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The Libyan X-Factor

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 5, 2011

Video I made yesterday. If the video isn’t active on WordPress then click here to go to the video on Youtube.



4 Responses to “The Libyan X-Factor”

  1. hrhdaf said

    Heeeeeeeey Phil! Oh I came in the other night and watched this after having a bit of a snifter of vino, doubley funny then!!

    Just hopping about doing some catching up, so Ill see what else you had to say recently!

    Did I say happy new year? Dont remember, so if not Happy New year Huggles!! Daf xxx

    • Hiyaaaaaaa Daffy mah mate! :O)

      I can’t stand the show at all! It’s so painfull to watch them embarrass themselves the way they do. Then the ones who are not as an untalented as the other untalenteds get a record deal and sell crap music. They then dissaper after a year. I think the whole show is sad and what it does to the legit music industry is wrong.

      I could’ve done a lot more writing here but I fear it would be too much for people, especially Pete who get’s as wound up as me regarding the Political and social situation. You’d also have a lot to catch up on reading wise! haha

      Yes, you said Happy New Year to me several times before New Year, so it’s all good mate. I’ll say back at cha Happy New Year to Daf, her drake and her duckings! 🙂 Hugs mate” xx

  2. prenin said

    Ooh that’s sooooo baaaaad!!! PMSL!!!

    Thing is she would have done better with a backing track – she really DID have some talent!!!

    God Bless – and watch out for Gdaffi Duck – he has spies EVERYWHERE!!! ROFL!!!

    • Oh yeh! She obviously had bags of talent, dem judges jus be ignant! LOL! I think she was incredibly delusional and not that good at all. I don’t know who was telling her she was good, but they must’ve been taking the piss. Wait, it wasn’t you was it, Ian? LOL!

      Gadaffi Duck? haha Must have to do a photoshop of that! lol

      Have a good day, Man!

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