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UK Government Moves To Restrict Internet Freedom

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 21, 2010

                                                                                  Mr. Ed Prays for The Children

It was inevitable, with a Tory-led Government and an inconvenient site like Wikileaks, the UK coalition Government was bound to dress up censorship of the net as a moral crusade on internet filth. The Communications minster Ed Vaizey is the man leading this charge under the big society banner, with MP for Devizes Claire Perry shouting and pleading… “Dear God! Wont someone please think of the children!

As well as the Tory Party being the Party of Conservatism and Libertarianism, it’s also the Party of Prudes! Well, some are prudes, others just use this prudish feeling in their community and Parliament as a chance to control and limit what we see, read and hear. It’s funny really, because Libertarianism advocates people taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions in life, yet the Tory Party likes to take those choices away from us? Hypocritical maybe? Of course it is, wouldn’t expect anything else from Government.

I digress. Mr. Vaizey is proposing this block list, similar to The One in Australia, on the grounds that children and teenagers can easily find porn on the Internet. He’s going to meet with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) soon to discuss them doing something about it. He said:

This is a very serious matter. I think it is very important that it’s the ISPs that come up with solutions to protect children.

“I’m hoping they will get their acts together so we don’t have to legislate, but we are keeping an eye on the situation and we will have a new communications bill in the next couple of years.

There’s two things I want to say on that:

(1) ISPs should not be coming up with solutions for this problem, because it’s not their problem, the responsibility lies with the parents who should be computer savvy enough to use parental control to put a block list of sites on their own PC. Buying a programme for that precise problem isn’t hard and is easy to use. If you don’t know how to do that then you have no business owning a PC or even being on the Net.

(2) He doesn’t want to legislate because he knows it’ll cause a stink in Parliament with the Labour Party using it fully to their advantage to drive another wedge between the Lib-Dems and the Tories. That’s assuming the Labour Party don’t already have their teeth deep in to bigger chunk of proposed legislation or the fall out from the cuts. 

In the Australian system, and in the UK one, there will be an “opt out filter” option, where you can decline to be subject to the block list. This is how it starts, a moral crusade that will eventually end in blanket blocking of internet sites by ISPs on the whim of the Government – just as it did in Australia. As stated earlier Australia tried this very system and it doesn’t work. Not only does it not work, sites like Wikileaks and other inconvenient sites get blocked too. Eventually the opt out filter wont be an option, it’ll be forced on us, for the greater good, to stop terrorism, Child pornography and to protect young minds. Read this article on access blocking to understand better: Link

I’m not just writing this piece in defence of Wikileaks, I’m doing it for the whole Internet. I believe it’s our choice to chose if we want to watch, read or hear certain things on the Net. Why should government and a moral minority be the ones to decide what we can and can’t watch, read and hear? Like nearly everything else the Government does, it’s all about control, and the Internet is a medium they haven’t got full control of yet.

So like in the real world, to gain control of it they will make you see a threat when there isn’t one to trick you in to supporting the regulation of the net. They will say it’s needed to protect our children from smut, to defeat Child porn, Terrorism, illegal downloading and more. Once you’re sufficiently scared, or convinced enough it’s needed, they’ll move in, limit the net and fill it with rules, filters and commence commercialisation. Then it’s just another medium that’s controlled and will be used against us, just like TV and Radio is today. It’ll be all about the money, and not about the freedoms, the sharing of ideas and creativity.

You know what’s stupid though? The supposed regulation brought in to stop the filth, Child porn Sites and Terrorism will not stop it! Their idea of ‘filth’ will still be on page 3 of the Sun every morning, the Child Porn will still be around, it’ll just be under ground again, if they get it off the net at all, as well as in our streets with prepubescent children wearing women’s clothes and shoes. And Terrorism will most certainly be about, as will piracy of music, videos and now software, as it was around before the advent of the Internet.

Fire walls like the one being proposed by Vaizey and have been tried in Australia have ultimately failed because of the Opt out filter, but how long before we’re not given option to do that? “Oh well, who cares if our freedoms are limited some more, at least we’ve done away with all that smut and danger on the Internet. A price worth paying!” I’m sure that will be the standard reply from people like Mr. Vaizey, Mrs. Perry and moral middle England. But no… they’ll just replace it with their own kind of smut, the kind they find acceptable and make money from, while secretly subduing another medium and avenue of freedom.

I hope it fails. Badly.

                                                                            Mrs. Perry Thinks of The Children


8 Responses to “UK Government Moves To Restrict Internet Freedom”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    I went to Pat’s by invitation and it seems I am now flavour of the YEAR!!!

    Eleven years ago I was the worst monster on the planet and today all my orifices are solar powered!

    Go figure huh?

    Right now I have a bottle of JD, liqueuers, socks, pants, more clothes to come and £70 in cash which fills the small hole in my finances!

    I’ve also been told if I EVER have problems I’m to contact Neil and his ‘friends’ will sort it out for me.


    The cards from the girls call me their best friend EVER and declare their undying love for me which feels kind of strange, but a lot better than them hating my guts! 🙂

    Have a Very Merry Christmas my friend and God Bless!


  3. prenin said

    What scares me is we have people supposedly leading us who don’t understand a subject and spout out their nonsense without actually looking at the problem!

    The Internet is designed to defeat suppression of information, treating blocks as damaged links and providing alternative routes to the information.

    The Internet Watch Foundation was supposed to block child pornography and it only takes a month or two to supply a block list to ISP’s that are taking part, but even so with limited success – some ISP’s don’t take part, so all these sites are available to them and this does not affect the alternate routes like message boards and Bit Torrent sites!!!

    What sickens me is that it takes months to take down a kiddie porn site, yet only two hours to take down a Bank Phishing site and that’s according to the the news sites!!!

    In The Event that they ARE blocked, they simply move countries, re-establish their site and away they go again.

    This is not a problem that can be solved by blocking sites, they have to put together joined-up legal systems that work worldwide and allow countries to prosecute the suppliers of this stuff and take down the people responsible.

    Otherwise it is just going to be a case of plastering over the cracks with more and more draconian laws which will strangle freedom on the Web without solving the problem…

    God Bless!


    • That’s right, they haven’t got much of a clue about the subject! It’s just a knee jerk reaction by Mrs. Perry and people like her, and then MPs like Mr. Vaizey come in to take advanatge of it, that’s assuming they wasn’t working together on this subject prior.

      You’re 100% right about the Child Porn sites, from what I’ve read they just block them and leave them. This just gives the people that run those sites a wanring they’ve been found, after that they move on! And yeh, takes months to close a Child Porn site but a few hours to close a Phishing scam? I don’t think that’s anything to do with money, is it?

      They can easily get rid of those sites, I have no problems with ISPs finding them and having done with them ASAP. I’d say the same for anything that involves Animals too. Failing that they could go to the site makers direct and arrest them, not that hard is it? And as Most Child porn sites are in Western Europe and North America anyway, the authorites wont have any trouble finding them and locking them up.

      They prefer plastering over the cracks, so they can completely wreck the wall later on, and build it how they want to!

      Thanks for your thoughts Prenin! Have a great evening, man! 🙂

  4. Pete Judge said

    You’re spot on with this mate. But then we don’t live in a civilised society any more and parents – well in most cases the parent – use the computer as others before them used the TV as a baby sitter and child silencer, but obviously without any regulation. I don’t believe there is a huge problem only the government want us to think there is. Sure, porn, terrorism, films, TV, music, all widely available and widely illegal but if controlled, not a problem. When my step son was about 13 and he first started using my PC it took me about ten minutes to set up his user account and put some protection against him looking at what he shouldn’t. I even checked every week to see the sort of sites he was going on. Not hard, not rocket science, just being a responsible parent.

    The problem the government will always have with the ISP’s is that it is all about traffic that generate the revenue streams from websites. So because many porn, music and film sites are so popular, the can place a lot of advertising on them. It’s a similar story why the ISP’s only make a half assed attempted to stop people downloading films and sites like The Pirate Bay manage to survive even after being closed down time after time…..there is simply too much money in it and I also once read a large ISP – I think it could have been AOL – said why close the accounts of habitual downloaders when they pay us money to use our service?

    Like you said, we are liberal enough to welcome and embrace all these different cultures invading our shores and make there lives comfortable. We show leniency to criminals trying to find the cause and not punish and we are sympathetic to the needs of single mums, long term unemployed and give disability to just about anyone who asks for it…..why can’t we allow people to exercise a little discretion and parental control. Even if they don’t, when the little darlings commit murder, rape and acts of terrorism, the internet would make an excellent mitigating circumstance.

    Have a good week and if we don’t speak before the end of the week – all the very best for you and your family

    • It’s pure and simple, it’s down to the parents to handle this! The Government nor the ISPs should be regulating as deeply as they are trying and proposing to. To me, it’s obviously a ploy by the Government to regulate and control the net and squeeze every last penny out of it they can. What worries me is if they get friendly with the ISPs and convince them there’s more money in the limiting of bandwidth and having large sites/companies pay the ISPs large sums of money to give their site preference over others.

      I’ve read alot of articles on illegal downloading, and it seems it generates more income than in the usual way. If a person DL’s one ALbum of the Jam, based on one he’s heard, he’s more likely to buy others legitimately. I know sounds bogus, right? If my friend Sam drops by later he’ll post some links here for you to read, as I don’t ave them. So Sam, POST links if ya read this. If he doesn’t Pete I’ll find you some. Makes for interesting reading and shows how the large Music and film companies are misleading people.

      You’re right, if they will allow a woman to waive her rights in a biased Sharia court and let a men off for murder with 10 years, then they can let people decide for themselves if they want to watch, read, hear or Download what they see fit!

      Ok mate, cheers! 🙂 You have a, um… Drunken GranfTheft auto playin’ Day if we don’t speak! haha Much love to you and yours Mate! 🙂

      • Pete Judge said

        Hey, You know how I feel about illegal downloading. It is not nearly as damaging as the film and music companies claim it is…..how come new releases that have had poor reviews always end up on The Pirate Bay??? Like you said, word of mouth will introduce people to new music which the record companies benefit from and I have heard a track or two from a band I am interested in and bought the album.
        I also firmly believe if a record company or even a film company made all releases available for say £3, people would be happy to pay that so introducing a new revenue stream……honestly, they think everyone is a crook.

        Whatever the reasons for the governments renewed interest in the internet, there will an agenda….there always is
        All the best…don’t have a PS3 any more so no GTA for me, but definitely plenty drinking!!

        • Oh yeh! Sorry about that, I forgot we had a chat about this when you did a blog on it early this year, or was it last year? Either way I think we’re on the same level regarding illegal downloading.

          I agree, they could easily set up a new site where they can DL films and Music for less! It’s not that hard. I’m assuming they don’t want to do that because they want to make excessive profits. I all I can say to that is if they keep it up then more people will resort to illegal DL-ing!

          Now PS3? Has Mrs. Judge taken it away as punishment for something you’ve done? lol 😉 Wahtever you do, have a good time! 🙂

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