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MP’s Force IPSA To Back Down Over New Expenses System

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 6, 2011

I’ve always thought of Politicians as undisciplined, awkward, difficult toddlers as far as Political reform goes. And they proved my thoughts right again yesterday.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) proposed a new system that allowed the public a say in what MP’s can and can’t claim for. I was for this idea, but with some basic expenses covered and guaranteed to a certain degree, with other debatables and extras up for public say.

Of course, our Politicians didn’t like the idea of the public having a say in their lives, even if the public do pay their wages. IPSA was set up last year by Parliament in the wake of the Expenses scandal to be an Independent Watchdog and have power to make new rules for MP’s and what they can claim. And now IPSA is doing its job, many MP’s have protested over the new system at nearly every turn and now the Prime Minister has become involved and made IPSA back down on the second home issue, and    threatened to abolish the group if it didn’t do so.

The latest tantrum caused over Second homes, has some MPs with Children who have constituencies on the outskirts of London, complaining that they need money to rent better accommodation in London for themselves and for their children. They say the rule banning them for claiming an allowance for a home to house themselves and children under five is “Anti Family“. They also say the rule doesn’t take in to account they sometimes work late in Parliament.

I think that’s rubbish. I don’t think it’s about children not seeing their parents and everything to do with MP’s wanting a nice place to sleep instead of commuting home like normal people. Or, having to shell out for a hotel, like normal people. Couple that with the proposed idea from IPSA and you can see why MP’s are revolting, um… more than usual.

I think it’s safe to say the MP’s and the Prime Minister think they’re at a point where they think it’s OK to start reverting the expenses system back in to their favour. The IPSA was supposed to be independent and beyond the reach of Government (in theory), and now we have MP’s and a Government threatening to abolish if they don’t do as MP’s say, sorry, I mean: “Listen to the concerns of MP’s“.

I knew it would happen eventually, it was just a matter of time. This little episode is just the start of MPs exerting their power over the IPSA and thus over the expenses system. You may not think so, but what David Cameron said about abolishing the IPSA and them then backing down has ruined and made a mockery of its Independence. Before you know it the IPSA will just be a puppet of Parliament.

Then again, maybe it always was a puppet of Parliament. Take a look at who’s in charge of it. That’s right, all ex or current MPs, some who have been done for expenses fiddling themselves.

So, write it down, 6/1/2011, the date it was business as usual for the people in the House of Common Criminals.

However! All is not lost, you can write to your MP about the interference by the House Of Commons and Government in the affairs of the IPSA. I implore you to do so! The anger from the expenses scandal may have died down but the people still need to be vigilant and hold their elected representatives to account!

So please, tell everyone you can about what they’ve done today and tell them to write to their MP. Or, alternatively, to E-mail them. Let’s make them work for us, the way it’s supposed to be!


13 Responses to “MP’s Force IPSA To Back Down Over New Expenses System”

  1. prenin said

    Thanks as always for the kind words Phil! 🙂

    It’s true I went through some seriously bad times and they did damage, but the person I am never changed.

    My ex-employer became a publican and robbed the brewery blind so he got fired and these days he works from home fixing taxi meters because nobody will employ him with his record!

    What goes around comes around… (Evil Chuckle!!!) 🙂

    God Bless!


  2. Takeo said

    Dear Phil.
    I feel so insecure? My eyes are ill, I went to the Doctor to check my eyeys. still not good. Dr said “Maybe its OK” What “maybe?” I want to know OK or Not Ok ( so I will have to some other treatments”
    I need second opinion. Cos I need my eyes, Although both eyes is not perfect already.

    AS you know I deleted Kyoko, She is one of my very old friend. I dont care she mostly FB or just beeing busy.
    I have lots of friends those who absent very long time. I wont delete them at all.
    However, I dont like she friend. I really hate the guy. So I cant have Kyoko as my friend.

    Yes, I do care what kind of friends my friends have? But this case is maybe my first and last case, that I deleted my friend due to their friend.

    Anyway, I am bored my blog amd Myboomer of course I can do nothing in Myspace.

    Now I feel kind of this … Its I wrote on my Myspace blog.

    …When I think/feel ” I like this ” or “I agree with it” Why I feel so? Why I like that? Why I agree or disagree with something? Why I interest in something? I dont know where this feelings came from to me? Why I like Sinatra? Why I like somekind of idea? Why I like Rubens? What made me love these? Did I made my ” Taste” or Someone is making me like or agree somethings? Myspace is Heave and Slow. It it a simpl “Fact” But Why I feel Myspace is “UGLY”? Who told me so ? Where is come from any kind of MY “Impressions”? Why I think Myspace Commanders are Stupid? I do believe My space commenders are Stupid. Thats why I deleted one of my very old Japanese friend because of one of her friend is a president of Myspace Japan. I dont like my friend have stupid friends. ( Its also means she is stupid) I just want to know what is making my thoughts and feelings? and tastes? LIKE, HATE, AGREE, DISAGREE, Came from where or Who? What I am Made Of?

    Stay warm my friend. and Im so sorry about Kyoko. But It was un acceptable thing for me Phil.



    Am i already blind? lol

    • I replied on your site, Takeo! 🙂

      • Takeo said

        Thank you Phil. You think I deleted Kyoko because of she has TOM as her friend.No, All of Myspace users have TOM as our friend and even now, Most of person dont delete him. Tom is nothing for us lol. Tom was not a reason that I deleted Kyoko. If I delete all of Tom’s friends, Maybe I will have to delete all of my friends! hahaha.

        I mean her Japanese friend Atsushi. I wanted to ask her that I dont like him but he is your friend, So, could you delete me if you can not delete him? But I couldnt ask it. So I leave from Kyoko.

        And Kyoko always said, that she choose her friends very carefully. so its not same as Tom.
        Kyoko accept his request.

        Then you may want to know why I hate Atsushi so much? Cos he is a president of Myspace Japan.
        And he keep saying that he is a kind of great person like Rupart Mardoc or Masayoshi Son.


        I dont think I was right. But Myspace is already dead.
        Kyoko was very nice for me. I really appreciate her friendship even now.

        If Secure means kind of Self Righteousness. Atsushi is the one if Non insecure person. as I read his page on MS.

        But anyway Phil, Its not big deal for Kyoko with or without me! 😉
        Colette sometimes visit my page and talk to me. I love Colette.

        You mentioned about my kind if disorder. Well, I felt very feel free and natural and it gave me
        kind of good feeling I never had so far.

        Noone could ever do like this.

        Now I lost Myspace. Lost my friends. then I feel low and worthless like before.
        My doctor said “It sounds wonderful” (about Myspace)

        I WAS loved. I WAS talented. I HAD good taste of arts or Beauties…

        Now I am alone naturally. even DOC told me you are loveable with or without it. Myspace not made you loveable.YOU ARE loveable. he said. But not easy to admit it Phil…

        It is very cold today in Tokyo.
        Stay warm!



  3. prenin said

    I’ve just read Pete’s comment – oh how I agree!!!

    Now where’s that notify box…

    God Bless!


  4. prenin said

    This whole thing plays like an episode of ‘Yes Minister’!!!

    I get so sick of the BS coming out of government I am seriously losing faith in the whole system.

    Three MP’s ended up in court for their crimes – maybe next time we’ll get a few more to go the same way, but nothing will frighten those in power because they see themselves as above the law – and when faced with the consequences they fall back on their old habits and destroy anything that threatens them.

    I’ve seen it in the local Councillors behaviour and now we’re seeing it further up the Political tree.

    NOTHING changes…

    God Bless!


    • You’re right, Prenin, it really does! Despite that show and recent history people are still not fully wise to the situation. They know something is up, but they don’t have the capacity or attention span to follow the situation.

      Yeh, only three MPs, and those three are still protesting their innocence! All of the bastards should’ve been dragged there, even the ones who didn’t make excessive claims. After all, those that stayed quiet about what went on put their jobs and wages ahead of the health of our democracy and allowed the situation to carry on.

      Things do change Prenin. Look at Rosa Parks, one woman changed the whole U.S. cultural and Political landscape! Of course the elliments have to be right at the time, it’s just a mater of waiting for the right conditions.

      You should read the piece I wrote to Pete, it applies to you too. Have a good evening, man! 🙂

  5. Pete Judge said

    Seriously mate, I have given up caring. There was an outcry – about something that has been going on and known about for many years and now it has all died down and the good people of this country have plenty of other things to complain about – there will not be nearly as much of a fuss.

    I’ve really had it with MP’s, politics and the government. They have destroyed the fabric of this country and it is becoming a cold, hostile and expensive place to live. Certainly not somewhere that decent, hard working, law abiding, tax paying people can make the lives for themselves they deserve.

    I made a decision over Xmas. I am looking for a new job mainly to try and better the lives of me and my family, try and make things better. I am focussed and committed and one way or the other, I want to bring more money into the home so we can prosper and get something of a quality of life. But I have assured myself if in 12 months I am still in the same situation I am now, I am giving up, fuck work, fuck paying taxes, fuck trying. I think I would make a pretty good scrote!!

    Take care


    • I really don’t blame you for having the attitude you do, Pete! I feel the same on and off all the time, I wonder if it’s worth even bothering writing what I do and trying to wake people up. After all the people are easily distracted like a Dog is with a stick, they’re so thick and such creatures of habit that they can be predicted and led on to do what ever their masters want. It seems silly to expect them to wise up and expect a different outcome, and futlie to even try and change the system.

      If that is the case then what’s left for me? With the system the way it is, even with a degree behind me what chance have I got? I may as well stay on benefits all my life. What’s the point in working when I’ll get taxed to support scrotes, Immigrants, paying off a national debt caused by Bankers and Politicians?

      I have these thoughts all the time Pete, it leads me to feel Nihilistic and useless. It also makes me fucking angry, and what spurns me on. You may see it as wasting my time, but if I don’t do or say anything, what else is there? I need to try and change things, I need to do it. For people like you who keep getting fucked over by the system and the way society is. May seem impossible, but one person can change the world and society, with an idea or an action. It’s happened before, it can happen again.

      Take care and have a good evening! 🙂

      • prenin said

        Couldn’t agree more Phil!

        Pete really puts it where it is, but a crooked system spawns other crooks as I found looking for a job!

        I tried to do everything honest and legal only to be ripped off and exploited by a so-called employer who cheated everyone including the tax man who put him out of business.

        When the firm closed he owed me £28,000 for completed programs he hadn’t paid for.

        He even tried to sell me as a company asset – I was on Income Support at the time because he wouldn’t pay me a wage!!!

        I guess being driven mad was the best thing that ever happened to me…

        God Bless!


        • I’m not really sure why they create a crooked system, is it because they’re completely fucking useless or because they want it to be taken advantage of by employers and job seekers alike? Then again, the system creating the crooked system is crooked so maybe that has something to do with it. Idiots.

          I’m assuming you never got your £28,000? It figure wouldn’t it? Bet he’s off ripping someone else off now, eh?

          As I said before, Ian, you may be medically mentally ill, but you show a damn lot more intelligence and awareness than someone who’s not! I think that’s quite an achievement! You been through all that crap you did and you’re still aware of the world around you! Hats off to you my good man! 🙂

          Take care, Mate! 🙂

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