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How To Get A Media Player On Your WordPress Page/Blog

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 2, 2010

My Friend Daf was asking if there was a widget on WordPress that allows for the use of a media player. The answer is a resounding yes! However, it can be a bit fiddily if you don’t know your way around WordPress yet. So I thought I’d do a tutorial for her and anyone else who is new to WP and wants some tunes on their Blog/Site.

First of all, you need a music site that will allow you to choose songs and then give you a code for your ‘Arbitary Text or HTML‘ Widget, officially known as the ‘Text‘ Widget. Lucky for you I know of a good site. Try this: Mixpod. You could choose others but I find this is a good one.

PLEASE NOTE: A lot of the songs on this site [Mixpod] are hosted on Youtube, so sometimes the songs you pick will be removed as some People and Youtube delete their content when they wish. To get around this you could add your own songs to your YouTube page (To do that you have to make your videos Public when you post them) and add them to your Mixpod Playlist.

After you made an account on Mixpod and chosen your songs, you’ll want to get the code for your HTML Widget. Follow the pictures and text:


(1)-> Click the ‘Saved Playlists’ option on the drop down tab. It takes you to your playlists page.


(2)-> Now click the ‘Save Playlist’ to move on to the next step. Also on this page you can change your Player’s colour or skin if you wish to.


(3)-> Press the big Green button saying: “SAVE (Get code)”. On this page you HAVE to give your Playlist a name, a ‘Catagory’ and ‘Genre’ are optional.


(4)-> One this page you just need to press “Click Here”.


(5)-> On this page you will see a code in the center of the page, DO NOT CLICK IT, it is not the code you want. Instead click the button on the bottom of the screen (ringed in red) that says: “? Other SItes”.


(6)-> Keep going untill you find the WordPress Icon, then click it.


(7)-> On this page enter your details and press Post. Don’t worry, your sign-in details are safe!


(8)-> After you pressed the Post button on the last page Mixpod created a new blog on your WordPress site and posted the player there. What you should do now is edit that post and then copy the code within the red line ONLY. Once you’ve copied the code you can delete the blog and go to your Widgets page. (Appearance > Widgets)


(9)-> Now you should select the Text Widget in your ‘Widgets’ area, then drag and drop it in to which sidebar you wish to. PLEASE NOTE: There are Left, Right and Bottom Sidebars (Footer). On the left and Right sidebars – unless you only have a single or wide two coloum layout – your player will not fully display, depending on which skin you’ve chosen. However, people will still be able to hear your music and you will still be able to browse your music. If you have a Footerbar it is the perfect place for your HTML box and the Playlist code. (Not all Themes come with Footer/Sidebars, so select one that does. The ‘Twenty Ten’ Theme has four Footers)


(10)-> Now your HTML Widget is in place you may paste your Mixpod Playlist code in to it and press ‘Save’.


(11)-> This is the finished result, your player should look something like this in your sidebar/Footerbar, depending on which colours and skins you use and which side/bottombar you’re placing it in.

NOTE: If you want any help with this then leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.

My Player:

(Press the Play button)


10 Responses to “How To Get A Media Player On Your WordPress Page/Blog”

    that went well!!! cheers! 😀 xxx

  2. anolio said

    Thanks! It worked… 🙂

  3. Ha….cardboard cut out, never thought of that – just given me an idea.
    THis is exactly the point I have tried to make to a few people. Things are a lot worse in other parts of the country let alone other parts of the world but most just get on with it. At the end of the day we are ill-equipped because until this happens 20 year running, it will not be seen as part of our climate and it will not be budgeted for. A friend of mine is very senior in a council – wont say which and yes, they top dogs earn some serious cash – and he has said before to me, if they put too much resource into ‘snow management’ they get criticised, if they don’t, they get criticised – so what do they do? It’s as much down to our culture to moan and blame as it is our nature to just give in so easily. Obviously some people have no choice but I will clearing my elderly mother in laws drive tomorrow so she can get out and we have made sure she has all the provisions she needs to get her through….that’s what it’s all about.
    Anyhoo, have a good weekend…mine has beer, burgers and Blackpool v Man United written all over it!
    Take care

    • Good idea, eh? Let all the stupid tenants shout at a cutout while you put your feet up with a cuppa! hahaha

      Indeed it is worse in other parts of the country and the world, but as I said, there are cost cutting soloutions like I mentioned. I don’t even work for the council and I came up with them. I know the council usualy gets bollocked for doing things, but with what they’re paid to do, surely they can come up with a few ideas that are inbetween? With our fluctuating climate in the last decade, maybe situations like this should be budgeted for? If the weather will be uncertain every Winter then we should be prepaired for the eventuality.

      We have grit at the local council depot, when the council saw that snow was on the way then why did they not start to grit the roads, just in case it was going to be a bad one? The Weather forcasters aren’t always right, but they’re right the majority of the time.

      Have a good weekend with your beer, footy and burgers! Hmmm Like the sound of that, shame I can’t eat beef anymore! Urgh! Take care mate and all the best! 🙂

  4. Pete Judge said

    Sorry mate, you lost me at hello.
    Useful information but I wont be putting any tunes on mine…..it’s all about the words as ever.
    Hope you are well and the cold weather isn’t getting you down too much. I don’t worry about it, it’s cold and I just get on with it but with a bit of patience and giving myself some time – unlike some of the other motorists I am unfortunate enough to share the roads with…..I am sure some of them wont be happy until they have killed someone!
    Anyhoo, because of the way the week has been i am hoping for an early finish today so better at least look like I am interested
    Take care and have a good weekend


    • I didn’t even say Hello! You were distracted by the mintedness of my post wasn’t you? lol. I know, I wasn’t expecting you to use this Tutorial, I know you don’t like Music on your page, I wasn’t planning to have any on mine this time, I just did the Tut for Daf, once she’s read the post I will take the player off, or at least take it off autoplay. Like you I don’t want the music to distract from what I’m saying.

      The weather isn’t getting me down, I like it cold, just the snows charm wares off after about two days a few falls! Not me by the way, I mean my Mam, she’ll fall in this! haha. I went out in it on Tuesday to go to the bank, wasn’t that bad really, not sure what people here are moaning about. Where Daf is and in Scotland it’s really bad!

      I hear you on the motorists, some of them are just cunts! I should imagine a large amount of the numpties who rushing and will be causing the crashes are the 18 to 30 age group! Tossers!

      Have a good day and yes, you MUST try to look interested at work, don’t want them to suss out you left a cardboard cut out of yourself there for the last few weeks, eh? lol Have a good weekend mate and take it easy! 🙂

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