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Goodbye Sweden

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 8, 2010

This really is disgusting and sad, it makes my heart sink! It really makes me so fucking angry! How is common sense to prevail when our own elected officials support and allow this under the misguided notion that Islam is a religion of peace and fits nicely in to a Western System!

Some person in the comments said “Is Nationalism the only solution to Islam?” or something along those lines. They’re just as bad! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called Islamophobic and Racist!

It seems like no amount of bitching from us with our posters and arguments will change the Muslim’s minds or the Politicians! What the fuck are we supposed to do?


11 Responses to “Goodbye Sweden”

  1. Pete Judge said

    Hey, Interesting views on the sleeping problem although mine are not really caused by any physical problems, although I reckon anxiety does play a part sometimes because I do always seem to have a lot on my mind. Being of latin extraction, the idea of a snooze appeals to me most afternoons but unfortunately that’s the kind of thing my employers frown on but come the weekends, you can bet your last few pennies that if I have nothing to do, the settee is mine in the afternoon!
    Part of me still believes I am just trying to get more sleep than I really need. Last night I went to sleep around 10.30pm and woke up at 4.30am and was bright as a button and to be honest, only felt it a bit today because it has been quiet at work and I have been a bit bored. Maybe I should gradually start getting to be a bit later and seeing how that goes…

    I’m not going to mention the other thing…..my weekend i starting early this week and those thoughts in my mind really do make me feel sick and for now, i want to forget it and enjoy myself
    Take care

    • I know your problems aren’t caused by illness, but you should consider the 8:30 rule and the drinking Coffee after 12pm. Just give it a whirl, see how it goes for you. It is said as you get older you need less sleep than you did when you were younger. Oh, I’m not calling you ancient, but you are 40 odd now! hahaha. Nah, just putting it out there to think about. Either way mate, I hope you get it settled soon! 🙂

      Don’t worry about the other thing, I understand 100%.

      Have a good weekend,Mate! 🙂

  2. Pete Judge said

    I am absolutely mortified but at the same time, not entirely surprised. I believe there is some suppression of information regarding muslim immigrant crimes in this country already I mean, grab your local paper and look at the court lists….how many of the names for say for example driving offences, are of good christian stock? What about the crimes and trials they don’t report.

    Unfortunately I cannot see this country going any other way. The political correctness has reached insane levels and for me it only a matter of time before the balance is tipped the other way and we begin to be the minority.

    I am equally surprised at a country like Sweden. My brother visited it last year and he commented on his surprise at the numbers of muslims he encountered there, he joked it was like being at home…..I didn’t know just how true that statement was until now. Where you also see that quite clearly their neighbours Norway have a distinctly opposite view to the problems generated by high muslim immigrant population.

    I read a theory recently that by 2066, white christians will be in the minority in this country and it would be bordering on becoming a muslim state. The only positive I can take from that is I most definitely will not be around to see it.

    All the best mate and have a good weekend

    • You know, it still bewilders me that people are not foaming at the mouth over things like this? Yes, that may be Sweden but in the UK we have eliments of Sharia Law in place in Muslim communities that actively denies Muslim women their rights! In the land of the birth place of modern democracy, the land of the Magna Carta and defender of freedom during two world Wars! There should be one law for all! Not some stone age system that’s biased in a Man’s favour!

      You know what pisses me off more than the Politicians? The Multiculturalist and appologists! They stick up for shit like this! They think it’s their own right to surrender their rights to a court that will fuck them over! They think the multicultural dream is alive and well and there’s nothing wrong with the country, that we’re just ignorant of the facts and just a few bad apples from the Muslim community cause the trouble. No, it’s the whole fucking ideology that has huge potential for surpression and hatred! There’s also the fact the immigrant doors are still wide open and these cunts support that! They’re really are fucking beyond help.

      Yeh, I read a few articles showing that the majority in the UK will be Muslim by the year xxxx. The fact is those numbers would be right if the conditions today are allowed to continue. If the doors stay open and Muslims already here continue having more children than others non-Muslims (it is happening right now)then we will be at a 50/50 point in 2060/70. But we don’t know the future and what will happen, but to me it will most likely stay the same because the Muslim world will still remain a shit hole and they will always come looking for a better life here. Then, inadvertantly, turning this area in to a shit hole with their backwards religion and ways!

      You have a good one too Pete! All the best! 🙂

  3. prenin said

    Oops forgot the notify button!!! 🙂


  4. prenin said

    The video says it all though.

    Sweden is losing itself to multiculturism doublespeak and we’re supposedly headed the same way!!!

    God Help us from the Politically Correct…


    • Precisly! I really am lost for words, my chest gets tight and I feel so fucking angry and betrayed by these fuckings spinless bastards! Our ancestors fought and died for us to have everything we currently have, and these spinless bastards here just put it up for sale because nothing is more important than being elected again, money and getting the minority votes!

      You know what, if our Politicians of today were around in WW2 you could bet your fucking arse they’d sell up to Hitler as long as they had assurences their Political power wasn’t effected much and their money and business wasn’t touched!

      • prenin said

        You forget the tosser Chamberlane who turned up with a piece of paper from herr Hitler – appeasement didn’t work then and won’t now, but the Politically Correct seem to forget that…

        God Bless!


        • That’s right! We Live in a time and have a Parliament and Western world full of Chamberlane’s! What a horrible thought!!! And ya right, the PC’s forget that, or maybe they don’t, maybe they see it but they see with an ideological blind spot! So they see people skipping and holding hands instead!


          Laters mate.

  5. prenin said

    I know what you mean.

    Our church has been running a series of documentaries telling us all how alike Islam and Christianity is apart from Islam saying that somebody other than Christ died on the cross.

    One of the people there even boasted that he had a copy of the Koran at home – obviously he has not read it, or he’d have read the bit about spreading Islam by any means including by the sword!!!

    Criticise Christianity and you’ll get a measured argument.

    Criticise Islam and they’ll murder you!!!

    Apologists don’t save us from militants – soldier do!!!

    God Bless!


    • Islam and Christianity are both a load of bollocks. Currently Christianity is mostly inert as it’s undergone modernisation with Europe and other Westernised nations. However, it was a different story a few centuries ago. As you know the New Testiment (NT) and Old Testiment (OT) are full to the brim with lines and text that are counter our Western ways, the same as Islam is. I do worry in the future some people will seize on these holy words in the OT and NT and use them to justify all kinds of bad Political and social changes.

      Obviously for the above to take place the population would have to revert back to being somewhat religious. Well with the spread of Islam and the Government doing nothing people will seek out a counter to Islam and it will be Christianity as it’s already the largest established religion here. Which will then lead to a renued Religious zeal in the country.

      So I ask for modernisation, take all the hatred and lines that advocating killing and rape etc out of the Holy books! Once you take out the inflamertory writings the religious ideology will stay inert in the UK, and anyone advocating or peddling those religious books in the old forms will be locked up, the same way the people who from groups and advocate Nazism are. After all, if Nazism is banned in the UK why are Christianity and Islam not? They have so much hate and potential to ignite social and political fracturings and war.

      Though that’s very unlikely to happens because they’re scared shitless to even say Islam has any bad points.

      It’s unbelievbly stupid, cowardly, spinless and ultimately going to gurantee a lot of fighting, hate, pain and fracturing of the nation as a whole!

      Thanks for your thoughts Prenin. 🙂

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