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MySpace Wankers

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 23, 2011

Yes, I am alive! Not posted much this week for one reason or another, but I will be posting next week again. Untill then, enjoy this lovely MySpace retro blog.

The first MySpace Conservatives (Reps) I came across on MySpace. Originally posted on: 23rd Aug 2007.



A couple of days ago I was browsing through the news and politics section when I came across everybody’s favourite intellectually challenged US Conservative, Docmanjay™ (TM stands for Terminal Moron by the way). Now I don’t usually comment on his ideologically flawed blogs because they are well…. flawed. I fail to see the point of arguing, defending and debating ideology because to me it’s defending the indefinable. Anyway back on course. Conservative this conservative that blah blah blah it’s a Crusade blah blah blah Blow ’em all to hell! blah blah blah If you don’t support us you’re un-American blah blah and more of the same… every fucking week! What persuaded me to leave a comment this time was the way Mr. Docman™, took it upon himself to speak for the whole entire U.S. military armed forces in Iraq by way of a video. The video showed some U.S. troops having a laugh and a dance, fair enough – I wouldn’t care otherwise, what pissed me off was that he was using this to say that the U.S. army was not tired and did not want to come home. What also pissed me off was the reason they were there and who they were sent there by… something Docman™ and his friends never focus on. So me being me and not sugar coating things I said this…

 I bet they wont be smiling and dancing when they have their balls shot off? I bet they also wont be smiling and dancing when they finally realize they’ve been sent there to lose their various body parts to raise the bank accounts of some of the U.S. administration. How very sad….

Yes what I said was cold but very valid and true! I also wrote this in the knowledge someone would reply and from then on I would try to broach or focus on the subject of why they are there. Someone did answer and here’s what was said…

Wednesday aka Liz: “Hey Asshole!! What did they do to you? Someone shit in your scrambeled eggs this morning?? You have to go and say stupid shit like that? grow up!!

Me: “Firstly, congratulations on missing my point… well done. Secondly, they didn’t do anything to me and I never said they did. What I was trying to point out was that this video is putting a positive spin on a debacle of war that was started purely for the bank accounts and companies of some the American administration. All I wrote was the truth and what will/already has happened and why it happened. So if you still think we all went there to rid Saddam of his WMD’s and liberate the Iraqis… then your country’s in deep trouble.” Notice how I told her that  her Government sent them there to make them money?

Wednesday aka Liz: “So I suppose you rather they be miserable and moping around all day??” Notice how she totally missed what I said about her Government and resorted to what she thinks are personal attacks? How very conservative.

The video did nothing of the sort… putting a positive spin on war??

Take off your glasses… and clean them….

All they were doing was dancing around and having a good time… which is obviously something you can NOT do cause the first thing you said was something mean and cruel. Are you that bitter and unhappy with your own life you have to bring others down with you??”

Me:”No I don’t want them to mope around all day. They shouldn’t even be there to mope or dance around in the first place..

Yes the video does put a positive view or spin on the war. People will see it and think – “It can’t be all that bad can it…? they’re happy”. Whereas the reality is charred bodies, missing limbs, mutilation, body bags etc… In fact one of the points of this blog was to show how the army is not tired and doesn’t want to come home. Therefore the video is showing a positive spin on the debacle of Iraq. If you showed what I just mentioned in a video it would be viewed as negative because it shows the casualties, which by the way the US TV networks do not show. Hence… happy looking troops shown to the US population = a happy population that’s supportive of the war. Switch the dancing troops with dead or mutilated ones and you have the opposite effect.

What i said was cold but that is just the way I see the world, I see the truth no matter how much you try to dress it up. What I said will happen and has happened to some unfortunate person for not one good reason at all and that’s what I despise! Not for the defense of the US, UK, the Iraqi people or any other nation, just purely for oil, money and the bank accounts of the US administration! 1000’s of lives dead and family affected, tears and blood shed for NOTHING!! except for a group of corrupt politicians and big business!

As for the end bit of your comment. You don’t know me or the type of person I am.. you can only guess and look at my profile to get a slight idea. You’re just guessing about me, ultimately it’s your opinion of me anyway so I see no reason to defend a view of myself that is held by someone else, especially a person I don’t know

After all the above had transpired The intellectual behemoth that is Docmanjay™ had this to say…

Docmanjay™: “Wow.. You are a pathetic!

Notice how he can’t debate to save his life? Unless it’s about his ideology and even then he’s debating something that is immortaly flawed. I did try to reply to this but as ever with Mr TM he blocks you from writing back because he just doesn’t have the balls or the intelligence to debate. At least Wednesday aka Liz had the balls to attempt to debate even if that Conservative blind spot prevents her from seeing the truth. 

Here’s my reply to Docmanjay™, if he ever reads it [I don’t think he ever did]:

I’m pathetic? I’m not the one that lives in and supports a country where if you have an opinion and it’s not in support of your Government or shite ideology you are shunned. I’m not the one that lives in and supports a country where if you have an opinion in the work place on politics you may lose your job! I’m not the one with a media that’s run by corporations, with media companies that are scared to criticize or question their Government and still thinks it’s free! I’m not the one that doesn’t realize that his country has been under what is effectively a news blackout for the last 50 years! I’m not the one that still hasn’t figured out his President is a dirty stinking liar that has sent thousands of his fellow countrymen and others around the world to their deaths for the sake of his friends bank accounts and US big business. I’m not the one that stupidly sees the Iraq war and “War on terror” as a crusade! I’m not the one that hasn’t actually tweekd yet that the number one real reason for the war was to preserve the petrodollar. I’m not the one that peddles Conservatism as the answer to all the US’s problems. Finally, you call me pathetic for pointing out the truth, be it in a cold way but still the truth. Yet your Government sent those people there for their own selfish reasons to fight and die in the most horrible ways! And you have nothing but love and admiration for them? I would call you pathetic but in your case it’s more blind stupidity!

So if any Conservatives or Liberals etc from the US are out there reading this and you’re about to comment, seriously, don’t start with you fucking ideology! I’m not debating any of your flawed ideologies ok? Fuck the troops for the time being and that video, concentrate on why they are there and who’s sent them! If you haven’t already figured out from the writing above.


12 Responses to “MySpace Wankers”

  1. hrhdaf said

    Aw man… see Im just too childish. I would have had to say ‘A pathetic what?’ And I knoooow your way above picking on peoples English but sadly Im not if theyre being arsey with me ;O) Good to see they were up for a proper debate and taking on board the points you made.

    Ya dont have to be a genius to know that in any circumstances people are resilliant and most of em will find a way to make the best of things and not sit about being totally depressed all day. Doesnt mean that things arent totally horrendous over there for em! I mean he might as well have posted ‘Isnt war such a laugh?’ EEEEEEEEEEEJITS!!!

    Right thats enough outta me for now!
    Hope those tablets are doing the trick. Oh and I noticed on messenger your finding the updates as much of a heap of w**k as I am. Why do they insist on fixing things that arent broken??

    Hope your having a fab start to the week and catch ya soooon!!
    Huggles and loveski, Daf xxx

    • ‘elloooo Daffersssssss! 🙂

      Maybe if ole Doc hadn’t blocked me we could’ve had a debate, but, he dismisses almost everyone out of hand if you challenge or disagree with his views. Of course he can do that if he likes, but it doesn’t accomplish anything. I think it just shows he can’t defend his views, although he’d never think that, let alone admit it. In his head he is right, he’s as sure he’s right about his opinions as you are about the sky being blue. They so dogmatic it’s scary!

      My English is far from perfect, so you know I don’t pick on anyone else’s, it’d be wrong! lol However, I’ve, heard and seen many arguments and opinions over the years and I always challenge them in a nice way instead of acting like a complete cunt and ripping it to pieces for my own sense of smug satisfaction. You don’t get people to think that way, you don’t get them question that way, it only makes them cower away from the debate or become more stuborn in their position. And that benefits no one.

      The main thing behind this Man’s blog was pride, saving face, showing the World how HARD the U.S. is. What kind of a mentality is that? It’s the mentality of a child! Those people dieing are real people, and these fucking idiots are acting like it’s some kind of football game! Obviously he’ll deny that, maybe with the same reply he posted to me before!

      The first blog about the meds will be published tomorrow at 8:45, while I’m bed. I set it to publish! LOL! Nifty, eh? I think it’s better you read that than me telling everyone idividually. Oh, and yeh, the new MSN is complete wank! They fucked up MSN like they fucked up Spaces, it’s like they’re purposely trying to run it in to the ground or something. Or maybe they don’t give a shit because it’s not a profit making programme, just like WLS wasn’t. So they’ll let some low spec geek work on it in his spare time when he’s not cleaning the net cache!

      Hope you’re doing OK to mate, be around to your blog soon, but for now, am hitting the hay. Good night and much loveski and huggles to tha Daffski! 🙂 xx

      • hrhdaf said

        I think the wierd thing about this blog was that they reacted as if you had chucked abuse at em. Its like they couldnt actually enter into a debate about it. To me you should be able to defend an intelligent arguement and also be willing to change your standpoint. Theres a famous quote something along the lines of ‘blind faith discourages rational enquiry’ and I think thats true about so many things, but this is seeing it in action.

        Dont see that new blog yet. Maybe you set it for PM ;O)
        Hope ya had a good nights sleep amigo!
        Hugs Daf xxx

        • You’re right about that, Mate. I do this on nearly every debate I go in to, some I just wont budge on because facts speak for themselves, but I’m always open to other opinions and willing to change them if I’m wrong. These people just wont budge on anything, even if you prove them wrong. They carry on beliveing what they do and assume you’re lieing or the source you get the info from is biased and made it up.

          I had to publish the blog manually, it was timed right, but for some reason it didn’t post! 😛 I’ll have to look in to it!

          I had a crap sleep, and slept in the afternoon too, I’m now nearly on the night shift again, as usual, a month after fixing it!

          Much love mateski! 🙂 xx

  2. Interesting that when they had nothing remotely intelligent to say to debate the point, they launched into several personal attacks. Sounds to me like someone who knows you are right but simply can’t bring themselves to admit it – so they insult your life instead.
    As for the response of the great docmanj? So deeply intellectual and a well thought out piece of social observation – my awe had really been struck!
    Remind me of the good old spaces day when we would get the occasional invasion from yanks littering our comments with their nonsense yet have the audacity to stand up to them with words, scared the shit out of them!
    Anyhoo, hope you have a good week and hear from you soon

    • Hiya Pete! 🙂

      Not just the U.S. Right winger are like that, the left Wingers are just as bad. They are like Children, they start throwing insults about if you disagree with their view. There’s very little civil conversation between them. When the UK election was on last year I was talking to some Brits on there (mostly cons), and the Brit News And Politics section was so much more civilised. We didn’t agree on everything but we didn’t insult each other if we disagreed.

      Let me tell you about Docman J, he’s like George Bush X10! The mentality of him, and the people that commented his blog, truely was astounding! It’s like they saw it is a football game or something, their team HAD to win. No amount of facts or logic can remove that ideological blind spot that prevents them from seeing reality. They scare me, they really do, as well as annoy me!

      The Yanks, or Yank as I think was the case, on Spaces were just spammers. Just a sad tosspot/s with sod all else to do in their life/s. They aint used to thought out replies and subtle piss taking, it’s why me and You were left well alone all that time, besides a few visits. They never targeted us for victimisation like they did the others. I think Docman J’s stupidity, arrogance, calling you a socialist and constant insistance he’s right would annoy you more.

      No worries mate, I’m making visits to blogs tomorrow, after replying to daffers am off to bed, am cream crackered! So hope all is well in the world of the Judge and his family and talk real soon! 🙂

  3. prenin said

    Needless to say I agree Phil – the whole war was to oust Saddam they say, so why was it the only building they protected was the Oil Ministry and not the great museums of Baghdad which were stripped to the walls???

    They didn’t even put a guard on the explosives stores which were also looted…

    God Bless!


    • Hiya Ian! 🙂

      I remember reading about that, they protected Oil wells but left the local Hospital open to be looted. I think the fact they let all that looting happen while protecting the wells speaks for itself. Another stupid thing they did was disband the Iraqi Army there! Bad idea! They could’ve kept them on and onside, instead they went over to the otherside because of better pay. I don’t know about the explosive stores, but having seen that a lot of the hardware went missing, I think that could be true!

      And the idiots above supported all this and actively defend it in their blogs! Their blind dogmatic adherence is amazingly scary!

      Hope all’s well with you, will be over to your blog this week! 🙂

  4. Hello … wow you page has got loads’a features on it … LOVING go Fuck Yourself … xxxxxxxx

    • Sezza Babe! Yes, it does indeed have features on it, I wouldn’t say there’s loads though. I only have features so far, with two pages (at the top of the site). haha And that Category is still use now and again! LOL!

    • Hiya Phil .. Thanks for the “Learn WordPress” .. how did you know….??? .. think I’ll leave it for now before my eyeballs go off to play in a sand pit … xxxxxxxx

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