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Hypocritical Islamic Protests and Anger

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 2, 2010

Back in May 2010 the Member of Parliament for East Ham, Stephen Timms, was stabbed twice by a 21 year-old female Constituent, Miss Roshonara Choudhry because the MP voted for the Iraq war and She wanted revenge for the people of Iraq. Miss Choudhry is not mentally sick nor is she an extremest, to my knowledge, though that is debatable. The fact remains though that she was angry about what was going on in Iraq. Angry to the point she wanted to kill her MP.

Now, I’ve seen and heard many Muslims on the TV, in my own City Center, on the net and radio. They’re nearly always protesting about the way they’re treated and how Muslims in places where Western forces are fighting/placed are treated.

It makes me laugh really because they actively protest against the West and the West’s actions in Muslim countries but they never protest about the treatment of Muslims by Muslims in Muslim countries. They bang on about out rights and acceptance in the West and about rights and freedom for the people of Palestine and the War in Afghanistan.

Yet, when Muslim states deny rights to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and also kill both of the aforementioned people, the Muslim world is strangely quiet? Why? I’m assuming it’s all good when Uncle Saddam kills people, but when Uncle Sam does it it’s all wrong? Muslim countries are the places with the least rights and most Human rights abuses. In fact they’re pushing for Islamic Human Rights, which is a laugh when you see where their rights are rooted. I wouldn’t mind but they have to cheek to lecture the West and Israel about it?

They shout for the freedom of Palestine, but the irony is if the Terrorists in Palestine ever were disarmed, then Palestine would be far from free. It would have less freedoms than what is does now. People are diying there? There’s people diying all over the Muslim world, and their deaths are being caused by Muslims.

Let’s take Iran for example, Atefah Sahaaleh was a 16 year-old girl when she was put to death in Iran for adultery and Crimes against Chastity, she was hanged. The twisted judge tried to say she was 22 and raped and tortured her in accordance with Islamic law. Why are Muslims world-wide not seething with anger and protesting for change in Iran? Why are local Muslims where Atefah was executed not attacking Judge Rezai? He got away with it by the way.

There’s so many examples of this on small and large scales, but I never hear a peep from the Muslim world on this. They get all upset and ready to fight when some U.S. Pastor preacher threatens to burn the Koran, some European Cartoonists Mock Muhammad or they’re told they can’t have Sharia Law or wear Burkas in the West? Yet many Muslims are treated horribly and brutally killed every day in Muslim countries by their fellow Muslims, and they do nothing?

To any Muslims reading this, get out and protest about them. Where was the many Muslim groups around today lobbying Government and protesting when Saddam was killing people and the Iranian regime was killing people? Why was there no organised resistance against them like there was and still is against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq?

So, Muslims in the West and abroad, don’t come talking to me about the poor bastards in Palestine, elsewhere and that you can’t wear a Burka untill you pull your finger out of your righteous arses’ and protest and threaten Muslim nations that deny rights to Muslim and Non-Muslims. Which is practically all of them. You want rights and freedom for Palestine but the freedom you would bring would not be freedom at all and rights would be restricted. You aint going change or challenge any of that though, are you? You’re a bunch of hypocrites

Oh, I didn’t bother with the obligatory “Not all Muslims are like this” statement, because regardless of how many times you say it now you’re always “Islamophobic” and “Il-informed” if you don’t subscribe to the Western PC view of Islam.


23 Responses to “Hypocritical Islamic Protests and Anger”

  1. Phil that’s a good point but it’s also probably a result of Propaganda. You could say the same about the US people here complaining about foreign things but not focusing enough on what’s going on to our own people.

    This is how things like the PATRIOT ACT get passed and other things.

    Every country does this to an extent and it’s a result of propaganda among other things I’m sure and those that focus on both usually don’t get heard.

    Also the US is/was thinking about being able to assassinate US citizens. People don’t focus on these atrocities in the US of their own people. So this is not solely a Muslim issue m8. It’s a cultural and propagandist/government issue. Not even a religious one. It’s easy to stand back and ask why when you aren’t part of their culture. But I think you know the answer.

    What people need to do is stop getting into other countries business and focus on your own. That means the government too. Aid and all. Only reason you should take a look at other governments is when your trying reforms and want too see what works/doesn’t work where.

    And no Phil, not all Muslim’s are like that in fact some a prominent advocates of Human Rights and speak at conferences all over about that. Granted most have had to feel the brunt of torture and atrocities in those countries to do it but still. I can’t allow that blanket statement when it’s obvious there are exceptions to the rule.

    • It’s not the same thing, the U.S. is not killing it’s people or denying them their rights, not on the same level as happens in the Islamic world. Yes, the U.S. and Western nations are hypocritical but they don’t actively kill and deny rights on the same scale as the Islamic world does. There’s also the fact U.S. citizens are not asking for freedom and then introducing a system that retrogrades it backwards and denys them less rights than what they had before.

      I wasn’t saying it was just a Muslim issue, as I said above Western Nations are Hypocritial, I was focusing on this issue because it annoys me when they ask for the freedom of Palestine and boycot Israeli goods and companies that do bussiness with It – but they never focus inwards to the obvious abuses and lack of freedoms in all Muslim countries. It’s the irnoy too, asking for freedom then retrograding backwards. So again, yes, it happens in the West but not on the same scale.

      I agree to a degree, but if we had that sort of stance back 1940 we’d all be under Nazi rule with the Fuhrer in charge. I know you don’t mean it like that, but warfare for economic reasons has been around since Human tribes raided their neighbours. I’m not justifying it, but if the West didn’t do it then someone else would, I can’t see any nation backing off from preserving it’s power and welth, especially when a country wont do business with another out of spite or ideolgical differences.

      I know they’re not! I said that because every time you have an opinion on Islam that isn’t the politically correct version you’re supposed to have then you’re automatically Islamophobic, bigoted and a ‘racist’ – as I was once called on Myspace! All because I had an opinion on Islam that wasn’t a positive glowing review. I find the PC “Religion of Peace” version of Islam a joke and dislike it intensely when Government force people to accept it by fear of being labled any of the above. That’s not good for a Democracy or Society.

  2. Daf said

    Hey hey! Yeah they been goin on about this on the news all week. I hear the defence was ‘Youtube made me do it’. Which to my mind is a bit like saying ‘I have a house full of crap cos adverts made me do it’. Oh wait lots of people do so I guess it must be true! ;O) So whadda you think about them pulling vids off youtube if they think they incite violence? I mean obviously its part of their terms and conditions so they have every right, but I think its an interestingly sticky area. Im all for freedom of speach, but think maybe it should just be for people who have more than one brain cell to rub together.
    Anyhooo hope your having a fab day!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    PS I do love that wordpress doesnt limit the length of your comment!! Yay for being allowed to ramble xxx

    • OMG it’s Daf! YAY! 😀 Good to see you here mate, I was wondering if you’d come on over and read and take part in the usual nutty, heated and sometimes funny discussions! haha. As with Pete and Prenin, I’m glad you’re here and that you’re considering coming over. I got your e-mail, I’ll reply to that in a little while. Btw, subscribe to my blog so you get an e-mail when I blog.

      I’m not sure what subject you’re talking about here, let me look it up *looks it up*. Ah the videos that made the Muslim lady go ‘STAB STAB!’? Depends what the man is saying, having not seen them I can’t really say, if he’s calling for people to be killed how is that any different from the Muslim radicals in the street shouting it? They get away with it there? I’ve always said anything goes regarding freedom of speech but as soon as you start adovcating murder then it’s over the line.

      So if they advocate killing then no, hate on the other hand is a different thing, if you ban them videos have we not then got to ban the Koran, Bible and Torah? They’re also full of hate and advocation of murder, but people uphold them as the foundation of all that is good and just. If people actually took a few mins to read segments of the holy books they’d see they’re also full of hate and how they’re allowed to be called ‘good’ is unbelieveable! By the 2006 racial and religious hate law the three main religions should be banned. And that’s by the law that was there to protect them! LOL! It’s so laughable.

      And yes, WordPress is everything WLS wishes it was! haha Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’m off to reply to your e-mail now! Mucho love to tha Daffers!

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil!

    Just to let you know I chatted with one of the regular white drivers on Connect Cars and he told me all the old Diamond drivers are now on Connect and that the owner of Diamond cars allegedly was convicted of rape and a few other goodies.

    Hooo Boy… True or false? I have no idea, but if true…

    Guess I’ll be using Connect in future…

    God Bless!


    • Oh dear! 😛 Diamond was the asian run firm, right? And they all gone over to the Connect now because their boss raped raped someone? Hmmm it’s hard to tell if it’s true or not aint it? I’d just ask around with other drivers and see what they say.

      Have a good Sunday, Prenin! 🙂

  4. Hey,
    Just like old times eh?
    I didn’t dismiss the idea of coming to wordpress but I just wanted to be somewhere that was so focussed around ‘friends’ and more about writing blogs and sharing ideas, views, thoughts and the occasional bit of banter and discussion. WP seems a lot better than some of the places I have had a look at and I still managed to stay away from FB!!

    I’m still sticking with the fluffy and lite blogs though. With everything that goes on in my life and my surroundings I was finding myself being too pre-occupied with it all and I just want to poke fun at life, people and things nowadays….keep it simple but then, all it will take is for one thing to really piss me off!!

    Thanks for your tips and stuff. I will look at the all the settings and stuff when I have some time, it all seems straight forward enough and just a matter of getting used to a different interface, as suggested I will subscribe.

    Yes that is Peter Griffin with his bits hanging out but on closer inspection, the shot is pixelated….it’s a piss take of the pictures of the likes of Hilton, Spears and Lohan and having pictures of their under carriage splashed all over the internet. I thought it was funny anyway.

    You are bang on with your thoughts. I know we and other nations are guilty of mass migration and pressing our cultures and beliefs on other nations but frankly, we are now talking about 21st century. In the past it was about stretching borders, owner ship of the new and undiscovered world. Nowadays it’s about who has the best welfare benefit system so that for me, does make the likes of the Muslims subjecting us to their beliefs and expecting them to respect their culture very, very laughable.

    Yes we need to be tolerant, assimilate and integrate but we are the hosts, we are providing the free housing, education, healthcare etc. Frankly they should keep their mouths shut and be grateful.

    To be honest, if I could live my life without a mobile I would but being a dad – of a disabled child too – a husband and having a relatively senior post at work….mobiles are pretty essential part of the kit. I have come this far with having relatively straight forward ones but with so many options nowadays, considering what I want at my fingertips is important. I wont be going for an iPhone though. Most people I know have one and whilst there are some practical uses, there is too much rubbish too. All I see is work colleagues updating their twitter, facebooks, playing silly games and watching videos…..I’ve got better things to do with my time.
    Anyhoo, I am away this weekend so getting bits done before I hit the motorways. Catch up soon and take care

    • Hiya Mate!

      Yes it is and I’m glad you’re here anyway:). As Myspace is about to go tits up like WLS I think a few of my friends from over there will be here, I think you’ll get on with most of them in the comment box during discussions. It’ll liven things up, eh?

      I can’t really see the picture of Peter Griffin, I could just make out something was hanging! haha. Your avatar is a little small so I can’t see much. It is funny btw! hahaha

      You’re right, it is the 21st Century, and what’s happening in the UK now would have been frowned upon by the anti-colonialists of the 19th and 20th centuries! However, because we’re white, it’s alright. Our history and culture (however you want to define it) created over a 1000 years is not worth it anymore, we now have to accept and respect other cultures here and call them our own i.e British Multiculturalism. I’m sorry, but the native UK people being the largest population in the country shouldn’t our culture be the bedrock of any kind of multiculturalism? Shouldn’t they be accepting and respecting our culture and history? I know a lot do, but alot (not only Muslims) refuse to intergrate in to the local community even to a small degree!

      This is Britian, and as such the culture and country should be about Britian, not a collection of minority cultures. But time and again we’re told and forced to respect all this alien cluture and religion that we don’t respect and think is a load of rubbish (see what I wrote to Prenin). Not only that we’re shamed in to displying or having pride in out past and culture because it’s seen as racist in some way. If they keep this rubbish up there’s going to be a huge back lash!

      Enjoy you’re weekend break! See you back here next week Mr. Judge! 🙂

  5. prenin said

    Hi Phil!

    Just read Pete’s comment and your reply!

    Yeah I agree totally about the way the British Empire behaved as it grew – we’re seeing a similar process with the Muslims who WILL NOT blend in and see fit to impose their beliefs, behaviour and social standards on us, hence the Honor murders of young women we’ve seen lately, the forced marriages of – to us – underage children to older men and the way they have conned the government to allow Sharia law in this country.

    If you emigrate to any of the middle eastern countries you are expected to live according to Islam – preach Christianity and they’ll murder you out of hand!

    Trouble is that England has become one huge money tit as those who live in mud walled houses see us as the promised land – as soon as they can take over and impose their laws and values upon the natives!

    This has been going on for decades, but the Politically Correct asswipes are making it as hard as possible to keep them out!

    I’ve been watching the news and read a few reports of how they are going to cap immigration for those outside the EU, but the difference will be only 1%!!!

    We’re a small island with a growing population, but as long as the door is open they’ll keep coming and now we need to put our foot down and say: NO MORE!

    Trouble is, if you try you get RACIST!!! Screamed at you by the far Left who see you as a threat to their immigrant friends who vote for them.

    Who was it said immigration will lead to blood on the streets???

    It’s a tad late, but I can see it coming…

    God Bless!


    • Hiya Prenin!

      I don’t think they impose their beliefs on us, what I think happens is the Politically Correct in the country ask us and then help make a law what asks us to respect other cultures and religions. That’s how it feels like it’s being forced on us, it isn’t directly but we’re being asked to respect and accept something that is alien to our way of life and culture. While they do that the PC brigade gets to work on making us feel guilty for being white and English, trying to tell us our culture is not what we think it is, that it’s racist and that our culture is now a collection of other minority cultures that doesn’t include our own and that have nothing to do with us historically or culturally.

      That’s what happens and that’s why it feels they are imposing their beliefs and culture on us. In fact it is the PC brigade with their multi-cultural pipe dream that are doing the forcing, once the immigrants get wind of this they act accordingly – doing and saying what they want because they think it’s OK and that we have to accept it. And if we don’t and say something they don’t like, we’re automatically ‘racists’. Which is complete rubbish.

      I think the Cap on immigration will solve nothing! We’ll still have uncontrolled immigration from outside the EU because the Government still doesn’t count all the illgeals coming in to the country. It may look like the numbers are going down on paper, which is good for the Government, but in reality it’s different.

      The UK shouldn’t be a dumping ground for all the world’s immigrants and strays! The reason we are is because of the welfare system we have, the PC croud and the soft touch immigration system backed up by Human Rights laws. We need to take control of our own nation again and set in place new law that deny immigrants certain rights when they’re here. For example:

      (1) No citizenship through Marriage.

      (2) No automatic right to stay in the UK when seeking assylum. The country is full and the infastructure is already under pressure, we don’t need any more people. We can process their claim but they can’t stay. They’ll be sent to another ‘safe’ country.

      (3) No benefits help if you wern’t born here, no matter how much tax you pay.

      (4) Any immigrants found here who shouldn’t be will be sent home or to a ‘safe’ country with the UN footing the bill.

      (5) The cost of any EU workers claiming benefit or using the NHS will have the charges sent to their country of Origin.

      That’s the main five, just them alone would cut numbers alot! Having said that we would lose a lot of potential workers skilled and not. So I’d say we start a programme for creating and keeping our own work force instead of looking for others from abroad.

      I can see trouble in the future too! It looks bleak!

      Enjoy what’s left of the weekend, mate! 🙂

      • prenin said

        Hmmm… Yeah I guess the PC brigade have a lot to answer for!

        Ten years ago all the taxi drivers were white and the businesses were booming – today they are owned by Asians who have more cars on their books than they have business and the majority of drivers are Asian.

        Given how many speak lousy English and how many see Pakistan as their homeland you have to ask yourself how the heck did they get into this country???

        To be honest I look at what’s going on and I see greed, avarice and exploitation by the companies of the drivers and drivers willing to make less money for the promise of a job who do not last long before going elsewhere and a steady flow of new drivers taking their place.

        If this is what’s happening across the country then we have a problem – all I can speak of is what I see and it makes me very worried…

        You are right about us becoming the dumping ground for immigrants – we are considered a soft touch across the world and our benefits system is a treasure to be exploited by anyone who uses the magic word ‘Asylum’.

        More and more we are seeing this in our neighbourhoods and while the ones I’ve met are lovely people who I have no argument with, they are here with their families and a strain on our countries benefits system, so the sooner they tighten up the system for real the better!

        What gets me is that this country is supposed to be in debt, yet we are giving billions in overseas aid and are criminalising the long term unemployed – am I missing something here???

        Your list of five is a good example of what’s going wrong here.

        You are right about the skilled workers problem.

        When I was working, training was not being done by many companies, they preferred headhunting experienced workers from other companies.

        Go to a training firm and you’d get heavily tested to see if you were smart enough to train, but when it came to getting a job you were considered ‘inexperienced’, so couldn’t get a placement!!!

        Now we see nurses, doctors and professionals from across Eastern Europe being headhunted, leading to a reduction in the workforce of these vital professionals in their home countries and a corresponding increase in organised crime – we have Eastern European gangsters in my home town these days!

        All because the Government didn’t support the education of our next generation of doctors, nurses and professionals and allowed in anyone who could claim to be skilled.

        Fact is that this mess can be laid at the door of the Government of the day, but there’s no way of kicking their butts because by the time the damage became apparent it was many years too late…

        Sorry if I’m rambling a bit – I’ll get off my soap box now!!! 🙂

        God Bless!


        • It is all about greed, they don’t care for community cohesion and the country’s infastrcture, as long as they get cheap Labour and have more money in their pockets they aint arsed. It’s all about saving industury money and profits. The asians in your area have just taken advantage of that as well as the steady flow of new drivers that results from it.

          You raise a good point! Do you know we’re still giving overseas aid to China??? Are they not the world’s second largest economy? Did Cameron not just go off to China with our largest trade deligation for 200 Years to beg for business? It’s backward, we’re in debt we should focus the aid where it’s needed, at home and any other countries that actually need it.

          Yeh, employers have become too lazy to train up their own people so they head hunt instead! If a lot of employers are doing that then where’s the future workforce going to come from? We need action because we can’t keep taking people from other nations who also need their skilled workers. I’m not sure organised crime comes over with legit skilled workers, I’d put them more with Aslyum. But I’m sure some come over on a EU passport wanting to work here.

          Yeh, it started with Thatcher and it carried on from there. Successive Governments’ are responsible, so I say we can lynch everyone from the Thatcher era to right now!

          The standing on soap boxes is encouraged here! Not to worry, mate! hahaha Moan and ramble to your heart’s content! 🙂

          Have a good day, Prenin! 🙂

  6. prenin said

    Hi Phil.

    All true as always – kind of sad really, but true.

    God Bless my friend.


    • Hey Prenin! 🙂

      You ever seen them outside M&S in town either, Prenin? You got any stories to share what you seen in your local area or when you’ve been out and about?

      It’s very sad! It depresses me actually, and a whole new generation of Muslims from Iraq and Afghanistan will grow to hate us for what NATO did there. Yet they wont grow to hate the former leaders of their countries who kept them ignorant and denined them their natural and funamental rights. It’s backwards and really sad!

      All the best, Prenin! Hope that sleeping pattern is somewhat normalised! 🙂

      • prenin said

        Hi dude! 🙂

        As I have Paranoid Schizophrenia I need an escort if I leave the confines of my home town to stop me getting run over!

        Having lived here since the age of 2 I have lots of friends and support within the town, so I have safe places to go if I have problems.

        This means I haven’t been into Manchester for about four years and then it was to Primark under the watchful eye of Pat and Emily!!! 🙂

        I’m a bit confused as to why they are protesting outside S&M though – it’s not been in the local news or the MEN otherwise I’d have heard of it by now – all I have to worry about are the steady flow of taxi drivers from Rochdale!

        The last one got me home from the dentist while talking to his mum in Pakistan on a hands-free mobile phone – isn’t that supposed to be illegal?

        One Asian guy I was with recently was texting while driving, so how we didn’t have an accident I’ll never know…

        I’m with you on the new generation of NATO inspired hatred out there – mind you, there are so many suicide bombs going off in those countries (even Iran has had a few!) that I’m sure they’ll be running out of volunteers, but given the poor buggars mostly can’t afford the dowry for a bride, the chance of 72 virgins in heaven must be too good to resist – I wonder how many look like Susan Boyle??? 🙂

        The sleep pattern is a mess – I’m running on caffeine at the moment – but I’ll get there!!! 🙂

        God Bless my friend!!! 🙂


        • Fair enough mate, I forgot about the illness. They’ve been doing it on and off for a while, I haven’t been to the city center for a while myself because of obvious reasons.

          They’re protesting outside of M&S (Marks and Spencers) not S&M! LOL! Would be so funny to see them protesting on Tibb street! LOL!

          Have a read here: Boycott Israel Campaign It’s been going on for some time and you know how the papers don’t like to report the same thing again and again. They want to Boycott Israel because of their treatment of Gaza and Palestine. I was saying to Pete, would like to see them Boycott petrol stations in protest at the treatment of the people in Arabia by the Saudi regime there.

          As I said, report the firm, they could kill someone. I’m surprised they aint been pulled over and the firm already been fined for it.

          I think they all like Susan Boyle now! All the good looking ones are gone! lol. They’re fucking idiots though, they really do make me laugh and also despair!

          Hope that sleeping pattern gets fixed, mine is currently flubbered too! Take care, Prenin! 🙂

          • prenin said

            Hi Phil! 🙂

            I read the link and the infopic of all the many companies doing trade with Israel – few of which I use anyway!!! LoL!!!

            I’m with you on the way they scream at Western companies for doing trade with Israel and not those countries who supply the oil to fuel the great Western regimes and their Industries!!!

            But then: Going up against totalitarian regimes that support slavery might get them killed…

            It’s all a joke really…

            I must admit I’m reluctant to report the bad drivers because I’m totally dependent on taxis and they’ve barred passengers in the past according to the local rumor factories, but according to the OAP’s who are also reliant on taxis they have even charged double the fare for elderly people who were not aware of the taxi meter, or were otherwise vulnerable.

            These days I’m glad to see the regular Asian drivers who know what they’re doing and the white guys who are mostly OK, but every time I get a new driver now I cringe!!!

            God Bless my friend!!!


            • You know what, I think they don’t mind their fellow Muslim’s rights being taken away, because the law they’re following is based in Sharia. So I assume they think it’s all good. When Islam does it, it’s OK, when Western law does it’s all wrong.

              In short they wont stand up to a totalitarian regime if It’s Muslim because it’s obviously devine law that’s being used and that CAN’T be flawless. Them types are nothing but hypocrites!

              No one would know it’s you reporting them, if you do I’ll edit the whole comment section so there’s no mension of it here. I just think it’s out of order they drive like they do and that they also rip off old ladies. If they do get closed down I can gurantee you a new firm will open to fill the gap left.

              Hope all is well and that you enjoy the coming weekend! 🙂

        • These Companies are bad! mmmkay?

          Boycott Israel Campaign-1 Pictures, Images and Photos

          Boycott israel 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

  7. Pete J said

    Ahh….almost refreshing to hear your anger again – kind of makes the world feel like a good place.
    Couldn’t agree with you more my friend. Muslim activists, protesters and often extremists are confused, contradictory and downright bloody hypocritical. Yes, protest against the west by all means but please stop taking our money, our homes, our free education and healthcare if you hate us so much and secondly, methinks there is much more to complain about where you come from.
    You see mate, the problem lies in the fact we allow these protests where the slightly more stringent government of the country they hail from don’t…….solution is actually quite simple really!

    • Hiya Mate! 🙂

      Apparently my words are Islamophobic, according to a few people on here and on MySpace. Well… not these words but similar ones like them.

      Have you seen them outside M&S in Manchester, just before Market Street? Don’t buy M&S produce that comes from Israel? Maybe they could stand outside of every Petrol station and protest at Saudi-Arabia and their Human Rights abuses? Why are they not outside the Saudi, Afghan, Sudanese and the all rest of the Strict Muslim nations embassaies every day? They do more harm to Muslims than Israel does yet they’re left alone. Yup, they be hypocrites!

      I agree, those Muslims that don’t like the UK and constantly rally against it should go to Iran if they like that kind of life so much. All those that don’t and are willing to live and work peacfully here are fine by me. Though we know they wont leave and there’s a sizeable portion in the UK who want to cause as much trouble as possible.

      What do you think soloution is?

      Btw, good to see here, Mate! All the best you and the family.

      • Pete J said

        We’re all good thanks and it is good to be here……you just knew I would land eventually.
        I have always had the belief that people will do what they believe they can get away with and frankly only incredibly selfish, insular, obnoxious and disrespectful people would come to a country, try and impose their religion, beliefs and culture on it and then protest about their hosts at every single term.
        It’s simple mate…..if they don’t like it here – fuck off somewhere else.
        Did you read what Switzerland are having a referendum on? Should immigrants be kicked out the country if they commit a crime…..seriously and good for them I say. They banned the building of new mosques last year and wont allow existing ones to have the insignia outside – this is definitely a country that is taking a stance and it is the kind of stance we need to be taking.
        We should develop a backbone, get tough with people and make things very, very simple so even the most fundamental activists get it – do it our way or go somewhere else.
        But we both know that isn’t going to happen any time soon…..
        Take care mate.

        PS I started my wordpress blog but it is going to be a bit fluffy and a bit light because I need to smile more…..I’ll just come and be angry on yours!!!! http://petejudge67.wordpress.com/

        • Hey Pete!

          Actually, I thought you wouldn’t join WP after the trouble you had on WLS and the chat we had via e-mail a few weeks back. I thought you were going to pack it in and only comment on my blogs when I posted one. (Btw, you should click the subscribe button so you get a notification when I post, if you haven’t already.) But still, I’m glad you made the move!

          On to the Muslim and Culture discussion… Now I know how the Natives in other countries felt when the British Empire came knocking on their doors! The British Empire changed and destroyed many cultures and ways of life, look what It did in Australia and New-Zeeland, I would mention the States’ but the Yanks did that, but still it was human and cultural immigration on a large scale. The UK may have brought change that was modern and good for them, but I doubt the Natives saw it that way when the Immigrants out-bread them and actively tried to wipe them out or dispense with their culture and way of life.

          The same thing is kind of happening now in Western Europe to a smaller degree, caused by mass immigration for the better way of life and attractive welfare system (especially in the UK). I agree with you, if you don’t like it here, then you should sod off to a country that shares your values and culture. The West is not an Islamic nation and Islamic culture is alien and incompatable with our laws and way of life. Multiculturalism only works when you assimilate to a degree and your native culture is somewhat the same to our own!

          Let’s take the West Idians for example, they fit in OK, obviously there was some discrimination from the Natives, which is natural, but how many of them now see themselves as English? How many of them support the English football team? You can say the same about the Chinese, Indians (Hindu ones) and a few others. But Islam does not share a similar culture and way of life, maybe 400 years ago they would’ve fit right in if the people at the time were tolerant enough, but things have changed and Europe is secular and Islam is unwilling to change or give anything up.

          The more they stick to their guns and don’t intergrate and refuse to refrom Islam so it fits with Western culture and laws, well.. then they’ll become even more isolated. And it will be no one’s fault but their own for clinging to a cultural and religious tradtion that is alien to the country they live in.

          I’m going to check your site out now! And you’re always welcome to be angry on my blog! That’s usualy when we have the best discussion anyway! 🙂

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