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Why Do Women Do It?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 22, 2010

I wasn’t really sure what to call this post as it’s a tricky subject that can blur between the lines of Domestic abuse and stupid choices influenced by misplaced love. So if you feel offened bear that in mind before you accuse me of being an insensitive male clod.

I’ve noticed quite a lot growing up, and even now, that Women have a inate tendency to fall for Men who are completely unsuitable as Partners and even Fathers.

I’ll get stright down to it and say it: Some women are just so stupid when it comes to love and picking partners that  it’s annoying! I’ll give you a true and prime exanple of this…

Miss. A (obviously not her real name) has had realtionships with a few Men, each time she fell for them because they were “Bad Boys” or “Rough”, her words not mine! She would rather go out with a Man with no job prospects, who deals Drugs, Takes Drugs, is a Alcoholic, steals form her and her Children, has a Police record and even hits her. Miss. A is NOT lacking in self-esteem, she hits him back and could easily surive on her own without him.

So why does she stay with this loser who she feeds and even clothes? Here’s the answer: “I love Him!” and my personal favourite: “I like the Danger. It’s exciting!”. Can you believe that? Steals from her, pays for his habits, puts her own children out for him, even has a baby to him and she “Loves” him ans finds it exciting. Miss A is a nice women, but she’s a fool and I’ve told her so. Why do they do it, though?

It could easily be a single educated woman, they still do it, but why do they stoop for scrote bags and idiots? I’m not saying all women do this but alot do it when they’re young, you can chalk that up to being young and inexperienced, but when you’re in your mid twenties and older?

Some women even see it coming, but they still go to a relationship with these types expecting them to change. Word to all the Women out there; You can’t change a Man, unless he want’s to change! Don’t think you can secretly manipulate Him or nag him in the right direction, it doesn’t work. It only works if they’re willing and want to change. And if they really loved you, they’d do it! Putting up with their habits only sends a message you’re willing to carry on with him the way things are. Not a good signle to send if you are trying to change or help them.

Another thing, why do women go for arrogant men? I’m not talking about confidence percieved as arrogance, I mean 100% arrogance. How can women seriously find that attractive? Because they appear secure or dominant?

Either way it’s annoys me when they start monaing about the Man and the situation they’ve created for themselves. If you don’t want none of that then don’t get in to the relationship in the first place or dump their arrogant, parasitic arse as soon as possible and get yourself a man that actually cares about you. They are out there, they just don’t give them a chance. Miss A for example, she passed up a hard working man because he was: “Too Nice”.

So, come on ladies… why do you or other ladies do it? I’d really like to know. Men are also welcome to post their thoughts on this post too. I’d like to hear all sides.


13 Responses to “Why Do Women Do It?”

  1. I will never understand why women go for bad boys. I guess they are just sado-masochists and gets off on being treated like shit. Sarcasm aside, I think some women (not all) who go for bad boys have a low self esteem or have seen their mothers go for men who treats them like dirt. In the end though, it is those women’s personal choice. Me? Never. I don’t want to deal with that crap.

    • I never had you down as the type to enter, or stay, in to that kind of relationship anyway, Erica.

      Have a read of Daf’s comment, she more or less got it right on the dot. But it still doesn’t explain why some women go for wankers and arrogant Men! They may not hit them but they’re a waste of time and space, yet they still love them? Yet give them a nice man and they still go for idiots. *sigh*

      Hope all is well, Mate! 😀

  2. Lynn said

    I dont go for men like that anyway. I like men who are smart,who have degrees and a good job and treat me properly and care about me and not just their selfs. I also look for men who have a lot in common with me and similar interests to me. If my man was anything like that womens man in the blog I would get rid of him stright away and yet again I wouldnt even pick a man like that anyway.

    • Just because a Man has a degree doesn’t mean he’s going to be a nice person. Harold Shipman was a Doctor and had a degree – he was also a Murderer. As Daf says below, Intelligence and common sense don’t always go hand in hand. Which a man with a degree = could still be a complete bastard when it comes to women and a relationship.

      I understand you wanting an intelligent Man with a good job, a lot of women want that, however… it doesn’t automatically mean the man will be a good person in a realtionship. You’ll have to test the water first, see what happens, then take things from there.

      Spank you, Lynn! 🙂

  3. Daf said

    Heeeeeeeey Philleepio! Dunno why I used an accent I was just in the mood. Huzzah for random accents! Ahem. Okay ok Ill address the weighty issue of your blog cos it is weighty indeed.
    To begin with… Abusive relationships arent all man bad/woman good. Statisically teenage relationships are for more likely for the girl to be the one doing the duffing up, and it happens in relationships across the board that its the woman doing the thumping/throwing stuff /playing mind games too. I just thought that Id clarify that when Im talking about abusive relationships Im not just talking about the kind you mentioned here.
    I reckon men keep more quiet about it cos they find it kinda embarrassing to have a wee woman beating up on him.

    Anyway… the only reason Ive ever been able to come up with is that people can be emotionally stupid. I mean yeah, Im not talking about the people that feel so beaten down and trapped that they genuinely feel they cant leave, Im talking about the people you mention like Miss A that could up and leave whenever they like but dont. To me its more about an addiction to the passion and the drama and they genuinely confuse that with love, when anyone with a grain of sense knows if you love someone you wanna keep them safe and protect them. Ive long believed that intelligence isnt in the least bit connected to common sense.

    Often people cite being abused as a child as an excuse for continuing in abusive relationships or being an abuser themselves. I think thats a heap of crap. As an adult you have choices and make your own decisions.

    Anyway thats my take on the whole thing… I dont believe there is ever any excuse for anyone to behave in a violent way, but I do think you saying Miss A thumps him back is slightly revealing, cos obviously she is accepting of violence within a relationship.

    Nuff of the serious… I shall leave you with this thought. Sometimes I wanna kick people in the shins cos I like em… ha haaaaaaaaaaa! ;O)

    Hugs Daf xxx

    • You always use an accent, you’re a Geordie! haha 😉

      I know the situation isn’t so black and white as I made out, some Men do suffer abuse at the hands of women, but I don’t think that’s as widespread.

      I agree for the most part with your second paragraph, they must be emotionally stupid, even if they are intelligent, to not be able to tell the difference between genuine love and the passion and excitment of a relationship. Though it still happens with people who have a high ‘EI’. Maybe with them it’s a confidence thing?

      The abused who abuses is just a weak minded idiot! There’s no reason to pass that on, they have a choice and they can take it, but they don’t. Again, low IE and General Intelligence!

      Miss A is a nice woman, but your right, the way she fights back says a lot! The situation is a little bit more complicated than I let on. I was just using her case as an example. I would go in to more detail about Miss A but there’s thing I know about her she think’s I don’t and I’d rather not go in to all that.

      Kick them in the shins? You know, The lead singer of Guns&Roses (most overrated and shitest band in the world btw) used to kick people in the balls if he liked them. I’d mangle his face if he did that to me! If you kcik me in the shins though I wouldn’t mind because you’re only ickle and I’d barely feel it!

      Hugskiiiiiiii to tha Dafskiiiiiiii! 😀

      • Daf said

        Sorry I cant leave a serious reply to this cos Im too busy sniggering at the idea of you mangling Axle Rose’s face. Mans had an awful lot of surgery dont you know. Looks such a freak now anyway I doubt anyone would notice ;O)


        • I’ll pull his chin down and stick it in his pants. Then smack his crotch area with a bat! I’d like to smack Slash too, he’s so arrogant and thinks he’s so cool! I don’t think anyone but the numpties would notice if I took the pair out Agent 47 style!

          I was reading an article a few days ago, let me see if I can find it *Googles it* Can’t find it! But! It did say that women can’t help but go for ‘aggressive’ men. Apparently agression is given away in male facial features and you ladies pick up on it.

          Hugskiiiiiiiiiiiis 🙂 x

  4. prenin said

    I’m with you on this one Phil!

    My mum and dad were in an arranged marriage: Dad because he was a tosser and mum because she was ‘damaged goods’, what we today call ‘date raped’.

    She could have walked out on him at any time, even had half a dozen coppers begging her to let them teach him the error of his ways, but she was too scared of what he’d do when he came out of hospital.

    As a consequence she was no longer battered – he used mind games to break her – but he turned on his kids and it is only by God’s good grace that I’m writing this.

    Today he uses self pity to attract women and has himself a three legged dog after he slaughtered all of our pets.

    Megalomaniac that he is, he is incapable of apologising for his crimes and his excuses have to be heard to be believed!!!

    Mum eventually left him, but she abandoned her kids and left them to suffer until they were old enough to join the Army and escape – or leave as I did with the aid of a girlfriend who dad made a pass at.

    Today with the exception of my born again Christian brother Keith, not one member of our entire extended family will have anything to do with him.

    Such is a ‘Bad Boy’ grown old…

    God Bless!


    • That’s a sad, tragic story, Prenin! I think your Mother’s problem was more of a confidence issue than actually liking your Father. I don’t think she stayed with Him by choice from what you told me. She was mentally dismantaled and broken, it’s more of an domestic issue, but still, it’s one that needs to be spoken about and discussed.

      I’m glad your Mother escaped Him but to leave the kids behind, well… it says to me your Mam was really scared and your Dad was a nasty piece of work! I’m also glad you escaped Him too, though I’m sure he still haunts your mind and thoughts. You’re a strong man, Prenin! You took all he gave and came out the otherside, a little worse for wear but still OK. Props Man!

      Hope all is well! 😀

      • prenin said

        You are right of course Phil, but it took 24 years before I got over it and started living again and only got help AFTER my neighbour Bob ruined my life and in the process exposed much of what dad would have preferred to have kept hidden.

        To this day I have to be wary when out on the street as he has made it clear he will kill me on sight as apparently it’s ‘all my fault’…

        Big car, little man syndrome…

        God Bless my friend! 🙂


  5. Interesting thoughts. I have known countless women over the years who are attracted to the bad boys and end up getting hurt – and not just emotionally either. I’ve even been dumped on a couple of occasions in favour of the delinquent scrote and to be completely honest with you, the question of why is one that I simply have given up trying to fathom.
    Perhaps these women are the ones asking me the questions on E Bay?

    By the way you would be really surprised what people buy on EBay. I have put some stuff on there that fetched a good price when I didn’t even really thing it would sell – but then on the other side of the coin I have sold one or two bits I thought I might have got more for!!

    Take care and keep ’em coming

    • You know what’s daft about it? Even women don’t know why they do it! I don’t accept the answers ‘Miss A’ gave me, I think that’s bollocks.

      I remember growing up, I had a crush on a local girl, she’d never go out with me and never liked me. Anyway, times gone by since, I have no feelings for her now, haven’t since I was about 13. She’s in an abusive realtionship, missing her front teeth, looks 35(she’s actually my age) and does drugs. Don’t think I lost out there, eh? And yeh, tis possible the brainless bints are the ones asking for samples of fabric!

      I’m aware people buy crap, just didn’t think it’d be worth doing it on-line. I may have to try it out. Don’t you need a pay pal account or something?

      You take care too, mate! And no worries, I’ll keep them coming, since I moved over from WLS and MySpaz I feel more free and open to write what I want!

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