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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: I Got The Green Light For New Medication!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 12, 2011

I went to see my Ulcerative Colitis Professor today and I discussed the prospect of trying steroids for my UC. I was happy he agreed with me that I do need to try something different after over five years of waiting for the UC to settle by itself with UC maintainance meds. 

The medication will be Prednisone. It is a type of medication that will reduce the immune system’s response and thus reduce the inflammation in my large colon. I’ve had this before, but in conjunction with another medication for another problem of mine. It worked then and I see no reason it wont work now.

I will start off on the lowest dose first, for four to eight weekes, then gradually come off them and see how things go.

Of course, there is draw backs to this type of medication. The Side Effects are not very nice! However, I’m not on that higher a dose nor will I am be on them constantly to develop such an extreme reaction. But I will have some side effects nonetheless. Some people would view these side effects as not worth the effort. But let me tell you, if you’ve been constantly ill going from mild to moderate variations of the same disease for such a long time with not much change then you’d risk it!

Obviously I’m well aware of the adverse reactions as I’m not stupid enough to walk in to this having not done any research. The Prof today thought he was telling me something when he explained about the Prednisone, thanks Prof! You gonna teach me to suck eggs next?

I think the Prednisone will affect me negatively in a mental and physical way, however, if a month or two of low mood, acne and mood swings is the price to pay for a potential year of no UC, then so be it. If I have to keep taking them to keep the UC at bay then I will have to try something else because on and off use of Prednisone will mess up my body. What that will be? Um, well… we’ll have to see!

Anyway, I should be starting them next week, I have to get ym Flu vac first, and then wait for the Prof’s recommendation to get to my GP. Once I start taking them I’ll document how it goes.

On another note, I had a strange Taxi driver take me to the hospital. He was joking about some of the none white people he get’s in his cab. Most do this, but most do it in obvious jest. Funny thing is I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not as everything he said seemed to be in  jest as to cover his overt ignorant statements.


The Chinese are “Dummies” and don’t “Know what they’re doing here.” I assume he means in the country.

Jews are “Lazy.” He says this because they hire a taxi to go a half a mile.

Pakistanis are “The worse for it”, regarding disputing fares.

And women can’t drive.

When he said the final comment about women drivers I said, with a smirk, you’ve insulted pretty much everyone, and before I could finish he said: “What I’m saying is I only like White English People hahaha”. The way he said it was like a purposely overt ignorant remark but said in jest so he could always retract it if we took offence to it.

I laughed along with him to see how far he’d go, offering up questions like “What about the Nigerians?” Before I got to the BNP question the convo changed and we were at the hospital. I’m pretty sure he was being an ignorant idiot, this seems to be a retro way of being ‘racist’ without being bollocked for it because you can say you were only joking if someone get’s offended by it.

How very strange, racism masked by humour!


12 Responses to “Ulcerative Colitis Diary: I Got The Green Light For New Medication!”

  1. Pete Judge said

    Fingers crossed that the meds for the UC will work. I know what you mean about entering into the unknown with meds. Whatever is known about them you still have to find out how they react to you but you are anticipating some affect and being objective about it. Short term pain for long term gain and all that. Hopefully in a few short months you will be able to enjoy a better quality of life which is more important than anything.

    A man of your intellect shouldn’t even be bothering engaging in social discussions with a clearly ignorant cab driver. Don’t get me wrong, I have views and some views which are driven by race but his are typical stereotypes which were funny about a thousand years ago. Shame the drive wasn’t a bit longer though, clearly you were pushing the right buttons to really get him going.

    Take care and good luck

    • I think they will work, I’ve had them before but in conjunction with something else, and they worked great! Not quite sure what the doseage was but my new dose will be low as to not cause any more harm to my body.

      The only problem is if the UC will stay at bay when my immune system returns to normal. Last time it stayed away untill I had to take antibiotics. We’ll have to wait and see.

      As for the Taxi driver, he was an idiot, I’m going to engage him anyway and see what he says. But he seems the type to me that facts don’t matter, “They aint white and that aint right.” will be his defence. If I see him again I’ll write a blog on it.

      Cheers mate, I’ll be keeping you updated with UC blogs. Don’t start them untill next week anyway! 😛

  2. penelopephoebe said

    Good luck with the new meds, Phil. I hope they work.

    • Hey Pen! Nice to hear from you! 🙂

      They will work Pen, it’s just a matter of if it’ll go on such a small dose and if the UC will stay gone after I stop taking them. It did last time untill I had antibitoics for something else and it set it off.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Pen! Don’t be a stranger and when you setting up your WP page? 😉

      – Phil x

  3. hrhdaf said

    Hey Phil! Oh wow! Finally something you have faith with work and someone that actually listened to you! Thats a double whammy of goodness for the day! Im gonna ask you a dumb question now, but only cos it was something that crossed my mind the other day. Basically the UC is your immune system attacking your colon isnt it? So what I was wondering is would anti rejection medication work? I mean I know thats for transplants but basically isnt it kinda the same thing thats happening to you?

    As for your taxi driver… He sounds like a complete w**ka to be honest, and I really dont think you can get away with that kinda ‘joke’ any more than blatant racism.

    Oh and that film… kinda horror but not, hard to describe but I liked it alot. Just dont shoot me if you hate it ;O)

    Glad you had such a productive day amigo!
    Hugs Daf xxx

    Oh and PS, yeah I put that flippin media player thing on and off half a dozen times, problem being it wont play. You can see it but the tracks just wont play. Im really not sure what Im doing wrong cos its the same on the site. If I click on the actual play list it works but the moment I choose the little mp3 player thing it stops. Confuuuused I am. If you have any idea why ya could clue me up. Otherwise Im just gonna keep fiddling on the site and see if I can work it out. Have to say though your tutorial was dead easy to follow so thanks for that :O)

    More hugskis and loveski, Daf xx

    • hrhdaf said

      that was meant to say ‘have faith will work’… sheesh Im crap some days ;O) xx

    • Hiya Mate! 🙂

      Have faith? hahaha He’s the same guy who kept me on the same stuff for the last five years waiting for it “settle down”. Then again, maybe that’s my fault as I wasn’t willing to try the steroids in case they made me ill or gave me acne. But having five years behind me now, with UC, I can see things AREN’T getting any better anyway so I may as well go through a bit of pain to get a break from it.

      Regarding your question… someone’s not reading mah links! (>_<)! lol Prednisone is used to treat new organ transpantees to stop rejection of the new organ(s). And what you said is basically right, apparently my immune system is over-reacting to the colon. Having said that it's also noted:

      "Although ulcerative colitis is treated as though it were an autoimmune disease, there is no consensus that it is such. Treatment is with anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppression, and biological therapy targeting specific components of the immune response.”

      So as I said, they’ve not really got much clue. 😛

      I think the taxi driver was a dickhead, maybe if I see him again I will engage him in debate, but I find debating with idiots is like debating with Dogs, pointless with a lot of barking. Not that I debate with Dogs! Even if he does I’ll give him someething to think about.

      I will check out the film and maybe review it, and if it’s crap I’ll blame you! lol

      Hmmm… (1) I think you should try a new player skin, it could be there’s a problem with that in the HTML box on WP or a problem with the player outside the confines of the Mixpod site itself at the moment. So it could be a glitch that will be fixed at some point. So for the time being I’d recoommend changing the skin.

      (2)Are you using the correct HTML widget?

      (3)If you haven’t set the player to auto-play before you save the code and paste it, then that may be your problem. From what I read though that isn’t the problem.

      If it still persists then you’re doing something wrong! (I’d be GREAT at techie help!) lol Let us know how you get on mate, if all else fails give me your code via e-mail and I’llt ry it my player and we’ll see what happens.

      Moocho love and hugskis Mate! x 🙂

    • Photobucket

      As I said, w elove you anyway, so it’s all good! haha 😉

  4. prenin said

    Lots of luck my friend! 🙂

    Yeah drugs are a pain, yet we still have to take them!

    I get all kinds of taxi drivers, the most racist against Asians, a black lad from Oldham!!! 🙂

    There are a few of our white drivers who are overtly racist, but most are incensed by the way the Asian drivers break the law and get away with it!!!

    Hoo Boy!!!

    Hope the meds work out my friend – you could use the break!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


    • Cheeres, Ian! I think it’s going to be OK, I just hope after the course is done that it’ll stay gone for a long time. Last time I took them the UC went almost completely, just coming back for a slight attack now and again. The only thing that brought it back was the neck op I had in 2008 when they pumped me full of antibiotics!

      Yeh, I find it funny when some people think ‘racism’ is confined to whites only! I’ve seen and heard some serious hate from blacks and asians too! Look up Nation of Islam and New black Panthers on Youtube and see the hate flow.

      Thanks for your thoughts on this, Ian! I think things will go OK-ish! haha

      Have a good evening, man!

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