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Peaceful Tuituon Fees Protests Overshadowed By Idiots

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 9, 2010

                                                            Idiot Changes The World By Writing ‘Revolution’ On A Wall

If you’ve been watching the News today you no doubt would’ve seen the student protests against the rise in tuition fees. Now, I’m not here to debate for or against the fees at the moment, I’m here to point at the pointless little wankers who have been battling with Police the past few weeks.

It’s important to note that these people are a minority and don’t represent the main body of protesters who are legitimately, and peacefully, protesting down in Westminster and elsewhere.

It’s obvious these people have no idea what Anarchism is really about! It’s also obvious these little tit-heads are nothing but late teens early twenties alternative types that are drawn to the Anarachist Ideology because it’s ultra left, can be violent and talks of revoultion. All these things appeal to frustrated teens/early twenty year-olds with little or no emotional intelligence. They’re just looking for an outlet for their hormonal mood swings and under developed brains that haven’t yet learned to cope with the unfairness of society.

They’re looking for and crave acceptance while staying out of the main popular groups, so they don’t feel isolated and shunned. This way they’re part of something ‘bigger’ while still being ‘alternative’. They like the idea of a system that advocates not being told what to do because that’s all that Mam, Dad and the Teachers have done to them all their life. And that was just, like… SO unfair Man! So Anarachism and Communism are just right for them.

The fact these little pricks stand there and throw wobblers in front of the Police and even hurt them belies their lack of maturity. They’re just like the drunks on a Weekend who go looking for a fight to make themselves feel like a big man to boost their self-esteem. These people are nothing but post-pubesants coming to terms with their bodies and an unfair world. So they act out their frustration in a hormonal fuled anger at the Police who are the nearest form of Authority.

I doubt these people have any geuine desire to protest about tuition fees. They’re there to make a mess, cause trouble and to play the revolutionary. Why? Because they’re too immature to protest the right way. Yes, there is a time and place for violence during a protest, there is call for it some times in society, but right now with the current situation the way it is? No! There’s no call for it, at all!

Tell you what you bunch of ‘revolutionaries’, why not go off to a African dictatorship and fight the power there? Try it on there big men. Let’s face it, those people are in more trouble than the people of the UK are, they don’t even have schools or Universites in some cases. So get your arse’s out there and fight! Nah, you wont though, will you? Because your take on Anarchism (which is wrong by the way. Anarchism isnt all about fighting Authority and smashing things) wouldn’t go down well there would it, you’d be shot on site or left to die in Jail.

You’re nothing but childish little wannabes spoiling a legitimate protest movement. Fighting and harming Police doesn’t help the cause you’re supposedly fighting for, it damages it, but you don’t give a fuck about that – do you? As long as you can live your five minutes of revolutionism before you eventually work for the powers that be and create hypocrites of yourselves, then anything goes, eh?

You pointless little poser Twats!


12 Responses to “Peaceful Tuituon Fees Protests Overshadowed By Idiots”

  1. The G Man said

    Evening Mr. E.

    I totally agree with you.
    I have to admit, I am in a 50/50 position concerning this.
    I know it’s important that we exercise our freedom of speech in this country with “Peaceful Protest” or Blog writing lol!
    However, when the numpties who just want to cause some aggro, get involved, it really does cheapen things.
    A part of me says, yeah, it’s the same ol same ol, old boys network, elitism, reducing of opportunities for those who are different etc. etc.
    However, part of me thinks, they are not really in a position to have anything to really complain about, especially if they compare themselves to the less advantaged in the developing countries.

    I’ll keep is short, just edging myself back into things, I think I’ll write one per day starting tomorrow and take it from there.

    Chat soon mate.


    • G Man! Nice to see you on here! 🙂

      I’m not 50/50 on the issue, I think the legitimate protesters have a right to protest peacefully. The violence we saw was not an out pouring of national feeling, it was just a minority of idiots living their left-wing wet dream. When that happens I’m not for it, violence to fulfill a pointless teenage dream is just that, pointless! It doesn’t help anyone.

      On the other hand, a genuine out pouring of feeling like during the Poll tax riots, that kind of violence is justifed, because if violence wasn’t shown during those times then the Tories at the time would’ve carried on taxing the working class/poor. Violent protests are sign to govenrnment that says: “We wont take it anymore!”. The Poll tax protestors kept coming back for more all the time, you wont see much more of the Student violence now the fees have gone up. And even if we do they wont be on the same scale as the poll tax ones.

      I agree, the young in this country don’t have a lot to complain about, they have a better quality of life and more chance of getting a job. But the fact still remains, just because we have a better quality of life and better social mobility than the developing world, does that mean we should be content with it? Does that mean we should let social mobility go backwards because of a handfull of missguided Government clangers? I don’t think so, we fight, and fight hard, like we’ve always done as the working class in the UK, for what we deserve and are entitled to.

      Edge yourself back in to things? By doing a blog a day? LOL! Mate, do one blog a week at first, and see how you feel about it. If you have more to say then do a few more. Don’t jump in at the deep end! haha

      Take care mate and love to you and the family! 🙂

      • The G Man said

        You’re right on both counts, maybe one a week would be more realistic.
        Also I can’t disagree with you about peaceful protesting should always be encouraged and everyone has a right to shout about what they are not happy about, it’s a shame that it’s spoiled by a few trouble makers.

        • haha I think it would be bud!

          You know you can’t disagree with me, it’d be, as Mr.Spock would say, illgoical! 😉 And yeh, it’s always a shame when it’s spoiled by the few, pointless little toe rags!

          Btw, big blog tomorrow, would love to read your thoughts on it, it’s about Wikileaks and Mr. Assange. 🙂

  2. Pete Judge said

    For some it is just a good excuse for a rumble with a lesser likelihood of them being arrested and no doubt their twitters and facebooks were being updated by the second.
    I agree, it’s the minority and even then, I’m not entirely convinced that it is even students who are committing most of the violent acts.
    You’re right though – in the name of anarchism….my hairy arse!! They don’t know the true meaning even if they had honours degrees in the subject. But overall there is a worry that these acts reflect on the general mood of the country. You know yourself that I have felt for some time we are a hair trigger away from all out riots all over the country because of immigration, the rise of muslims, political correctness, soft sentencing, taxes, banks – the whole lot. Does concern me that these are the first signs.

    Anyhoo, like I said yesterday……happy mood this weekend!

    • Yeh, they get to let off steam, the steam they can’t let off at mummy and daddy or their teacher/Tutor. And yeh, they were probably twittering anf Facebooking it at the same time: “Woo! Jus gt da pig wit a batry! revoltion!!!” I bet they’re all sat around their dorms or their bed rooms smoking weed now and laughing and joking about how cool it was and how the Police were at fault. The same little spunk rags will be working for the people and Orgs they now hate. Thus making hypocrites of themselves, IF, ineed they were even true Anarchists in the first place!

      I disagree, this minority don’t reflect the feeling of the country, the peacfull protesters do, but not them. We’re talking about people here who support the PC view of Islam, Blind Multiculturalism, Immigration etc. They may join in on the banker bashing, but that’s about it. I think the true mood of the country will come out in May and Summer when the Cuts start to bite. That’s when things will go off.

      Yes, Happy Weekend! haha Sorry to bring ya down again! lol Have a good one mate and take care! 🙂

  3. prenin said


    God Bless!


  4. Daf said

    Hey Phil! I do see what your saying but this is a tiiiiiiiny minority your talking about, and Im sure you know that. The more people focus on the negative aspect of these protests the more the real issue is lost and thats whats important. 80 year olds marched with 11 year olds through Newcastle today. Tuition fees rising like this absolutely infuriates me and what really annoys me is that all the peaceful protesting in the world isnt gonna do a damn thing about it. I have a daughter in uni now, and a son hopefully going next year. I think its appalling that bright kids wont be able to go cos they arent rich enough. I cant tell you how close to my heart this one is and even though I agree there are some numpties tagging along for the ride, I would hate for these demos to be tarred with that kinda brush when in the main they have been people genuinely protesting and fighting for what they want. Im just kinda gutted that I doubt itll do any good.

    Sorry for going off on a slight tangent but this is one of those situations I really feel needs all the help it can get.

    Hugs Daf xxx

    • I understand mate, that’s why I said it was a minority and not the lot. It pissed me off big time while watching the debate on TV with these idiots throwing things at Police and making a mess. I just had to write a piece about it, that’s why I wrote it, to show those people aren’t the legitimate protesters and they’re nothing but a bunch of childish cunts.

      I was explaining to my sister the importance of the vote this evening, that those with money will get ahead in life because they can afford to pay for it outright. On the other hand we have the poor and working class who will be putt off going to Uni by the high debt they’ll be left with. Working while studying can be tricky as there’s already competition for jobs in most fields for undegraduates. So we’ll have decreased social mobility as a result, it’ll be like steping back 40 years! I don’t agree with it, but it went through with a majority of 21! All those who abstained should resign as MP’s, those who voted for it but said they wouldn’t on their manifesto should resign as well! I don’t know how they can carry on being MP’s when they voted for their carrers instead of the future of people!

      Just for your goodself I’ll highlight the important parts in bold, OK? I’ll even change the title to something that will show these people idiots.

      Hugs back at cha! 🙂 x

      • Daf said

        Heeeeeeeey Phil! Aw ya didnt have to go changing anything cos of me! But thank ya anyway 🙂 Funny… what you said there about going back 40 years echoes exactly what I was thinking. We’re heading back to the old class system. A three year course is gonna leave students in so much debt its not even gonna be worth thinking about. Unless of course mummy and daddy can afford to pay for it. If the tuition fees alone are gonna leave students with £30,000 of debt and then they have to find money for accomodation and living too its gonna be massively off putting. Even now the system is geared towards the well off. My daughter is in her last year of bio science, and would love to go on to do a masters in micro biology research (which actually is the kinda research that may eventually help with your UC), and what is frustrating is that although we know shes clever enough to do it we simply cant afford it because you get no help towards masters or doctrites at all. So the system is already that only the wealthy can go on to become the higher qualified. If the system isnt geared around intelligence but around money then we’re cutting of our noses to spite our face because how many massively intelligent people wont go on to do what they should be doing because of this? We’re gonna be left with the Tim nice but Dims with degrees that were pretty much bought for them!

        Anyway enough of my griping. Ive been faaaaaar too serious these last couple of comments and you know I cant do that for very long without getting on my own nerves, never mind anyone elses!

        How are you enjoying 27 so far anyway? And I still think your catching me up. Youll be fifty before you know it :Op

        Hugski and loveski mateski (although its more sledging than skiing weather really) Daf xxx

        • I agree with everything you say, Mate! As if the system wasn’t already unfair enough? I never knew you never recieved no help for Masters and Doctrites! I was going to suggest Open U but they don’t do Masters or Doctrites. Maybe that’s why there was no Palaeontology courses when I looked!

          This is the kind of system they want in place. It’s all about the money, and to a lesser extent, the ideology. Nothing else matters to them, especially to Cameron as he’s an eletist anyway, and has been for a while. Us working class scum don’t deserve to hold the top jobs, we should be down the mines and on the Docks, oh wait… there’s none left because they closed them and sent the jobs over seas!

          Agian, just another sitution and example of Political fuck-wittery that annoys the hell out of me! Your daughter and people like her are very bright but will never get the chance to succeed because they’re not loaded! They could get in to debt for it, which is what the powers that be want, but the people don’t! What is she going do then?

          27? Like being 26 – just a year older! haha I don’t think I’ll reach 50 like you! I probably snuff it getting angry at the evening news when I’m 40-odd! lol

          Skiing weather? It’s all gone here, went fully yesterday when it started raining, hope we don’t get anymore, hope you don’t either, cos next it wont be your guttering falling off the room, it’ll be the roof itself! And we don’t want that! 😛

          Hugs back at cha mate! Take care! 😀 x

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