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Wikileaks And Why It Matters To You

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 13, 2010

Julian Assange. That’s a name you’ve probably heard and read of over the last two weeks on the TV, Radio and on the net. You’ve maybe heard of it more if you’re a keen media watcher or techie. Maybe this name’s been over shadowed by bigger news recently like the tuition fees protests. So let me enlighten you…

Julian Assange is currently locked up in a cell in Wandsworth Prison awaiting extradition to Sweden where he’s wanted in connection with two alleged rapes. These rape allegations are completely fabricated against Assange. Read the link I posted as it’s important to this blog. Read that account and tell me Julian Assange is guilty of rape. The only thing he’s guilty of is being a typical male and getting his end away – something the feminist he slept with didn’t like. If Assange slept with those two women in the UK then he wouldn’t be in trouble right now, it’s the complexity of the Swedish sex crime system that allows for these two women to take advantage of and to make Assange’s life difficult.

Whether these Women were doing this for revenge, to get famous, milk money out it or are actively working for some U.S. or Swedish security service, I don’t know. But what I do know is the U.S. will take full advantage of Assange being in Sweden where they will try to extradite him, if the rape case fails,  for espionage, which is just pure and utter rubbish as Assange didn’t spy in the U.S. nor did he ask for any of the documents he posted on his Website. They were given to Him.

The Website I’m talking about is Wikileaks, a site that was created by a collection of many different types of Activists, of which Mr. Assange is one. The idea behind Wikileaks is to provide a secure way to submit documents anonymously that need to be in the public domain for the health of our democracy, freedoms and for political transparency. You can visit the main Wikileaks site here. From there you can navigate to everything they’ve ever posted.

Since its inception Wikileaks has released many Documents that Western Government’s, especially the U.S., has found embarrassing and damaging. The U.S. has since tried to paint the website and Assange as reckless for the release of the documents, and also called it dangerous and life threatening to Coalition troops and operatives on the ground in Afghanistan and elsewhere. However, Assange asked the Pentagon to help Him filter the info, an offer they declined. So Assange and the few large media Organisations he works with omitted certain pieces of information to stop people being harmed.  (A move I’m not too happy about, especially as the media orgs he chose were questionable) To this date the U.S. can not name or has found one person that has been harmed from the release of any of the documents. Furthermore the Pentagon then said in October 2010 the leaks: “did not disclose any sensitive intelligence sources or methods“, and that “there has not been a single case of Afghans needing protection or to be moved because of the leak.”

However, just because no one so far has not been killed or harmed because of the Leaks doesn’t mean someone wont in the future. I read a few of these files and I think Wikileaks and Assange need to edit these names and locations a little better to protect any operatives or soldiers who could be identified/found. But still, it’s possible people will be harmed at some point because of future leaks, and I personally think it’s worth it, if that’s the price of a free media, a healthy democracy and transparent political system that holds Politicians to account.

The United States is currently trying to build a case against Assange and his website Wikileaks, wanting to prosecute him under The 1917 U.S. Espionage Act, an act which supposedly doesn’t cover non-American citizens. However, back in 1983 an East German scientists ‘Alfred Zehe’ was arrested for receiving classified U.S. documents and was charged under the act. His defence tried say his indictment under the act was invalid as he’s not an American citizen – he didn’t succeed. He pleaded guilty and received eight years for spying, he was later let free in a spy swap.

I’m not sure if Zehe would’ve beat the charge with the espionage act if he’d fought longer. The thing here is, could it happen to Assange if he wins his rape trial in Sweden? I’m sure the U.S. is applying the pressure on Sweden to take advantage of the sex laws there and try and get Assange locked up for a few years.  If they fail then the U.S. can use the espionage act, if they prosecuted one foreigner under the act then they would likely use it on Assange.

Which brings me to why it matters to you if Julian Assange goes to Prison and they try or mange to close Wikileaks down.

In the world of today how many media sources are unbiased? How many TV News channels would run a story if the Government said not to? How many News Papers would do the same? The answer is none! A recent example of this is the Gag order placed on The Gurdian News Paper by the Oil/Energy Company Trafigura in 2009 when the Gurdian exposed the Company was Dumping Toxic Waste In West Africa. That’s just one example, and Common Sense prevailed that time because the super gag order was brought up in Parliament. What happens when it’s the Government trying to keep things secret? Who do we turn to publish sensitive documents that we have the right to know about and expose Politicians and their dealings? We know the media wont if they’re told not to, especially if they place a Super Gag Order on the media. Makes you wonder how many other things have been suppressed in the interest of “National Security”?

Wikileaks and Assange are currently the only group and organisation who will actively stand up and do something  for freedom of the press, freedom of information and freedom of speech, all which result in a more informed electorate and a Government that’s more accountable and transparent. That is the biggest problem these days in UK and Western politics, there’s no accountability for the politicians. Not only them but there’s also Business leaders, Financial leaders, Religious leaders, people in local Government and more. You can think of Wikileaks as a anonymous  omplaints or protest box, whenever anyone comes across corruption that wont be taken on by the main stream media because it’s too sensitive to touch, then this complaints Box will put it out there in it’s entirety so it’s available not just to everyone with a net connection but for the media too, who no longer has a Gag order on it or threats from Government if they publish it, because it’s already been published.

No other organisation in the world today is doing what Wikileaks is doing, there’s no one out there who is a direct threat to the Political and Financial establishments. No one dares to, and you know why? Because they fear for their lives, family, business, reputation and freedom! Ask yourself, is that something what a person in a supposedly free country should fear? This is the West, the side that fought Fascism, Nazism and Communism, we were supposed to be the free world! Why are we living in fear of our own Governments and the law? Why is the U.S. threatening to lock Assange up and closing Wikileaks for practicing their inalienable rights? Why lock him up for what the U.S. and the West fought for in World War Two and fought against during the Cold War? Aren’t our freedoms what we define ourselves with and pride ourselves on? Are we not urged to practice them? If this is the case then why has the U.S. and the West come out denouncing Wikileaks and Assange with rubbish and accusations?

The answer is the West has been faltering since before the Cold War ended. During the Cold War the West had to be seen to be the opposite of the Soviet Union and other far left Nations, to keep its reputation as the ‘Free World’. So the West was kept on Its toes. However, the reality below that facade was double dealings, scandals and propping up of dictators who murdered their own people. In short, the West has lost Its way – if it truly had one in the first place and really did and does embody what it stands for – and Wikileaks is the antidote to that! With Wikileaks out there we have the opportunity to make the West truly stand for what it says it does and to truly make our Politicians work for us, the people, instead of business, private, foreign and their own interests. 

The countries with Democratic systems, the one’s who claim to be ‘enlightened’ and free, are slipping more and more in to totalitarianist mindsets and actively cracking down or freedoms, the ones they profess to love and support. They do this because they know they’re not being held to account and that any other party or group working its way up offering change to that system they’ll stop in its tracks, infiltrate it or buy it off. You can see this across the Westernised world with falling voter numbers and increased apathy and utter disillusionment with the Political system. The UK had over a decade of Labour and they’re back at the point they were post 1988! The U.S. is the same and we’ve just picked up the tab for the bad financial and business practices of some multi-millionaires. They don’t really have the right to call their countries free, they should be ‘Semi-Free’ countries, shadows of the true Democracies they’re supposed to be.

Beware of fakes! Even now one of the people that used to work on Wikileaks has set up his own site called OpenLeaks. This site is a compromise to Governments demands, instead of posting everything they’ve been given, bar a few names and locations, they will let anyone post documents to them in a secure way and leave a message of which Media Org they want to use break the story. Assange already did that but also let the people see the unedited files. OpenLeaks will let other media organisations carry the burden of responsibility when they post it. In this way the media will be subject to gagging orders and Government pressure. Which to me is a cop-out, and puts us back at square one again. Read here for a low-down on what OpenLeaks plan to do: Link 

If Wikileaks is closed down and Assange is locked up, the last chance in maybe the next twenty to thirty years to make our Governments accountable and allow freedom of information and of the Media will be gone! The Government and the Internet firms are already cracking down on Net freedom and Net Neutrality, they want to squeeze as much money out of it as possible as well as much freedom as possible. Basically they want to make it like radio and TV, subject to their whims and laws. Anything they don’t like, they can make it disappear. Getting rid of Child Pornography would be a good thing for them to work on, but don’t ever believe that blanket block listing of the net and no neutrality is the best way to get rid of Child Porn, as it is not. If anything it just lets them know they’ve been found out and they easily move on and create a new site. As this Article on Access Blocking shows. In situations like that you can easily delete the site straight away or get to the server and the people running it to solve the problem.

Other than being a typical bloke who wants to get his end away, something Assange went down in my estimation for, as I thought with a man in his position would’ve been more carefull and beyond that. Assange is guilty of nothing but trying to expose our Political leaders and systems for what they are and trying to bring clarity to it as well championing freedom of information, the media and freedom of speech. To let him go to prison and Wikileaks to be closed will be the beginning of the end for freedom of speech, the media and information, for at least the next two to three decades. Because, if they can do it to Assange, then they can do it to anyone. And our transition from a partial democratic free state will come to an end and we’ll enter a full shadow of a democracy where we only have the illusion of freedom, control and choice.

To help this cause sign the petition that Avaaz has started here. I don’t support every cause Avaaz does, but I support this. Once you’ve signed it send it to your friends and family explaining why it’s important. If you’ve read this post, and if you agree with me then you should enlighten as many people as possible about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Don’t let the U.S., Government and media paint him as a Villian and terrorist, as many others have done, and even gone as far as to call for him to be executed. Wikileaks and Assange are being attacked from all sides, including having their site taken off servers and their bank accounts frozen. We have to stand up and support Wikileaks and Julian Aassange, they’re our last hope in an ever shrinking world of freedoms and corrupt politics!


19 Responses to “Wikileaks And Why It Matters To You”

  1. prenin said

    Phew!!! No More room at the inn!!! LoL!!! 🙂

    Just to let you know Linda sent me an email telling me about how wonderful everyone thinks I am etc. and how I should consider going!!!

    Unfortunately my sleep pattern is screwed up so I may be unable to go!!!

    What a pity… LoL!!!

    God Bless my friend!


  2. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Yeah I did kind of go off the deep end for a while, but this crap has been going on for eleven years now, my God daughter’s family trying to cash in, neighbour Doug trying to make money out of it because he is friends with a member of the gangster family my dad tried to sell me to when I was a kid whose position requires they destroy or drive out all opposition to keep their reputation intact.

    As you can gather I’m still here and with a pristine reputation and clean criminal record despite all they did, but because I wouldn’t co-operate with my tormentors they have been trying to con me into giving them the keys to the kingdom regardless of who would get hurt.

    The one link to all my friends, neighbours and family who set out to destroy me was greed, pure and simple.

    That I was proven innocent despite their worst efforts has been a black mark against them, but now my childhood suffering has become a saleable commodity and I have nobody around me I can trust as they hack away at me all over again.

    And so far I have no idea who is doing it because these press and media bods work through third parties, most notably our local gangster family who offered me £2,000 and the protection of a bodyguard if I would only tell them because their previous history has come back to haunt them because I won’t co-operate.

    I cannot be bought, bribed, or blackmailed – and it’s driving them nuts!!! :o)

    And the best thing is that they can’t touch me because if they do the roof falls in!!! :o>

    Sooo the Investigative Journalists play games and try to set me up so as to find that crucial piece of information that’ll crack the story and use chequebook journalism to get everyone around me to co-operate.

    So: I have walked away from my God daughter’s family – they’re all bent and it shows – and now they are using the church to set me up because it’s the only place I go to socialise.

    The only other point of contact is when I go shopping so they’ve set me up twice outside the central Post Office, once with Doug who tried to play the big hard gangster (total alcoholic wanker) and I just laughed at him!

    If he knew the truth of my position at present he’d leave the country…

    God Bless!


    • Prenin, you should move out of the area and have done with it. I don’t know why you stay, you could be living a better life out of the way of all them idiots and sucm, you don’t need that kind of hassel in your position. Have you ever thought of getting a social worker or someone to help you out? You know, someone to talk to, and to help you sort stuff out and maybe even move? You don’t deserve to be living where you are and having to put up with that shit either.

      I don’t know what else to say, you’re in such a shit situation and it’s so damn sad too! It’s heartbreaking! You shouldn’t live like that, no good people should! Ultiamtely it’s up to you, but dam, I’d be out of there so fast, otherwise I’d cause even more trouble.

      Try and a have good night and take care!!! 🙂

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        Thanks for the support – I’ve developed quite a support network here so I’m not exactly alone, I just lost everything that mattered to me.

        Fact is that, despite the years of crap, I’m well liked in the community and only the media tormentors remain as a problem because they can Buy the people like my God daughter’s family and Doug, but they can’t drive me out which is what they want to do.

        By remaining despite all the threats and posturing I’ve really got up their noses!!!

        Sometimes the best you can do is make a stand and be counted! 🙂

        Now I’m spending Christmas alone and it’s a new experience for me, but Pat and the family need to be taught that they can’t get away with treating me as a cash cow!

        The whole family is bent in a BIG way, but needed me to help bring up their kids which I did selflessly for 35 years and now they need me to look after the next generation and this despite selling me to my tormentors for everything they could think of – all to no avail because I never put a foot wrong…

        Now my rather unpleasant childhood is worth money to them and my neighbour Doug is trying to cash in, so they’ve been trying to screw with my mind.

        Doug is alcoholic, cowardly and a braggart who seems to think his friendship – if you can call it that – with Arthur Ward makes him a ‘big man’ even though all it means is that he’ll do whatever they tell him to do so he can claim their protection.

        The Wards claim to ‘own’ the town, will do anything for money and in the 60’s were involved in everything sick and disgusting you can think of which is why my dad tried to sell me to them, as well as a string of convictions for rapes and murders, so all the locals are terrified of them.

        Trouble is that, after all the crap I was put through, my step-dad and mum had a word with some of THEIR friends and had me taken under the wing of a very powerful Manchester Chinese family who dubbed me ‘Crying Freeman’ which highly amused them and made me, effectively, untouchable.

        Watch the movie some time and you’ll get the joke! 🙂

        I didn’t say anything myself, but a few of the friends that sold me out decided they’d rather be elsewhere and moved away for the good of their (imagined) health and things quieted down.

        Once the word got out about that about a decade later, my neighbour and petty gangster PJ Macdonna (who had been planning to terrorise me) went into extreme panic mode and has since moved away.

        Needless to say he’s from an alcoholic Traveller family and they can neither read nor write, but because they behave like a pack of dogs and can break a few windows they think of themselves as a ‘big’ family.

        As you can gather we have quite a few families like them!

        Sooo: I’m well protected from violence and overt persecution, so my tormentors have to be cautious, hence Pat and Neil’s mind games and why the investigative journalists who are paying the Wards for the story are treading so carefully after wrecking my mind and my life eleven years ago…

        Lord what a dirty business…

        God Bless!


        • Well, I dont’t know what else to say! It’s up to you Prnin! I just hope they leave you in peace because you don’t deserve all that shit. I’m here if you ever want to talk, you do have my e-mail so if you want you can get me there.

          Have a good evening and turn your heating up! It’s been sleeting and snowing here, don’t wanna set off ya hip. Have a good evening and take care! 🙂

          • prenin said

            Thanks Phil! 🙂

            Pat phoned me yesterday about lunch time and pressured me into going to Emily’s place for Christmas dinner – apparently they are worried I am getting too close to the edge.

            Couldn’t imagine why! LoL!!! 🙂

            God Bless my friend and Merry Christmas!!!


  3. The G Man said

    Great Blog Mr E,
    I passed by yesterday read some of it and came back today to properly digest it and comment.
    Firstly, I’m not sure if it’s my security settings but I’m not able to sign that petition, I’m very weary about letting my guard down so unless they change that site, it’s a not happening for me.

    I was going to play “provoker” on this but I can’t I’m in agreement with you mate, I don’t want to write a Blog here so I’m going try to control myself…
    I’ve been following the recent events and although it clearly seems as though he is being set up for rape, I will give him a 90% benefit of the doubt.
    As you rightly said, a person in his position should have been more careful, however we all make mistakes, and if he didn’t rape then he was silly to put himself about, especially in light of what his ‘ideals’, as he puts it, represents…he was bound to be a target.

    That being said, both SKY and BBC were very biased in their coverage, they initially made it seem as though Julian and his associates hacked into the secret service networks and stole everything…
    I know exactly what this case represents and my concern was that I couldn’t really support anyone who made the initial move to infiltrate a network, no matter how insecure it was.
    I was also concerned about information being publicised which would ‘genuinely’ put peoples lives at risk, I use the word genuine because anyone with any common sense will no that some powers that be have a tendency to scare monger, in order to enforce more dictatorial measures which will then be categorically publicised as….”security measures for our own safety”.

    Providing the information was given and Julian and his people did not have an intention to “let it all hang out” I’m in support of “the people” standing together to keep a free thinking free speaking society.
    That is a very loaded statement, I know, because a persons free speech can be viewed as self expression by them, but seen by others as an act of terrorism or even a deceleration of intent to harm or war…
    Is there really such thing as freedom of speech? can the west really see itself as a paragon of freedom and liberty? My answer is yes and no to both…but that is another Blog all in itself.

    OK, I did say I was going to control myself, so in closing, Mr E, I do know that all of us who speak out in some way or another have to be mindful of the safety and well-being of others, there are a few things I am anti about but I realise those who live a certain way have a right to choose so, as long as they are not harming others or trying to impose/enforce their views onto me.
    However, there in lies the problem…governments in some way, are causing harm and are trying to enforce certain things that the masses just don’t want.
    They call it policy change and implementation…we have just had a recent example of how they lie…they are voted in based on certain policies only to u-turn and stand for something else…and they wonder why they are not trusted.
    They need to be accountable, and true accountability can only be gained when there is true honesty and transparency, they want to go through everyone’s life with a fine tooth comb to decide who gets what and pays what, why can’t we see and know about how they make their decisions and what they think of us and their colleagues.

    The problem here are not Julian Assange and his colleagues, it’s a problem with truth, arrogance, pride, diplomacy, megalomania, trust and communication…not only amongst some of those in power in the US but also amongst the leadership of the various nations mentioned in the leaks.
    They all need to grow up and set their houses in order, put there egos aside get round a table and speak honestly as mature, rational adults.
    If they did that, then the likes of Julian and his colleagues would have very little to report…but mankind being how it is, we like to exercise ‘choice’ and unfortunately without proper guidance we tend to exercise it negatively, most of the time.

    Thanks for the stimulating read…you just don’t get that on certain social networks. 🙂
    Please give my love to the family and have a good week.

    • Ay Up G-Man! 🙂

      I signed it fine, so did a few others I know, with no issues, so it could be your security settings.

      Yeh, he was a typical bloke and couldn’t pass up a a ‘free meal’! As I said, he went down a little in my estimation because of that, purely because of the position he’s in. He should’ve known better. However, as you say, people make mistakes, unfortunately you only have to make one like this to end up in big trouble!

      I wasn’t so much aware of the bias from the BBC as I only watch the Daily Politics show and not their other offerings, but I felt that vibe coming from Sky News though. At first they were tough, then suggesting, then they they sort of changed their stance to somewhere in the middle. What media source did surprise me was the Daily Mail wrote an pretty unbiased piece on it! Look at the “Two alledge rapes” link to see what I mean.

      Someone being hurt or killed was my worry too, but as I said, wouldn’t it be a price worth paying? I know that sounds cold but what other option is there? Say someone was killed by China or the U.S. (inadvertantly in the U.S. case?), do we stop then? Has that person’s death been in vain? If all it’s going to take is a dead body to stop this then the powers that be will arrange or invent some. Why is a death caused by Wikileaks not acceptable but one caused by the U.S. or UK government OK? Especially the military and non-combatants in Afghanistan? Dieing because of money, oil, arms and lies is all good, but someone dieing because the truth was brought to the people which inadvertantly killed someone, is wrong? You see what I mean?

      With freedom of speech I’m an absoloutist, except when it comes to calling for the death of people. Otherwise, in my eyes, anything else goes. I know that leavs the door open to many things, but I believe people have to deal with it instead of being babied and protected from it by the state and law. As for the West, I’m with you, yes and no and is indeed another blog. Maybe you could write that? Would be an interesting read!

      As I said before, anything goes regarding free speech, as long as it doesn’t advocate death. Some people do need to be mindful of what they say, I’d hope the ‘social contract’ and common sense would prevail on that front, but my instincts tell me otherwise. It’s why I tink free speech should be 99% open, so people deal with the issues they have, instead of keeping them bottled up and subdued.

      I agree with you entirely on the way they change policy! Though they would site not knowing what a state the country was in before they entered office as the blame. I.e “It was the previous Government’s fault!” That’s the coalitions excuse on pretty much everything! The fact is they flip flop, change policy and lie through their teeth, and they wonder why people have had enough of them? I agree, I think we should be allowed to see what they’re up to and how they make decissions, after all… the people pay them! They need to be held accountable and I don’t just made publicly, I mean via the law too! If it applies to us it applies to them! You can’t commit fraud and call it “Expenses” or “Parliamentary Privilege”

      I like your second from last paragraph! I’ve always though they acted like primary school children! Sad thing is they wont grow up unless they’re forced to be transparant and honest. And that will end if Assange goes down.

      I’m assuming you mean Wastebook? LOL!

      I will indeed mate, love to you and yours to! Take care as always! 🙂

      • The G Man said

        Lol! Wastebook.. yeah you got me. 🙂
        Seriously though, you are right, I might annoyed about some things I read but those individuals still have a right to write what they feel…who am I or anyone else to gag them.

        I’ve noticed us Bloggers are not really liked by many in the news/info media, they think they are the only ones who have the right to share their views/opinions.
        They can’t silence us and they don’t like it, long may freedom of speech reign and like you said, we all have to be adult enough to deal with the information out there.
        Those of us who have children, also have to be responsible enough to watch over our children to ensure they are mature enough to deal with what they may come across.

        I’ve listed you on my Blog now and actually written a ‘light’ Blog…it must be Christmas…lol!

        • I may have to post my Wastebook manipulation on here for you! haha

          You’re right, who are we to gag anyone, as long as what’s being said is not calling for the death or hurtting of people. Oh, and as long as it isn’t counter our western ways, freedom of speech and fundamental Human rights etc.

          Hahahaha I noticed we aint liked! I recall writing a comment on a blog of what Hazel Blears (my local MP) said on some site after she had some words for bloggers. She’s a pointless little plank! Who the fuck is she and others to say we can’t have our opinions? I think she’s a little upset that we don’t accept what the media says as the truth anymore and find what’s what ourselves. And as you know, the net is full of raw info, all at the click of a mouse! And just like that she and many other can be investigated and hung out to dry on 1000’s of blogs! LOL!

          Only we can teach our children and family how to handle the world outside and what to expect. Shouting, name calling and violence wont solve anything, that’s unless you’re being met with violence, in which we have a right to respond with force.

          Light blog? I’ll be there in a few mins. I will be listing your site soon, I’m just wondering whether to make them picture links or normal. I’ve been messing with pic links, check out the ‘Wanker of The Week’ add on the top right! 🙂

          Hope ya evening is OK. 🙂

          • The G Man said

            In total agreement and thanks for again for passing by and giving me my first comment on the new Blog. I saw the Picture link, you have been busy getting to grips with WordPress. 🙂
            I was trying to change my font but, am I right in thinking you have to pay to adjust certain things with the format and layout of a theme?…I hope not.

            I keep forgetting to ask, that clapping clip is bugging me, I know I’ve seen the film but can’t remember, please put me out of my misery and remind me which movie it comes from….lol!

            • You are right in thinking that! They’re called ‘Typekit fonts’ You do have to pay for them, but apparently some are free, but you need to join an external site to get the free ones. Go to APPEARENCE > THEMES and you’ll see them near the top of the screen.

              However, I noticed while using the HTML box I used for the WOTW poster that if you use some html text in there it affects the whole blog. I tried a few bits in there but it didn’t work how I planned as it gets applied to the whole blog! You’re far more advanced with HTML than I am, give it a go, the html box could be a way to get around paying for new fonts.

              I haven’t got a clue about the clapping clip as I didn’t make it, but I’ve also seen it somewhere before myself. I’ll keep an eye for the answer. Here’s a few more I found funny…

              designer sunglasses



  4. prenin said

    It’s just a matter of the expression of power – the Politicians have that power so they can force Banks to freeze accounts, they can bad-mouth anyone they don’t agree with, or anyone who they see as a threat.

    Wikileaks did something the Powers That Be didn’t like, so the gloves came off and we got to see what Western Democracy isn’t – free or fair.

    They want to Kill anyone who they see as a threat and destroy anyone who stands up on his/her hind legs and becomes a threat to their mask of democracy and decency.

    The truth exposed by this whole scandal is that American politicians are no more democratic than Russia was pre-Glasnost.

    If they get their hands on Assange – as they are trying to do via their puppet Sweden – they will make an example of him to put fear into anyone who dares upset the United States.

    So much for freedom of anything in this world…

    God Bless!


  5. A really well written and thought provoking blog.
    I have a little interest in the fate of Assange and as you imply, the sexual assault and rape charges do seem some what trumped up and just an excuse to keep him locked up and quiet.
    Personally I have mixed feelings about wikileaks. On the one hand it is right and proper that there is transparency and accountability and wikileaks gives us insight into the thinking of our masters and perhaps a little background into our so called democracy but at the same time, making some information available to the public does really serve no purpose and whilst nothing has happened yet, could potentially pose a risk.
    I completely agree that restricting the freedom of speech and the suppression of information is potentially damaging for the whole process of democracy but having had a quick look around the information wikileaks has published, I didn’t find much all that interesting or relevant. Sure the papers have sensationalised the juicy bits of off hand comments but in the main it is really pretty boring stuff. So that begs the question what do we really need to know?

    I know for a fact that information – with or without freedom of information acts and wikileaks – is kept from us and some of the more important and pertinent information we will never learn. That is just the way of the world and the way of politics. Government has to make decisions that involve millions of people and some decisions can affect their whole lives and they don’t have to explain their thoughts, views or how they reached their decisions any more than in my work, I chose x contractor to carry out work other than y contractor. It is just the nature of business.

    I applaud Assange and his colleagues for their work and their insistence that we should have full access to all that information but in truth, I don’t see the point.

    By the way……did you hear about the suicide bombing by the muslim fundamentalist in Sweden over the weekend? No problems with muslims over there then………

    Have a good week

    • I know, some pieces they release are boring and have nothing to do with anything, however, just as you said about the news papers and even the TV media, they only sensationalised the juicy bits.

      When the media posts or reports on the juicy bits things can easily get taken out of context without the rest of the text to call upon to put it in to perspective. And you know as well as I do that the media is only interested in views and readers = (££££££££), so they’ll post it in a way that suits their ends. Thus we’re semi in the dark again.

      Wikileaks is there, not just to hold Government to account but the media to. It’s a raw form of news that hasn’t been biased by anyone reporting it. With Wikileaks we can cross check at source any articles we read in the papers or see on TV.

      The point is there will be more interesting files from the UK at some point. As news spreads of Wikileaks local council workers will be shopping thier bosses and so will national government workers. Surely that’s a good thing?

      I disagree, some of the articles have shown how spinless our Government is, it’s even worse than we first thought, they caved in to Libya! Ireland caved in to the Vatican and so forth. Yes, there’s somethings that we may never find out because they’re super secret, however, no one knows what’s in the security file that Assange put out. It’s supposed to have articles that will drop a info bomb on the world. They could be some of the files you’re talking about.

      Don’t count out Wikileaks yet mate, it may not be publishing super secret documents but at the least it’s valuable as a raw form of information and usefull to hold to account Government’s and all Media. To me that’s a positive thing and wroth supporting.

      Yeh, the bombings in Sweden, apparently the man was radicalised here in the UK! lol! And I was watching a video this morning calling the video Pat Condell made as “Bull crap”. Of course the man talking was a Muslim, the type of Muslim who think’s Islam is positive and has the balls to say Islam isn’t anti-semitic! I’ll do a blog on it soon, just need to fiond some bits and bobs to support my blog.

      You have a good week too, Mate! 🙂

      • Pete Judge said

        I haven’t gone into as much depth as you have on wikileaks clearly and there is probably more information in there that is of interest to the general public than i first thought. Obviously it is a popular website at the moment because of Assange’s incarceration and they really need to buy more servers!!! I will maintain though, whilst I am in favour of free speech and the true essences of democracy, there really are things that we don’t need to know.

        To be honest, I only really get spam in my hotmail account that was connected to my WLS space and as that is now defunct, it is no real bother. Just interesting how quickly it accumulates and what the ‘amazing’ offers are…..just a little test to myself to find a bit of subject matter even out of the most mundane things!!

        Well if you can find where I live you are more than welcome!! Be warned though, when I have consumed a pint or two I tend to prefer to talk about football rather than politics and religion!

        Take care and have a good week

        • I agree mate, there are some things we don’t need to know. However, if we start saying X, Y and Z aren’t important to know, or they bring in some kind of rating system to pubilish what the Govenrment feels is of worth, assuming they’d do such a thing, then we’ll end up with black holes in the files. And before you know it things will be merkey again and transparance is gone.

          I think when the tax payers are paying these people to do their jobs everything they do should be open to scrutiny, investigation and judgement, to make sure they’re doing it right and not wasting money.

          Oh yeh! The daily and endless supply of friends invites and private messages with adds for daiting sites, sex sites and all sorts of other bollocks! I noticed it’s stopped since I moved to WP and made my little piece of Windows Live Profile private! I don’t like to think what kind of sad, idiotic wanker clicks on those links, the reality of it scares me!

          I’ll find where you live, I’m sure Wikileaks has an article on it somewhere! lol Talk football? OK, I wont be coming to yours, I can talk about many other things besides Politics but I hate Football/sports, Soap and X-Factor talk! Dear God! ol

          Cheers mate, hope your week is going OK! 🙂

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