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Don’t You Just Want To Kill All Scallies and Chavs? (Venting)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 19, 2010

The incident in this blog happened on New Years Eve 2008.  Retro Blog. Originally posted on: Jun 25th 2009.


Where do you even start with this? Oh wait, last New Year’s Eve (2008) I went to the local shop to get some more Vodka as it was the season for it! On my way, while I was drunk I may add, three or four Scally tossbags shouted from the other side of the road “Look at him haha. Gonna stab you in the eye! Specky” That was for NOTHING! Luckily I’m a big guy and I was with someone, so the terminal scally scrote-bag wankers said the threat from the other side of the road!

These people are nothing but shitbags, why don’t they come to me when they’re sober or off drugs and tell me they’re gonna stab me in the eye then? Yeh do it without your increased confidence brought on by beer and being in a gang! You’re spineless spunk stains on the pants of society. I would smash your pointless faces in you gaster wannabes! Wandering around with your hand in your trackies looking like a cunt and a knife in your pocket thinking you’re some kind of Gangster out of the Godfather? Dealing weed and other drugs thinking you’re all hard, the fact is you aint nothing but shitbags! Take away the knife, guns, drugs and gang to back you up, and you become a soft toe-rag.

That night I didn’t get attacked, but one day they wont give me the option to walk away, the city I live in is one of the worse for violence in the UK, it’ll happen sooner or later. And when it does I’m gonna relish filling their faces with my fist! I wanna feel the satisfaction of feeling and hearing his nose and face break as my fist crushes it! And then know that he’s thinking: “I picked the wrong fucking bloke here!” and then listen to him say: “E r mate, soz…”. NOPE! Then I’ll stick my steel toe cap boot right in your mouth and smash your teeth in skinhead style!

And…. relax! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I just had to get that off my chest! Sod the fixing society nonsense today, I just had to vent!

Love the way this little wanker gets his arse handed to him.


6 Responses to “Don’t You Just Want To Kill All Scallies and Chavs? (Venting)”

  1. Pete Judge said

    You know how I feel about this stuff and watching the video did put a lovely big smirk on my face. I have seen it myself a few times. Cocky little twats giving it out but crying like a baby when they get a good one back. Sometimes there is a little bit of justice in the world and this was great, especially everyone watching and laughing at him……..

    Sad though. That our society accepts this as normal behaviour and even the courts can’t be bothered any more, just looking at people like that whilst they lead their pointless lives makes me feel sick.

    Be careful out there mate.

    • I know how you feel, which is why I included some ‘lite’ relief with the video! 😉 I just don’t know why it took Him so long to react, I would’ve dropped him as soon as he stuck his Scally mug in my face. But still, fucking great to see him get smacked and crawl away like the scum bag he is.

      I know, they see it as a the norm, it’s like that here, and I assume in your area too. It truely is sad. It’s why I try to speak out against it, I’ve been telling family and friends not to accept the way things are, including the Political world. Not sure it sinks in! 😛

      You take care too, you’re out there more than I am! Have a good week! 🙂

  2. prenin said

    Having been had loads of verbal abuse from gutless wankers who got to a safe distance before opening their mouths, being threatened with a knife – I told him to put it away or I’d make him eat it – as well as being held at gunpoint – I called him a tosser and ignored him – I guess I’ve seen more than my share.

    The worst part is that if you DO anything they scream ‘child abuse’ and the Police make your life hell, as happened when a friend was robbed by one of his son’s mates and was prosecuted for using threatening language to the thief!!!

    The world has turned upside down…

    God Bless!


    • The scrote bags were about 19 and maybe older, I can’t fully remember because I was drunk at the time. This type of behaviour isn’t confined to under sixteens, there’s all ages inbetween and even 50 year-olds acting the same way.

      These people, and the older so called ‘Gangsters’ are nothing but people that have got stuck at that teenage/High-school level of mentality in adulthood. They’re so sad and childish, to me it seems like they have waifer thin self-esteem and zero confidence that they’ll do anything to gain respect and do anything to also maintain it.

      The people that day were wannabes, I think alot of them are wannabes, just small time durg dealers walking around like they’re John Gotti or some other similar Mafia Don.


      And yes, you dare say anything to the little darlings and you’re in the wrong and can get caution off the Police for it. Another thing, you dare to tackle them and you are down for child abuse. Tackle the older ones and you can be done for that as well as getting your head kicked in by a gang of them at a later date.

      I know my potential retalition is just as a bad as them, but if we don’t retaliate then what do we do? Just stand there? Take the beating because a beating is better than retaliating as you run the risk you’ll get done for it? Just stand there and let the community sink in to a state because the Police are too weak to do anything and don’t care anyway?

      The world has indeed turned upside down.

      Have a good evening Prenin! 🙂

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