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Woodlouse Want’s Some Tongue?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 20, 2010

While I’m currently in the process of deleting my MySpace blogs owning to the fact MySpace has just done a Windows Live Spaces and forced a load of crap changes on the site, I’m posting up some of my blogs that I never posted on WLS . I’ll post my ‘My MySpace Retro Blogs’ once a week untill I run out of them. Here’s an interesting one… (originally posted on 30th June 2010)… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Some times nature can be cruel, funny, beautiful and also completely disgusting and fascinating. I love the way natural selection forces creatures to adapt.

I came across this strange but intriguing animal while looking for another strange animal called the “Candiru” a fish in South Central America that swims up the gills of Fish, following the scent of Urea, and drinks their blood, and has also been known to do it to and make itself at home in the Human Urethra!

I noticed in the list of parasites this strange little thing:

I don’t know about you but that just looks Sci-fi! Apparently Cymothoa Exigua (The Tongue-Eating Louse) is a sea dwelling crustacean that’s somewhat related to the humble woodlouse in your Garden. Like the Candiru fish, it makes it’s way in to the Fish’s body via the Gills and then clamps itself down on the Fish’s tongue and begins to suck the blood out of it with it’s two front hollow claws.

It stays there untill the tongue has been completely drained of blood and dies. Once the tongue has gone the Louse then attaches itself to the remainder of the fish’s tongue, nothing but a stub at this point, and then becomes the Fish’s tongue. The Louse survives by helping move food down the Fish’s throat, as it does this it eats some of the food itself and subsists on that.

It’s the only known parasitic creature to destroy and then replace the host’s original organ. No need to worry, the Tongue-eating Louse only feeds on the Red Snapper (a Fish) and isn’t considered dangerous to Humans. It usually lives around the coast of California but one was found in a Fish in UK waters, but was assumed to have traveled with the fish.


8 Responses to “Woodlouse Want’s Some Tongue?”

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  2. Pete J said

    Nice….are you that interested in nature or just have too much time on your hands????

    Interesting to see how WordPress deal with a little controversy and if they do intend to suppress free speech.

    Have a good one and be thankful we aren’t red snappers


    • lol I’d say a bit of both. I’ve always had an interest in Nature and Animals, especially the unconventionl and strange ones! I just love the way life adpats and niggles in to any niche avalable.

      WordPress said sorry and took the block of my account, it was either a tech glitch or someone reported me. I’d like to think someone reported me and the people at WP are a little more adult about language and freedom of speech, and so let it go.

      I’m thankful we’re not red snappers but even more thankful we’re not the Louse! Imagine living in a fishes gob? 😛

      Have a good one too, Mate!

  3. prenin said


    A parasite that is also a symbiote!

    Poor fish though…

    God Bless!


    • Hiya Prenin!

      Isn’t it just? I love it when Nature throws stuff up like that just when you’d thought you’d got it figured out! I’ll be doing more strange and new creature blogs from now on, to break up the Politics.

      If you haven’t already, check out the ‘Candiru’ link!

      On another note, WordPress stopped me from posting anything last night and today because they were “Conserned abou the contents of my blog”? I e-mailed them and they said sorry, system glitch or some plank reporting me? hmmmmmmmmmm

      Hope you had a good day at Church!

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        I’ll check the link tomorrow – I’m so tired I’m struggling to focus, so I’ll be taking my meds in a moment.

        Hmmm… Sounds a bit dubious to me – most likely you were reported.

        Some people can’t handle freedom of speech!!!

        Church was fun and the little ones made it a mad house at the end – one kid threw up during Sunday School and was brought back to his grandparents who were sat near me, but at the end of the service he was running around and pinching chocolate biscuits!!! 🙂

        They were really concerned about my absence over the past few weeks because of my disrupted sleep pattern and Janice was going to phone me if I hadn’t gone to church to make sure I was OK.

        Nice to know they care!!! 🙂

        Trouble is that there are quite a few who are husband hunting, so I have to be careful!!! 🙂

        Have a great week my friend – now about that link…

        Erm.. OUCH???

        I heard of this fish years ago and I’ve seen a few documentaries that mention it and it sounds painful indeed!!! 🙂

        Now for my pills, the rest of my night cap and then I’ll get ready for bed.

        Tomorrow is another day…

        God Bless!


        • “Trouble is that there are quite a few who are husband hunting, so I have to be careful!!!”

          Get in there Prenin! If you like what you see, looks and personality wise, then you’re all sorted mate! I’d say go for it! :D. But make sure they aint marrying you for a stay in the country, security or just for the sake of getting married.

          Yeh, I saw the same documentary on the BBC! Ouch wouldn’t begin to describe the pain you’d feel! 😛

          Hope you slept well! 🙂

          • prenin said

            Not much point Phil – the meds shut down everything so if I have a choice between a retread momma out to make a conquest and a peppered steak, I’ll have mine medium rare!!! LoL!!! 🙂

            I was pissed off when I found out, but by then it was too late and the doctor won’t switch me to Abilify so I guess I’m slightly knackered…

            God Bless!


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