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UC Diary: Update

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 4, 2010

I was going to write a Ulcerative Colitis  Diary on a regular basis, but I ended up keeping a private Diary instead. Talking about the UC brought out some other feelings associated with it, feelings I didn’t want to necessarily post on a blog Network. So I never posted any and hence the absence of any UC Diary posts.

After moving to WordPress I noticed a couple of visitors here looking for UC related content, so I thought I’d start posting them again in the hope that it may help someone.


Since I posted my last UC Diary a few things have changed with the UC.

First of all, I don’t go to the toilet six times a day much anymore, instead my UC has decided to become more settled and still managed to remain unpredictable!

How so, right? Well I can not go all day then suddenly have to go straight away, could be day, could be night, could basically be any time. Once in the toilet I can be in there for over an hour or more. Getting on and off the toilet to flush, otherwise there would be some blocking (Too much info, eh? But I’m being honest here and there will be more of the same throughout). After getting on and off the toilet with ever reducing solid consistency I have residual pain, which is abdominal cramps from the straining (I don’t strain voluntarily, it just happens) and the urgency feeling that comes with the UC.

To calm the pain and cramps I usually have a hot shower, the all over heat from the shower is the only thing that can put it to sleep most of the time. I don’t use a hot water bottle as they don’t cover a wide enough area, nor do heat blankets/pads. However, if I’m unlucky I’ll have to jump back out of the shower and back on the toilet again. As I said, doesn’t always work. Those times are some of the most annoying.

Even though I may have been to the toilet the urgency remains and can still make me go to the toilet, bringing out blood and less, and less formed stools. Because of this I still don’t like to go out, I just don’t trust the UC, even if I can not go to the toilet for a day or two – it change so fast that I don’t even want to chance it. Even if I managed to make it to a toilet somewhere outside I don’t like the idea of being stuck in a public toilet for a while, with people coming in an out and no warm shower or privacy.

Food wise I’ve stopped eating Fruit, Veg and Beef. I’m not a 100% sure how many of them actively cause the UC to get worse because I don’t have a clear healthy starting point to start out on to test different foods. So I have to note when I get worse and see what foods I’d been eating that could cause the UC to get worse.

I ate Beef last week, just to check it out, and the weekend just gone and so f ar this week it’s made me feel UC ill again. I’ll explain in another UC blog what ‘UC ill’ is. I’m more prone to go to the toilet, uncomfortable pain in my left side, feeling sick and going off food. So it’s possible Beef does make my UC worse.

Another thing, though I don’t know if it’s connected or not, is me sleeping. It’s started to change again. When I go to bed early, even when tired, I’m restless and keep waking up not able to get comfortable. I lost count of how many times I woke up last night, it was just so annoying. It just pisses me off and adds to the tiredness I usually feel during the day.

That’s all I’ll be back with more soon, and as always, don’t be scared, leave a comment if you have UC.


10 Responses to “UC Diary: Update”

  1. Pete Judge said

    Is it really your birthday?
    Can’t even begin to imagine how life can be with such an unpleasant illness especially when it seems to be such a clutch at a pile of straws when you are trying to identify what triggers a reaction. I only know what you have ever written about this condition and it strikes me that it is one that really does have to be managed to give you any chance of a normal life, but if you don’t know exactly what you need to manage, then it truly becomes a problem.
    Keep it up though mate – it might keep you in and be unpleasant and painful, but you seem to take a lot in your stride and do what you can.
    Take care

    • Yeh, it was my Bday yesterday. I’m now 27 and feel old! Even though I’m still young! As you’d have guessed I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary yesterday – for obvious reasons.

      It is clutching at straws really! At first I thought it was just Brocolli and Cauliflower, then it spread to sweetcorn, peas, Apples, then other fruit! I had to cut all fruit and veg out because I wasn’t and couldn’t be sure what was causing it. I see the Prof in Jan and I’m going to DEMAND steriods! I don’t care if he thinks the present treatment is OK, I have to live with the UC, even if it somewhat controled. He doesn’t see it when it’s fluctuating and doesn’t see the effect it has on me.

      I will kepe it up bud, but it seems like a pointless battle that nothing will ever come of. But we’ll see what happens.

      You take care too, mate! :O)

  2. celticblog01 said

    I wish you a happy birthday!!!!

    Phil Jordan.

    See you…

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil!

    After the night of the Cashew Nuts I had some idea of what you are suffering and a better understanding of the social implications – not daring to fart being one of them!

    I wish I had some wise words, but the truth is that your experiences are beyond anything I’ve ever suffered and all I can do is cheer from the sidelines.

    Please take good care of yourself my friend – and I hope you finally figure everything out…

    God Bless always!


    • Hiya Prenin,

      Night of the Cashew Nuts? haha Sounds like a bad U.S. low-budget horror film.

      But yeh, you’re reaction to the Cashew nuts is something like UC. If you imagine having the runs and the pain and urgancy from a tummy bug as well, that’s what moderate UC is sort of like. Having UC is more tiring though.

      The wind? Yeh, sometimes the social implacations don’t bother me, it’s the fact I could follow through that bothers me more!

      Thanks for the support and understand, Prenin! It’s much better than symphathy any day of the week! 🙂

      Enjoy what’s left of the weekend! 🙂

      • prenin said

        You too my friend – I had the tummy ache and the need to go every four minutes or so as well as the burning discomfort, like I’d eaten bad meat, but for me it stopped after 24 hours although the toxic farts and the need to stick close to the plumbing lasted about another day.

        I could well imagine how it must be for you Phil – let’s hope you isolate the cause soon!!!

        What pisses me off is that at some point they’re going to ask if you’re fit for work – I couldn’t see you holding on to a job unless it included a loo as a desk chair, but they are of course talking about employers making their firms disabled friendly!!! LoL!!!

        Take good care of yourself dude – with the weather the way it is the last thing you need is to catch a chill…

        God Bless!


        • Here’s a tip if you ever get the runs again, buy some wet wipes in, the Jonnsons baby ones are the best, and wipe yourself with them after fully wiping first with toilet roll. It’ll clense the area and moisen it. Just saying incase you get it again and have the discomfort. Stops it from hurting and you wont feellike ya wiping ya arse with sand paper! lol

          I go every three years to the SS, and they evaluate me, every time I go I get the same thing: “See you in three years time”. However, with the Coalation I’m expecting an early evalutaion, though I’m not sure they could force me in to work, unless; as you say…. I have a bog chair at my desk!

          I’d be OK with cold, it’ll go eventually, just can’t have sod all for it! 😛

          Cheers Prenin! 🙂

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