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Archive for December, 2010

2011 New Year To Do List/PostAWeek 2011

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 31, 2010

It’ll be a New Year soon, 2011, funny typing that let alone saying it. I’m not sure I ever thought this far ahead in my life with any detail. Does anyone? When you’re young you don’t tend to think that far ahead. I did think ahead, but not this far. In the last five years though I just assumed I’d go on being ill and trapped in the damn house all the time. It has to change!

So! My New Year To Do List 2011:

Must Do:

(1) Try to get better! I mean ulcerative Colitis wise, I see my Professor in Jan and I will be asking for steroids for it. I can’t handle another 12 months of on and off UC, I’d rather run the risk of the side effects!

(2) Keep up with my University course after it starts in May 2011. I’m a little worried about this one, I’m worried that even if the UC’s gone that illness and habit will get in the way and stop me from completing the work.

(3) Try to learn Guitar again. I think I’ll do OK in the first 5 months, then become intermittent because of study. That’s right, I like to focus all my energy on one thing. Just need to tune it first! Can anyone help me?

(4) Try and go out a little bit more. This will be a hard one.  Then again, where am I going to go? I hate the city I live in!

(5) Lose weight. This will be another hard one, but maybe easier if the UC’s kept at bay.

(6) Post a blog at least once a week. I’m joining a new WordPress scheme called PostADay/PostAWeek. The idea is to post a blog once a week or once a day for the next twelve months and give inspiration to others. Personally I’m going for once a week. You’re supposed to join before the 1/1/2011. However, you could join afterwards and carry on anyway, it’ll probably help you blog more.


(1) Piss and shit on Margret Thatcher while she’s alive because doing it on her grave when she’s dead isn’t good enough.

(2) Cleanse the world of all Hip-Hop and Rap, because it’s shit! Oh and cleanse the world of any other Music I deem crap.

(3) Seize power in the UK via a bloodless coup and force David Cameron to be my foot stool.

(4) Turn Simon Cowell in to a Pig using the Machine from The Fly movies and then eat Him!

(5) Declare War on Ricky Gervais for being such a painfully unfunny cunt!

(6) Burn down Fox News HQ for being the most biased Media org on the planet!

(7) Tell the Grim Reaper where Rupert Murdoch is hiding.

I just run out of steam on this because I trud in Dog or Cat shit bringing the shopping in! Oh wait, one last one…

(8) Kick all Dogs and Cats coming near my lawn and drive up the arse!

Good bye 2010!


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Iran’s Secret Weapon!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 28, 2010

People! We’re now VERY fucked!

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Lindsay Lohan Refuses To Go To Rehab!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 23, 2010

My Cyber/Blog friend Erica gave me the idea for the video a while back, unfortunately my programme for ripping video and audio from the Net was sussed out by Youtube. My new one seems to be working fine… for now! Enjoy!

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UK Government Moves To Restrict Internet Freedom

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 21, 2010

                                                                                  Mr. Ed Prays for The Children

It was inevitable, with a Tory-led Government and an inconvenient site like Wikileaks, the UK coalition Government was bound to dress up censorship of the net as a moral crusade on internet filth. The Communications minster Ed Vaizey is the man leading this charge under the big society banner, with MP for Devizes Claire Perry shouting and pleading… “Dear God! Wont someone please think of the children!

As well as the Tory Party being the Party of Conservatism and Libertarianism, it’s also the Party of Prudes! Well, some are prudes, others just use this prudish feeling in their community and Parliament as a chance to control and limit what we see, read and hear. It’s funny really, because Libertarianism advocates people taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions in life, yet the Tory Party likes to take those choices away from us? Hypocritical maybe? Of course it is, wouldn’t expect anything else from Government.

I digress. Mr. Vaizey is proposing this block list, similar to The One in Australia, on the grounds that children and teenagers can easily find porn on the Internet. He’s going to meet with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) soon to discuss them doing something about it. He said:

This is a very serious matter. I think it is very important that it’s the ISPs that come up with solutions to protect children.

“I’m hoping they will get their acts together so we don’t have to legislate, but we are keeping an eye on the situation and we will have a new communications bill in the next couple of years.

There’s two things I want to say on that:

(1) ISPs should not be coming up with solutions for this problem, because it’s not their problem, the responsibility lies with the parents who should be computer savvy enough to use parental control to put a block list of sites on their own PC. Buying a programme for that precise problem isn’t hard and is easy to use. If you don’t know how to do that then you have no business owning a PC or even being on the Net.

(2) He doesn’t want to legislate because he knows it’ll cause a stink in Parliament with the Labour Party using it fully to their advantage to drive another wedge between the Lib-Dems and the Tories. That’s assuming the Labour Party don’t already have their teeth deep in to bigger chunk of proposed legislation or the fall out from the cuts. 

In the Australian system, and in the UK one, there will be an “opt out filter” option, where you can decline to be subject to the block list. This is how it starts, a moral crusade that will eventually end in blanket blocking of internet sites by ISPs on the whim of the Government – just as it did in Australia. As stated earlier Australia tried this very system and it doesn’t work. Not only does it not work, sites like Wikileaks and other inconvenient sites get blocked too. Eventually the opt out filter wont be an option, it’ll be forced on us, for the greater good, to stop terrorism, Child pornography and to protect young minds. Read this article on access blocking to understand better: Link

I’m not just writing this piece in defence of Wikileaks, I’m doing it for the whole Internet. I believe it’s our choice to chose if we want to watch, read or hear certain things on the Net. Why should government and a moral minority be the ones to decide what we can and can’t watch, read and hear? Like nearly everything else the Government does, it’s all about control, and the Internet is a medium they haven’t got full control of yet.

So like in the real world, to gain control of it they will make you see a threat when there isn’t one to trick you in to supporting the regulation of the net. They will say it’s needed to protect our children from smut, to defeat Child porn, Terrorism, illegal downloading and more. Once you’re sufficiently scared, or convinced enough it’s needed, they’ll move in, limit the net and fill it with rules, filters and commence commercialisation. Then it’s just another medium that’s controlled and will be used against us, just like TV and Radio is today. It’ll be all about the money, and not about the freedoms, the sharing of ideas and creativity.

You know what’s stupid though? The supposed regulation brought in to stop the filth, Child porn Sites and Terrorism will not stop it! Their idea of ‘filth’ will still be on page 3 of the Sun every morning, the Child Porn will still be around, it’ll just be under ground again, if they get it off the net at all, as well as in our streets with prepubescent children wearing women’s clothes and shoes. And Terrorism will most certainly be about, as will piracy of music, videos and now software, as it was around before the advent of the Internet.

Fire walls like the one being proposed by Vaizey and have been tried in Australia have ultimately failed because of the Opt out filter, but how long before we’re not given option to do that? “Oh well, who cares if our freedoms are limited some more, at least we’ve done away with all that smut and danger on the Internet. A price worth paying!” I’m sure that will be the standard reply from people like Mr. Vaizey, Mrs. Perry and moral middle England. But no… they’ll just replace it with their own kind of smut, the kind they find acceptable and make money from, while secretly subduing another medium and avenue of freedom.

I hope it fails. Badly.

                                                                            Mrs. Perry Thinks of The Children

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Don’t You Just Want To Kill All Scallies and Chavs? (Venting)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 19, 2010

The incident in this blog happened on New Years Eve 2008.  Retro Blog. Originally posted on: Jun 25th 2009.


Where do you even start with this? Oh wait, last New Year’s Eve (2008) I went to the local shop to get some more Vodka as it was the season for it! On my way, while I was drunk I may add, three or four Scally tossbags shouted from the other side of the road “Look at him haha. Gonna stab you in the eye! Specky” That was for NOTHING! Luckily I’m a big guy and I was with someone, so the terminal scally scrote-bag wankers said the threat from the other side of the road!

These people are nothing but shitbags, why don’t they come to me when they’re sober or off drugs and tell me they’re gonna stab me in the eye then? Yeh do it without your increased confidence brought on by beer and being in a gang! You’re spineless spunk stains on the pants of society. I would smash your pointless faces in you gaster wannabes! Wandering around with your hand in your trackies looking like a cunt and a knife in your pocket thinking you’re some kind of Gangster out of the Godfather? Dealing weed and other drugs thinking you’re all hard, the fact is you aint nothing but shitbags! Take away the knife, guns, drugs and gang to back you up, and you become a soft toe-rag.

That night I didn’t get attacked, but one day they wont give me the option to walk away, the city I live in is one of the worse for violence in the UK, it’ll happen sooner or later. And when it does I’m gonna relish filling their faces with my fist! I wanna feel the satisfaction of feeling and hearing his nose and face break as my fist crushes it! And then know that he’s thinking: “I picked the wrong fucking bloke here!” and then listen to him say: “E r mate, soz…”. NOPE! Then I’ll stick my steel toe cap boot right in your mouth and smash your teeth in skinhead style!

And…. relax! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I just had to get that off my chest! Sod the fixing society nonsense today, I just had to vent!

Love the way this little wanker gets his arse handed to him.

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Wikileaks And Why It Matters To You

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 13, 2010

Julian Assange. That’s a name you’ve probably heard and read of over the last two weeks on the TV, Radio and on the net. You’ve maybe heard of it more if you’re a keen media watcher or techie. Maybe this name’s been over shadowed by bigger news recently like the tuition fees protests. So let me enlighten you…

Julian Assange is currently locked up in a cell in Wandsworth Prison awaiting extradition to Sweden where he’s wanted in connection with two alleged rapes. These rape allegations are completely fabricated against Assange. Read the link I posted as it’s important to this blog. Read that account and tell me Julian Assange is guilty of rape. The only thing he’s guilty of is being a typical male and getting his end away – something the feminist he slept with didn’t like. If Assange slept with those two women in the UK then he wouldn’t be in trouble right now, it’s the complexity of the Swedish sex crime system that allows for these two women to take advantage of and to make Assange’s life difficult.

Whether these Women were doing this for revenge, to get famous, milk money out it or are actively working for some U.S. or Swedish security service, I don’t know. But what I do know is the U.S. will take full advantage of Assange being in Sweden where they will try to extradite him, if the rape case fails,  for espionage, which is just pure and utter rubbish as Assange didn’t spy in the U.S. nor did he ask for any of the documents he posted on his Website. They were given to Him.

The Website I’m talking about is Wikileaks, a site that was created by a collection of many different types of Activists, of which Mr. Assange is one. The idea behind Wikileaks is to provide a secure way to submit documents anonymously that need to be in the public domain for the health of our democracy, freedoms and for political transparency. You can visit the main Wikileaks site here. From there you can navigate to everything they’ve ever posted.

Since its inception Wikileaks has released many Documents that Western Government’s, especially the U.S., has found embarrassing and damaging. The U.S. has since tried to paint the website and Assange as reckless for the release of the documents, and also called it dangerous and life threatening to Coalition troops and operatives on the ground in Afghanistan and elsewhere. However, Assange asked the Pentagon to help Him filter the info, an offer they declined. So Assange and the few large media Organisations he works with omitted certain pieces of information to stop people being harmed.  (A move I’m not too happy about, especially as the media orgs he chose were questionable) To this date the U.S. can not name or has found one person that has been harmed from the release of any of the documents. Furthermore the Pentagon then said in October 2010 the leaks: “did not disclose any sensitive intelligence sources or methods“, and that “there has not been a single case of Afghans needing protection or to be moved because of the leak.”

However, just because no one so far has not been killed or harmed because of the Leaks doesn’t mean someone wont in the future. I read a few of these files and I think Wikileaks and Assange need to edit these names and locations a little better to protect any operatives or soldiers who could be identified/found. But still, it’s possible people will be harmed at some point because of future leaks, and I personally think it’s worth it, if that’s the price of a free media, a healthy democracy and transparent political system that holds Politicians to account.

The United States is currently trying to build a case against Assange and his website Wikileaks, wanting to prosecute him under The 1917 U.S. Espionage Act, an act which supposedly doesn’t cover non-American citizens. However, back in 1983 an East German scientists ‘Alfred Zehe’ was arrested for receiving classified U.S. documents and was charged under the act. His defence tried say his indictment under the act was invalid as he’s not an American citizen – he didn’t succeed. He pleaded guilty and received eight years for spying, he was later let free in a spy swap.

I’m not sure if Zehe would’ve beat the charge with the espionage act if he’d fought longer. The thing here is, could it happen to Assange if he wins his rape trial in Sweden? I’m sure the U.S. is applying the pressure on Sweden to take advantage of the sex laws there and try and get Assange locked up for a few years.  If they fail then the U.S. can use the espionage act, if they prosecuted one foreigner under the act then they would likely use it on Assange.

Which brings me to why it matters to you if Julian Assange goes to Prison and they try or mange to close Wikileaks down.

In the world of today how many media sources are unbiased? How many TV News channels would run a story if the Government said not to? How many News Papers would do the same? The answer is none! A recent example of this is the Gag order placed on The Gurdian News Paper by the Oil/Energy Company Trafigura in 2009 when the Gurdian exposed the Company was Dumping Toxic Waste In West Africa. That’s just one example, and Common Sense prevailed that time because the super gag order was brought up in Parliament. What happens when it’s the Government trying to keep things secret? Who do we turn to publish sensitive documents that we have the right to know about and expose Politicians and their dealings? We know the media wont if they’re told not to, especially if they place a Super Gag Order on the media. Makes you wonder how many other things have been suppressed in the interest of “National Security”?

Wikileaks and Assange are currently the only group and organisation who will actively stand up and do something  for freedom of the press, freedom of information and freedom of speech, all which result in a more informed electorate and a Government that’s more accountable and transparent. That is the biggest problem these days in UK and Western politics, there’s no accountability for the politicians. Not only them but there’s also Business leaders, Financial leaders, Religious leaders, people in local Government and more. You can think of Wikileaks as a anonymous  omplaints or protest box, whenever anyone comes across corruption that wont be taken on by the main stream media because it’s too sensitive to touch, then this complaints Box will put it out there in it’s entirety so it’s available not just to everyone with a net connection but for the media too, who no longer has a Gag order on it or threats from Government if they publish it, because it’s already been published.

No other organisation in the world today is doing what Wikileaks is doing, there’s no one out there who is a direct threat to the Political and Financial establishments. No one dares to, and you know why? Because they fear for their lives, family, business, reputation and freedom! Ask yourself, is that something what a person in a supposedly free country should fear? This is the West, the side that fought Fascism, Nazism and Communism, we were supposed to be the free world! Why are we living in fear of our own Governments and the law? Why is the U.S. threatening to lock Assange up and closing Wikileaks for practicing their inalienable rights? Why lock him up for what the U.S. and the West fought for in World War Two and fought against during the Cold War? Aren’t our freedoms what we define ourselves with and pride ourselves on? Are we not urged to practice them? If this is the case then why has the U.S. and the West come out denouncing Wikileaks and Assange with rubbish and accusations?

The answer is the West has been faltering since before the Cold War ended. During the Cold War the West had to be seen to be the opposite of the Soviet Union and other far left Nations, to keep its reputation as the ‘Free World’. So the West was kept on Its toes. However, the reality below that facade was double dealings, scandals and propping up of dictators who murdered their own people. In short, the West has lost Its way – if it truly had one in the first place and really did and does embody what it stands for – and Wikileaks is the antidote to that! With Wikileaks out there we have the opportunity to make the West truly stand for what it says it does and to truly make our Politicians work for us, the people, instead of business, private, foreign and their own interests. 

The countries with Democratic systems, the one’s who claim to be ‘enlightened’ and free, are slipping more and more in to totalitarianist mindsets and actively cracking down or freedoms, the ones they profess to love and support. They do this because they know they’re not being held to account and that any other party or group working its way up offering change to that system they’ll stop in its tracks, infiltrate it or buy it off. You can see this across the Westernised world with falling voter numbers and increased apathy and utter disillusionment with the Political system. The UK had over a decade of Labour and they’re back at the point they were post 1988! The U.S. is the same and we’ve just picked up the tab for the bad financial and business practices of some multi-millionaires. They don’t really have the right to call their countries free, they should be ‘Semi-Free’ countries, shadows of the true Democracies they’re supposed to be.

Beware of fakes! Even now one of the people that used to work on Wikileaks has set up his own site called OpenLeaks. This site is a compromise to Governments demands, instead of posting everything they’ve been given, bar a few names and locations, they will let anyone post documents to them in a secure way and leave a message of which Media Org they want to use break the story. Assange already did that but also let the people see the unedited files. OpenLeaks will let other media organisations carry the burden of responsibility when they post it. In this way the media will be subject to gagging orders and Government pressure. Which to me is a cop-out, and puts us back at square one again. Read here for a low-down on what OpenLeaks plan to do: Link 

If Wikileaks is closed down and Assange is locked up, the last chance in maybe the next twenty to thirty years to make our Governments accountable and allow freedom of information and of the Media will be gone! The Government and the Internet firms are already cracking down on Net freedom and Net Neutrality, they want to squeeze as much money out of it as possible as well as much freedom as possible. Basically they want to make it like radio and TV, subject to their whims and laws. Anything they don’t like, they can make it disappear. Getting rid of Child Pornography would be a good thing for them to work on, but don’t ever believe that blanket block listing of the net and no neutrality is the best way to get rid of Child Porn, as it is not. If anything it just lets them know they’ve been found out and they easily move on and create a new site. As this Article on Access Blocking shows. In situations like that you can easily delete the site straight away or get to the server and the people running it to solve the problem.

Other than being a typical bloke who wants to get his end away, something Assange went down in my estimation for, as I thought with a man in his position would’ve been more carefull and beyond that. Assange is guilty of nothing but trying to expose our Political leaders and systems for what they are and trying to bring clarity to it as well championing freedom of information, the media and freedom of speech. To let him go to prison and Wikileaks to be closed will be the beginning of the end for freedom of speech, the media and information, for at least the next two to three decades. Because, if they can do it to Assange, then they can do it to anyone. And our transition from a partial democratic free state will come to an end and we’ll enter a full shadow of a democracy where we only have the illusion of freedom, control and choice.

To help this cause sign the petition that Avaaz has started here. I don’t support every cause Avaaz does, but I support this. Once you’ve signed it send it to your friends and family explaining why it’s important. If you’ve read this post, and if you agree with me then you should enlighten as many people as possible about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Don’t let the U.S., Government and media paint him as a Villian and terrorist, as many others have done, and even gone as far as to call for him to be executed. Wikileaks and Assange are being attacked from all sides, including having their site taken off servers and their bank accounts frozen. We have to stand up and support Wikileaks and Julian Aassange, they’re our last hope in an ever shrinking world of freedoms and corrupt politics!

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Help Me Out?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 12, 2010

There’s no Wanker Of The Week today, I thought I’d do something light before I post my long serious blog tomorrow.

When I was a kid, about the mid to late 1980’s we were given a Betamax video system by a neighbour. It was around the time Sony was getting it’s arse kicked in the UK Video System market by VHS systems. So, we being poor, accepted the offer of a free Video System, be it outmoded or not! 

With the System we got some tapes too. I can’t remember what adult pieces were on there, I’m not even sure we got any adult videos (I’m not talking about porn here btw), I only remember having cartoons. We had a few Warner Bros cartoons on there, I think they were anyway. But the one I liked the most was about a scentist or chemist who travled through his bottles. I’m not sure if he fell asleep and dreamed it or he actually shrank himself or someone did it to him. I think skeletons were dancing as well as he was boiled and pushed through his many glass implaments.

Sounds like a bad dream doesn’t it? But it wasn’t it was funny and meant to be a little bit scary but interesting for the children as well as adults. From the animation it looked like it could’ve been from the late ’40s to the early ’60s, most likely American, though I could be completely wrong.

I think it’s name was ‘Bottles’, though I could be completely wrong with that too! I’ve been trying to find this animation since I got on-line back in 2006! The last time I saw it was 1996, I think, it was on the BBC at Christmas time, I think. I know, there’s a lot of “I think!”‘s in this post, but it was so long ago! If anyone has any idea what it is or if they’ve seen anything like it, or even if you know of a site where I can maybe try and find it, then let me know! I’ve already searched Youtube but I couldn’t find it, also searched Wikipedia with no joy. So, let us know if you have any idea!

                                                                           Daf found it! Three cheers for Daffers!

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Peaceful Tuituon Fees Protests Overshadowed By Idiots

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 9, 2010

                                                            Idiot Changes The World By Writing ‘Revolution’ On A Wall

If you’ve been watching the News today you no doubt would’ve seen the student protests against the rise in tuition fees. Now, I’m not here to debate for or against the fees at the moment, I’m here to point at the pointless little wankers who have been battling with Police the past few weeks.

It’s important to note that these people are a minority and don’t represent the main body of protesters who are legitimately, and peacefully, protesting down in Westminster and elsewhere.

It’s obvious these people have no idea what Anarchism is really about! It’s also obvious these little tit-heads are nothing but late teens early twenties alternative types that are drawn to the Anarachist Ideology because it’s ultra left, can be violent and talks of revoultion. All these things appeal to frustrated teens/early twenty year-olds with little or no emotional intelligence. They’re just looking for an outlet for their hormonal mood swings and under developed brains that haven’t yet learned to cope with the unfairness of society.

They’re looking for and crave acceptance while staying out of the main popular groups, so they don’t feel isolated and shunned. This way they’re part of something ‘bigger’ while still being ‘alternative’. They like the idea of a system that advocates not being told what to do because that’s all that Mam, Dad and the Teachers have done to them all their life. And that was just, like… SO unfair Man! So Anarachism and Communism are just right for them.

The fact these little pricks stand there and throw wobblers in front of the Police and even hurt them belies their lack of maturity. They’re just like the drunks on a Weekend who go looking for a fight to make themselves feel like a big man to boost their self-esteem. These people are nothing but post-pubesants coming to terms with their bodies and an unfair world. So they act out their frustration in a hormonal fuled anger at the Police who are the nearest form of Authority.

I doubt these people have any geuine desire to protest about tuition fees. They’re there to make a mess, cause trouble and to play the revolutionary. Why? Because they’re too immature to protest the right way. Yes, there is a time and place for violence during a protest, there is call for it some times in society, but right now with the current situation the way it is? No! There’s no call for it, at all!

Tell you what you bunch of ‘revolutionaries’, why not go off to a African dictatorship and fight the power there? Try it on there big men. Let’s face it, those people are in more trouble than the people of the UK are, they don’t even have schools or Universites in some cases. So get your arse’s out there and fight! Nah, you wont though, will you? Because your take on Anarchism (which is wrong by the way. Anarchism isnt all about fighting Authority and smashing things) wouldn’t go down well there would it, you’d be shot on site or left to die in Jail.

You’re nothing but childish little wannabes spoiling a legitimate protest movement. Fighting and harming Police doesn’t help the cause you’re supposedly fighting for, it damages it, but you don’t give a fuck about that – do you? As long as you can live your five minutes of revolutionism before you eventually work for the powers that be and create hypocrites of yourselves, then anything goes, eh?

You pointless little poser Twats!

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Goodbye Sweden

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 8, 2010

This really is disgusting and sad, it makes my heart sink! It really makes me so fucking angry! How is common sense to prevail when our own elected officials support and allow this under the misguided notion that Islam is a religion of peace and fits nicely in to a Western System!

Some person in the comments said “Is Nationalism the only solution to Islam?” or something along those lines. They’re just as bad! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called Islamophobic and Racist!

It seems like no amount of bitching from us with our posters and arguments will change the Muslim’s minds or the Politicians! What the fuck are we supposed to do?

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Cameron Further Consolidates His Position

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 6, 2010

Here we are again, if there was any more evidence that the Tories are still the same old Party it used to be, Cameron just proved it again, and as per usual with barefaced cheek!

A list of new Peers has been unvelied for the Lords and low and behold, it’s going to be full of his friends and donors to the party! There will be 27 new Tory peers, 15 Lib-Dem and 10 Labour. This will give the Coalition Government the majority in the House of Lords.

What annoys me about this is not just that fact he’s filling the Upper chamber (Lords) with people so he can push through anything he wants, it’s the fact Cameron said there would be change in the way Politics are done after the Expenses scandal. Yeh, lots of change, axe 50 MP’s from the House Of Commons and add Peers to the House Of Lords where they can claim £300 a day for just turning up as well as pushing through any bills he wants!

Just the same old Politics and the same old Tory Party. Nothing has changed, it’s still business as usual in Westminster! The Tory’s are just consolidating their power, just like any Labour did and like any other Party would with the system the way it currently is.

Which brings me to the question, Why do we not have an elected upper House? It is the second decade of the 2000’s and we still have an upper house that can be filled with anyone by the Party in control, has 26 Bishops from the Church of England in there as well as Life peers, it’s still like the early 1900’s in the Lords. The name gives it away doesn’t it?

There should be an elected upper House, elected by the people! I’m not sure what kind of system to offer up to achieve that, I’d have to think about that, but it’d be a lot better and simpler than the current Lords which has 741, and will soon be 794 with the new additions!

This whole situation just shows me that the whole system is still bent and open to abuse and needs to change. We still have Politicians that think they have a right to run the country the way they see fit and businessmen that can buy their way in to a legislator to influence Policy and Law.

What do I have to say or do to make things change? Or, more importantly, what will the politicians have to say or do to make the vast majority of people of their arses’ and open their eyes to what’s going on? It took an Expenses scandal to get that system fixed, what will it take to change the full system? Do the people only complain when their money is being misused? If that’s the case they’re doing it every day of the week with other things!

Come on then… get angry and change things, they wasted billions on Military hardware they never delivered. Millions on rubbish for the MOD, Millions on red tape in the NHS and even more on other Government departments! Billions on bailing the Banks out and Millions on giving themselves perks! The expenses scandal may have passed but they’re still throwing your money away!

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