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Facebook Profiles: Adolf Hitler

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 30, 2010


Over the past year I’ve become very adept at using Photoshop! It’s always fun inventing pics or situations you’d most likely never see in real life. The picture above I created using Photoshop, just for a laugh really and to wind a friend up of mine who despises Facebook.

So, I’m going to start creating a few fake profiles for Facebook that you’d never see in real life. You try finding an Adolf Hitler profile on FB, you’d be hard pressed to find one, and even if you did it wouldn’t be there for long! So starts another new category!

Also, read and look closely at every new entry, there’s some funny stuff in there you’d miss if you just have a general glance.


18 Responses to “Facebook Profiles: Adolf Hitler”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Oh my gosh, Phil – you’re so unique. Seriously funny. Walt Disney!

    That line up of the guys. Do guys actually DO that? Wow…

    • The line up? You mean in the gay photoshop pic? I can say 100% that straight guys don’t that, but gay and bi-sexual guys do! lol That’s where I got it from, it was on some search for a gay picture on Google I did for the pic. lol

      Walt Disney really disliked Jews, it’s a well known fact. You wouldn’t think so would you with all the ‘cute’ stuff he supposedly put out! lol

  2. Daf said

    LMAO. Keep em coming Phil. Although I really wanted to click on the photo album to see what Mr Griffin had tagged him in! ;O)

    Snowed in yet mon amigo? I am. I think it calls for a subtle blend of warm jumpers and alcohol (just to keep warm dont ya know ;O)

    Huggleski Dafski booooooyaaaaa! xxx

    • Daf said

      I didnt know where to reply to your comment so Ill leave it here and you can delete it cos its nothing to do with anything. I am not bloody drunk you cheeky sod. Sadly Im always like this. This is not to say I wont be later! ;O) xxx

    • You make out you hate Wasteboo but ya secretly love it! Here’s the pic he was tagged in!


      Yeh, it’s snowing here but we’re not snowed in, but people are making out like it’s the great flood… um, just with snow instead of water. The country is so soft, a bit of snow and the country grinds to a stop. I don’t now what it’s like in the North East but Manchester aint that bad. People are moaning over nowt!

      Hugsskisssss Mateski! 🙂 x

      • Daf said

        Well the weight of it on my roof was so heavy its just ripped all my guttering off. If ya think Im exaggerating check out the wee vid on my blog. And that was two days ago. Weve had a tun more since. Literally cant get my car out the street!

        Oh and that pic??? EEee mind your a dodgy one! ;O)

        This is gonna post really skinny innit?

        Hugs from the North East Pole! xxx

        • Just commented! Mate, you HAVE to move over to WordPress, The character limit on WLS does my nut! But yeh, you got it bad, like we had it early this year, I hope ours doesn’t go the same.

          Yeh, the post’s get smaller as they’re stacked. Wish they wouldn’t shift to the right so far when they post. Myspace’s was only a fraction, so you had more space in the comment section and the box for writing!

          Maybe there was a half-arsed pole reverseal and the North Pole got stuck in the North East cos Gazza turned up with a pint and some crisps? lol xx

          • Daf said

            ok you just went up in my estimation ten fold cos you know about the Cloudbusting video. Did you know its about a book? Kates well cool! And your wrong about keane cos their lyrics do actually mean stuff (plus tom is a fucking awesome live singer) theyre probably a bit lefty for you though. Very peace and love, but then I was raised by hippys so I cant help but be a bit that way. I just got a heap of messages off you on messenger but I think they may be from a while ago. Sorry didnt mean to ignore you its been a bit temperamental lately.

            And your totally right about the comments on WLS being crap. I am gonna move here Im just enjoying my media player for as long as I can. Is there a widget here for that? cos Ive been looking but I cant find one.

            Git big slightly drunken (cos your so right) hugs
            Daffski north poleski ;O) xxx

            • I like a few of Kate Bush’s songs! And no, I didn’t know that song/video was based on a book. What was it called? Obviously you’re more ‘Down wit da Bush’ – init! It’s a shame she became a recluse in the late ’80s, though she did turn back up in 2006/7 at an awards ceremony if I remember correctly?

              Keane to me are like ColdPlay, they just annoy me big time. Safe and sound soft Rock that bothers no one, some of the songs are good but on the whole, for me anyway, they’re boring. The Keane songs I’ve heard all center around love, relationships or growing up. They’ve all been done before, why go over old ground?

              Yeh, I sent those messages on MSN on two separate days. You popped on-line and I sent messages, both times I assumed you were signing in via Hotmail and hadn’t turned off you hotmail chat on the left handside. Next time I see you on-line during the day I’ll leave ya to it. When you sent those messages last night I was on my way to bed. You wanna catch me on-line you should get on-line at 7 to 8pm. 🙂

              They have a widget for that on here! It’s a html box, the same box I have my ‘Wanker(s) Of The Week’ poster in. You can put allsorts in it, including a media player. Here’s a good site I used: Mixpod. All you do, is make an account on there, once you added all the songs you want you copy the HTML from that site and paste it in your HTML widget and save, it’ll appear and play on your page.

              Just like this: Sorry, I just tried posting it here, wont have it. So… I’ll post it using the Myspace html code in a html box. have a look there and see! 🙂

              This comment box is HTML active like the html box. So it’ll show the same thing. Also, when you up date your songs you don’t have to reupload your player. Though to change the colours and settings you have to save and repost the code again I think. I’ll post this player in ahtml box at the very bottom of my blogs.

              I am always right matey! Ya so drunk ya blood is nearly 1005 proof! We’re gonna bottle ya! haha Hugs mateski! 🙂 x

      • prenin said

        Dead right Phil! 🙂

        It’s not much that’s coming down – grandad had a farm above Saddleworth and I had to go get the milk and papers every morning during winter and was knee deep in the stuff!!!

        The house was three floors of sandstone and some winters the snow drift at the back was 20 feet deep!!!

        Trouble is we’ve all gotten soft with the mild winters and now the pendulum is swinging back!!!

        DO you know where I can get a set of tyre chains??? LoL!!!

        God Bless my friend!!!


        • My friend Daf says it’s bad in the North East, her guttering colapsed because of it. Having said that I still don’t think it’s as bad in Manchester. I remember when we had a little snowm couldn’t even make a snow ball properly, but Manchester airport closed! 😛 Ya right, the mild winters have made the UK soft.

          Wow! lol Does anyone even do tire chains anymore? I know they’re popular in the U.S. and Canada, but I’ve not seen any in the UK where I live! I think they outlawed them here incase the people used them to beat the Council over the head with ’em! lol

          Keep warm dude! 🙂

  3. The work of a genius or someone who has too much time on their hands!!
    Seriously….very, very funny – like above, can’t wait to see what some people might make of it.

    I’ll look forward to the next one, let’s face it, you are spoilt for choice aren’t you?
    Take care

    • Hey Pete! 🙂

      Now mate, you should know it’s obviously genius by now! I do have a lot of time on my hands, but I like messing with Photoshop and video editing – it’s just another medium for me to be creative with.

      As I said to Prenin, I’m not sure anyone will bother commenting, seems people on WP know when not to bite. I think that’s progress, eh?

      Have a good week Pete and take care! 🙂

  4. prenin said

    I can’t wait to see the comments by the ‘Holier than Thou’ Brigade!!! PMSL!!!

    Have a great week my friend – snow arrived here at midnight, so I guess we’re both avoiding the white stuff!!!

    Now where did I leave my sledge…

    God Bless!


    • Hey Prenin!

      I’m not too sure anyone’s going to comment on it though, I get a bit of traffic but not a lot of people comment. I find that when I post something potentially inflammatory people tend to ignore it a lot of the time.

      Snow arrived here around the same time. I went out in it today because I thought I absoloutely had to. Later found out I didn’t! 😛

      My sled is still growing somewhere in Scandanavia, and it’s staying there untill I decide otherwise!

      Have a good one, Prenin!

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        I went out in it yesterday to get a few bits and the vital Lottery Ticket and tomorrow is shopping day so I’m NOT looking forward to it!!!

        God Bless my friend and keep up the good work!!! LOL!!!


        • Hey man!

          I aint moving nowhere lol. I don’t like snow but I can deal with it. But these days people complain over a bit of snow. Let’s face it, our wonter’s are nothing compaired to Russia’s.

          Speaking of work, scroll up and see the picture that Nick Griffin tagged Hitler in. hahaha

          Have a good night, Prenin! 🙂

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