reason somebody stated that we cannot sing the national hymn in school. Unfortunately in our case that’s because the racist and Nazi groups more or less used the national hymn as their own.
    Anyway, being a huge football fan since the age of 4 I think that when people gather together to watch events like the world cup they finally find something that binds them together. Today it’s hard to find that for many people since we live in so diverse, fast going worlds.

    • Hey Rob,

      I had an idea it was like that in Germany, I’m asusming you’re German? I only ask because you could be Austrian. The War is over and the National Anthem should be allowed to be sung in school, that’s if the parents want it to be. Personally I don’t see why children have to sing anything in school, national anthems or religious hyms. I think they should be allowed to learn and grow free from religious and ideological influence.

      I’m still not sure why the English only get patriotic when Sports are being played. The further you go back in time the more patriotic the people were. Were they a product of state propaganda telling them they had a national identity or was it natural and spontanious? These days it seems Politically Correctness has subdued any old national identity (whether it be invented or natural) in favour of Multiculturalism. If that is the case how can it be Multiculturalism when the largest segmant of the natural population is discouraged from being Patriotic and forcing people to take flags down from their homes in case it offends someone? That isn’t made up, it actually happens.

      I’m still in two minds about whether we need a one solid culture or we can exist with many Cultures. I’ve read and seen many areas with different cultures and ethnic tribes fighting for full control of the area. I’m not sure many cultures can exist together like that side-by-side without one stepping on the toes of another. Looking at the Multicultural experiment in the UK, it seems it’s failed in many places. Especially where the native’s history and culture are involved.

      Thanks for your thoughts on the subject. 🙂

      – Phil

  5. HRH Daf said

    Heeeeey Phil! Just hopping about having a look see whos still here and whos buggered off to WordPress. Know your not here much anymore anyway, but I couldnt go without saying…. HIIIIIYA HOW THE HELL ARE YOU?? Been absent without leave myself and come back and find out were all getting kicked off MSN anyway. What a world what a world. Im meltinnnng. But not really ;O)Hope your doin ok! Hugs Daf xxx

  6. Philip said

    @ Daf: Cheers Daf, I\’m gonna send you an e-mail instead of wiriting in this shitty comment box. Much love. – Phil x

  7. HRH Daf said

    So I shall just say I hope the sun is shining on you and your enjoying decent health at the moment. Hope the gardens blooming!Hugs Daf xxx

  8. HRH Daf said

    Hey Phil Im just having a hop round seeing what everyones up to and I see alls quiet round here. Then again I think thats spaces in general these days. These weeny comments seem to have been the final nail in the coffin for alot of people.

  9. Philip said

    @ Daf: I think the multi-culturalism that was forced on the UK (especially the English) is to blame, what English culture we have has been put away in the naughty cupboard because of the past and the future. I would explain more but the box wont let me! Urgh! Hugs to you mate! – Phil

  10. Philip said

    @ Pete: I agree with you, Pete. They keep grinding us down so we accept any culture or political ideas they want force on us. I would add more mate but these new boxes are fucking joke! Hope you\’re well mate. – Phil

  11. HRH Daf said

    wouldnt care but if it was meant to stop spamming its failed miserably cos Im still getting tuns of stupid spam adds to messenger. Anyway hope life is treating you well mon amigo!!Hugs Daf xxx

  12. HRH Daf said

    Heeeeeey Phil! I wonder if its just the one time people know they can fly their flags without getting hassle about it. They got pulled down quick enough after they lost though ;O)Hope your well and this is gonna post. Bloody stupid short things….

  13. Pete said

    Events like the world cup should bring the country together and celebrate the Englishness……….Hope all is well – keeping it short like Spaces want us to!!Pete

  14. Pete said

    Simple mate – the patriotism has been driven out of us by political correctness and diversity. Only the tribal and animalism of football and other sports bring it to the fore.Had we celebrated our national day in this country like others do – things would be different

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