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2011 New Year To Do List/PostAWeek 2011

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 31, 2010

It’ll be a New Year soon, 2011, funny typing that let alone saying it. I’m not sure I ever thought this far ahead in my life with any detail. Does anyone? When you’re young you don’t tend to think that far ahead. I did think ahead, but not this far. In the last five years though I just assumed I’d go on being ill and trapped in the damn house all the time. It has to change!

So! My New Year To Do List 2011:

Must Do:

(1) Try to get better! I mean ulcerative Colitis wise, I see my Professor in Jan and I will be asking for steroids for it. I can’t handle another 12 months of on and off UC, I’d rather run the risk of the side effects!

(2) Keep up with my University course after it starts in May 2011. I’m a little worried about this one, I’m worried that even if the UC’s gone that illness and habit will get in the way and stop me from completing the work.

(3) Try to learn Guitar again. I think I’ll do OK in the first 5 months, then become intermittent because of study. That’s right, I like to focus all my energy on one thing. Just need to tune it first! Can anyone help me?

(4) Try and go out a little bit more. This will be a hard one.  Then again, where am I going to go? I hate the city I live in!

(5) Lose weight. This will be another hard one, but maybe easier if the UC’s kept at bay.

(6) Post a blog at least once a week. I’m joining a new WordPress scheme called PostADay/PostAWeek. The idea is to post a blog once a week or once a day for the next twelve months and give inspiration to others. Personally I’m going for once a week. You’re supposed to join before the 1/1/2011. However, you could join afterwards and carry on anyway, it’ll probably help you blog more.


(1) Piss and shit on Margret Thatcher while she’s alive because doing it on her grave when she’s dead isn’t good enough.

(2) Cleanse the world of all Hip-Hop and Rap, because it’s shit! Oh and cleanse the world of any other Music I deem crap.

(3) Seize power in the UK via a bloodless coup and force David Cameron to be my foot stool.

(4) Turn Simon Cowell in to a Pig using the Machine from The Fly movies and then eat Him!

(5) Declare War on Ricky Gervais for being such a painfully unfunny cunt!

(6) Burn down Fox News HQ for being the most biased Media org on the planet!

(7) Tell the Grim Reaper where Rupert Murdoch is hiding.

I just run out of steam on this because I trud in Dog or Cat shit bringing the shopping in! Oh wait, one last one…

(8) Kick all Dogs and Cats coming near my lawn and drive up the arse!

Good bye 2010!



14 Responses to “2011 New Year To Do List/PostAWeek 2011”

  1. Pete Judge said

    Poor cats, what did they ever do to hurt you??
    Good start to the year…get to the bottom of your UC and look after your health a little too – going out more and losing weight – the two can go hand in hand.

    Good luck with all of it and sincerely, I really hope this one turns out to be a good one.

    • I love Cats! Just wish they wouldn’t shit at my front door and in my garden where I put my hands in it or stand in it! I felt mean afterwards saying that, but they’re such a damn pain!

      I see the UC Prof nexy week, I’m demanding steroids whether he thinks I need them or not, he aint the one living with a illness with a life of it’s own. I think a lowered immune system is worth trying for three months, though catching a cold could floor me and the flu could kill me! What a choice to make, eh?

      I’m worried about going out, there’s also the little fact there’s not many places to go here, unless you have a car or use the local Busess, and I aint fond of using them! Even if the UC’s controled ‘ll be limited in where I can go. It’s a fucking pain.

      There’s also the other three problems I have to deal with too!

      Thank you for your thoughts and support Pete! I hope the same for you, seriously! Take care mate and Happy New Year! 🙂

      – Phil

  2. […] seeing my friend Phil’s latest wordpress blog entry 2011 New Year To Do List, it was inevitable that I had to create my own to do list for the new year […]

  3. Love your list, Phil. Too funny. lol

  4. Takeo said

    Hi Phil! Happy New Year!!!!! Its alredy 2011 AM 3:00 in Japan. Hope you are fine!
    Im gonna put your blog on my blog’s link, ( I alredy link Anne’s Tumbler)
    I found funny pic. Its not christmas anymore. but funny!
    Sorry I tend to delay for reply as usually!
    Keep warm Phil!

    Love Ya!


    Now and Then! LOL

    • Hiya Takeo! 🙂

      Happy New Year to you! It isn’t New Year yet here, I don’t think I’ll see it in either because I’m tired. Thanks for putting my site on your page! Some how I don’t think you’re followers will like my work! haha I will put you on my list when I make one. Going to make a picture link list! Send me a pic to represent you! :).

      I know you sent three pictures because I see the links in edit mode. To post pictures you have copy the “HTML” link and just paste them in to your message. I think you may posted the wrong ones.

      Going to check out your site and Anne’s too! Keep warm too and get to bed! Tis late over there! 🙂

      • Takeo said

        I changed your blogs Name. I like this blogs name. But I think you prefer “Phil”
        It is almost 2011, 1st morning. So I got to go now;)
        I try to put pics the way you tell me tomorrow. (Maybe) LOL!
        I dont know if you can post pics on my blog? but thank you so much for the comment! seems like old days hahaha.

        Anyway, Happy new year again Phil!
        see you soon. Keep warm!

        • Hey Takeo! 😀

          I’d rather keep my full name a secret, as I said, lots of people out there who will be upset by what I write.

          Pics on your blog? I’ll give it a try in a few minutes, I’m not sure I’ll be able to though. Those old days aint gone yet, Takeo! 🙂

          Keep in touch, Takeo! Talk soon! 🙂

  5. prenin said

    Oh bugger forgot the link!!!

    (Daft sod that I am! LoL!!!)

  6. prenin said

    Happy New Year dude!!! 🙂

    Yeah life is crap, but we gotta keep going!!!

    Here’s hoping the UC finally gets better and you get to live a bit better!!!

    God Bless!


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