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Archive for November, 2010

Facebook Profiles: Adolf Hitler

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 30, 2010


Over the past year I’ve become very adept at using Photoshop! It’s always fun inventing pics or situations you’d most likely never see in real life. The picture above I created using Photoshop, just for a laugh really and to wind a friend up of mine who despises Facebook.

So, I’m going to start creating a few fake profiles for Facebook that you’d never see in real life. You try finding an Adolf Hitler profile on FB, you’d be hard pressed to find one, and even if you did it wouldn’t be there for long! So starts another new category!

Also, read and look closely at every new entry, there’s some funny stuff in there you’d miss if you just have a general glance.

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You’re a Dickhead! No… You’re a Dickhead! Nah, You’re a Dickhead!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 24, 2010

Time for another Retro blog from Myspace! This time about the childish stupidity that does/did run rampant on there. I was on there yesterday and apparently the drama is still going on. I’m glad I’m deleting it! 

Orgininaly posted on: 15th Jan 2010


Is it just me or does everyone else think the top bloggers [on MySpace] are a bunch of idiots? This is something you no doubt already know, just thought I’d blog on it because I was amazed and amused by what I read on there. 

I don’t – or at at least I try not to – get involved with slagging matches on the net because that just distracts from the blog subject at hand. You just come across as a cunt and look like you have no argument at all. For this reason I very rarely visit the top bloggers, and it’s even more rare I comment them. So many sad people, so many fake profiles to start drama in their own comment box, there’s more sense in a bucket of shit!

I learned very soon after joing Myspace that commenting on the top bloggers is a little pointless, even if you comment the so called enlightened Liberals or Lefties. These people have a pack mentality and habit of jumping on anyone who disagrees slightly with their group of cyber friend’s opinions/ideology and then insult you. It’s like the mentality of communities in Rawanda who killed their own neighbours. Even though they know it’s wrong they can’t help themselves so they have to protect their cyber tribe and Leftest, Neocon or Liberal dogma by creating a nice little piece of Cyber Rawandan attack in a Myspace comment box!

I have a few cyber friends who blog, they blog and debate alot but I never feel the need to leap to their defence in the middle of a debate they’re having! They’re quite capable of defending themselves and arguing their own point without me swooping on there and saying: “Yeh but actually, you’re thick and X, Y and Z” *Posts a picture featuring the word “FAIL”*.

These people are a Government’s wet dream! They fancy themselves as Political bloggers but spend more time arguing amongest themselves and plagiarising articles from the main stream media! What more could a Government want? One lot of idiots regurgitating what they put out, and the other lot thinking they’re smarter than the first lot and calling them idiots while the rest argue amongst themselves! Great, No one’s paying attention to what the Government is actually doing, which is what these people were supposed to be doing in the first place! Instead they’re insulting each other and treating it like a sports game!

What a bunch of sad tossers! Fake profiles, creating drama, name calling, blog arguing, Plagiarism… The Myspace political top blog section really is a micro version of the real world with idiots pumping out shit that’s either a lie, rubbish or completely irrelevant to the Political situation at all! These people really are sheep of the worse kind, they’re not aware of what they’re doing or they only care about readership and comments so they manufacture drama. Who and what does that remind you of? 

The top bloggers are sheep, so are the people that follow them. That’s if they’re reading it for it’s news or intellectuall content and not a laugh. No matter where you go the sheep will always be on top, just like the pond scum.

To find something of more substance and less shallow, you have to go a little deeper! You have to find people that wont agree with everything you say, that will challenge your opinions, people that think outside the box and who’re open to new ideas instead of living in an ideologcial box created by society and the powers that be.

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Why Do Women Do It?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 22, 2010

I wasn’t really sure what to call this post as it’s a tricky subject that can blur between the lines of Domestic abuse and stupid choices influenced by misplaced love. So if you feel offened bear that in mind before you accuse me of being an insensitive male clod.

I’ve noticed quite a lot growing up, and even now, that Women have a inate tendency to fall for Men who are completely unsuitable as Partners and even Fathers.

I’ll get stright down to it and say it: Some women are just so stupid when it comes to love and picking partners that  it’s annoying! I’ll give you a true and prime exanple of this…

Miss. A (obviously not her real name) has had realtionships with a few Men, each time she fell for them because they were “Bad Boys” or “Rough”, her words not mine! She would rather go out with a Man with no job prospects, who deals Drugs, Takes Drugs, is a Alcoholic, steals form her and her Children, has a Police record and even hits her. Miss. A is NOT lacking in self-esteem, she hits him back and could easily surive on her own without him.

So why does she stay with this loser who she feeds and even clothes? Here’s the answer: “I love Him!” and my personal favourite: “I like the Danger. It’s exciting!”. Can you believe that? Steals from her, pays for his habits, puts her own children out for him, even has a baby to him and she “Loves” him ans finds it exciting. Miss A is a nice women, but she’s a fool and I’ve told her so. Why do they do it, though?

It could easily be a single educated woman, they still do it, but why do they stoop for scrote bags and idiots? I’m not saying all women do this but alot do it when they’re young, you can chalk that up to being young and inexperienced, but when you’re in your mid twenties and older?

Some women even see it coming, but they still go to a relationship with these types expecting them to change. Word to all the Women out there; You can’t change a Man, unless he want’s to change! Don’t think you can secretly manipulate Him or nag him in the right direction, it doesn’t work. It only works if they’re willing and want to change. And if they really loved you, they’d do it! Putting up with their habits only sends a message you’re willing to carry on with him the way things are. Not a good signle to send if you are trying to change or help them.

Another thing, why do women go for arrogant men? I’m not talking about confidence percieved as arrogance, I mean 100% arrogance. How can women seriously find that attractive? Because they appear secure or dominant?

Either way it’s annoys me when they start monaing about the Man and the situation they’ve created for themselves. If you don’t want none of that then don’t get in to the relationship in the first place or dump their arrogant, parasitic arse as soon as possible and get yourself a man that actually cares about you. They are out there, they just don’t give them a chance. Miss A for example, she passed up a hard working man because he was: “Too Nice”.

So, come on ladies… why do you or other ladies do it? I’d really like to know. Men are also welcome to post their thoughts on this post too. I’d like to hear all sides.

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Woodlouse Want’s Some Tongue?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 20, 2010

While I’m currently in the process of deleting my MySpace blogs owning to the fact MySpace has just done a Windows Live Spaces and forced a load of crap changes on the site, I’m posting up some of my blogs that I never posted on WLS . I’ll post my ‘My MySpace Retro Blogs’ once a week untill I run out of them. Here’s an interesting one… (originally posted on 30th June 2010)… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Some times nature can be cruel, funny, beautiful and also completely disgusting and fascinating. I love the way natural selection forces creatures to adapt.

I came across this strange but intriguing animal while looking for another strange animal called the “Candiru” a fish in South Central America that swims up the gills of Fish, following the scent of Urea, and drinks their blood, and has also been known to do it to and make itself at home in the Human Urethra!

I noticed in the list of parasites this strange little thing:

I don’t know about you but that just looks Sci-fi! Apparently Cymothoa Exigua (The Tongue-Eating Louse) is a sea dwelling crustacean that’s somewhat related to the humble woodlouse in your Garden. Like the Candiru fish, it makes it’s way in to the Fish’s body via the Gills and then clamps itself down on the Fish’s tongue and begins to suck the blood out of it with it’s two front hollow claws.

It stays there untill the tongue has been completely drained of blood and dies. Once the tongue has gone the Louse then attaches itself to the remainder of the fish’s tongue, nothing but a stub at this point, and then becomes the Fish’s tongue. The Louse survives by helping move food down the Fish’s throat, as it does this it eats some of the food itself and subsists on that.

It’s the only known parasitic creature to destroy and then replace the host’s original organ. No need to worry, the Tongue-eating Louse only feeds on the Red Snapper (a Fish) and isn’t considered dangerous to Humans. It usually lives around the coast of California but one was found in a Fish in UK waters, but was assumed to have traveled with the fish.

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Wanker Of The Week: Lord Young – “You never had it so good”

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 19, 2010

If any proof was needed that the Tory Party is the same as it’s always been here is the evidence! Lord Young, an ‘enterprse adviser’ to the Prime Minister, said in an Interview with the Daily Telegraph that the people of the UK “never had it so good“. He believes because current low interest rates caused by the “So called recession” has left a lot of people better off.While that is true for some, it isn’t for the whole country. I know a few people who are still struggling to pay their mortgages as well as other bills. To say this is just baffling, then again it’s coming from a hardcore Tory from the Thatcher era, so we shouldn’t expect any different.

Mr. Young, who looks like a living Fossil coincidently, also said that the loss of 100,000 Public Sector jobs was: “within the margin of error“, which just smacks of typical hardcore Tory Libertarianism. It makes you wonder just what the rest of the Tory Party and the PM really thinks about the cuts and the People in the country? With Mr. Fossil being so close to the PM and being an actual adviser to the Government, you can pretty much assume that they all agree with him.

Bar a handful of people who benefit from low interest rates or are so rich they don’t need low interest rates, the rest of the UK population is having trouble recovering and surviving the recession. Lord Mr. Young’s comments proves he has no idea what it is like to live a normal life in the UK today, and shouldn’t really be an adviser to the Government. Then again, when the Government holds the same opinions as you – then why not?

Just a thought… does this man get paid for suggesting this kind of rubbish?

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Working Class Supervillains

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 9, 2010

I’ve been reading since the Coalition Government came to power that those working class super villans were at it again and claiming a billion in benefits when they didn’t need them. Apparently over 1Billion is lost to fraud of the UK benefits (welfare) system every year. That is quite alot, and I agree with Ian Duncan Smith’s recommendation that people should work for their benefits if they’re phsyically able to. It’ll get people used to work and the routine that goes with it. If they refuse then they have their benefits stopped.
Good idea, right? I personally think it is and has been long over due! The Tories, Labour and the society we live in has created somewhat of a generation of people that don’t want to work unless they’re being paid like a Premiership Footballer or a Pop Star. Starting off on the bottom and working your way up through hard graftin’ and doing those jobs that you don’t really want to do, is not for them. Those jobs are below them, you pay them £15 quid an hour at least for an easy job and you got yourself a deal. That thinking needs to change.
Unfortunately people see benefits as a way of life and not a life line, which is its actual intended use. Too many people for too long have seen it as a way of life and it has to stop. As I said, I think IDS’s idea is good, however… if you’re going to make them work for benefits you better make sure they at least have a job at some point after 12 months of being out of work. Not only that but give them a wage that is better than benefits. Provide incentives to work, and people will work – that’s the number one thing people have said.
On to the other part of this post, yes the benefit fraud bill is high, however, I think it’s unfair of the Government to go after the working class scroungers and not do anything about the people at the top. The amount of profit untaxed due to avoidance last year was £40 Billion (pre tax) and maybe more, the true extent isn’t known. Most of the companies doing the dodging are Banks and large mutlinationals, Barclays (£1Bn [2009]) and Royal Bank of Scotland (£25Bn [last 10 years]) are just two of the main ones. Have a look here and here for more info on UK Corporate Tax avoidance.
What is astonishing is that these avoidance schemes are perfectly legal and the Government has and still does know they exist. Chancellor George Osborne has introduced a 2.5Bn bank levy and new set of rules for Banking and finance. The point of the levy was to guard against excessive risks and stop a repete of what happend in 2007 when a collection of UK banks were bailed out to the tune of 850 Bn. However, Mr. Osborne has brought down Corp Tax to 24% from 28%, so in effect the reduction in Corp tax will negate the levy. Also the Banks stand to earn more as they will employ tax avoidance schemes which would see them pay 17% Corp Tax instead of 24%.
Not only that, smaller businesses will be paying full corp tax as they can’t afford to employ a tax avoidance scheme to save them money. There’s also the little fact Bailed out Banks will avoid paying £19 billion of tax on future profits by offsetting their losses during the financial crisis against their tax bills.
So, the Government is stll in bed with the bankers, not taxing them properly and are doing nothing to prevent a future financial metldown. And to top it all off they’re using the working class as a whipping boy and a distraction from what they’re really doing – which is nothing. Pointing the finger at the scrounging working class benefit cheats is so much easier to do than to turning on your friends, backers and masters who get away with far worse and who put the country in infinitely more danger than a few lazy benefit fraudsters.
And you know what? The working and middle class will take the bait because they have nothing but disdain and hate for the lowly scum that suck them dry. They should be mad at the people that cost the country £850Bn and put the economy in the toilet, not just the ones that cost £1Bn a year. Only differences between the two is it’s legal for one to rip the Government off while it aint for the other. Oh yeah, one wears a track suit and the other wears a business suit – and you probably paid for them both.

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Hypocritical Islamic Protests and Anger

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 2, 2010

Back in May 2010 the Member of Parliament for East Ham, Stephen Timms, was stabbed twice by a 21 year-old female Constituent, Miss Roshonara Choudhry because the MP voted for the Iraq war and She wanted revenge for the people of Iraq. Miss Choudhry is not mentally sick nor is she an extremest, to my knowledge, though that is debatable. The fact remains though that she was angry about what was going on in Iraq. Angry to the point she wanted to kill her MP.

Now, I’ve seen and heard many Muslims on the TV, in my own City Center, on the net and radio. They’re nearly always protesting about the way they’re treated and how Muslims in places where Western forces are fighting/placed are treated.

It makes me laugh really because they actively protest against the West and the West’s actions in Muslim countries but they never protest about the treatment of Muslims by Muslims in Muslim countries. They bang on about out rights and acceptance in the West and about rights and freedom for the people of Palestine and the War in Afghanistan.

Yet, when Muslim states deny rights to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and also kill both of the aforementioned people, the Muslim world is strangely quiet? Why? I’m assuming it’s all good when Uncle Saddam kills people, but when Uncle Sam does it it’s all wrong? Muslim countries are the places with the least rights and most Human rights abuses. In fact they’re pushing for Islamic Human Rights, which is a laugh when you see where their rights are rooted. I wouldn’t mind but they have to cheek to lecture the West and Israel about it?

They shout for the freedom of Palestine, but the irony is if the Terrorists in Palestine ever were disarmed, then Palestine would be far from free. It would have less freedoms than what is does now. People are diying there? There’s people diying all over the Muslim world, and their deaths are being caused by Muslims.

Let’s take Iran for example, Atefah Sahaaleh was a 16 year-old girl when she was put to death in Iran for adultery and Crimes against Chastity, she was hanged. The twisted judge tried to say she was 22 and raped and tortured her in accordance with Islamic law. Why are Muslims world-wide not seething with anger and protesting for change in Iran? Why are local Muslims where Atefah was executed not attacking Judge Rezai? He got away with it by the way.

There’s so many examples of this on small and large scales, but I never hear a peep from the Muslim world on this. They get all upset and ready to fight when some U.S. Pastor preacher threatens to burn the Koran, some European Cartoonists Mock Muhammad or they’re told they can’t have Sharia Law or wear Burkas in the West? Yet many Muslims are treated horribly and brutally killed every day in Muslim countries by their fellow Muslims, and they do nothing?

To any Muslims reading this, get out and protest about them. Where was the many Muslim groups around today lobbying Government and protesting when Saddam was killing people and the Iranian regime was killing people? Why was there no organised resistance against them like there was and still is against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq?

So, Muslims in the West and abroad, don’t come talking to me about the poor bastards in Palestine, elsewhere and that you can’t wear a Burka untill you pull your finger out of your righteous arses’ and protest and threaten Muslim nations that deny rights to Muslim and Non-Muslims. Which is practically all of them. You want rights and freedom for Palestine but the freedom you would bring would not be freedom at all and rights would be restricted. You aint going change or challenge any of that though, are you? You’re a bunch of hypocrites

Oh, I didn’t bother with the obligatory “Not all Muslims are like this” statement, because regardless of how many times you say it now you’re always “Islamophobic” and “Il-informed” if you don’t subscribe to the Western PC view of Islam.

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