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UC Diary: Does Alcohol Effect My Ulcerative Colitis?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 3, 2011

In the interest of seeing whether my UC is effected by Alcohol, I decided to drink some of the alcohol my Mam and Sisters brought back from a family get together. This test wasn’t planned untill the family come home with what they did. OK, I had a drink for the sake of it too! And that drink just reaffirmed what I already knew about my dislike for it. I know, stupid thing to test something on yourself you don’t necessarily drink anyway.

I’d like to stress I am not a fan of or a big drinker by any stretch of the imagination, I never have been. I only feel “Merry” for about an hour or so, then after that I just feel ill, which isn’t no fun. I felt this way before I developed UC, but seems worser with UC. I’ve only ever been drunk a handful of times in my life, nearly every one of those times was before I developed Ulcerative Colitis. Last time I had a drink was Dec 31st 2008, and it seemed there was some effect on the UC as I bled that night and the following morning, where I hadn’t done for the last three or four days. So I put the bleeding down to Alcohol.

Thing is, did that really do it? As I’ve said in my UC Blogs before it’s hard to tell what has an adverse effect on me and what doesn’t, especially when the UC is currently active.

Dec 27th 2010: 10:30pm – I started drinking. Just supping Red Wine from a bottle, not that nice really, but the bad taste went after a while. Carried on drinking and finished the Red Wine ’till about 1am. Was somewhat drunk at this point. Besides feeling the general effects of being hot and losing balance a little, no effect on UC.

Dec 28th 2010: 1:30am – I started drinking Ouzo. Bad idea! Between 1:30am and 3:30am (estimated) when I stopped drinking, assorted activities took place! Including: being sick, drunken debating, confirming someone was ‘Owned’, Learned I upset two Iranians, Upset a U.S. Republican (man who was ‘owned’), spoke to people on Facebook Chat (Very rare I do that!), listened to Music and replied to general comments.

Dec 28th 2010: 3:30am –  I stopped drinking Ouzo, I never finished the half bottle. I felt ill, wasn’t a nice drunk feeling anymore, just a horrible loss of equilibrium, profuse sweating and feeling tired. No Signs of UC trouble.

Dec 28th 2010: 5:00am – Was sick again and felt horrible. So note to self: “Don’t drink because it fucks you up! There’s another reason besides the UC you don’t drink!”

Dec 28th 2010: 6:00am – Sobering up, had been since about 4am. I stayed up untill fully sober and went to bed about 11am.

Dec 28th 2010: 1:30pm – I had to get up because I couldn’t get comfortable and just couldn’t sleep. Felt like this before last week for a few days, I put it down to my depressed mood and UC. After I went to toilet on Christmas morning I felt better again and could sleep OK, even though I was agitated. So I’m not sure the Alcohol is causing this.

Dec 28th 2010: 3:00pm – Still awake, and really tired! But still can’t sleep. I probably will stay awake untill bed time now, around 10 or 11pm. So far no UC problems, but I think I will see if it had any effect on me when do visit the toilet. So far though, it hasn’t shown any signs of being more active. I can still feel the after effects of the Alcohol, it’s what I don’t like it about it, I can feel it for 24hrs or more.

Dec 28th 2010: 7:20pm – Went to the toilet, not much trouble, same as it usually is.

Dec 28th 2010: 7:35pm – Went to the toilet again just when I started eating tea, I was on the toilet for two hours and lost more blood than I would usually do. There was also a lot of dark red clots (clotted) blood too! I lost count of how many times I went, but it was no more than eight. I had to go back in to the shower three times to clean up and ease the pain. After I had pain and tenderness so I stayed up a little longer waiting to go to bed.

Dec 28th 2010: 11:10pm – Went to bed, had a sore abdomen, was a little uncomfortable and only slept untill 4:50am.

Dec 29th 2010: 4:50am – Woke up, but lay in bed for a while, tried to get back to sleep, but I just couldn’t.Aabdomen was still sore. Got up around 5:55am.

Dec 29th 2010: 6am to 10am – Stayed awake while feeling really tired. Didn’t feel much discomfort, just tiredness.

Dec 29th 2010: 10am to 1:30pm – Went back to bed, slept and woke up still feeling tired.

Dec 29th 2010: 1:30pm to 6:30pm –  Got up, no sore abdomen but gurgling insides. Went to the toilet at 6:15pm, no blood. But wasn’t, what I call ‘A full evacuation’. May have more later after a meal. It usually happens like that, I have a meal and I need the toilet. You’d think what I was eating there and then caused it, but it doesn’t. What I think happens is a full stomach put’s pressure on the large colon (which is directly below the stomach, see picture below) and it clears, and when it gets going, it’s like a leaky tap!

Dec 29th 2010: 10:30pm – Went to go to bed around 10:30pm and went to the toilet before hand. It was OK really, not that much blood and no pain.

Dec 30th 2010: 1am to 3am – Woke up a few times, couldn’t get comfortable, but slept OK, even though I was awake for over an hour at one point and finally awoke and got up around 7am. Abdomen was a little sore, but not as bad as yesterday.

Dec 30th 2010: 7am – 9:30am – Currently awake and feel tired already, want to go back to bed. UC’s quiet with no problems, yet.

Dec 30th 2010: 12:30am to 5pm – I had to go to bed I was tired. I woke up with some tenderness in my abdomen again and I’m still feeling it now. Still tired.

Dec 30th 2010: 5pm to 11pm – During this time I went to the toilet twice. Wasn’t too bad. Went to bed at 11pm and woke at 5am on the 31st of Dec 2010. Had a little abdominal pain.

Well, it’s been three days and I have to say it does look like Alcohol effected the Ulcerative Colitis. Even though it was only for a day and a half, I don’t think it’s worth it. I think prolonged use of Alcohol every week would be a bad idea and would affect the UC more.

This little test did however remind me how I’m not a fan of alcohol, unlike many other people, I don’t enjoy the feeling of being drunk for long, 24 hours of a sick drunken feeling followed by a day and half of UC uncomfortableness is not worth the one hour happy drunk time I get.

Besides the above, another thing about drinking I don’t like is the loss of control. I like to be aware of what’s going on around me, I like to be in control and conscious. Being in the house is one thing when you’re drunk but the idea of being outside and drunk scares me. Being out of control and unable to defend myself, well… shouldn’t that worry everyone?

Anyway, Alcohol… bad idea… mmmmkaaay?


9 Responses to “UC Diary: Does Alcohol Effect My Ulcerative Colitis?”

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  2. hrhdaf said

    So in the interests of scientific research you got drunk on Ouzo??? Thats eeeeeevil stuff! Crazy madness to start with that, might as well see if rubbing meths on a cut hurts! I suppose at least its a good thing you dont like being drunk, cos then you wont really feel like your missing out.

    From the way I understand it from what you said and stuff I read about it, nothing you eat actually causes it but once you have it things make it play up? I would have thought basically its like having things rub along a cut but on the inside, and the more acidic and stuff the more it would hurt. So arent you better with more ph balanced foods like potatoes and pasta? Just wondering…..

    More huggles Daf xxx

    • I know, I know! It was a VERY BAD thing to start with! I did have red wine too, I think that may have done me no good either with it being mixed with the Ouzo. And yeh, Ouzo is EVIL! It’s pure evil! If Muslim extremests should be blowing anything up it should be the Ouzo factories in Greece!

      You know what’s even more evil to me? The Humble Tomato! Yesterday I had some tomato based sauce with my pasta and lamb mince! Bad idea! I woke up at 3am this morning and had to go to the toilet twice. Woke at 8:30am today and feel worse. Been to the toilet again twice more and still feel fucked, sore, bloated and have a stronger than usual sicky UC feeling in my head and body! I didn’t think it would harm me much, I was wrong! The UCs had a worse reaction to Tomatos than it did with Ouzo!

      Yeh, that’s right, they say no foods cause UC to develop, but some do make it worse once you have it. Having said that, UC is common in the Western world, and they say because of diet! They also say it could be to do with the immune system, which over reacts and attacks the colon wall. Living in the west I could assume it’s our medications and cleaning fluids. But if that is the case then why don’t you have it? And everyone else? I know, I’m confused too. So let’s just say they haven’t got a clue!

      The drunk feeling I get for an hour or so is good! I don’t mind it, it’s after that hour’s up that I feel bad. It’s happened with every drink I’ve drank, more so since I got UC. Wasn’t that bad before. But I still do feel I miss out on stuff because I don’t drink like everyone else. Then again I wouldn’t remember most of them if I did! LOL

      I’m eating everything but Veg, Fruit, Peanuts and Beef. It is a little better, but the UC is still there. I think Acidic foods do set it off, but if that’s the case what’s wrong with veg? Anyway, I’m gonna see the Prof this month and get some steroids for it. They’ll reduce the immune system’s responce and give me a break from the UC completely for a few months. But will leave me open to getting ill from other diseases.

      Thanks for dropping by Mate and for your thoughts :). Huggles and hugskis back at cha. Talk soon! 🙂 xx

  3. prenin said

    Happy New Year to you too my friend! 🙂

    Yes, Church gives me a good social base and they are wonderful people, but after that incident with the paranoid schizophrenic lady I have to admit I’m a bit hesitant!!!

    Still: If I don’t go it won’t get better!!!

    God Bless my friend!!!


  4. prenin said

    An interesting experiment!!!

    The red wine is something I don’t drink because it becomes acidic and gives me indigestion.

    Ouzo is a foul drink – like Retsina – and gives everyone a sick feeling and terrible hangover!!!

    I used to be a hard drinker and now have a tolerance for alcohol so I’d need half a bottle of JD to feel tipsy, but I well remember the times I got sick when I drank too much!!!

    On the whole I think I agree with your summation that alcohol is bad for UC.

    Hopefully your research will lead to a degree of control, but please be cautious – I don’t want you spending time in Hospital!!!

    God Bless my friend and don’t forget to tell your doctor of your results!!!

    All the best!


    • I wont be drinking Ouzo again, the red wine on the other hand, well… that particular one I wont go near again any time soon!

      I think you’re like Pete, you can take your booze better than me because you’re used to it. If I drank more I could probably adjust to it, though I don’t think it’s worth it.

      That’s all it is really, a ‘summation’, I can’t really say for sure it has a bad effect. As I said to Pete, for all I know I could’ve been the strees of being sick and feeling ill that caused it. I’ll mention the results to the Doc anyway. 🙂

      And don’t worry, I wont end up in Hospital by drinking, I’m more likely to end up in there after I’ve been on the steroids for a month or so. 😛

      All the best to you too man! 🙂

  5. Pete Judge said

    Lightweight…..pah! I may have been escorted to bed but the difference between noon and 9pm is p hours and that’s a lot of drinking time….especially the way I drink! Nothing to be proud of though – although I did manage 13 hour session on New Years day and managed to get myself into bed unaided – but after a troublesome year, I think I deserved a little bit of me time, not to mention a few drinks.
    I read about your experiment with interest. I felt from the off it wasn’t going to end well but you being a man of questions, you needed to know for yourself although I have to say, your choices of drink did leave me a little puzzled I mean, surely there was something with a lower alcohol content you could have used like beer. I know a bit gassy and full of yeast but still, wine and ouzo? Even I would feel ill after that combination.
    One thing I have learned about my weight loss is all things in consideration – says the drinking marathon man – and also I firmly believe that what you eat prior and during drinking does have a bearing too. On Xmas I ate little – put off by cooking for about 12 hours prior – just nibbled a little and paid the price. ON new years day, I started off with a couple of big loaded burgers, home made of course, munched on savouries during the day, warmed up a chinese I had prepared earlier for tea and carried on the nibbling throughout. A bit of stodge provides a good lining and I think can counter the effects. I don’t know why I even bothered telling you that, from your blog sounds like you would never entertain the feeling of being drunk again.
    As for the loss of control I admit I feel the same and it is one of the reasons I stopped going out because I found myself doing silly little things, nothing terrible, but nonetheless felt a bit embarrassed about after, even though i was probably the only person who really gave it a thought. I will let go at home because I am in the confines of my own four walls and it limits what I can do but most of the time I do have a little internal trigger that tells me that I have had enough.
    Right, I am off to read your new years reolutions
    Take care

    • Yes, Pete, you’re more Hardcore than I am! hahaha. You’re used to drinking, so I think you can handle the effects better than I can. But yeh, I reckon you deserve a good time too, especially after the not so good year you had.

      I know, the booze I chose is not something I’d usualy drink anyway. Ouzo is vile and that Red wine was garbage. Since I was about 18 I’ve been trying some different drinks, to see which suits me. I’ve tried Larger, Cider, Rum, Vodka and now red wine and Ouzo, and I have to say I found them all not that good. I had the easiest time with Cider followed by Vodka with Cranberry juice. I’d like something that gives me the effects of Alcohol but not that vile taste that goes with it. Could you recommened anything else? I tried pints, not so good for me, as you say, full of gass and drinking lots of fluid makes me extra bloated.

      I’m aware of the secret of eating something fatty before drinking. When I drank the Vodka in 2008 I had a meal and a pint of Milk before I even started and carried on eating pork pies and crisps through the evening. Woke up the next day feeling OK, besides the UC effects of course. I did have a meal before I started drinking and a pint of Milk, though I think the mixing of Wine and Ouzo made me feel like shit.

      The main problems for me being drunk is that the nice drunk feeling only lasts about an hour and the risidual effects is has on the UC! The effect I had wasn’t so bad compaired to what I get when I eat Peanuts, maybe it would be worth it once a month or only three times a year when it’s the time. I’ve only ever drank twice since I got the UC, and, like other foods, I’m still not 100% sure alcohol makes stuff worse. For all I know the strees of feeling ill and being sick could’ve made the UC worse. It’s so bloddy difficult!

      I wasn’t thinking of embarrassing incidents when you’re drunk, that’s sort of part of the package! haha I meant being open to attack and not in full control to defend yourself or your friends if idiots happen to challenge you. I have that trigger too, I stop drinking when I feel sufficently drunk, or ill! haha

      Thanks for your thoughts, Mate! 🙂

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