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UC Diary: Tomatos Are Evil! Or are they?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 8, 2011

Once upon a time there was a Pasta sauce from Tesco. This particular sauce was the same as others in every way, except, it was evil to the core! Just like Rupert Murdoch and June Whitfield!

                                                                                        Evil: June Whitfield

Ok… it wasn’t evil! But it damn well feels like it! On Thursday I had a tomato based pasta sauce, it was the only the thing in to eat at the time, and I didn’t much fancy eating cheese on toast again! Hunger got the better of me!

So, I thought:

 “Well, it wont harm me that much, just a bit of extra blood and cramp the following day, not much to worry about!”

How wrong I was! It made me feel like shit by 3am the following morning with increased cramps, headache, tiredness, toilet visits, increased diarrhea and that all over UC feeling was increased too. Like having a cold with a tummy bug! And I’m still feeling ill now on Saturday! I was just nearly sick, had that horrible sort of gagging feeling at the back of y throat (no jokes please lol). I went to the toilet five times that day, every visit was uncomfortable.

I’ve never had a reaction like this to Tomoatos! Ever!

Of course I’m assuming this is what caused it, the only thing I ate different that day was Coconut, which was sprinkled on marshmallow snow balls. Could coconut or Marshmallow be the cause? Yet more questions I can’t answer because I aint even going to try testing them again untill I’m fully well! Then again I’m not very keen to find out what causes it when I’m better because I don’t want to be ill again!

                                                                                             Evil or not?

While writing this post I’ve had something more substantial to eat, after being afraid to eat normal portions and foods in case I ended up running to the toilet again or vomiting. I feel fine so far, I didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to so things should be fine.

Either way it’s entirely my fault, I shouldn’t eat foods that can make ill, even if I have to keep eating the same stuff. I may update this through the day, depends how I feel and what happens, so check back. Oh that’s if you’re interested in reading about blood, poo and pain! hahaha


4 Responses to “UC Diary: Tomatos Are Evil! Or are they?”

  1. hrhdaf said

    Weeeeeeell tomatoes are the great confuser arent they? Are they a fruit are they a vegetable (and dont answer cos that was actually a rhetorical question). They wander about masquerading as something they arent. I would say its like anything… some are evil and some arent. Oh and what did June Whitfield do to ya???? LMAO!

    I am gonna put that media player on, soon as I have an hour to mess about with it. Thanks for the tips!

    Hope your feeling a bit better today!
    Huggles Daf xxx

    • Hiya Daffers! 🙂

      I’m just trying to put across how evil tomatos are, June Whitfield is the most evil person I know of after Rupert Murdoch! Did you know she is the chief finacial contrubuter to the BNP and National Front? Not only that but she supports the smacking of little babies and cute kittens? Why? Just because! That’s how evil she is! Oh and yeh, Toms acting like somert they aint was her idea too! haha

      If you want any help with that media play then just ask, I don’t think you will though because the Tutorial is clear. :). I am feeling better since I wrote this post, but still not back to the point I was prior to eating the Toms! Never mind, I’m seeing the Prof on Wed! 😀

      Hope all is good in tha world of Daf! hugs mate! 🙂

  2. prenin said

    Sorry you had a bad turn Phil.

    I really wish I could just wave a magic wand and make you better, but there’s bugger all I can do! 😦

    Look after yourself Phil and God Bless.


    • Don’t worry, I feel a little bit better at the moment, but still somewhat muggy and sicky.

      I wish I could wave a wand too, but it aint gonna happen so you have to put up with it. Thanks for your thoughts, Ian! 🙂 Hope the weekend is OK for you so far. By the way, new Primeval on tonight! 😀

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