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Cameron Further Consolidates His Position

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 6, 2010

Here we are again, if there was any more evidence that the Tories are still the same old Party it used to be, Cameron just proved it again, and as per usual with barefaced cheek!

A list of new Peers has been unvelied for the Lords and low and behold, it’s going to be full of his friends and donors to the party! There will be 27 new Tory peers, 15 Lib-Dem and 10 Labour. This will give the Coalition Government the majority in the House of Lords.

What annoys me about this is not just that fact he’s filling the Upper chamber (Lords) with people so he can push through anything he wants, it’s the fact Cameron said there would be change in the way Politics are done after the Expenses scandal. Yeh, lots of change, axe 50 MP’s from the House Of Commons and add Peers to the House Of Lords where they can claim £300 a day for just turning up as well as pushing through any bills he wants!

Just the same old Politics and the same old Tory Party. Nothing has changed, it’s still business as usual in Westminster! The Tory’s are just consolidating their power, just like any Labour did and like any other Party would with the system the way it currently is.

Which brings me to the question, Why do we not have an elected upper House? It is the second decade of the 2000’s and we still have an upper house that can be filled with anyone by the Party in control, has 26 Bishops from the Church of England in there as well as Life peers, it’s still like the early 1900’s in the Lords. The name gives it away doesn’t it?

There should be an elected upper House, elected by the people! I’m not sure what kind of system to offer up to achieve that, I’d have to think about that, but it’d be a lot better and simpler than the current Lords which has 741, and will soon be 794 with the new additions!

This whole situation just shows me that the whole system is still bent and open to abuse and needs to change. We still have Politicians that think they have a right to run the country the way they see fit and businessmen that can buy their way in to a legislator to influence Policy and Law.

What do I have to say or do to make things change? Or, more importantly, what will the politicians have to say or do to make the vast majority of people of their arses’ and open their eyes to what’s going on? It took an Expenses scandal to get that system fixed, what will it take to change the full system? Do the people only complain when their money is being misused? If that’s the case they’re doing it every day of the week with other things!

Come on then… get angry and change things, they wasted billions on Military hardware they never delivered. Millions on rubbish for the MOD, Millions on red tape in the NHS and even more on other Government departments! Billions on bailing the Banks out and Millions on giving themselves perks! The expenses scandal may have passed but they’re still throwing your money away!


6 Responses to “Cameron Further Consolidates His Position”

  1. Daf said

    Hey Phil! Oh I dont think your gonna get many arguements about this one, everyone knows the House of Lords makes a mockery out of the democratic system. I mean I do think having a two tiered system to pass laws is a good idea, but where we have the lords we should have something else. I reckon a bunch of long termers who have a proven track record that we vote for and have to be independants might make alot more sense. But then Im living in cloud cuckoo land cos what Im really saying is I want a bunch of trust worthy politicians that arent playing the you scratch my back and Ill scratch yours game. Never happening is it??

    Oh and thank you for the media player tutorial. Please dont get rid of it until I jump over here cos I will use it. Im not planning on moving over here til Im pushed though cos I dont have time to faff on at the moment getting it how I like it. After Chrimbo I reckon.

    By the way.. are you aware its snowing on your blog? Need me to shovel your drive or anything cos Im a dab hand at that kind of thing at the moment. Lots of practise ;O)

    Hope your having a good week!

    Moocho love Daf xxx

    • Tis Tha Daf! 🙂

      Isn’t it just? It’s so laughable! We’re on par with some African Parlimentary Despotic system! Our system is supposed to be the best and the guide to all other Parlimentary system the world over, but we’re a fucking joke – just a shadow of the Democracy we’re supposed to be!

      Not only are we a shadow of what we should be we’re also spinless! Wikileaks released a Cable from the U.S. yesterday, in it showed how the UK bent to Libya’s Gaddafi will and let Al-Meghari free because Gaddafi threatend British interests. No sine at all and also proves they’ll do anything aslong as Bussiness benefits!

      Cameron would say it wasn’t his Govenrment that did that. It wasn’t, but he’s the same man that promises a ‘Pro-American regime’, the same man who’s selling seats in to a legislator and who will no doubt sell us out at some point down the road, it’s what Tory Politicians do best.

      What you said above was basically what I was thinking, just without the perfection lol. I think normal Politicians will do as long as they have a law that stiplulates they take responsibility for what they do. I.e, prison time if you’re found to be bent, all your money taken from you if you’re found to be bent and being barred from government and business for the rest of your life if you’re found to be fiddling or bent!

      That’s a more realistic approach to the situation in my opinion. If you can’t get honest Politicians then implament REAL rules that have repocussions for them directly if they do wrong.

      You misread my comment to Pete, I will be taking My media player down, not the blog itself, so don’t worry. If you want you can set up a WordPress first without moving your stuff, get the colours and theme right, then when you’re ready you can trasnfer your stuff. That’s what I did!

      Yes, I did know it’s snowing on my blog, it’s an option you can choose for xmas and newyear. Thought I’d give it a go! haha Oh, and thanks for the Birthday greetings on Sunday! It was a nice surprise 1 Thank you mate! 😀

      Hope you’re week is going good so far too and that you got a Transformer car that doubles as a plough! lol

      Moocho love back at ya! 🙂 x

  2. prenin said

    And making us poor bastards at the bottom of the pile pay for it because they say WE are slackers defrauding the system!!!


    God Bless!


    • You’re right Prenin, we and the Working class are paying for it because of the percieved fraud by people like us. But as I said, what’s £2Bn fraud to the £14Bn in Corp tax anually not paid by British Companies? Not to mention the people of Britian picking up the £850Bn + tab for bad banking and business practices.

      But some how I don’t think the people of UK care enough to actively change things for the better. It’s too much hard work for them, their participation in Democracy ends at the local polling station. They’ll bitch, moan and then get back to being the bitches of the powers that be and will bend over for another shafting!

      Hope all’s well, man!

  3. Pete Judge said

    Nothing gets past your radar eh? Honestly one of the reasons I don’t get so political anymore is that no matter where you look and turn, something pissed me off. Fed up of being down I write all xmassy blogs instead!! Don’t worry – I get what you mean about how the big boys have destroyed towns and taken away the small traders and perhaps even some of the community spirit. I used to think so too but as I got older and having to shop around you can’t help but buy at the supermarkets – cheaper, more variety, more stock – they have changed the whole culture of shopping and town centres but like them or loathe them, we really can’t do without them.
    I read a piece about Salford centre recently. I looks very much like yet another town dominated by a superstore but lets face it, the landlords, the business owners…all in it to make money – the people of Salford are nothing but a minor hindrance.
    Take care and chin up

    • I let a lot of stuff slip under it mate, otherwise I’d be posting 4 to 5 blogs a day, and you and Prenin would have a lot of writing to do! lol

      I know, I shouldn’t bother but as you know I can’t turn my back on things like this, maybe it’s because I’m still young and stupid? But I just can’t forget it.

      Yeh, the large Supermarkets have destroyed our markets and town centers. Sad thing was we used to have a butchers that was cheaper and stalls that were cheaper than the stuff in Tesco! We used to have a Lo-Cost store too, was great stuff and cheap, they packed up because Tesco out did them somehow, I aint sure how because Tesco products were more expensive.

      Well there isn’t much we can do about it these days, far too late for that. So I’m not sure what’s going to happen, just wish these companies wouldn’t walk all over local government and the people. The way that Tesco actually came about and got permission is very fishy! I’ll do a blog on it at some point.

      Cheers mate and hope all is well! 🙂

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