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Wanker Of The Week: Lord Young – “You never had it so good”

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 19, 2010

If any proof was needed that the Tory Party is the same as it’s always been here is the evidence! Lord Young, an ‘enterprse adviser’ to the Prime Minister, said in an Interview with the Daily Telegraph that the people of the UK “never had it so good“. He believes because current low interest rates caused by the “So called recession” has left a lot of people better off.While that is true for some, it isn’t for the whole country. I know a few people who are still struggling to pay their mortgages as well as other bills. To say this is just baffling, then again it’s coming from a hardcore Tory from the Thatcher era, so we shouldn’t expect any different.

Mr. Young, who looks like a living Fossil coincidently, also said that the loss of 100,000 Public Sector jobs was: “within the margin of error“, which just smacks of typical hardcore Tory Libertarianism. It makes you wonder just what the rest of the Tory Party and the PM really thinks about the cuts and the People in the country? With Mr. Fossil being so close to the PM and being an actual adviser to the Government, you can pretty much assume that they all agree with him.

Bar a handful of people who benefit from low interest rates or are so rich they don’t need low interest rates, the rest of the UK population is having trouble recovering and surviving the recession. Lord Mr. Young’s comments proves he has no idea what it is like to live a normal life in the UK today, and shouldn’t really be an adviser to the Government. Then again, when the Government holds the same opinions as you – then why not?

Just a thought… does this man get paid for suggesting this kind of rubbish?


24 Responses to “Wanker Of The Week: Lord Young – “You never had it so good””

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Phil, it’s hilarious he cycled to work with his car following behind – that’s just hilarious!! A good read. Not surprised to see Prenin has so much comment – he’s from the UK too.

    Hey Phil, I forgot how I got to your video. I can’t locate it now. I thought you had a category ‘videos’ but no, so I can’t remember. I don’t mind you giving me links to them, make it easy for me! I’d love to see you in action :). I definitely like your humour & insights in print.

  2. Pete Judge said

    Just read the comments about the cuts and paid him a visit too.
    Think he is just trying to be a bit clever and hasn’t really thought his idea through.
    Anyone who seriously thinks there aren’t any cuts is deluded and not really worth the argument.

    Take care

    • I agree! You don’t have to be an economist to see they’re cuts! It’s why I thought he was taking the piss, but still ya right, not worth bothering with.

      Take care out there, there be mosters! ;o)

  3. prenin said

    Looks like we ran out of space! LoL!!!

    Have a great weekend my friend – tomorrow I go to church!!!

    God Bless!


  4. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Yes, Lord Young is the True Face of the Tory’s, but he’s gone for now (No telling when they’ll bring him back!)and hopefully he won’t be paid a living wage and have to live on JSA – yeah, I know, some chance…

    On my own blog I suggested he be tarred and feathered, but you can bet he has Police protection in case any of us plebians try to do so!!!

    One thing I have learned is that there’s no justice…

    God Bless!


    • Hello Prenin! 😀

      Yeh, he’s is! Did you see his appology? What a load of shit! You know he was forced to say that and still thinks the same thing regardless – as do a lot of Tories. JSA? LOL! Would be funny to see him signing on with the Scallies! haha I’ll have to Photoshop that!

      Tarred and feathered? Nah, to easy… He should be forced to eat Ice-Cream from the ass crack of Eric Pickles and John Prescott – after they’ve not showered for two weeks! I think that would do him just right!

      Yup, Justice in the UK is a joke! It’s why people are losing faith in the system.

      Have a good one, Prenin! 🙂

  5. I am not rich, I am not a businessman, I am not a Lord, but I agree with Lord Young on this one: I am tired of hearing the whining of people who have a house and a car and a pension. This is a welfare state, and nobody ever had to starve or die out of need. And the alleged spending cuts are no cuts really: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/uk-budget-what-cuts/

    I have travelled many places, and one thing I have learned is that we Europeans moan and whine at a very high level. While others, who are truly in need, are forgotten by us.

    A civil servant who loses his job and has to look for one on the free market with his experience, connections and references is not in a terrible situation. A farmer in Bangladesh is after a flood. Or a refugee in Kigali who doesn’t know where his family is.
    Think about this, next time you warm up with a coffee at Pret-a-Manger after a protest in London.

    • Welcome Andreas,

      I don’t know where you’re from Andreas, but people are in real danger of losing their homes, cars and Pensions in the UK. The recent recession was partly responsible for that and the cuts wont help a lot of people.

      I don’t know where you get the idea the cuts aren’t really cuts, because they are. I read your blog and the clue is in the stats, the fact they’re borrowing money to make ends meet shows we’re in debt and thus they make cuts to the public sector to save money. UK national debt will rise in the next 5 years, and with it so will borrowing because the Tory lead coaltion doesn’t like to Tax. http://www.ukpublicspending.co.uk/uk_national_debt_chart.html

      I don’t think anyone would disagree with you that people in the developing world have a harder time economicaly and sometimes people in the West don’t know how luckily they are. But still, people can still end up destitute and even driven to suicide because of lack of job prospects and financial worry.

      “Think about this, next time you warm up with a coffee at Pret-a-Manger after a protest in London.”

      I think you’re assuming I’m something I’m not.

      • prenin said

        I’m with Phil on this one!

        I see the results of the cuts in the effect it is already having on my friends and neighbours.

        Because of Benefit cuts some are facing destitution and starvation as they have to choose between eating and heating.

        Already there are five people chasing every job and with the cuts will come massive unemployment not seen since Maggie did her thing!

        I struggled on Income Support to find a job and was blatantly taken advantage of – do you REALLY think it won’t happen again???

        Not to mention the massive rise in crime which will occur as the starving masses do what they can to live and the dwindling Police force trying to deal with them?

        Already we only have two Police Officers on night duty and eight during the day, but with court cases where they are required to give evidence that has beenn reduced to one on occasion…

        These cuts are going to hit the poorest and most vulnerable people in our communities with the usual Tory excuse of waging war on the idle who suck on the Countries money teat.

        How long before we’re at the breaking point???

        God Bless!


        • I think most people who live in the UK are with us, Prenin. I’m not sure where Andreas is from but I don’t think he’s British. To deny these cuts are not really cuts, well… you’d have to live somewhere else to think that.

          Crime will rise, especially now they’re cutting the Police numbers in our areas! Over 3000 jobs are going in Greater Manchester, about a 1000 of them will be actual officers. Have a look: Thousands of GMP jobs to go. As well as that there’s also a hault to the regeneration of Salford… again! Have a read: Salford regeneration firm axed after funding blows.

          If it’s happening here it’s happening near you and everywhere else too! And as always the most vunerable will take the hits hardest! It makes me angry! Breaking point will be Summer next year, or that’s when it’ll start anyway!

          Take care, mate! 🙂

          • prenin said

            Hmmm… Good job I have a solid front door – not that it’ll keep the Police out – but the thought of how rough it’s going to get is already making me nervous!

            I agree that Summer will be when things start to bite – what are the odds they’ll increase the powers of the PCSO’s to make up for the loss of Police from our streets???

            Lord Help Us…


            • I think the PCSO’s are going too. The Tories were never a fan of them. When you think about it they never did much other than serve as a deterrent, and they wern’t really an effective one.

              What they’ll do is step up patrols in cars, install more CCTV and try and kick of a new neigubourhood watch sceme of sorts. I still don’t think it’ll be much different, especially when the force will be spread thinly.

  6. Pete J said

    Afternoon – thought you might have picked up on this little gem…………..
    Have a quick look at the note I left about it on my blog – you just have to laugh!

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