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Working Class Supervillains

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 9, 2010

I’ve been reading since the Coalition Government came to power that those working class super villans were at it again and claiming a billion in benefits when they didn’t need them. Apparently over 1Billion is lost to fraud of the UK benefits (welfare) system every year. That is quite alot, and I agree with Ian Duncan Smith’s recommendation that people should work for their benefits if they’re phsyically able to. It’ll get people used to work and the routine that goes with it. If they refuse then they have their benefits stopped.
Good idea, right? I personally think it is and has been long over due! The Tories, Labour and the society we live in has created somewhat of a generation of people that don’t want to work unless they’re being paid like a Premiership Footballer or a Pop Star. Starting off on the bottom and working your way up through hard graftin’ and doing those jobs that you don’t really want to do, is not for them. Those jobs are below them, you pay them £15 quid an hour at least for an easy job and you got yourself a deal. That thinking needs to change.
Unfortunately people see benefits as a way of life and not a life line, which is its actual intended use. Too many people for too long have seen it as a way of life and it has to stop. As I said, I think IDS’s idea is good, however… if you’re going to make them work for benefits you better make sure they at least have a job at some point after 12 months of being out of work. Not only that but give them a wage that is better than benefits. Provide incentives to work, and people will work – that’s the number one thing people have said.
On to the other part of this post, yes the benefit fraud bill is high, however, I think it’s unfair of the Government to go after the working class scroungers and not do anything about the people at the top. The amount of profit untaxed due to avoidance last year was £40 Billion (pre tax) and maybe more, the true extent isn’t known. Most of the companies doing the dodging are Banks and large mutlinationals, Barclays (£1Bn [2009]) and Royal Bank of Scotland (£25Bn [last 10 years]) are just two of the main ones. Have a look here and here for more info on UK Corporate Tax avoidance.
What is astonishing is that these avoidance schemes are perfectly legal and the Government has and still does know they exist. Chancellor George Osborne has introduced a 2.5Bn bank levy and new set of rules for Banking and finance. The point of the levy was to guard against excessive risks and stop a repete of what happend in 2007 when a collection of UK banks were bailed out to the tune of 850 Bn. However, Mr. Osborne has brought down Corp Tax to 24% from 28%, so in effect the reduction in Corp tax will negate the levy. Also the Banks stand to earn more as they will employ tax avoidance schemes which would see them pay 17% Corp Tax instead of 24%.
Not only that, smaller businesses will be paying full corp tax as they can’t afford to employ a tax avoidance scheme to save them money. There’s also the little fact Bailed out Banks will avoid paying £19 billion of tax on future profits by offsetting their losses during the financial crisis against their tax bills.
So, the Government is stll in bed with the bankers, not taxing them properly and are doing nothing to prevent a future financial metldown. And to top it all off they’re using the working class as a whipping boy and a distraction from what they’re really doing – which is nothing. Pointing the finger at the scrounging working class benefit cheats is so much easier to do than to turning on your friends, backers and masters who get away with far worse and who put the country in infinitely more danger than a few lazy benefit fraudsters.
And you know what? The working and middle class will take the bait because they have nothing but disdain and hate for the lowly scum that suck them dry. They should be mad at the people that cost the country £850Bn and put the economy in the toilet, not just the ones that cost £1Bn a year. Only differences between the two is it’s legal for one to rip the Government off while it aint for the other. Oh yeah, one wears a track suit and the other wears a business suit – and you probably paid for them both.

22 Responses to “Working Class Supervillains”

  1. Pete J said

    Hello, I’m still getting used to finding comments to my comments where I left I left the comment…plus the fact I am not spending so much on wordpress when there is so much in the big wide world to do!! I think we are pretty much agreed on all sides of this particular round of discussion but I will add that I would definitely put serial benefit cheats in jail. It’s a crime and it is theft and like many other crimes, because the sentencing appears so soft and payback ridiculous, it is not proving a deterrent for all the other wasters. I read about people who steal tens of thousands and only get a few weeks and no mention of what they will pay back. I read somewhere that one in ten people charged with proven benefit fraud don’t get convicted and even less get any more than a smack on the wrists and then are allowed to continue claiming.
    Put them in prison, seize their assets and ban them from ever claiming again….might just do the trick!!
    As for my ramblings – I think there has been a bit of a wake up in the country recently on what is about to happen when all the cuts start to dig deep. People who voted for change are suddenly starting to see what in fact they have done and are just starting to see right through this coalition – the kind of things you and I could see in May.
    Seriously mate, I am seriously worried about the next couple of years. As one of my whining blogs suggest, I am not exactly content with the quality of my life at the moment and my attempts to move onwards and upwards are not going to helped by what is happening here.
    I think people will become more united as they become affected and see that even with a change of government, things will continue to get worse.

    I’m pleased for you that you could put your time to good use and study politics.I hope you do, put it to good use and do something positive in life but I agree, you wouldn’t make a good politician – you are way too honest, too truthful and would actually have the audacity to serve your constituents……and that wouldn’t do – would it?
    Thanks for your thoughts on my ramblings…..I’ll just keep taking the medicine.
    Take care mate and good luck…….

    • Hey Pete,

      You still having trouble navigating then? If in doubt go to: My Blogs > Dashboard > Read Blog, which will take you to your blog. From there you can read and reply to comments. You’ll get used to it, even if you’r enot on here much.

      I agree, the sentances are not a deterrent and they never pay back what they took. But think about it, how much would each person in prison cost for a year? It’s £40,000 for 12 months, which means it would £20 grand for Six months and £10 grand for three months. Have a read Here Either way you cut it mate that is still more than, or the same, as benefits. We need a way to make them pay which wont cost the tax payer. Stick them in hostils and make them do un-paid community untill their debt is paid off. Either that or make prison more basic and hard. If we make prison the actual detterent they wont fiddle in the first place. Let’s face it, Prison is an occupational hazard for them, they know it’s cushy in there and a few would rather opt for that than do community work or pay the money back. Make Prison a hard place to be with only basic Human Rights and you’ll see the benefit cheats as well as the Scallies stop doing the things they do.

      How many times have we been here before though, Pete? Those People that were around in the ’70s and ’80s are still around now, yet we’re back to where we were back then. What does that say about them people? I’m not meaning you here, I mean the people who let the situation get to where it is now, the ones who went out and voted for Labour and the Cons knowning full well what they’ve done in the past and present? What I’m saying is the people will never learn despite the fact they have access to historical records and first hand expirence.

      I can understand your worries mate, I worry too. It’s gong to change things in our house, My sister’s already doing a 9 to 5 volountary work for an extra £15 quid a week, my other sister wont be far behind when she turns 18. I have a feeling they’ll set their sights on my Brother and Mam too (you know about my brother and my mam is nearly 60). It’s fair to say eveyone is going to feel the crunch, besides the people who started it and are telling us that ‘We’re all in this together’.I wouldn’t mind if they actually had the jobs for people to bloody do, but they don’t! They’re just hoping the private sector will take up all the flack, but they wont, not for a long time anyway. Untill then the average person will suffer and no other party will stop or reverse what the coalition is currently doing.

      Yeh, what be wrong to actually be an MP, eh? You know, I think the people of Salford would be the ones that would reject me, not just the powers that be. Honesty is the best policy, but people don’t like to hear the truth, like… “Salford is a rubbish and needs a lot of work!” Can’t see that going down well, people look at me funny and moan when I say it now! Just think about an election? :P. Thanks anyway mate, I’ll keep you updated on it, should get the paperwork this week.

      Have a good evening, Pete, and much love to the family!

      • Pete J said

        It was one of things I liked about spaces that you always got a prompt if someone commented on yours or their own blog and it was easier to get to…..like you said, I’ll get used to it.
        I do have a bit of a black and white view on criminals but I am acutely aware of the actual cost of keeping them locked up. Perhaps I should state – as if you didn’t already know – that it goes without saying as far as I am concerned, that prison should also be a deterrent. ie. Very basic facilities, harsh conditions and actually be a loss of liberty and not a little play park to hang out in. You’re right, it really is an occupational hazard for most and nothing really to worry about for some.
        Community based service is a good idea but then of course some ‘yuman rites’ specialist will complain it is preventing their client from looking for a job, even if they have no intention of doing so…………..all in all it just too easy for them and they simply don’t get the punishments they deserve – sadly, I doubt they ever will either.
        I don’t think anyone is safe from these cuts and I think we all should be worried. What with the cuts coupled with rising prices of the very basic necessities food, water, energy……whilst I feel this had to be done to some degree to get the country back on its feet again, I feel that the opportunity to deal with the long standing problems of this country will be overlooked again. I heard this morning that over 4 million migrants have come to this country since labour won the ’97 election – surely that is one of the main reasons the cuts are happening? But what are we doing about immigration…nada!
        You have too much honesty, integrity and dignity to be an MP in public office, you’d never last mate!! But for the right reasons.
        Good luck with everything and love to you and yours

        • Hiya Mate!

          If you want to get updates you should tick the box under the comment box marked “Alert me by e-mail to replys and posts” or something to that degree. You’ll get an e-mail saying someone’s replied.

          I agree, I think we’ve been here before though, we’ve discussed this many times and we always arrive at the same conclusion… nothing will get done! It really fucking pisses me off! And those wankers who defend these people’s Human Rights (more like Holiday Rights) are part of the problem! The whole Human rights issue takes us on to another issuess, The EU and UN who force their Human Rights laws on us, when we were NEVER asked! There was nothing wrong with our own system.

          Of course they will over look the chance to fix the country! They’re too preocupide with pleasing big bussines and the likes of Rupert Murdoch. You heard he’s planning to buy more of BSkyB? And Ole Dave will allow it because it brings in money to the country (no it doesn’t) and in to his Party coffers (oh yes it does).

          I’m not sure how immigrants are one of the main reasons for cuts. Are you talking about the pressure they’d put on the infastructure of the country? (NHS, Benfits etc?) I can see that causing some problems but not one of the main reasons for the cuts. The cuts are to pay off the national debt we’re in caused by bailing out the banks. Though you could be right because national debt was on the rise from 2004 onwards. To get a acurate reading we’d have to see how much national debt is caused by benefit and NHS services being used by immigrants, which is pretty much impossible. It’s guess work at the moment but I’d day it’s possible.

          I will keep my Political ambitions in mind, if I do become PM I’ll make you Minister for taking out the trash! And you what trash I’m talking about? ;o). I’ll just use my eventual rewards to try and get a job writing from home – and pay back the people of the UK for helping me! 🙂

          Cheers mate, take care and talk soon!

  2. Daf said

    Heeeeeeeeey Phil!! Well we already discussed this at length and even though my memory is rubbish and I dont actually remember what we said, Im sure it was a pertinent and intelligent discussion which didnt lead to name calling of the worst kind (including what you said that I said you shouldnt ;o) aaaaaand me calling you parts of animals anatomy.

    So anyway Im not gonna go into that again, just popping over to say hi really. If I was gonna be a supervillian Id be one of the banker ones though. Cos I think Id suit a business suit better than a nylon tracky. Just saying… ;O)

    Hope your having a fab week and chat soon!
    Moocho love, Daf xxx

    • ‘Elloooooooooooooooooo Dafferssssssssssssssss! 🙂

      Yes, I think we did discuss this and I can’t remember what exactly we spoke about regarding it! I just remember our discussion on words I should and shouldn’t say, which was minted by the way, but I won – and you know it! And you can’t dispute that because you can’t fully remember what was said, and as I hadn’t been drinking, my opinion is more valid than yours. Booyaaah! Get in!

      If you were a Supervillian you’d have to wear a Spandex suit because no self-respecting Supervillian is without it! The ex boss of RBS wore Spandex all the time! I’m not sure if that was when he was on or off duty, though! I could only see you gaining the Bradford & Bingly Supervillian status, really. But hey!… you’ll look top in a spandex Braders and Binly suit! 😀

      Week so far is OK, sleeping pattern normal and no sign of Kilngons! Hope things are going OK in the land of Daf too! Moooocho loveski, Mate! x

      • Daf said

        Ooooooooooh you couldnt let it lie could ya. I may not remember much but I remember mashing you into the floooooor with my witty and yet pertinent arguement, all be it liberally intersperced with me saying ‘just topping up’ ha haaaaa. So I win. :OP

        And I have no idea why you keep ending up on that old blog. The randomness of MSN never fails to astound me.

        Oh and Im fine with Bradford and Bingley spandex as long as I can have a collar and tie printed on the front like those t shirts you can get. And no lime green. Its just not my colour. Wanna be side kick?

        Glad your managing some kip!
        Hugski (Im just following your lead there I have no idea what Im actually sayin foshizzle) xxxxx

        • Nah, mate, you’re remembering all wrong. It’s what I like to call “Daffers Selective Memory Syndrome”. The argument basically went like this:

          Phil: But Daf, you can’t go around calling people that word!

          Daf: If I wanna wear an a IronMan suit I’ll wear one!

          Phil: Eh?

          Daf: You heard! I’ll eat Tony Stark if he marries Batman!

          Phil: Batman’s Gay?

          Daf: Nah, come on Phil, he aint even real!

          Phil: OK.

          Daf: That’s right, the Animals of Farthing Wood was the best Cartoon series ever! Just topping up!

          And it goes on like that for some time! I wont even mention what you said about Commander Riker and Cpt. Picard!

          Yeh, your WP name always takes me to that blog. You have done other blogs after that then? MSN is crap, keeps singing me in out all the time!. You know what’s even crapper? Myspace, they rolled out the new changes and they’re every bit as crap as I foretold!

          How could I be your sidekick? I’m too tall, you’d have to be the short one and I’ll be the tall one who’s obviously the leader! And you’ll get what coloured kit I give you, Misses!

          “Hugski” is just my silly word, in fact anything with “ski” on the end is my word. Like Dafski or Muppetski! <–btw that wasn't aimed at you! lol. Foshizzle is snoop dogs word, which is just ridiculous and no where near as good as any word with SKI on the end! 😀 xx

          • Daf said

            LMFAO! See I knew my memory wasnt brilliant but I had no idea it was this bad, cos I have to say none of that is ringing any bells although the Animals of Farthing Wood remark is a possibility, my judgement can be very off some nights. Everyone knows sober Id always say it was He Man tied with Space Sentinels.

            And too much height as opposed to just the right amount like me doesnt mean you cant be side kick. Although having said that if I have to wear lime Im refusing to play anyway and taking my ball back, and sticking my tongue out and generally having a hissy fit. I may actually lie down on a supermarket floor and kick my legs. How d’ya like them apples mr? Actually you probably do… cos theyre green.

            ;O) foshizzlewitdabizzlehugskis xxx

            • You said He-Man was a homo-erotic left wing conspirecy to turn our impressionable children Gay! You then added Dolf Lundgren was crap in the He-man film and that Jeremy Clarkson should’ve played him because “He has more camp on any given day than Dolf!”

              You’re height is just right? You’re 4ft5 aint cha? I’m 6ft3, therefore leadership naturally gravitates to me. As for your ball, you can take it! My Dad can batter your Dad anyway! End of argument!

              haa Laterski and Hugski! x

  3. The G Man said

    If ever I needed a kick up the backside….tonight I just got one.
    Good to see many of the old WLS crew on WordPress…
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you mate but Mr E. I see you’re still on form and you’ve worked it all out, giving pointers to the Judge and encouraging MM to keep going.:-)
    I have been caught up with a fair bit…long story…
    Please tell everyone I said hello and to coin that movie phrase…”I’ll be back”.

    • Ay up G-man! 🙂 Good to hear from you, I assumed you were busy with your bussiness and family, so I wasn’t expecting you to be on much. It’s all OK though, come around if and when you want, I nor anyone else will hold it against you! 🙂

      Yeh, I’m giving Pete advice now! haha. Though I’m still not skilled in making my own theme for on here, that’s the only problem. So I have to ‘tweek’ the themes they offer! Who is “MM”? Not Mags is it?

      I will tell our mutal friends you said Hi when I speak to them, I already gave Pete and Mandy your addy. I’ll give it to others if they join.

      Have a good time and love to you and the family! 🙂

  4. Dude you do realize those fraudsters are a small group of people out for financial gain. They aren’t the poor and shouldn’t be categorized with them. You don’t categorize mail fraudsters and email fraudsters, ID theft fraudsters and etc with them why would you do it here? They aren’t the poor and needy. Just pisses me off that they’re even lumped in with them. And the big businessmen bleed the middle class and poor dry too. Not just scam artists. Hell they’re legit scam artists. I like the working idea. I would do that myself if the option was open and I could better myself.

    • They lie to the welfare people, they say their sick, and they’re not, they say they’re jobless, and they’re not. It’s a crime to cheat the benefits system, so when they do it they’re basically Defrauding the Government and the people, they lied to get something they wern’t entitled to. Hence ‘Benefit Fraudsters’. I think the word fits the crime fine.

      The U.S. will never have a system like ours, they’ll never allow it because of the way the nation is engrained in Libertarianism and because of the Constitution.

      Oh, and you need to get a blog image, I’ll send you the link later on how to do it. Talk to you in a few.

  5. prenin said

    Hi Phil!

    When I was unemployed – and not insane as I now am – I found it impossible to get a job legally and was pressured into taking a part-time job for £10 per week extra as that way I stayed on the dole and my boss didn’t have to pay tax.

    When he started getting business he first tried to rip me off, then chased me round town in his car until he had me cornered to force me to work for him for £90 per week.

    Then he had the brilliant idea that I should stay on the dole and work for him full time for £60 per week – or else!!!

    Within a year I had the promise of a job with Meridian writing software as a trainee for £8,000 per year.

    After a week I phoned them to ask why they hadn’t given me a start date to be told that my AGENT had phoned them to say I was already employed under contract for £28,000 per year!!!

    I didn’t – and still don’t – have an agent, it was Tony’s secretary who made the call…

    I broke free with difficulty and tried to start my own business only to get shafted by the Police, Press and Media who drove me to a nervous breakdown and suicide because my downstairs neighbour saw me as easy prey and was being paid to ruin my life.

    Now I am insane, my life ruined, and have been told I’ll never work again.

    Given what they are going to do to the unemployed I’m actually relieved I’m insane!!!

    One thing I have learned about employers is that if you are vulnerable they will promise you the moon to get you to work on the dole and if you try to be honest they’ll terrorise you into doing what they want.

    Tony went out of business when the tax man got him for evasion, so I guess there’s a God after all…

    God Bless!


    • Hiya Prenin!

      For a man who is supposedly insane you talk a hell of lot more sense than some people who I know of, people who would count themselves sane and intelligent! I’m not saying that to make out you’re not sick, I’m saying that as a observation, an extremely valid observation. It should put the general population to shame, you have a mental illness and they can’t even concentrate long enough to take in the Political Situation. Those that can still get it backwards at times!

      I think your story is sad and typical of what has happend to you during your life, people taking advantage beacuse you’re a kind and trusting person. I hope the man that did that and others wake up on a alien spaceship and get gang probed by th lizard dong people!

      I don’t mind the idea of people working for dole money if they don’t currently have a job. My sister does it, she’s been out of work since early this year, and despite sending her CV in to many shops and businesses they didn’t take her on. However, they took in school kids on placements though! So, when my sister couldn’t get a job anywhere they forced her to do voloutary work, and she likes it! She’s learning about retail and delaing with customers. She gets an extra £15 for doing this, but hopefully at the end of it all she’ll have hands on expirence to work in retail, child care or animal care for a reasonable wage!

      Still not sure about there being a God! haha Have a good evening, Prenin!

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        Thanks for the visit as always!!!

        Doug is a messed up guy: Vulnerable and weak, he relies on bullsh*tting to keep himself safe and tries to bully anyone he perceives as being weaker than he is – but when he tried it on with me I just laughed!

        He keeps saying if anyone crosses him he’ll buy a gun and shoot everyone, including his Social Workers etc. but he’s all mouth and no trousers…

        He is now in deep trouble because he lied to get Incapacity Benefit and they’ve cut him off, so he’s going to get less money and now has to find a job.

        When he thought he was going to lose his home he checked out my place to see if he could move his bed into my living room!!!

        I’ve helped a lot of people over the years, but I had this crap off gutless wannabe gangster Darren when he was too scared to go home for three years because he got involved with a wannabe paper gangster con artist who robbed him and myself, so I have no plans on going through that again!

        I’m not sure about the cause of the headaches, they started last year and have become a daily occurrence, but I take Cuprophen for my joint pain and it can cause headaches, so it could be the cause – not to mention being addictive!

        I’m currently awake from about 6am and in bed by 7pm, but the sleep pattern continues to slip.

        I even missed church because I was up at midnight and in bed by lunch time, but no worries hey? 🙂

        Glad your sleep pattern is holding – after that business with the Cashew nuts I now know what UC feels – and smells – like! LoL!!!

        I watched Primeval the first time around and jolly good it was too!!! 🙂

        Unfortunately I have already got a headache which is bugging me, but not bad enough to need pain killers.

        Ho Hum! 🙂

        Just read the comment you made above and all I can say is thanks for the compliment! 🙂

        I am aware of my illness and distorted perceptions, so that goes a long way to keeping me on an even keel as long as I take the meds and, of course, I have a strong ethical balance so I don’t hurt anyone else.

        This is important because when I’m out of medication – as I am ‘supposed’ to be (I have a week’s emergency reserve) I’m in a constant state of fear and anxiety, which is more of a delusion than an actual valid state of mind and I tend to become a bit obsessive.

        I agree about voluntary work: I did three years unpaid as Chair of the local T&RA and it was very challenging because three of the ladies were power mad, but didn’t want to do the job!

        Now I’ve quit I miss it, but a whole new group are running it and are doing quite well even though their aims are somewhat beyond their reach!

        They’ll learn…

        Still: Your sister has the right idea and as you said: The work experience is invaluable! 🙂

        Did you hear about the Dyslexic Agnostic who stayed up all night wondering if there was a Dog???

        God Bless – it can’t hurt!!! LoL!!!


        • Hiya and no worries! I have to check in on you now and again! 🙂

          Oh? I never knew the bloke you were talking about was like that? I know of a few people like Him, I can’t abide them if I’m honest. They remind me of little yapping Yorkishire Terriers! You know, all gob, no action and a bit thick! And he wanted to stay in your flat if he couldn’t get sorted out? I hope you would’ve said no? You can’t be living with someone like that!

          You should get you headaches checked out, could be a number of things – someworse than others! And yes, UC sucks big time! haha

          I find that you approach your illness like you would a wound on your leg, in as much as you watch, study and keep it healthy. As well as that you have the ability to think about wider issues!

          The voloutary work is good, as long as there are jobs after they leave. If you don’t there’s just going to be more people back on the dole and pissed off! And I think that’s what’s going to happen – sadly!

          About that joke, I know a lad that would actually do that! LOL!

          Have a good one, Prenin! :0)

  6. Hello Mate…..back in good form
    I don’t need to tell you because you know how I feel about scrounging scrotes. Only this morning I was firing off yet another e-mail demanding that my local MP do something about people claiming benefits and in particular housing benefits to rent private property and causing misery and mayhem for their neighbours – and asking why can’t their benefits be stopped.
    The last time I discussed this with him – when we had the problem with the scrotes earlier on this year – he completely agreed that if public money was paying their rent, it should come with an automatic provision that it will be stopped if they are a problem. I get sick and tired of it mate. Seeing these scrotes leading the life of riley whilst like an idiot, i go out and work.
    Personally I think these steps that are being taken to squeeze the benefits are long overdue and if they are done correctly, will have desired result. They ran some trials in Rochdale and Burnley making it harder to claim for incapacity benefit in so much that the claimants had to prove they were as ill as they claimed they were………over three quarters withdrew their claims during the application process!!
    I have worked alongside the Work and Pensions department in a previous life and they know who is taking the piss and have no intention of working. They should be able to use their discretion to determine who should be made to work to earn their benefits and those who should be allowed to continue their job seeking activities because they are genuinely doing so. I agree it is a trap for some as they are far better off on benefits than they are in work but the government need to sort that out……Churchill himself said the Welfare System was to help those in need and should not be a way of life……but it has been allowed to happen. It will be a long, tough road but more people in work creates more demand creates more jobs, more profits and more prosperity, creates more demand, creates more jobs…..you get the picture.
    The other problem I have is that people caught defrauding the system barely get punished enough. It is a criminal offence yet so many get away with it without so much as a slap on the wrist. That is something that definitely has to change – stronger punishments, pay back amounts taken in full and prison sentences mandatory.

    As for the banking situation – I have always believed its the banks that run this country and the way they are continued to operate as they pretty much please lends my theory a little bit of credence – as does the fact that most ex-ministers seem to be on the boards of most of the major banks. How they can be allowed take so much of the public money to bail them out, have record lows of interest to pay out but are not made to reflect the lows on borrowing, that despite being bailed out they still made hundreds of thousands of people redundant and all the CEO’s and directors of all the major banking institution’s, somehow managed to earn massive bonuses during the financial collapse and not to mention their lack of commitment to getting the economy moving again by their reluctance to lend……it is an unbelievable disgrace and they are only getting away with it because the government are letting them.
    Enough now……going for a lie down
    Take care

    • Hiya Pete!

      It’ll come as no surprise to you too that I agree with you! You were one of the people that changed my mind on people working for their benefits, as long as it benefits them in the long run and they get a job after 12 months of being jobless.

      The idea to stop benefits if they’re being used to pay rent for problem families is a good idea! But I think it’s unlikely they would do that, rather than take the rent off them they’ll move them on and let them become someone else’s problem.

      They already ran a scheme of this? It’s good to hear it worked! Three quarters is a lot of people getting off their arses’! I also think a good way of stopping fraud if putting all the benefits people get on the same computer system and add to that their Job Searching number and info on their NI. It would be so easy to cross reference what they’re claiming and if they’re working when making/checking claims.

      Is it really a good idea to lock people who fraud the benefit system in prison? We know prison is not a place to put people for trivial offences, the majority don’t learn their lesson and only come out with a degree in criminality. Do we really want to make benefit cheats in to that type? Of course assuming they’r enot that type already. Some of the people I know of who choose to stay on benfits and lie are not that type. I was thinking locking them up in seperate untis would stop them becoming highly ciminalised? What do you think?

      Yeh, the banks run the country, that’s why they got a bailout and why they’re still not tied down with regulation to stop them making risky deals and decissions. We’re still open to a another metldown when some greedy bastard who’s already comfortably well off takes a risk with other peoples’ and conpanies money. This is what I was getitng at in the post, the media and Government presents this image of Working Class Villains and people get so pissed off with it, but they pretty much ignore what the bankers have done and what they’re still doing! £850 Bn for the bailout and £40Bn + in profits that go untaxed, and people are mad at benefit scroungers?

      I think that old mindset still exists in the UK where the Working Class doesn’t question their ‘betters’, because it’s much easier and valid to bollock the scroungers. They see the situation as “Well, they worked for their money! I’d do the same thing in their place”. What they don’t understand is the bankers are getting out of paying their fair share of tax while the people pay theirown and bailout them out. I’d just like to see a lot more people get pissed off at the people higher up and what they do, then we may actually have a financial and business system that works.

      Lie down? haha Did your rant knock you off your feet? haha. There’s lots more coming! Hope you enjoy ya kip and take care, mate!

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