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You’re a Dickhead! No… You’re a Dickhead! Nah, You’re a Dickhead!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 24, 2010

Time for another Retro blog from Myspace! This time about the childish stupidity that does/did run rampant on there. I was on there yesterday and apparently the drama is still going on. I’m glad I’m deleting it! 

Orgininaly posted on: 15th Jan 2010


Is it just me or does everyone else think the top bloggers [on MySpace] are a bunch of idiots? This is something you no doubt already know, just thought I’d blog on it because I was amazed and amused by what I read on there. 

I don’t – or at at least I try not to – get involved with slagging matches on the net because that just distracts from the blog subject at hand. You just come across as a cunt and look like you have no argument at all. For this reason I very rarely visit the top bloggers, and it’s even more rare I comment them. So many sad people, so many fake profiles to start drama in their own comment box, there’s more sense in a bucket of shit!

I learned very soon after joing Myspace that commenting on the top bloggers is a little pointless, even if you comment the so called enlightened Liberals or Lefties. These people have a pack mentality and habit of jumping on anyone who disagrees slightly with their group of cyber friend’s opinions/ideology and then insult you. It’s like the mentality of communities in Rawanda who killed their own neighbours. Even though they know it’s wrong they can’t help themselves so they have to protect their cyber tribe and Leftest, Neocon or Liberal dogma by creating a nice little piece of Cyber Rawandan attack in a Myspace comment box!

I have a few cyber friends who blog, they blog and debate alot but I never feel the need to leap to their defence in the middle of a debate they’re having! They’re quite capable of defending themselves and arguing their own point without me swooping on there and saying: “Yeh but actually, you’re thick and X, Y and Z” *Posts a picture featuring the word “FAIL”*.

These people are a Government’s wet dream! They fancy themselves as Political bloggers but spend more time arguing amongest themselves and plagiarising articles from the main stream media! What more could a Government want? One lot of idiots regurgitating what they put out, and the other lot thinking they’re smarter than the first lot and calling them idiots while the rest argue amongst themselves! Great, No one’s paying attention to what the Government is actually doing, which is what these people were supposed to be doing in the first place! Instead they’re insulting each other and treating it like a sports game!

What a bunch of sad tossers! Fake profiles, creating drama, name calling, blog arguing, Plagiarism… The Myspace political top blog section really is a micro version of the real world with idiots pumping out shit that’s either a lie, rubbish or completely irrelevant to the Political situation at all! These people really are sheep of the worse kind, they’re not aware of what they’re doing or they only care about readership and comments so they manufacture drama. Who and what does that remind you of? 

The top bloggers are sheep, so are the people that follow them. That’s if they’re reading it for it’s news or intellectuall content and not a laugh. No matter where you go the sheep will always be on top, just like the pond scum.

To find something of more substance and less shallow, you have to go a little deeper! You have to find people that wont agree with everything you say, that will challenge your opinions, people that think outside the box and who’re open to new ideas instead of living in an ideologcial box created by society and the powers that be.


9 Responses to “You’re a Dickhead! No… You’re a Dickhead! Nah, You’re a Dickhead!”

  1. Daf said

    Psssssssht to top bloggers. The commenters are either totally kissing their ass or being as inflammatory as they can, I suspect to direct a bit of traffic in their own direction. I had a look at my Myspace just out of curiosity to see what theyve done, and there seems to be this bizarre feed about people I dont know doing things Im not interested in. I think Ill be giving that a miss.

    Catch ya later (oh and Im just working my way through recentblogs so if theres any more here I havent read Ill probably leave another comment so just deal with it ;O)


    • It’s both! hahaha. I don’t know why they bother though, all their blogs are centered around drama, and even if they’re not and they’re political then drama starts anyway because that’s what they’re known for. I think they’re a load of sad wankers!

      You saw the changes then? Yeh, complete bollocks! Not much else to say to it!

      Leave all the comments you like, I’ll just edit them later and make you look like a fool! *evil laughs* ;O) xx

  2. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Yes, I DO have a timer, but it is a pain with the crazy sleep cycle!

    I set it on last night and the heating came on at 7am as planned, but it was 9.57am before I woke properly.

    I now know more about my condition thanks to a radio interview and did a bit of research.

    Apparently I was suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after what dad did to us and Clinical Depression (nervous breakdown) because of what I was put through by Bob followed by Paranoid Schizophrenia when I was pushed ‘over the edge’.

    So: Apparently that explains my disrupted sleep pattern, flashbacks and depression, not to mention the need for Olanzapine to control my delusions.

    Now the question has to be: What the HECK do I do to get rid of it!!! LoL!!!

    On the bright side I don’t see them kicking me off benefits any time soon…

    Did you see the reports on yet another Tory Lord opening his mouth and almost getting his tongue ripped out???

    I have no children, but I know a lot of single girls and they have kids for a variety of reasons: Kelly and her multitudinous brood because she kept trying to find a man willing to look after her and the kids front, only for each one to vanish as soon as her pregnancy was announced!!!

    She’s now in a Psychiatric unit after a breakdown and all her kids are now in care…

    Ann was an abused child who got into the habit of running away aged 13 because the Police kept taking her back to her abuser father, so by the time she was put in care she’d reached the: ‘I’m going to hurt you by hurting me’ stage.

    I looked after her during pregnancy and after the birth of her daughter who was conceived as a consequence of rape when she was 15.

    She’s a damaged individual who did not set out to get pregnant in order to get a house and has had no help despite her serious problems.

    She’ll no longer talk to me because she blames me for her MAJOR drug addict/dealer going to jail and so removing her income.

    This was AFTER he put a bullet through the bathroom door with Ann, her babysitter and the baby behind it.

    He wasn’t prosecuted because Ann hates the Police and refusing to give evidence gave her the chance to stick it to the forces of law and disorder.

    A sadly twisted mind…

    Have a great weekend my friend – it’s going to a a COLD couple of weeks!!! 🙂

    • Hey Prenin! 🙂

      Of course you have a timer! There’s me thinking I’m suggesting something you haven’t tried yet! lol

      As regards to your illness, I’m sure a few people would come out the otherside of a situation like yours with the same side affects. If you were predisposed to your illness then you were very likely to develop it with a situation like that to deal with.

      Not sure I can help you get rid of it, but I’ll tell you what, if I come acorss a cure I’ll tell you – OK? I expect you to do the same if you find a cure for UC! lol

      Yeh, I was aware of that, but he disapeard from the News as quickly as he came about! Not sure if that was by Government pulling strings or the media focusing on North Korea shelling those Southern Islands. Was gonna blog on him but I forgot his damn name and the search terms only turned up Lord Young! 😛

      I know of a few women who’ve had children while looking for ‘Mr. Right’, some are smarter than others. But the one you know doesn’t sound too smart! I would’ve stayed away from people like that, but you being the kind-hearted git you are… haha.

      Yeh it’s cold, and we’re supposed to be getting a bit of snow too. So far we aint got any! YAY! :D. All the best for the week ahead!

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        You can bet if they find a cure it’ll not be followed up by the manufacturers of drugs because it would kill their repeat business!

        I must admit I forgot the Tory creep’s name too, but I guess they were banking on the North Korea situation to bury the story.

        I guess I’m a sucker for hard-luck stories: Kelly’s sister Stephanie stayed with me for a while after leaving care, but was tied to a woman who introduced her to the Brothel trade and these days she’s severely messed up, but has a partner and kids, so she’s putting that behind her as once she was over 16 she was ‘over the hill’.

        All her siblings were messed up because their mum was a bad parent and the only affection they ever saw as kids was when I showed up!

        Pam and b/f Wayne were terrible parents and the kids were all horribly neglected so it wasn’t a surprise when Steph went off the rails and ended in care along with another of her sisters, but it gets worse.

        Ann’s dad was caught with 11 yo Stephanie naked, drunk and off her head in his bed, but insisted he was washing her clothes because she soiled herself – he was also banging her mum Pam, so it never went to court.

        He tried to get out of trouble by telling Marie and Alison’s parents I was supplying them with booze and drugs in return for sex – but my Ex Christine and my mate Graham were living in my small flat because they’d lost their home so there was no way ANY of it could happen as the fathers discovered when he brought them to my place so they could beat me up.

        A year later the truth came out and Ann’s dad threatened to shoot the kids parents if they came near him and hired a bodyguard!

        Needless to say the girls were all regular visitors from then on and I have video of Steph with her son Anthius, Ann with baby Lisa (I recorded her mum’s remarriage in Rochdale Registry Office) who I looked after until her drug dealer/addict b/f was arrested and Marie before, during and after the birth of her child as well as videoing Alison before we drifted apart due to boyfriends and life doing its thing.

        Ann’s dad may have tried to be the Fox running with the Hounds, but it did him no favours and last heard he was scared to leave his home in case he was beaten up and boasts that he’s a member of the Middleton Mafia in an effort to save his skin…

        Snow is supposed to be Tuesday and we could see a couple of weeks of this so shopping is going to be a nightmare!!!

        Have a great week dude!!! 🙂


  3. prenin said

    I don’t do MySpace so I have no idea what they’ve written and, truth be told, I have no interest in people letting off esteem as if they are the last and first.

    We have God for that…

    Don’t let them get to you Phil – you have a right to your opinion and if they don’t like it they can ignore it!!!


    Have a great weekend my friend – it’s going to be bloody cold!!!

    God Bless!


    • Don’t get me wrong, the blogging platform was one of the best on the Net! I never found another like it untill I came here. The amount of bloggers was good too, just a shame a hell of a lot of them were idiots!

      Only negative things about Myspace were the ‘Drama Bloggers’ and the new changes they brought it. It’s just like WLS in Its last days, people complaining and leaving in droves!

      I know I have a right to an opinion, but the people on there block you if they deem what you say as not worthy of their blogs or topic. So basically they block you if you challenge them.

      What annoyed me out of all of it was the way they were so insistant they were in the right, and anyone else who thought differently was wrong. They didn’t even look at the other side of the argument to see if they werew rong, they just assumed they’re right and dismiss any argument by insulting you, laughing at you or posting a picture with “Fail” on it.

      You’re right though, Idiots is right, though I can think of a lot more names!

      Have a good evening, Prenin! 🙂

  4. Pete Judge said

    Now you see – this is why I didn’t follow people to myspace, facebook and all the other dumbass sites where people are trying to come across as a serious blogger. I agree with you, no fresh thinking, no new ideas, just some pack mentality to shoot someone down they don’t agree with – in the name of the community.
    Some of them really need to get a little bit of daylight on their faces and come to terms with the fact life does not revolve around them!
    It’s one of the things I liked about spaces – apart from an odd one, most of the time ideas were discussed and embraced with respect, debates were healthy – well at least in the early days anyway. I think no matter where I look I will never find that kind of discussion, not wholesale.
    Interesting analysis on my odd dreams. There is a bit of truth about me being frustrated with life or at least certain aspects of it being beyond my control and not knowing what to do next – you sure politics is the way forward for you? There has been a lot on my mind recently regarding the general direction of my life…..obviously being played out in my mind in some weird ass way!
    As for your dreams……..you read too many comics!!!!
    Take care mate

    • I’m glad I’m leaving Myspace cost a fair few on there are idiots with no idividual thoughts in their heads. However, I’ve met some very interesting and intelligent people on there, two who are now on WordPress. It annoys me because I know there’s still some good and interesting people on there that I’ll never meet or learn from because Its full of wankers and Myspace made shite changes.

      I agree with you about discussions on WLS. You know why that is? Because the people doing the debating are English/British! I’ve found on MySpace that Amercians are the ones who start name calling and insulting. During the last UK election there was an increase in UK bloggers, and even though some were Tory, Libs and Lab.. they debated calmly and I rarely observed the childish name calling and insults I saw with the Americans. Americans are just like their Politicians and Army, out of control, undisciplined, itching for a fight and with no idea of that give and take philosophy. It’s either, “You’re with me or you’re a fucking retarded Commie/Neocon!”

      I think I had a idea of your dreams because we’ve talked about our directions life before, however, even if I didn’t know you your dreams still betray your underlying feelings. It’s not hard to read in to. But I wouldn’t read too much in to all dreams, some are just meaningless… bit like mine! haha And I don’t read comics actually, it’ll be the sci-fi and horror films I watch.

      Take care budski! 🙂

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