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Wankers Of The Week: Cam and Clegg

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 5, 2010


                                                                   Cameron and Clegg during a Interview in 2010

That’s right, there’s two this week! Actually there’s no shortage of Wankers, I could do a list of a 100 and still have enough left for years with more being made every second!

Anyway, this week, as the picture may have given away, it is the turn of David Cameron and his Puppet pal Mr. Nick Clegg!

For the those living in the UK, you will already know that Cameron has been somewhat of a Tommy Tanker since before he became the Prime Minister. But for the Non-UK readers let’s go over a few reasons why he deserves such an accolade.

(1) He’s a Tory, therefore he’s a Wanker automatically!

(2) He comes from a privilege background and has not had to work for anything in his life, unless you count giving rim jobs to countless people, especially Mr. Clegg to gain his support for Raising Student Tuition Fees (amongst other things) as ‘hard work’?

(3) He’s thick. Some people say getting a degree from Oxford University means you’re intelligent? I disagree, it’s just an expensive stamp on a piece of paper that says: “I’m well off and connected! Give me a Job!“. The fact he said the UK was the Junior Partner during World War 2 in 1940 shows this! Despite his education he didn’t know that the U.S. didn’t enter the War untill 1942.

(4) “Hug a Hoody” Anyone who suggest that sort of thing is way out of touch with reality. Who was he appealing to when he said that? Again… thick!

(5) “Broken Britain” Mr. Cam turned up to an old mining town, the name of which escapes me, and said it was an example of broken Britain. He forgot that it was his Party’s Policy that caused that town to shut down!

(6) “Call me Dave” Fuck off, I’ll call you what I want! CUNT!

(7) He cycled to work, showing how ‘Green’ he was, with his car following behind with his belongings in it!

(8) His blatant imitation of Tony Blair! It’s like the Tories cloned him from a piece of Blair’s back fat!

(9) Elitism. Not only does Cameron foster Elitism in his own Government and filling the House of Lords With Cronies, he’s also advocating Elitism for the Teachers applying for jobs in the UK school system too. So if you’re working class, poor, non-white, not connected or been to a top Uni, then I’m sorry, but you aint got a chance!

I can’t go on with any more examples or I’ll be here for a while, if you want to add your reasons why Cameron is a Wanker in the comment box!

As for Nick Clegg, well…  He compromised his Political ideology and beliefs, everything he was about – and for what? A taste of power and bunch hollow promises from David Cameron. Can’t get much more of a wanker than that. He’s a prime example of a Politician, inasmuch that he’ll drop everything he believes in if the price is right or as soon as an opportunity of power comes along. In many ways he is worse than David Cameron, at least Cameron didn’t sell out all of his ideals – he just pretended to.


8 Responses to “Wankers Of The Week: Cam and Clegg”

  1. Ihope this wanker has a rough ride with scotland …

    • Hello, Coutts!

      You know, I’m in a favor of the Union but I hope they have a hard time, too. Just because they’re a pair of dickheads! Only problem with that is Salmond will get a huge big grin on his arrogant face. So I hope they have rough ride and Salmond’s belt snaps and his pants drop and shows him packing a Banana to fill out his crotch area. Yeh… that’ll do nicely! lol

      Thanks for commenting, Coutts! :O)

  2. Androgoth said

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but that
    Cameron looks a lot like that Lieutenant Commander Data
    off Star Trek, I think it’s his nose that gives him away,

    I mean with the Pinocchio similarity it is just too uncanny
    for words, well I guess it is also exceedingly accurate too
    being that he is a bit of a scumbag lol Well aren’t they all?

    Wanker of the Moment more like… lol


    • You’re right! haha He does look somewhat like Data! And the Pinocchio similarities are very uncanny! But that’s where the similarities end, Data is actually useful, Cam is just a cunt and more like a Ferengy! haha

      I smell a photoshop coming on! lol

      Have a good weekend, Andro! 🙂

  3. Pete Judge said

    And I could write a hundred other reasons why Dave – and all of them to be frank – are wankers!
    I think one of the biggest problems with modern day politics is that they are all educated dimwits from privileged backgrounds who simply have no idea what ‘real’ life and ‘real’ problems are. OK, Dave has had some personal tragedy in his life and he handled that with a great deal of dignity especially as he is in the public eye but in terms of what we see around us, he simply has no idea. But it is symptomatic of the jobs for the boys/quango/spin culture of modern day politics. Give them a degree, a few good connections and parachute them into a constituency they probably couldn’t find on the map of the UK. MP’s and politics simply don’t have the concerns of their constituents in their hearts anymore.

    I read a piece in the Mail recently about Ed Miliband who apparently was quite shocked about how the ordinary working man and woman felt about a number of things when he went to visit a Tesco store in Dudley. The raised concerns about tax, immigration, benefits, crime and Ed was described as being ‘visibly uncomfortable’ at how these people felt about these and other issues…….for me these are meant to be core labour supporters…working class, low waged…..but Ed had absolutely no idea how strongly people felt about these problems. I brought this to the attention of my local MP only because when we spoke a few months ago, he admitted that labour had stopped listening to people and that is something they need to be doing – I asked him not only for his views, but also challenged him to walk around the area he represents and see if he really knows what is going on.
    His office manager called me and it was in fairness an interesting chat – but still didn’t answer my questions. I await the MP’s call with interest.
    Take care

    • Pete! That’s right on the fucking money – they haven’t got a clue what it’s like to live like the people they’re supposed to represent. They’re so far removed from the grass roots how are they supposed to represent them? Most of the Coalition Government are toffs and elitists! Well they THINK they are anyway, buying a degree from Oxford doesn’t make a smart man or an elitis, you’d actually have to be good at something to be that!

      I’m not surprised Ed Milliband was scared, like the rest of the MP’s they looked at Politics as a profession, as a carerr… not to help the people. It’s a means to earn a living, that’s all it is to them! If you MP gets back to you it’ll be the same ole “I agree with you! We made mistakes, we need to change. But I can’t walk with you as I’m really busy!” He doesn’t give a fuck! Write to us and tell me what he says. As I said to Prenin, I look down more on these people than the BNP, at least the BNP are half honest about they believe in and say! The main parties betray everything they are as long as they can get control and the money that comes with it.

      I’ll be posting a blog in a few mins on Cameron and his cronies, just had to write it when I read about the Peers!

      Cheers mate and take care!

  4. prenin said

    Scary thing is that they made a whole lot of promises when they came to power by a minority vote so small they couldn’t form a government, The Lib-Dems agree to become sock-puppets in return for a taste of power and now we’re seeing the result.

    Granted Labour left a huge hole in the accounts before they left – anyone with half a brain could see what was coming when the Banks screwed up and expected the planet to fix what they broke out of sheer greed – but the Tory’s are fixing the mess in the time-honoured manner: Making the lower class pay through the nose and the top folks who made this mess walk away laughing.

    I can’t wait to see the end of this mess, because there’s nothing left to sell and so no chance of tax bribes the next time we have an election.

    What’s the betting they pay for the tax breaks by robbing the poor again – oh shit they’re already doing it…

    God Bless!


    • Yeh they made a shit load of promises that they wont and couldn’t keep! Not much different than what they’d normaly do, is it really? They’re just dirty fucking scum! And the Lib-Dems are no exception to that, they’re just fucking sheep.

      Labour did leave a huge hole in the accounts, however, if the Tories were in they would’ve done the same thing. They would’ve deregylated the financial system the same way Labour did, because that’s what the Tory’s wanted to do and what they’re known for. They can’t take the moral high ground on that and can’t keep blaming Labour for taxing, cuts and everything that fails.

      Yeh, there’s not much money left, it’s why we’re owned by by middle eastern states and parts of east asia! And cos the Tories don’t like to tax their mates they push the burden on to the poor and working class! What a class act! I swear these people are fucking scumbags and I look down on them more than the BNP. At least the BNP are more honest about what they think!

      Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, Prenin! 🙂

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