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Safe And Sound

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 12, 2011

Today, as I waited for a taxi, outside my own house on my own drive, I felt very open to attack and vulnerable. Now, if you don’t know I suffer with Obsessive Compulsive thinking/mindset and Anxiety problems anyway, so  I am not that social and am somewhat paranoid. However, this doesn’t mean my sense of fear is misplaced while out doors.

Given that where I live is one of the worse places for crime outside of London and having been threatened before with physical attack and hear about attacks and victimisation on a regular basis, I think my over all fear is justified, even if my aforementioned afflictions knock things over the top.

Yes, it is fear, and, frustration with the whole situation. It’s so sad when a misplaced glance at someone can cause an argument, that results in a fight and later a feud where you can get seriously harmed or even killed! Or, if you’re unlucky, all of them at once in the space of five minutes! Hey!… It’s been known to happen!

What the hell do you do when you’re in that situation? Look at it this way, if you walk away (assuming you’re given that choice) then you become a victim, you’re a prime target from then on for them to carry on giving you and your family grief and victimising you in other ways. Not only that, you also become a shining victim for others to give shit to. You lose!

On the other hand if you stand there and have a war of words with these people, even if you use logic to show their problem with you is utterly rubbish and based on nothing but their own low self-esteem, child like attitude and insistence on proving themselves, you run the risk of a fight. In which you could get hurt, arrested by the police for assault (been known to happen), run the risk of further confrontation and even death.

Look what happened to this man; Survived Two tours of Iraq but not a night in Oldham! If I’m not mistaken it also happened to an Army officer who served in Afghanistan Was Killed,  only this time in the North East, however he didn’t survive his encounter. Chris Chackfield was nearly as tall as me and I have no doubt his attacker picked him because of his size. For your information Chackfield’s killer only got Five Years for killing him.

With repercussions like that no wonder people are quick to fly off the handle, rob, fight, assault and rape. So you see, there’s no deterrent to not act like a violent piece of human filth, and anyone who feels wronged by me in some way is free to kick the shit out of me untill I’m dead and then be out in two years. And I just know if I was to do the same to the Human filth on the streets where I live, the real scum who should be locked up for life for what they’ve done, I’d most likely go down for life!

As I said, when you’re in the situation in paragraph four above, what do you do? Obviously the Police can’t be there 24/7, in fact, in some cases Police get their late. By then the attack’s happened, you could be dead and family hurt, they’ll document it then fuck off. The courts’ sentences are not a deterrent to them, so what the hell do you do?

Learn self-defence or a martial art? I’m planing to do that and know a place where I can do it. However, that still wont be a deterrent to other idiots who possess a little fighting skill, like Chris Chackfield’s killer. It also wont protect you from a gang of people either, especially ones with weapons, or just one person with a gun.

I just feel it’s a lose-lose situation, unless you enjoy prison or being victimised then you’re fucked! The only way I would feel safe and secure outside is if I could carry a gun and wear a bullet/knife proof vest. I’m serious, I don’t feel secure, I know my problems compound that feeling but it’s the way I feel and given the area I live and the filth I know inhabits it, it’s the only way. 

I could keep my mouth shut and head down, bite my lip and let the scum run the area, but if the truth be known I’m getting sick of it! I can be very confrontational and honest, I’ve been avoiding being that way for some time, I don’t like the  stupidity, bullies and pure human filth who think they demand respect. I’m supposed to back off and be subject to their bullshit, just because they don’t care if they don’t go to prison or not? The Community should stand together to fight these people, but they’re so divided and at each others throats where I live that it’s almost impossible. They’re also far too lazy to do anything about it and don’t think it’s that bad anyway.

I feel I’m going to get in to trouble at some point, especially when I start going out again, if I bottle this stuff up and start fretting and getting all anxious over this then I’m going to be back at square one again. Moving out of the area is an option though there’s no guarantee where I live will be that different. Given the service by our current landlords, their other estates wont be much different.

So, does anyone have a… 

                                                                               44.  Magnum Handgun spare?

                                                                               Or maybe a Glock 40 instead?

I think I like the Glock better, more shots and easier reload for the more impatient Human filth and Scally slayer!


15 Responses to “Safe And Sound”

  1. hrhdaf said

    Heeeeeeeey Phil! Yeah sorry I hadnt read the link about the tablets you were put on, Im a very pushed for time woman ya know!!! ;O)

    As for this, frickin gaggles of thick street scum everywhere I reckon. Where I live its a little village but we still have tuns of em and the nice kids wont go out at night. Oh and we also share two policemen with another place about 7 miles away so even if you did call em by the time they get here what evers gonna happen will have. My street is really quiet but even so Ive had two cars stolen and another broken into, and its just not worth putting lights or anything in the garden cos theyre there two minutes and go walkies.

    I reckon the only option is to get on with your life as best you can while trying to stay safe, I mean obviously there are better times of day to be out and about and places you really dont wanna be.

    I think until punishment is a real deterant and we stop being so flippin bleeding heart about peoples ‘unfortunate circumstances’ things arent gonna change much.

    Oh and Id tried everything you mentioned on that music site and none of it helped so for now Im giving it a break cos I feel crap filling peoples inboxes with things saying Ive posted something I havent.

    Hope the tablets are kicking in and helping!!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    • hrhdaf said

      PS My weapon of choice would be a cross bow… I know not as efficient as the ones you have in mind, but I do feel theres a certain classiness about em ;O)


    • Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daff! 😀

      Don’t worry about the links, but that’s why they are there, so ye don’t make a tit of yeself! lol Nah mate, don’t worry, I know you got a fair bit on!

      I know you live far out-ish! I wouldn’t have thought you would’ve had much trouble, but you STILL do? I swear, they’re like flys, they get everywhere! They nicked lights? As in porch lights or xmas tree lights? They’re fuckin’s scruffs!

      Getting on with my life is something I’ve thought over and over, but some times they don’t give you the option to get on with your life because they’re either actively in your face or abusing you in some way. What happens when you don’t have a choice?

      Very unlikely the right punishment will be dished out to these cunts, with EU laws and the UK losing power, we’re subject to the will of the bleeding heart liberal tosspots!

      How about you make another blog site? Carry on reading before you pull your face at it! lol You can easily make a second site that’s attached to the SAME dashboard you use for the main one. You cane use the second one to test out themes and HTML boxes. I have one, it’s where I perfected my WOTW banner and theme. Failing that, e-mail me the code and I’ll try it in my HTML. 🙂

      Been taking the tabs since Tuesday, first blog about it will be published theis coming Tuesday!

      Hugs to tha Daffy!!!!!!!!!! 😀 x

  2. You should see the scum that live next door to me, the drug dealing scummy neighbours from hell who live in filth. I’ve gone through the usual methods of the council and police yet they’re still here. Shame I don’t have an uzi 9mm I could prop on the back window ledge lol

    • Welcome, Lousie!

      I LOVE your suggestion! Uzi .99mm are good! As I recall the Terminator’s favourte gun? lol

      Seriously though, sorry to hear you’re right next door to scum bags! It must be very damn trying? Have you tried recording them and then showing the Police and Council? You know, regardless of what the Council and Law says they’re still NO easier to shift. I remember a case here, a man on a block of flats took over a year to get rid of him. During that time he caused so much trouble.

      Oh, in the event that you DO get a Uzi 9mm you’ll need a silencer. Preferably something like this…


      lol 😉

  3. prenin said

    Given I’ve had a ton of sh*t over the years and have faced down a teenager with a knife (I told him to put it away or I’d make him eat it!) and a sad w*nker with a gun (I called him a tosser and ignored him) as well as two and a half years of grief with the Mallinson family and their friends who are now being treated for addiction where my mate Darren works I DO feel for you my friend!

    I have problems going out of my home as it is without all the grief, but things have been a lot quieter now the PCSO’s are making their mark!

    Trouble is the cuts the Government are asking so how long are we going to keep our kiddie Police???

    God Bless!


    • I know you understand, even more so than me and Pete, being in the situation you’re on. You’re a brave man, Ian! It just really fucking bothers me I can’t reply or react and even if you go to court you get fucked over by them while they let the scum off.

      Cuts? They will be no PCSO’s in Coalition Britian! They’re cutting them AND real Police force numbers! 1000 Police officer in our areas! And they have the balls to say they can deliever more for less! What a sack of shite!

      Hope you’re well and the evening is good, man!

  4. Pete Judge said

    Hey Phil,
    I know exactly how you feel. The vulnerability, feeling exposed and of course you can’t help thinking about what you read, see hear and experience.
    The bottom line is that these people who commit these crimes simply do not have fear of the consequences of their actions. Whether it is simply their attitude or a chemically altered state of mind they are never likely to take a little step back to think what might be the outcome if they were to beat the crap out of someone, just because they looked at them.

    It has gone on for years, indeed I know someone, he is a bit of a numpty but not in a violent sort of way, but he got in a bit of a scrap with someone over nothing in particular, a bit of a wild punch, stumble and fall awkwardly and cracked his head on the kerb – dead. And for what?

    The murder of Gary Newlove – which I wrote about on spaces a couple of times – is a prime example of the set of circumstances which society cause for these things to happen. The ring leader should have been in a cell. The police stresed to the magistrates he was a danger but some liberal thinking got in the way of common sense. So he’s out, above the law, high as kite and bigging himself up to a couple of pals. A decent middle aged man objects to them damaging his wife’s car and they stamp on his head.

    It doesn’t end there though. Their defence lawyer – paid for by the tax payer of course – demands lighter sentencing because he claims witnesses are exaggerating the ferocity of the attack. Course they get ludicrously short sentences and even then, they instantly put the wheels in motion to appeal.

    That’s what’s wrong – the mindset of these people is what they can get off with and how of course, it is society’s fault and not theirs. Accept the responsibilities of their actions? Show complete remorse? Rehabilitate? Never. Do as little stir as possible then back on the streets until they get caught again.

    This case and the two you mention and many others up and down the country have a few common denominators but none more so than the ridiculously pathetic sentencing. 5 years for killing someone? Whatever the circumstances…..it is hardly a punishment is it?

    Sad thing is though Phil unless something really radical happens – long, long sentencing, severe punishments even capital punishment. Quick trials, no finance for a defence – it is only going to get worse and these headlines will appear more and more.

    Have a good day and be safe – always try and remember this is actually a very rare crime


    • I know, it isn’t worth the hassel is it? But it pisses me off and I feel trapped by it all! I’m going to end up in shit, I really fear I will, because I can’t keep my mouth shut. And if I do the OCD and Anxiety take over and I’d end up getting in to shit anyway.

      I know those instances are rare, I wasn’t expecting to be killed. But a confrontation of the violent or verbal type and victimisation is more likely to happen here, especially to me seeing as I’m huge and also opinionated. As I said and you understand, they start fights over a look! What happens when or if they wont let me walk away? I WILL be going to prison because I wont be taking any of that, especially if family is involved and threats fly.

      The system is a fucking joke and they know how to play it. The Judges and do-gooders are also a joke and live on another fucking planet, called ‘the suburbs’ or ‘the country’. The system needs an over haul and we need to leave the EU to dispense with that Human Rights law. We had our OWN system that worked better before they dropped that on us.

      The whole thing just winds me up and leaves me feleing all Nihilistic again! Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and support. Hope you’re OK and love to the family, mate! 🙂

    • Pete Judge said

      I often am a little worried how I would react to these people if they caused me a problem. I am big and daft enough to walk away and ignore most things and not get involved but if really pushed, I would give as good as I get and some. Needless to say as a decent person who contributes something however small to society, I will come off worse.

      But I try not to think about it and stay away from it all.

      Meeting regarding the film project was OK – it would be a lot of work and a long time before I got anything for doing it but it could be a way in getting more opportunity in writing, so I am thinking it over for a few days.

      The interview went really well and I have been invited back for a second and final interview, so that is quite promising. I’ll find out later when that will happen.

      Things are looking up and I feel quite positive about things for a change – well I will do once this hangover eases off a little!!

      Take care

      • It worries me a lot, mostly because of my illnesses. I shouldn’t really blog about problems there’s no answer to really, should I? 😛

        You’ll have to let us know what the final outcome is, of course you don’t have to blog it for everyone to see if you don’t want. Ya know my e-mail, mate! 🙂

        Hangover? You never learn Mr. Judge! LOL! 😉

        Hope the coming Week is a good one mate! 🙂

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