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Why Arabs Are Having To Fight For Democracy

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 28, 2011

There’s been recent riots by the people in Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt for Democracy. Why now? Have they only just got sick of totalitarian Government’s that deny them certain freedoms?

Well, since the economic down turn there’s been fewer jobs to go around in the Arab world, especially for the younger and better educated younger generations. Yes, there’s been economic problems in the middle east and Arab world before, but that was in the past when information was restricted to state TV and Radio. These days they have the Internet, Mobile phones and numerous free News Papers. So basically the modern age has taken the blind fold off the Arab countries’ populations’ and they can now see what scum have been running their countries and lives.

For the past fifty Years, many Arab nations have been run by hard-line Totalitarian Muslim regimes, which have been supported by the West for the sake of stability. I think, that in itself explains a lot about the problem. With Islam, it’s so tied to the past, tradition and God, that the people will readily give the Government power to enforce certain Religious and Sharia based Laws on the population. When you give Government’s the right to tell people what they can and can’t wear, listen to, say, do, believe in and many other mundane things, then is it any wonder they end turning in to Semi, or complete totalitarian states? And with the West condoning them, that only makes matters worse.

I’m really hoping this wave of Democratic protest sweeps across the Arab world and liberates the people from Totalitarianism and delivers them in to a Democratic system. I don’t just want the people to become content when they have the jobs and some concessionary freedoms any Government offers them. If they become content at that point then Totalitarianism will creep back in and their religion will be used against them again and be used to justify Islamic laws and cultural traditions that will restrict their freedoms once more. And that will defeat the whole object of what they’re currently doing.

Good luck to those fighting for their rights!

Stand with the people of Egypt! Sign This statement started by Avaaz


8 Responses to “Why Arabs Are Having To Fight For Democracy”

  1. Pete Judge said

    Hey mate,
    Seems to happening a lot around the world doesn’t it? The people getting a grip on what is really going on in their country, how they have been mislead, cheated and trodden on by those in power. I wonder how long before we start to see similar scenes in this country too!

    Have a good week

    • Hiya mate,

      Yeh, the thing is the Egyptians have nothing to lose, the people of the UK have a few things to lose. Bacially, they don’t want to lose their luxeries and freedom (from prison). That’s the rot the Western way of life breeds; apathy, laziness and all the rest, people just aren’t arsed unless it effects them directly or their comfortable lives are threatended. I’m not sure anyone here will do anything unless we have really hard economic times.

      You have a good week to mate, be over your blog in a few! 🙂

  2. Takeo said

    • The lyrics wasn’t so bad in that song. Here’s a video I made a few weeks back about Politicians, culture and other groups I find disgusting. Please note, I don’t want to kill any innocent people in this video!

  3. Takeo said

    dear Phil.

    The biggest difference between japan and other countries (include Egypt or China etc) is that we have very few “Patriots”. although we can see lots of “Nationalists” everywhere. im so ashamed this POOR country.

    Keep warm friend!

    • Hey Takeo! 🙂

      I’m sort of aware of the Japanese Nationalist thing. They drive around in vans with speakers talking about the ‘Gajin’! I don’t think they understand that with economic groth comes the need for more workers, and the only way to get them if Japanese natives are not making them is to have economic Migrant workers. We have the same problem here with migrant workers and nationalists.

      As for Patriotism in Japan, well, I think the Japanese should be allowed to be patriotic. Because of World War 2 the Japanese have been shamed in to not being patriotic. The British have had the same shame tactic used against them, just with the Empire years as the cause for shame. You can be Patriotic and not be a Nationalist.

      The Japanese don’t have to fight for their rights though, that’s what the Arabs are currently doing. I don’t think Japan is ‘poor’, I think it’s full of culture and tradtion. Of course some of that tradtion and culture can be a hinderence in the modern world, but you do have the right to stay outside of it Takeo. That’s what’s good about Japan and what’s bad about Egypt.

      Thanks for your thoughts Takeo, wasn’t expecting them! 🙂 Have a good evening my friend! 🙂

  4. prenin said

    You’ve got to remember that Egypt is secular and the government is trying to blame the Islamic Brotherhood for formenting the rebellion.

    This is a popularist uprising and the Government has responded with riot Police and Secret Police, but when that didn’t work they put tanks on the streets!!!

    If they fire on the protestors though then we’ll see bloody civil war and no mistake!!!

    This is going to change the Far East States and then ssome!!!

    God Bless!


    • Hey Ian! 🙂

      Egypt isn’t secular, every piece of legislation that’s brought in has to be in line with Islamic Law. Even though that’s the case for the laws the Parties can’t stand on a religious platform for election. Just because they fight Islamists doesn’t mean they’re secular, but Egypt does like to give that impression. The point was, if you have a Totalitarian, fascist system at the base of a country, then it’s going to infect the rest of it and thus make it easier for a Government to be Totalitarian. Obviously, I’m not blaming Islam for the entire problem in Egypt, they’ve had problems on and off since day one of Independence.

      I really do hope that the Government backs down and gives the people what they want, a civil war will destablise the country and allow the Military to take full control. It’s just so good to see states in the Middle-east fighting these corrupt bastards! As I said, I really hope they don’t allow their religion to get in the way of their freedoms and democracy, Though knowning how passionate Muslims are, Islamic law will be in the Constitution somewhere and it’ll kick off again.

      Here’s hoping things don’t get worse! Have a good day, Man! 🙂

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